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04:22:49 AM Feb 25th 2015
You guys are going to hate me, but I am going to consider another salvation from the horrible list regarding "Makai Tensho" or Ninja Resurrection courtesy of anime reviewer Bennet The Sage.

"This anime, *chuckling* may be the weirdest piece of shit I have ever seen in my life... and I think I LOVE it! I think I'm still grappling through this turd having sat through it multiple times. Thematically, tonally, religiously, and historically, this may be the most fucked up anime I ever screened here on the show. The sheer amount of off the wall insanity is nothing short of inspired despite my many misgivings of it as a show, I can't help but love it as entertainment."— Bennet the Sage

Source: http://benthesage.com/anime-abandon-ninja-resurrection/

Now with that posted, until this review, I generally avoided the anime Ninja Resurrection usually hearing from others that was "a crappy sequel to Ninja Scroll". When I saw the entry listed on the horrible, I believed my suspicions to be true and avoided it like the plague(believe it or not, while I do go out of my way to find obscure stuff, I seek gems, I don't go out of my way to seek turds). Now seeing most of the anime, and hearing Sage's opinions on it, which actually sort of remind me of my opinions on the anime M.D. Geist. Undoubtedly a bad anime, but overall extremely enjoyable and fun to watch. So Bad it's Good.

In addition the entry's criticism's mostly focus on the anime being marketed it in the US as a sequel to Ninja Scroll when it was actually unrelated to Ninja Scroll and went by the title "Makai Tensho" in original Japanese. While the dishonest marketing explain why it there was some notable backlash against it by fans of Ninja Scroll who wanted another iteration in the franchise, it has nothing to do with the flaws and merits of the work itself.
03:29:59 PM May 12th 2015
Yeah, after watching the review and the show, it's definitely more in the So Bad, It's Good territory. Moreover, much of the hate seems to come from those who expected a sequel to Ninja Scroll which, while understandable, is not SBIH. You made your case, but we're going to need to find some good qualifiers as the anime page is one of the shortest SBIH pages.
07:27:19 PM Feb 24th 2015
I've seen a lot of hate for Magica Wars. Does anyone think it belongs here?
02:03:04 PM Feb 4th 2015
After seeing boatloads of hate for Recently My Sister Is Unusual, I suggest we add it to this page.
03:25:21 PM May 12th 2015
Poor animation and jokes ruined by text narration and hopeless directing. It also has got poor reviews and, while it has a 6.50 on MyAnimeList, it seems to be from total apathy or sarcasm from the few anime fans. Sounds like a qualifier to me.
08:30:37 PM Jan 31st 2015

Do anyof these anime sound bad enough for this page?
03:26:47 PM May 12th 2015
edited by sanfranman91
Let's see, out of all the shows listed, only those in Absolute Trash could qualify. Even then, I think Irregular at Magic High School might be disqualified for having some following.

Dai Shogun: Great Revolution sounds like a clear qualifier, however.
08:39:58 PM Dec 27th 2014
I think we should change this to Anime and Manga. I mean, both Anime and Manga are discussed on this page, and most similar pages that I've seen are titled [insert trope here]/Anime and Manga, so doesn't it make sense to name this page the same?
02:34:34 AM Dec 28th 2014
Yeah, I agree as well. Anyone else?
03:43:07 AM Dec 28th 2014
No objection here.
09:26:47 AM Dec 29th 2014
Agree with the change.
03:06:33 PM Jan 21st 2015
Me too.
01:23:14 AM Jan 22nd 2015
Go ahead and implement this change.
07:42:21 PM Apr 13th 2015
...After a while, I moved it, but for some reason I wasn't able to put in the disclaimer at the top. Any help on that?
10:56:54 PM Apr 13th 2015
The Flame Bait banner? I've just added it.
08:24:10 PM Jun 21st 2014
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Shall I add BlazBlue: Alter Memory to this list. Here's my description.

05:36:06 PM Jun 22nd 2014
Sounds like this trope. Go right ahead.
09:59:38 PM Jun 27th 2014
11:59:26 AM Aug 29th 2014
Does it really belong here though? I haven't actually watched it, but it has a 7.7 om IMDB
08:00:59 AM Oct 6th 2014
I thought it was pretty standard, sure, it's not the best, but as far as adaptions go. It's meh. Play the games. Also, I was REALLY surprised to see Tsukihime and Umineko.
09:46:18 PM Oct 6th 2014
Looking up reviews of the two, I can see that Tsukihime and Umineko were disappointing, but I haven't seen people collectively call them horrible.

Tsukihime has a 7.24 on MAL, 7.3 on IMDB, and 3.67/5 on Anime Planet. Reviews I've seen of it mostly express how it was just average, rather than awful. Umineko has 7.47 on MAL, 7 on IMDB, 3.86/5 on AP, and reviews that mostly hover around the 6 to 8 mark. The examples assertion that it was "hated by practically every fan" isn't one that I'm seeing at all.

I'm thinking they should go.
05:50:03 PM Nov 3rd 2014
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I've... never paid attention to how non-TYPE MOON fans received the Tsukihime anime, but I definitely remember the Umineko anime having a good amount of fans at the time. There were some heated arguments between casual watchers who came from watching the Higurashi anime and the guys who played the visual novels over whether or not it was good. It's just that it wasn't entertaining enough to the former group to be remembered, so the only people who talk about it now are the people who still go nuts over the visual novels and hated the shit out of the anime. I'd probably cut that.
06:17:09 PM May 26th 2014
On a general note,

Finding Horrible anime that would fit on this page is really really hard isn't it? More so than the other pages!

It's like whenever you find something anime related that you think was a horrible work that nobody liked, that you was so sure that nobody would ever come to like it, out pops that one single fan who likes that show, and hence negates the entry for a work can not be so bad it's horrible unless it has no fanbase whatsoever( and by fanbase we mean a decent fanbase that is not made up of racists and misogynists and homophobes, and/or the author himself)

Take for instance; I was about to put S.D. Gundam Force on this list. Why? Because it was a juvenile show, with bad repetitive jokes, archaic cel shaded animation, annoying kid protagonists, and uneventful plots where the stakes were not high. Plus, SD Gundam you'd think was an affectionate parody the cherished real robot series, and yet, the plot doesn't even resemble a gundam story in any way, making the audience ask,"where's the parody?" (SD Gundam Force, short for "Spirit Defender Gundam Force", is about a group of human sized "Spirit Defenders", and a kid defending the world from alien Zaku mechs who aren't the least bit intimidating." It even has a low ranking on Anime News Network. One of the lowest in fact. It's in the top 50 worst!


Well, as soon as I looked up some video footage on youtube, I realized the video description noted that the uploader was a fan of the show. So I was like "darn it! Can't post this now!"

I think it might have to do with the high standards of production values in anime, at least compared with western cartoons.

It is easy to find bad western cartoons that nobody likes; they tend to be very obviously poorly made and badly animated.

However, with anime, you'd be hard pressed to find an anime where there's splotchy paint stains instead of sky, and "shitty ass bricks" instead of buildings, like you'd find in a home brewed show like "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" . This has to do with background designers on anime shows taking time to detail the buildings and painting a sky that looks like a sky. Take that one anti-smoking PSA in one topics below this one. That short's animation and art is "terrible" by anime standards, but it is "okay(in bland way)" by western standards.

Plus anime shows generally have kick ass theme songs and music, so even if the shows sucks, the show could be excluded from the list due to the music and soundtrack being kick ass.

A show could also be horribly written but get a pass due to a kick ass fight scene or something along those lines.

Then you may have those numerous harem and moe shows, you'd think some of them would at least be terrible, and they're terrible moe and harem shows, but even those shows end up getting a clear cut justifiable pass, because even they have an audience and that audience has one hand on the like button and another hand somewhere I won't go into.

And then there's the case of So Bad it's Good, in where, yes, the work is objectively bad, but we enjoy it anyway because it feels good, and really, that's mostly what matters.

It seems like the higher standards in anime production values and presentation has ironically lead to a lower standard in anime criticism, at least in english speaking countries.

Nontheless, the search for objectively horrible anime continues. This message goes out to those who suffer those long nights finding horrible anime. My heart to yours.

Hopefully this list, based on the Bayesian estimate will help us in our search.

04:33:09 PM May 16th 2014
  • Doomed Megalopolis, a four-episode horror OVA from 1991 based on the novel Teito Monogatari by Hiroshi Aramata, is a horrible mess due to its confusing logic, lack of likable characters, several dumb and pointless scenes that add nothing to the plot, a corny soundtrack, and worst of all, having rape as the B plot.

I'm afraid I shall be contesting this entry.

Bennet The Sage did put up a very good argument against this series' quality in his review of the show on Anime Abandon. However, this series has at least one very special, and very notable fan, and likewise, probably a couple others who share his opinion on it, more or less.

That one notable, very special fan I mentioned, is none other than Maddox, of The Best Page in the Universe fame.

He put volume 1 of the OVA on his "Best Movies in the Universe" list.


Here's what he had to say about Vol 1, which he ranked #11, higher than Akira which was at #13.

"*11. Doomed Megalopolis Vol. 1 -The other volumes in the series aren't as good as the first. In the first Doomed Megalopolis (the fall of tokyo I believe) has this war going on between the good guys & the bad guys. It's really cool. (S++)"

(S++)= Damn good movie, but may contain some mushy love bullshit.

Remember, Maddox is the self proclaimed king of the internet, and a pretty bad ass pirate. If we are to insist that Doomed Megalopolis is completely horrible, with no redeeming qualities, then we will inevitably have to face off Maddox in an internet argument, and he has a pretty clean track track record in winning internet arguments.

Thus, to save our faces getting rocked from a headbutt and "getting our shit ruined". I feel it be much more intuitive of us to consider Doomed Megalopolis vol 1. a cult classic and scratch the entry off of the Horrible section, or revise it so that we specify that we are not talking about the quality of vol 1.

06:57:43 PM May 23rd 2014
Holy shot, Maddox is still relevant?
05:16:14 PM May 26th 2014
You betcha Maddox is still relevant,


He's even got a webshow,


...and he is still only updates once in blue moon.
02:00:48 PM Jun 13th 2014
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Response to Bennett the Sage's Review: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/blogs/latest/entry/response-to-sages-doomed-megalopolis-review-1

Oh, and this too: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0337283/faq?ref_=tt_faq_sm

I agree that the anime has a lot of problems, but I do contest the notion that the "rape as B plot" is the worst aspect of the show. First of all, you could even argue that this criticism is irrelevant since the rape directly affects the main plot. For instance, the interactions of the characters are driven by that big question that runs throughout the anime about "Who is Yukiko's real father?" Kato's plans are foiled in the later episodes precisely because Yoichiro did assault his sister. For example, Kato couldn't arouse Masakado's spirit with Yukiko because she wasn't really his daughter. He also couldn't directly possess Yukiko in the later episodes because of the same reason. Thus, the rape ties directly into the main story and guides it similar to the way the rape subplot in WATCHMEN guides the actions of the characters in the last part of its story. So it's not a dismissible B-plot. It ties into the main story and the despicable brother gets beaten up for his behavior (in the other adaptations, we see later on in the story he actually gets murdered by his daughter's boyfriend no less...but the anime ends before that point in the story).

Second of all, I find this criticism a little hypocritical since many of these same anime fans (including Bennett) seem to be totally okay (or overlook) the presence of sexual molestation and sexual abuse in shows like NINJA SCROLL and WICKED CITY and even BERSERK. Sometimes I wonder if anime fans even understand the intensity of the stuff they're watching in the first place. When it comes to adult anime, excess is the name of the game and unfortunately that's the market DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS was trying to appeal to. Remember: WICKED CITY, NINJA SCROLL, OVERFIEND, etc: THESE were the type of anime that DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS was competing with, not modern sanitized teen-focused anime. Accusing DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS of being repulsive because "it has rape as B-plot" makes little sense when judged in the context of the aforementioned market (btw, I didn't see the original OVERFIEND in the "Horrible Anime" list at all, and I dare say that the content in there is far more amoral than anything in DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS). In WICKED CITY, the heroine gets gang raped repeatedly, which is horrible. However the rest of the narrative shows her indifferent to the experience like it's no big deal and she can get on with life fine. There are no longstanding consequences. You could just as well remove the rape scenes and it would hardly affect the story at all. Same with NINJA SCROLL. In DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS, the main female lead gets raped by her brother and suffers the emotional trauma and tragedy that comes with that experience. She loses her mind and her plight and suffering affects the interactions of the characters around her. Her life is ruined and her family's reputation is completely destroyed. What's more insensitive, to throw in loads of gratuitous sex and then forget about it or dwell on the horror and the consequences of the act? I would say the former. To simply throw in random acts of sexual violation ala the way WICKED CITY does and avoiding any discussion of the consequences is more immature I think than trying to wrap a serious subplot around it.

Finally, the rape subplot is accurate to the story of the original novel Teito Monogatari, which (for those who don't know) was the same work which won the 1987 Nihon SF Taisho Award (comparable to the West's Nebula Grand Prize; the same sci-fi award Hideaki Anno's EVA won) and sold over 5 million copies in Japan alone. If the presence of a rape subplot was really as "horrible" as Bennett and his fans make it out to be, then I highly doubt the original work would have attracted the attention it did. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teito_Monogatari

I was thinking about contending with the criticism about the anime not having any "likable characters", but I'll refrain. I actually am sympathetic to that sentiment. The problem with the anime is that it pushes unlikable characters like Yoichiro and Kato to the fore of the story and plays down some of the actions of the good guys. However if you've seen/read other versions of the story, you'll know that there are actually a lot of likable characters in the narrative such as Eichii Shibusawa, Hirai, Koda Rohan, Shigemaru Kuroda, Torahiko Terada, and Keiko. Koda Rohan and Keiko especially are admirable characters with noble qualities. You can read a biography of historical Koda Rohan here:


Admittedly this is the historical character, but given that the character in TEITO MONOGATARI was directly based on this character, you can see as an extension. Similarly Hirai was loosely based on classic descriptions of Abe no Seimei: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abe_no_Seimei


The problem is these characters aren't around enough in the anime to get to know them very well.
10:50:59 PM Jun 13th 2014
I'm also going to contest it for a few more reasons:

1. Back when Sage did his review of it a few years ago, it had a rating on IMDB of over 7.0. Even now it has a rating of 6.4. If it were worthy of being on So Bad It's Horrible, wouldn't it have to be way lower than that? Like under 3.0?

2. I see a lot of people on places like YouTube and such about how they loved this anime. Again, if it was supposed to be on here, wouldn't it not have any fans at all? One of the important notes on the main page says it has to fail to appeal to even a specific niche, which it apparently did.

3. I hate to sound like I'm attacking the editor here, but the entry doesn't give a very good description of WHY it's So Bad It's Horrible. It sounds more like a very brief summary of Sage's review, and the important notes say we're definitely not supposed to parrot a Caustic Critic.

I agree that Doomed Megalopolis has its problems, but I don't think it's qualified at all to be put here.
02:53:47 PM Jun 19th 2014
I've been a huge fan of Doomed Megalopolis since 2002 and quite frankly, 99.9% of the criticism I find against this anime makes me grind my teeth.

Among the many criticisms I find maddening are the allegations against this anime being very misogynistic, especially considering that there's anime like High School of the Dead that have a far more insulting presentation of women than DM does, yet people are eating it up like hotcakes. It also doesn't help that it's criticized for being too violent as well, yet even more anime titles like Elfen Lied and Hellsing Ultimate heavily outdo DM in the gore department, yet are lauded as some of the greatest things in the anime genre. In fact, Elfen Lied, High School of the Dead, and Hellsing Ultimate are a cavalcade of extremely inconsistent tones, horrible story and character development, and especially in the case of Elfen Lied, sanctimonious messages about the human condition that look as if they were written by a sixth grader. I'm not joking, I'd rather listen to my alarm clock's extremely grating sound for 8 hours in a row than watch any of these anime titles ever again.

What ultimately gets my goat on criticism against DM is the fact that so many anime fans pride themselves in loving Japanese culture as a whole, but when presented an opportunity to watch an anime like DM that's heavily rooted in Japanese mysticism and history, they don't bother reading up about the culture they claim to love and just dismiss Doomed Megalopolis as "stupid." I was only 14 when I first saw this anime, and even with my barren knowledge of Japanese history and culture at the time, I still had enough mental strength to comprehend that Japan's culture is different from the West and was able to appreciate DM strictly on its own terms.

Between the steady tailspin in anime in recent years and the obnoxious mentalities of many anime fans, I've abandoned the anime genre and do what I can to avoid most anime fans.
08:23:40 PM Jun 21st 2014
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Plus again, Maddox loves this anime, at least volume 1, and Maddox is a well respected internet celebrity, writing satirical articles with hidden themes of moral and consumer guidance. Maddox always encouraged people to try new things, watch different and more challenging movies, listen to more complex and interesting music, try out new foods that aren't greasy fried fast food bullcrap, learn about other cultures, go to other countries, get into mathematics and programing, put more emphasis on academia, and not to set bad examples by being a social parasite or a trendy know-nothing faker. He's more mature than what his interface, and his foul mouth may tell you.

But anyway, I enjoyed looking up about this anime, and finding out that it is based on a critically acclaimed novel that utilizes Japanese Shinto mythology in order to craft a deep story about Japan. Seeing all this, Sage's argument against this anime is really falling apart. If anything, the worst this anime did, was just either not being properly translated, or being condensed too much or a combination of the two.

Sage had a problem with the rapist character, because he was apparently one of the protagonists, but that character was not justified in his actions, as a matter of facts, his actions made him more despicable, we weren't supposed to be rooting for him all the way, plus he gets his comeuppance from his incest born daughter(maybe not the best way to resolve the issue, but issue resolved nontheless). Plus, this series is one with complicated Morality, ala Watchmen, Game of Thrones, and Legacy of Kain. The "Good Guys" aren't exactly all "good guys", what with the brother of the priestess being an incestual douchebag rapist, and the supposed Bad Guy, Yasunori Kato, is actually sympathetic is regards despite his evil demeanor, his black magic, and his desire to destroy Tokyo. Kato reasons for wanting to destroy Tokyo is because he was a decedent of the indigenous people of Japan who were wiped out by the Yamato Clan who laid the foundation for Tokyo. Since Kato is half Oni, he is able to live a long life span and possess dark powers. Kato wants to destroy Tokyo in order to avenge his people who were ruthlessly killed by the so called paragons of Truth and Justice that were the Yamato clan. Now that come to think about it, that ending where the priestess caresses Kato is probably the best possible ending because when you get down to it, Kato's the kind of character who needs a hug.

Rape as we know it, is the complete monster of crimes. As of which, it can't be played for comedy, at least not lighthearted high brow comedy, but it can be played for drama, it's just that using rape as drama too much can be seen as exploitative of the traumatic experience that is rape and the women who go through with it. Doing it this way too much has led people to call out writers for using this trope as quick, easy, and manipulative way to get tears flowing, pull heart strings, and justify roaring rampages of revenge.

Cutting and pasting this for now.

The arguments for this series are starting to pile up and Sage's argument is not holding up as it used to do. Consider another anime salvation from the SBIH section, the search for horrible anime continues.
04:41:18 PM Jun 23rd 2014
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@creamy_sama: Thank you for the interest and time you dedicated to this topic!

I should also complement the point about Maddox by pointing out that DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS (the show, not the DVD) actually did have a fair amount of positive reception when it was rereleased in 2002. And this was (shockingly enough) for the mistranslated Streamline English dub, much to my surprise. Not even I would have been that gracious in my review:








USA Anime's review even begins with: "Doomed Megalopolis is considered a classic amongst supernatural thrillers in anime, and it’s not hard to see why. It combines solid storytelling with high production values to create a very dark and dramatic story that mixes heavy doses of mysticism with historical fact. Those who can handle its graphic content and sometimes unsavory subject matter will find a viewing experience well worth the cost and time commitment." (!??)

I also encourage you to read this article as well (in which a scholar talks about the original novel and its themes). The whole chapter is "Oni and Japanese Identity" by Dr. Noriko T. Reider. The part about TEITO MONOGATARI begins on pg. 113. You can start there or read the whole essay to get a little more context about what she's discussing (essay begins on 104):

03:48:16 PM Jun 26th 2014
You're all the same person, aren't you?
06:24:07 PM Jun 26th 2014
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05:31:51 AM Jun 28th 2014
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I guess Kuro Kokoro isn't very warm and friendly to my presence, and I don't blame the troper for it or hold it against the troper. When you unwittingly become a pawn in a grand scheme based around the disappearance of an infamous webcomic, naturally, you become a suspicious figure. I have no way to prove my innocence, except for one method...

@Kuro Kokoro

Check our IP addresses. Different IP addresses indicate different computers in different households at a given time.
11:57:03 AM Nov 18th 2014
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Reading over the responses again, and I just wanted to quickly respond to this:

"Rape as we know it, is the complete monster of crimes. As of which, it can't be played for comedy, at least not lighthearted high brow comedy, but it can be played for drama, it's just that using rape as drama too much can be seen as exploitative of the traumatic experience that is rape and the women who go through with it. Doing it this way too much has led people to call out writers for using this trope as quick, easy, and manipulative way to get tears flowing, pull heart strings, and justify roaring rampages of revenge."

Agreed. But as I said before, I don't think emphasizing the tragic aspects of the act could somehow be more amoral than the way it's treated in provocative anime like WICKED CITY and LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND, neither of which I saw on this list. That's what I was reacting against. How anyone could endorse or defend WICKED CITY but have unconditional contempt for DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS is just beyond me, and yet there are some anime fans out there who do. In the nasty world of "adult anime", sexual violence is actually one of the least of DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS' problems.

Well, now that I've made another comment, I should probably end it with a quote from another positive review of the anime:

"Doomed Megalopolis was made in the capable hands of anime creators like Ninja Scroll's Madhouse Studios and Metropolis' Rintaro. It moves quite well for such a large and long story, the character arcs are set up nicely with few dragging moments since there are little horror scares and sorcererific battles around every corner...considered one of the classic examples of anime, it still holds up after all these years." —http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/5100/doomed-megalopolis/
07:29:36 AM Mar 27th 2014
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Thoughts on this poor anti-smoking PSA? It attempts to use anime and basketball a la Kuroko no Basuke, but it has awful animation, poor music, and lip-syncing issues with phoned-in voice acting. The characters are also unlikeable, as the smoker's friends all complete abandon him after they find out that he smokes (Unfortunate Implications since people trying to quit should get as much support from family and friends as possible). Thoughts?

Here's the PSA Anime in question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FckPbqDaVvU#t=75
05:23:25 PM May 26th 2014
I'd say go with it! Assuming that you are right about the character's dialogue. Howver, I notice at the end, the Smoker is going into a building that had like a sign with hours posted on it. Was that a self help center?

Regardless, the art and animation is pretty poor for an anime, although it is on par with a "decently animated" newgrounds entry if that makes sense. Assuming this production had a higher budget and more resources than a single animator with a wacom tablet, I'm certain this PSA would find nice home here.
01:14:13 PM Mar 11th 2014
For your consideration, the anime adaptation of Pupa. It's universally panned for poor animation, horrid writing, mishandling of the manga's disturbing material, piss-poor pacing and simultaneously disgusting and dull "scares". According to viewers, the only saving grace is that each episode is four minutes long.

It is also currently the second lowest rated show on MAL. Here's the show's MAL page.
07:36:40 AM Mar 27th 2014
I'm going to add this show next week if no one objects.
05:28:00 AM Apr 5th 2014
Go right ahead.
06:48:53 AM Jun 28th 2013
Should we add Amnesia Otome?
07:18:58 PM Nov 15th 2013
Could you explain why we would add that (I've never heard of it). If you've got a good argument than please present it.
11:56:44 AM Mar 24th 2014
It's generally considered to be the worst otome game adaptation ever.
07:47:12 AM Jun 7th 2013
Seems like Master Of The Martial Hearts doesn't belong. Its description is pretty much So Okay, It's Average, and it seems like the whole reason it's here is because of the JesuOtaku video. Its reviews on ANN are actually relatively positive overall: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=10150
09:43:28 AM Jun 11th 2013
Imma yank it in a week if no one can defend its spot.
12:33:21 PM Jul 11th 2013
I wouldn't call a median rating of "so-so" positive, even relatively so. And it wasn't so much reviews as ratings But your point still stands.
08:24:52 PM Oct 22nd 2013
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01:05:58 PM May 29th 2014
The Pilot Candidate anime has a technically "decent" median average...


...And we both know that The Pilot Candidate anime definitely belongs here. The ratings, keep in mind, go up and down due to user votes, the system is put into place as soon as a show comes out.

Pilot Candidate had some potential, and there was at least some hype for it before it aired. It is one of Adult Swim's first launch titles for their Saturday anime block. If you had no idea what the show was going to be like, you'd probably pick it up too. I mean an Evangelion like show, easily available in a time where the network did not have the rights to Evangelion, with a seemingly complex plot, and a beautiful orchaestral soundtrack.

Welp, then time passed, none of the numerous plot holes were filled, and the Gecko ending happened, pissing everyone else, plus the Cgi battles were clumsy and very dated. Thus the show cemented it SBIH reputation.

Likewise, the same could be said for this show. Master of Martial Hearts. JesuOtaku even documented her viewing. It first started off as a shoddier ripoff of Ikki Tousen. A pantyshot clothes ripping catfight fighter. Nothing more. Plenty like it. Audience for it. A wanker audience, but a justified audience none the less("Durr hurr, but I gotta whack it to something!") But then, the show pulls off a horrific ending that completely kills the mood and comes out of nowhere, in a bizarre attempt to actually critique the guilty pleasure debauchery it reveled in, but ends up being more misogynistic then usual had the series just stuck to being softcore porn. Plus the theme song is pretty bad.

Again, the median rating might have influenced by people who voted to early before much of the plot was revealed. Or trolls or idiots.

If there is no decent fanbase or single fan with really good reasons that can defend this series, then I say Master of Martial Hearts should stay.
01:14:52 PM May 29th 2014
"might" is not a particularly good argument to justify something.
04:23:47 AM Jun 10th 2014
Actually, "might" could possibly justify something. After all, "might" indicates a likely possibility, and, as social scientists, media connoisseurs, critics, and watchdogs we should consider likely possibilities.

Also look what I dug up to further my point on Master of Martial Hearts:


Now as you can see, an Anime News Network writer also gave Pilot Candidate a fairly positive review, just like with Master of Martial Hearts, and again, the positive feelings with the anime were ignited early during the shows run, like before you get in the middle of that series and find out that the plot is going nowhere, arcs just get dropped, plot holes start piling up, and then comes the part when the series just ends.

I say we contact both the writer of the Pilot Candidate review, and the writer of the Master of Martial Hearts review, and ask them what they think of those shows today. If they give out opinions defending the show with well reasoned and logical coherent opinions, then, we should ax the entries off the list. If they don't we can keep them.
06:24:23 PM Jun 6th 2013
Wait how did Sonic X get on here?
05:19:00 PM May 5th 2013
Hey, should we can Art Of Fighting?
The entry outright states there are redeeming qualities, including traits one would find in a So Bad, It's Good work.
01:33:41 AM Mar 21st 2013
About Oni Ai, well... I suppose the first episode really deserves to be mentioned here. I've never seen adaptations dropping the ball in the _first episode_ so hard. It's usually only the first episode that's even remotely good after all...
07:45:30 PM Nov 28th 2013
a SBIH work has to apply to a whole series, not just a single episode.
06:06:08 PM Jan 17th 2013
Should we add Houou Gakuen Misoragumi?
05:49:10 AM Jun 28th 2014
1. Does this series have a fanbase? Or at the very least, does it have some people who moderately liked it who could at least give the series some good defense through rational thought and objective reasoning? 2. Does this series have a hatedom, a vast majority of critics panning it and almost every commoner either hating it or at least ignoring it? 3.Does the hate for this series far out number the love, in which case the "love" is non existent?

If you answered no, yes, and yes for those 3 questions, then add the entry.

"Enough about X, nobody likes X. Even if you think you like X, you don't"—Yahtzee, Confused Matthew, and Max Landis.

Also, Homophobia? In Japan? Yeeesh, and thought Japan was one of the few places safe for homosexuals due to its non-Abrahamic roots and low religiosity rate.
09:55:44 PM Aug 10th 2012
Looked up Garzey's Wing and am asking for opinions...

Apparently, at least one person on this wiki thinks the dubbed vs. is So Bad, It's Good. How do we handle that?

It proably doesn't affect the Japanese edition...
05:13:49 PM Jul 9th 2012
Do OV As of animes count? Because, I was thinking about adding Higurashi's fourth season Kira to the list. While Rei gave a lighter tone to the main series, the OV As of Kira are just fanservice. For example, Rika wears an Angel Mort dress, and wipes her hips on the window while still wearing the dress. Twincest happens between Mion and Shion, Keichi forces Satako to give him a bubble bath, and so on. It just really hurts that Higurashi evolved into that. But, what do you think?
10:40:41 AM Jul 30th 2012
edited by SamMax
Is there at least a sufficiently large group of fans who like it? If so, then it doesn't qualify.
09:17:32 PM Feb 11th 2012
I have heard several reviews on the internet criticizing and belittling Psychic Wars for its terrible event-criss-crossing editing, lame animation, and way-too-slow-sometimes-and-way-too-quick-other-times pacing, not to mention an abysmal dub. I was hoping that it would be okay to add it to this page.
04:38:43 PM Feb 21st 2012
edited by SamMax
Just be sure it doesn't have a fanbase to speak of. And be sure the professional reviewers don't consider this brilliant. If it has even one of those two, it doesn't belong, but I'm sure you know this already.
05:02:02 PM Feb 22nd 2012
It doesn't. Most people have never heard of it, and the reviews I did see of it were bad.
07:20:37 PM Nov 15th 2013
Someone familiar with the series should add it.
05:38:38 AM Dec 15th 2011
This part should have its name changed to Anime and Manga, at least, in my opinion. This way, Transformers: Kiss Players can stay without being a standout. But I want to hear your opinions first before I proceed.
06:43:01 PM Jun 1st 2012
09:51:55 PM Sep 13th 2011

Hitch from DesuDesBrigade recently reviewed this double feature hentai, would it work?

also the second movie is the worst of the two.
09:18:14 PM Feb 11th 2012
As far as I'm concerned, yeah. It would definetly work. And I hope others see that video so they could see your point and report on it.
05:36:55 AM Sep 5th 2011
Is it just me, or is the anime section for SBIH MUCH smaller than the others? Because what I noticed here is that people keep adding and removing different anime, hell it's shorter than the advertisement section.

Not to sound like a dick, but since new Anime and manga (on average) are produced more than other mediums, shouldn't there at least be a larger list? I'm just worried that newcomers to Tv Tropes might consider it bias toward Anime.
06:35:49 PM Nov 19th 2011
Yes, it is smaller.

Aside from natural biases, there is the Import Filter. Anime that is truly Horrible is rarely going to be seen by a non-Japanese reader — someone has to take the trouble to dub or sub and import or pirate it, and life is too short to do it for works of this caliber.

The anime Wallbanger page is long...
01:42:42 AM Mar 21st 2013
Also, the diversity in the anime fandom means that even pretty bad series can have a certain following. Well, not Cosprayers/Mars of Destruction. These are the buttmonkeys of everyone.
11:19:02 PM Apr 5th 2015
edited by Creamy-Sama
Generally, if you are to find anime that's not just bad, but horrible you are going to have to dig deeper. As in out of the country.

This website, is of western origin, and likewise, has a userbase that is mostly western and uses western languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. Almost all of the anime we have seen were anime that western or eastern users with good western communications took considerable effort to import and show to western audiences. There is a ton of anime available to watch in the west, but that ton is just a fraction of the total anime ever made, and we're not even finished with the stuff we embarked on to watch in the first place. That 'fraction' I am talking about mostly consists of decent titles that people took great ordeals in localizing and downloading because they really wanted to show that anime.

Most of the numerous horrible works in other media that are listed on this site, are primarily from the western half of the world, because this site is from the western half of the world, and and I cast an estimate that most of the horrible stuff listed here is barely even interesting because they fail at even garnering interest. For instance, while the film Violent Shit made for a good episode of Brad Jones, I'm certain that is all it will ever amount to; a bad and extremely obscure German slasher film series that could easily be mistaken as, and arguably is, a home video project, a film that never amounted to anything other than being made.

To put it in perspective, a Japanese tourist would easily overlook that film because so many other films in the western market are far interesting and fascinating, thus they catch one's attention, and this includes other bad titles.

In short, I'm pretty sure if it exists, a Japanese Tvtropes probably would have a bigger catalogue of SBIH anime, as well as horrible Japanese sitcoms, Japanese dramas, Japanese movies, and Japanese radio dramas that most of the west has never heard of, as well as a relatively small "western animation" section.
04:19:44 AM Apr 6th 2015
That's a good point. We should probably ask bilingual tropers to get digging in all media.
02:55:34 PM Jul 7th 2011
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
Okay, what's our policy on, um, Macekres made entirely from anime? Are they anime, Western Animation, or what?

More specifically, why was Space Thunder Kids cut?

ETA: Oh, this is Eastern Animation. Nevermind.
04:54:54 PM Jun 25th 2011
I'm pretty sure the main page was cut by mistake.
07:49:47 PM Feb 28th 2011
Is the good point in Ninja Resurrection good enough to get it off the list?
05:46:38 PM Mar 1st 2011
Doesn't look like it.
06:46:18 PM Mar 29th 2015
edited by Creamy-Sama
But Sage being an ironic fan might be.

I mean did anyone see his review of this OVA? Sage has been much harsher on Grave of the Fireflies and Neon Genesis Evangelion than he ever was with Makai Tensho.

The parameters for "So Bad it's horrible" dictate that the work must have zero fans in addition to not being a success in the market. It has to fail to satisfy even a niche audience. This is why cult films don't apply, because they are at least liked. Sage may have classified it as a bad anime, and made some pot shots at it with takes where the anime puts him in a coma numerous times because of it's sheer insanity, but the ultimate point of all that is that Sage found the anime pretty awesome despite the anime physically harming him.

I know however, that "fans" of works can be negated, allowing them to qualify for SSBIH. Usually being that the "fans" are extremely immature and/or delusional. For instance, FATAL, the ungodly infamous tabletop RPG had fans, they were called "FATA Lites", and according to rpg.net users, they bombarded their forums with boasts about how their "rpg kicked every rpg's ass", and rpg.net regulars described them as possessing the intellectual capacity of "scrotum lint", and speculated that they were all alternate accounts of the game's creator. Sonichu has exactly one ecstatic fan, the creator himself. Billy the Heretic, the infamous nazi comic has Nazi fans and we don't give a crap about the opinions of Those Wacky Nazis. Armond White is Armond White and his opinions are disregarded altogether. These so called fans are either creators of said works or generally don't have good reasons for liking what they like, and some are just gadflys by principle, going against the grain for the sake of going against the grain and nothing else.

While Sage has derided anime that many anime buffs, including myself found classic, like Grave of the Fireflies, Akira, and NGE, Sage is not a bad critic. Sage has definitely seen his fair share of anime and can intricately point out what he liked and did not like in any given work, and when he does, it is something objective, something in the work that everybody can see, and that is what qualifies one to be a media critic.

07:37:57 PM Jan 17th 2011
For reference, [adult swim] is not part of Cartoon Network. They just use the same broadcasting channel.
02:53:36 PM Nov 3rd 2010
edited by nuclearneo577
Is this valid?

  • Mario Kirby Masterpiece. It's... well, a Japanese 'film' semi based around
the Super Mario Bros. series, but unlike the Western cartoons and actual anime movie, there is just nothing redeeming about it. There's no animation at all, to the point it looks like it was made in Power Point, one voice actress with no actual acting to sound like any of the characters, a story line that makes roughly zero sense (if there is one anyway) and each 'episode' is about ten minutes long. It's got decent art, in that it's not as off model as other adaptations, but it doesn't help when the only 'animation' is the background effect on the title screen and making Mario's picture spin around at one point. You can see the whole thing here

The entry reads very similar to the video game Adaptation Decay page. But can we fairy judge it if we don't understand it?
07:49:16 PM Nov 11th 2010
If the whole thing really is there, and if others agree with that assessment, then I see no reason why we can't reinstate the entry. Incomprehensibility is common in Horrible works.
08:34:34 PM Sep 11th 2010
Cut this and put it here for now. There may be no critics who support this work, but there are people who do — it's in the So Bad It's Good anime listings. It had been marked as both on its own page until I edited that page to lower this index's profile — and it apparently even has an Awesome Moment.

  • Every anime on this list probably has at least one or two people that will defend it, but Apocalypse Zero will be lucky if there's one person out there who truly supports it. Not a single positive review of it exists. Yes, critics hate this anime, and most anime fans dread it. Why? Because the animation is truly lacking, and it tries to be over the top with gross-out gore. There's more to it, but the reviews explain it excellently.
09:03:56 PM Sep 2nd 2010
Should there be a subsection for individual arcs of manga and anime since they run for fucking ever? Someone put up one as an example.

Anime and Manga Arcs

  • Ever since volume 37, Bleach went from being one of the most sucsessful and acclaimed manga in shounen history into a trainwreck of collosal proportions. Several pointless battles to kill of characters who had no purpose in the story without a single casualty from the heroes, each of these fights taking up at least 2 chapters, and when the characters finally get to the actual main bosses, all the battles are gigantic Anticlimaxes. The disgustingly evil Mad Scientist Mayuri went from being a genocidal sociopath to a loveable scamp, and nobody cared, even though he killed one of the main characters grandfather. Due to the large cast all showing up at once, several characters who were once key players in the story have gone countless chapters without being seen once, or mentioned once. Not to mention that the main character, Ichigo Kurosaki, went over 50 chapters without being seen once, talked about at all, or contribute in any way to the non-plot.
    • It doesn't help that the manga hasn't had an actual background drawn for it in years, and the characters suddenly gained the ability to fly for no reason just so less backgrounds could be drawn.
03:42:55 AM Sep 3rd 2010
No. There's already Arc Fatigue for this.
10:38:41 PM Jun 26th 2010
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
Someone put in a justifying edit for Cosprayer that suggests that Cosprayer is not a real series. Is someone pulling a practical joke here?
11:18:08 PM Jun 27th 2010
Cut this and put it here for now, as the lower point looks like a contestation. Do not restore the "To be fair" part if you restore the entry.

  • The Cosmopolitan Prayers, or as it's also known, Cosprayer. Not Cosplayer, but Cosprayer. The broken Engrish in the title is the least of the anime's problems. There are the incredibly idiotic, inconsistent, one dimensional characters: the girl who loves the male lead also makes out with the main (female) protagonist, and the other girl also likes the guy. Why? Because! There is random unnecessary fanservice. There are no transitions to speak of: one minute, everyone is chained up in a cave; the next, they're on a pier fighting with tennis rackets. That was a power upgrade, by the way. And it has a plot that must have been thrown together between rounds. To add insult to injury, there are TWO spin off series. The whole thing was made by M.O.E., or Masters of Entertainment. Right.
    • Although to be fair, the two spinoff series, Hit wo Nerae! and Love Love? pretty much confirm that Cosprayers is a fictional television series. That pretty much makes the aspects of Cosprayers that make it So Bad, It's Horrible make a lot more sense.
09:17:53 AM Jun 28th 2010
edited by DivineRose125
Oh, sorry. I didn't know it was deleted. I put this back a few days ago cause it seems to fit the criteria. Thanks for the tip. ^__^
01:35:41 PM Jun 28th 2010
It's okay — there was no reason given for deleting Cosprayer the first time. As long as it stayed that way, replacing it was the right thing to do. It might still be, but — well, the justification is arguing that the Horrible parts make sense in context, which is highly improbable.
01:40:56 PM Jun 28th 2010
That seems like a bizarre justification- having a So Bad, It's Horrible show-in-a-show is a common version of Stylistic Suck- but doing that as a retcon for a series is more like a Parody Retcon.
11:19:56 AM Jun 30th 2010
What I was trying to say that even though Cosprayers was a real anime with So Bad, It's Horrible elements, the fact that Hit wo Nerae! and Love Love? portrayed Cosprayers as a fictional series within both series made the So Bad, It's Horrible elements of Cosprayers make sense.

And even though this isn't related, I wanted to say this anyways: in Love Love? it is said that only ONE person knows the identity of the writer for Cosprayers, excluding the writer himself. The writer's identity must've been kept a secret so he wouldn't be blamed for the show's status.
09:22:50 PM Jul 2nd 2010
Okay. Then we can reinstate Cosprayers itself, maybe — Recursive Canon doesn't fix the original work.
06:34:02 PM Jul 12th 2010
Yes, but it justifies it.
09:49:44 PM Jul 13th 2010
How? Having your apparently Horrible series be a Horrible fictional series in its sequels — why would that change its eligibility? If it had always been a Show Within a Show, that would be one thing — but this was real before it was fictional.
04:26:01 AM Jul 14th 2010
It depend if it was first a bad Show Within a Show made real for the lulz, or just something really bad being Parody Retconed.
07:16:39 PM Jul 15th 2010
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
It was real before it was a Show Within a Show. The other two series listed in the justification are Spinoffs from it.
10:18:10 PM Jun 16th 2010
Okay, someone deleted Transformers Energon without giving a reason. I can have it either way, but if there is a reason, shall we make it official?
09:00:34 AM Jun 17th 2010
For what it's worth, the original version of Energon (Super-Link) is more seen as mediocre, with most of the hate being because of the awful translation.
10:16:22 PM Jun 16th 2010
Cut this and put it here. Even if it is Horrible, it's not an anime.

  • G-Saviour in 2000, originally intended for a "Twenty Years of Gundam" celebration in 1999. A Live Action Adaptation but having little to do with the classic Gundam storyline (also, it lacks the plot depth the anime has) besides being set in UC 0218 and being of relatively poor production quality, the movie is generally ignored.
11:15:43 PM Jun 9th 2010
In that same vein why was Baoh removed?
01:31:46 PM Jun 11th 2010
Eh, I can't speak for the guy who removed it but it has a positive (as in, "it's stupid but it's fun") review on this site (Texto nly shows up in Fifefox).
07:37:36 PM Jun 11th 2010
And two different defenses posted under the original entry here, one with video clip. And a note that Daoh inspired a character in a non-Horrible videogame. The evidence was starting to go against. (No, I didn't remove it, but I was considering it.)
12:29:39 PM Jun 9th 2010
Why was Fighting Foodons removed?
12:36:30 AM Jun 15th 2010
Same question I was about to ask...
08:51:20 AM Nov 26th 2010
About that, why DO people keep adding and removing it.

In my opinion this one really does belong here, because the only people that seem to disagree with it's entry are the "I remember seeing this on the Fox Box" people.

The anime fails at being a good monster anime. It was poorly animated, badly written (even the non-4-Kids version was mediocre at best), and the overall character designs are ripped directly from your nightmares.

And the theme song... Goddamn that terrible theme song.

The anime was critically panned and was known for being one of the shows that made the Fox Box fail as hard as it did.
01:39:45 PM Nov 26th 2010
I will note that on the page itself, it's described as a Cult Classic.
11:30:51 PM Jan 21st 2011
Okay, that probably disqualifies it. You can't have a Cult Classic without a cult.
06:36:33 PM Jun 5th 2010
I get the impression from the comments that Baoh: The Visitor is hated by serious anime fans, but is tolerated or a guilty pleasure to those who think that anime is like "normal" cartoons.
10:04:14 AM May 28th 2010
Cut this because it probably doesn't fit. Put it here in case someone agrees with the original poster. However, since anime is a visual medium, beauty in itself probably is a bright spot.

  • As far as romance anime goes, Bobby's In Deep is probably the worst. The pacing is poor and boring. While the animation is beautifully drawn, it doesn't even come close to saving the series. There's even a scene that was put in there where a main character dies that was supposed to shock the audience, but the message just doesn't get through clear enough for the audience to give a shit. For more information read the THEM anime review.
08:14:01 PM Jun 1st 2010
It was reinstated, and I was asked to read the link...

But the link is wrong! There's nothing there at all! How can I get more info from a deadlink?
02:57:38 AM Jun 3rd 2010
I put the deadlink in Wayback Machine, but the images are broken. Gah.
08:07:14 PM Jun 6th 2010
Someone "fixed" the link back to the original non-existent address. Fortunately, I did read the review for Bobby's In Deep in the meantime. Pity no pictures — the plot did sound bad, but it appears that the pix had info in them.

Anyone else review that one? It's apparently a major studio's Old Shame, so someone should have.
09:56:58 PM Jun 22nd 2010
Ah, I see someone found another review. And, since the Anime News Network is a Caustic Critic, the anime isn't Horrible. Thanks! <smiles>
04:29:51 PM May 17th 2010
edited by SoWeAteThem
* Toshiro Ono's Pokemon Comics were basically a bad lemon fan fic that quickly got canceled for sucking.
the user Devil May Cry (the user) put this in. Was I wrong for removing it?
07:25:03 PM May 21st 2010
Hmmm... It's best to explain why you put a new work in or take a work out...

That particular description isn't descriptive enough. Remember, squick alone isn't a reason for listing an item. And if it's really a fanfic, then it should be listed on that page if it qualifies, and there might be other reasons why it was canceled. (Perhaps the people who own the license for Pokémon thingies disapprove of high-profile lemon fic, for example.)
07:25:12 PM May 21st 2010
Hmmm... It's best to explain why you put a new work in or take a work out...

That particular description isn't descriptive enough. Remember, squick alone isn't a reason for listing an item. And if it's really a fanfic, then it should be listed on that page if it qualifies, and there might be other reasons why it was canceled. (Perhaps the people who own the license for Pokémon thingies disapprove of high-profile lemon fic, for example.)
03:23:33 AM Jun 3rd 2010
That is ridiculous Toshiro Ono basically gave Jessie large breasts, and Misty a revealing bathing suit and that's it for fanservice and the rest was fine. The art is really good, and I have never heard it getting canceled. It was fairly short for manga, but not every manga is going to be 40 volume long behemoth.
02:27:00 PM May 1st 2010
Someone listed Transformers: Energon under SoBadItsGood/Anime, but with minimal elaboration. (Apparently, it makes for good MSTing.) Now what?
05:41:26 AM May 2nd 2010
For what it's worth, the Transformers Wiki (whch has a very extensive coverage of the series) and most fans I've seen deffinately consider it to be SBIH.

I'm not convinced that "Someone listed it on SO Bad It,s Good!" should be the only reason to remove something. The line between "stuff so bad it makes you laugh" and "stuff so bad it makes you cringe" can be pretty thin.
01:10:11 PM May 2nd 2010
Thank you. I'll edit that other entry.
09:06:12 PM Apr 17th 2010
Why was Planet Busters cut?
04:04:28 PM Apr 24th 2010
The reason given was "oh man yoshinori kanada's work sure is horrible". Which doesn't really makes sense as he only dealt with the animation and character design.
04:57:56 PM Aug 14th 2010
edited by
he was the animation director, character designer and did TONS of key animation for it. it was extremely influential to many, many young animators of its time and stuff like this gave birth to such things as Gurren Lagann and Dead Leaves. it's technically not all "his" work but he had a lot to do with the way it looked

a lot of other talented key animators were involved with it, including Hideaki Anno

not really worthy of this list if only for its amazing visuals. the only reason nobody aside from me cared enough to remove it up to this point is because it's so obscure. whoever added it didn't even give many reasons for loathing it so much - robots with silly looking designs, and a weapon capable of destroying *planets*? it's so over the top, it's almost like I'm watching... an anime!
05:05:37 AM Aug 15th 2010
Oh, fair enough. Though part of the entry was mostly about the Macekre'd dub (even if it do mention the original OVA is bad).
04:44:08 PM Aug 19th 2010
the entire entry is about the show itself, they never really mention the dub being bad (just that they shouldn't have bothered

you could list Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and say the same thing. the characters are drawn differently by each animator and there is a galaxy-sized robot (which is silly and over the top), so it must be awful right?
12:29:14 AM Aug 21st 2010
edited by
also http://www.pelleas.net/aniTOP/index.php?p=235

this man is largely considered one of the most knowledgeable animation experts in Western anime fandom and he understands the significance and quality of this movie far better than the average TV Tropes user. he thinks this is a fantastic movie.

and you know what? so does Hiroyuki Imaishi, the man behind Gurren Lagann and Dead Leaves. the whole idea of Dead Leaves was to create a similar movie for a new generation.
02:16:02 PM Aug 21st 2010
edited by DivineRose125
Oh sorry, didn't know about that. It was put in there because of the bad (macekre) dub.
07:50:09 PM Aug 21st 2010
...no it wasn't, because nowhere in the original entry did they bash the dub itself, but merely pointed out that he shouldn't have bothered because the OVA was a horrid work to begin with.

I assume it was put in because Anime World Order and a bunch of other lame sites hated it, by people who haven't actually seen the damned thing themselves. the line about the sword "not being drawn the same" all the time does have some truth to it since consistency is not the point of this animation style, but the thing is clearly shown *changing its shape* every time the protagonist picks it up, sort of a way of showing that it's now "his" I assume.
11:39:18 AM Apr 17th 2010
edited by tennessean
tennessean: I've noticed an edit war between triassicranger and somone who's identified only by IP over Transformers: Kiss Players. I side with triassicranger in keeping it here. Stop cutting out something that clearly belongs here!
04:49:10 PM Jan 4th 2011
I know we started this discussion a long time ago, but — what reasons, other than squick, are we listing this work for?
03:35:56 AM Jan 5th 2011
The entry says the plot is bad, makes no sense and is a wasted opportunity.
08:25:24 PM Oct 22nd 2013
Transformers Kiss Players doesn't even have a page here, imo it is strange and disturbing enough to cause controversy but it isn't that objectively bad, it at leasts means the brilliant Alternators/Binaltech toyline has a story to go with it. Would the noseriouslyitisnotagagdub Star TV/RTM dub of Transformers Headmasters be here or so bad it is horrible? It does bring up some hilariously bad moments llike the infamous "Fortress Maximus has cum himself" line.
08:57:35 PM Oct 22nd 2013
I'm inclined to agree. Kiss Players is objectively offensive and holds no value to most people, but I think it's because, for the most part, it's exceedingly niche and straight up offensive to western markets. I've never heard Kiss Players called objectively bad in its own right. I'd heard it called offensive, creepy, insulting to existing characters, but any actual criticisms of the actual manga get rather drowned out by that.

The current entry follows that formula as well. Most of the entry is talking about the weird stuff in it, but not why it's actually bad.
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