Tropers: The Nerf Guy

Hello, peoples.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Nerf Guy. I am a simple nerd who enjoys what he likes best.

I go by other names as well. On Fanfiction.net, Gaia Online, and a few others I can't remember, I am called Kadaj5 (sometimes shortened to Kada). On DeviantArt, I am called Nobody-Kadaj. Devpro = NeoKadaj. Dueling Network = Commonsteve.

As you can see, I'm a fan of the name "Kadaj". I've personally taken it as my own internet name nowadays but I have not forgotten its origins.

I am an occasional writer who can only upload to FFN and DA at the moment, and even then I don't have too many fans.

I do watch several shows, but my interests tend to be more limited and focused.

Anime I watch:

Tropes that I play straight, zigzag, or downplay:

  • Author Tract: Most of the longer entries on my page.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Usually when I start a task that I'm not familiar with, I can't do it too well. However, after a few tries or even one and/or seeing how it's done, I will almost always be able to do it almost autonomously.
  • Berserk Button: Several. I can't stand people who lie to make themselves look big. I do not like people who would use disabilities to be jerkasses. I'm none to fond of lying and I will usually avoid outright lying when I can.
  • Brilliant but Lazy: I am smart and capable, but I tend to lay around more often than not.
  • Catch Phrase: I tend to say "to elaborate" when I begin adding details.
  • Deadpan Snarker: I have my moments when I reply with sarcasm.
  • Fatal Flaw: My pride, arrogance, laziness, and my tendency to hold grudges. To elaborate, pride plays an important role in making me a bit shortsighted and it feeds into my arrogance. My laziness often keeps me from doing what I need to do, and my tendency to hold grudges will likely be my undoing at some point in the future.
  • Grammar Nazi: Downplayed. Though I will sometimes take action to correct issues in grammar, I will sometimes ignore it. The latter case usually means I wasn't aware that the grammar was faulty OR because I overlooked it.
  • Guilty Pleasures: EVERYONE has these too, so don't bother denying them. Of course, everyone's free to keep them concealed, but people will get curious and begin asking. I will reveal mine: Various Magical Girl animes that are for young girls, most notably Ojamajo Doremi and Fushigiboshi No Futago Hime. The former I got into because of 4Kids and a desire to compare their dub with the original. I got interested in the latter just to give a proper critique on a story written by a friend of mine; the story in question crossed it with BioShock, of all things AND helped me get into the franchise.
  • Hypocrite: EVERYONE is hypocritical about something. No exceptions. And I defy anyone to PROVE that they subvert/avert/downplay/etc. this trope when they say they subvert/avert/downplay/etc! One way I play this trope straight is that I'm not really too fond of arrogant people...and I'm arrogant myself.
  • Insufferable Genius: I know for a fact that I'm smart, and I can say that I am damn proud of it. However, I am also arrogant, which puts me into this trope.
  • Insult Backfire: There are things that people can insult others with that I will simply take as a compliment.
  • No Social Skills: I have a tendency to insult people when I'm trying not to and I tend to shy away from social gatherings. I'm currently working on this.
  • Rule of Funny: My user name here as well as on Dueling Network were built around this trope. I find the former to be inherently amusing while the latter has garnered a few laughs every now and then.
  • Rules Lawyer: I try to be the Lawful Good version. Hell, I even give my opponents tips via the rules so as to help improve their style. Also, anyone who tries to insult me with this trope will find themselves on the receiving end of Insult Backfire in addition to getting mocked.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: I tend to use larger words in my sentences than most people. However, I understand a lot about those words. It does interfere in my social skills, though, and it is ultimately another means of expressing my arrogance.
  • Troll: When I want to be, I can be quite disruptive and insulting to others, and I have had a bit of training courtesy of other Trolls
  • You Are What You Hate: A lot of what I despise is something I have or had at some point.

Tropes I subvert:

  • Hypocrite: I have come to the conclusion that everyone plays this trope straight, subverts, and averts it the same time. Reason? There are many things people can be hypocritical about. I can subvert this trope in one regard (among several) when I call someone out on something I have disdain for; that automatically gives the impression that I am a practitioner of whatever I calling people out on. For example, I am none too fond of people making Alicorn ponysonas, which would imply that I make them myself. I don't. My ponysona is an Earth Pony.

I don't really need to list tropes I avert, though special mention goes to Hypocrite, seeing as anyone and everyone can play straight, subvert, and avert hypocrisy at the same time. I avert it in some ways whenever I don't call someone out on something.