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This is merely so I can keep track of character tropes in role-plays I participate in. It's just for fun really, and for memory, as stories can kind of drag across a large time period, so forgetting details can be easy.

Roleplays not currently being done will be deleted from here, and retrieved from the edit history upon it starting up again — although currently I am in none.

Past characters:
  • Kibatsuna: Melodee Coda, Aeron Carpio, Richard, Jean, Patrick, Irene "Sensible" Cook, Felix Warren, Florence O'Sullivan,
  • Shawn Burnham, Penny Yates / Laura Hughes
  • Florence/Sawyer Barrett
  • Belril Strifelaughter (completed D&D session), Ravae 'Ira' Lorastine (unfinished D&D session)
  • Makoto Kameyama
  • Heartland: Ciarra Accardi, Dante Accardi, Rhett
  • FTL RP: Ru
  • Pokemon, It's Our Destiny: Kiarra 'Kira' Trivono, Claire (Clairvoyance), Mist (Mystery), Ree (Reunite), Reso (Resonate), Sawyer, Penny Trivono, Rhett
  • Private zombie RP: Riley
  • Pokémon Forum: Ralts, Dallas
  • Black Lagoon: Different Lagoon - Krista Carson
  • Harvest Moon: Lily of the Valley - Alex Garnet
  • Life in a Library: Shawn Burnham
  • See No Evil: Ignavas, The 'Best Friend'
  • Black Lagoon RP - Nora Orlov

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    Nora Orlev 

The boss and leader of a small group of, as she describes it, "all-purpose handymen" (read: mercenaries), Nora is a 30 year old Russian ex-Hotel Moscow soldier and bodyguard trying to establish a business in the wake of Hotel Moscow's 'purge' of the Triads. Ever professional and polite, the story follows Nora and her two new employees (Del and 'Ironheart') in their dealings with Roanapur's gangs and various factions.

  • Badass Gay: She is revealed to have been in love with Balalaika since Nora was 18, and heavily implied to be attracted to Del. She is also a mercenary group leader and has extensive experience as a soldier.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Nora seems to only exclusively wear men's suits. One reason for this seems to be for concealing a Kevlar vest.
    Genevieve: "Still dressed like yer' at a fuckin' funeral, eh?"
  • Blondes Are Evil: A blond haired borderline-sociopath.
  • Consummate Professional: Her single most defining trait, and also revealed to be her largest flaw. Nora is outright stated to be a workaholic, and her constant sense of professionalism never ceases, ever when it probably should. It's revealed that Nora finds free-time, or moments where she is not required to actually do much (such as bodyguarding), to make her very uneasy. So, she started up a business which would require a packed schedule and only rare moments of respite. Her lack of ability to properly relax is not portrayed as particularly healthy.
  • Cunning Linguist: Along with her native Russian, she is fluent in both English and Italian. She notes that she was forced to learn some basic Cantonese in her dealings with The Triads, but that it mostly faded away due to lack of reinforcement.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Far less than her two employees, but when sufficiently annoyed Nora can show that she can have a particularly deadpanned and almost cruel sense of humour.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Nora is fairly polite for the leader of a small mercenary/pirate group... until her patience wears thin and she shows that it's all skin deep. At most she is courteous at a professional level and to those who make her job as smooth as possible. Otherwise, Nora is casually threatening, if not cruel, and has a propensity for murder and violence as a sole problem solver. At most, she does seem to treat her employees with a modicum of respect
  • Hidden Depths: Three things about her are revealed by Akim before she promptly shuts him up: that she is a virgin, has been in love with Balalaika since she was 18... and that she collects Yu-gi-oh cards. Later Nora indeed confirms that the bit about Balalaika is true, but says nothing about the other two.
  • Jerkass: Nora doesn't exactly have the greatest sense of humour. It's made clear that while never overt about it, Nora is not the nicest person, although this is often lightened up by her fairly decent treatment of her two employees.
  • Kick the Dog: Her killing of Genevieve. While she did not do it for the sake of being pointlessly cruel, it was the one moment that showed she was willing to resort to murder just to make sure her reputation is not in any way sullied, even with not particularly powerful factions. Del even comments how cold it was, although makes no moral judgements about it (due to her own line of work).
  • Lawful Evil: Nora likes schedules, Nora likes rules, Nora likes plans and well-regimented strategies for the running of a ruthless mercenary group.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Her modus operandi — which she considers a necessity considering the hive that is Roanapur and it's current power struggle.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: A non-comedic example. Nora recites to the group a time when she was sent as a bodyguard for a Hotel general in Malaysia, an operation which should have lasted a month, but somehow lasted an entire year. She notes that every single meeting they attended was filled with arguments and yelling, as if every single day it was on the very edge of a shootout, with Nora expecting to have to kill everyone at any second. A year passed and the job ended with no loss of life or even any injures. According to Nora, she should have just killed them all the very second the yelling began, that way an entire year would not have been wasted. She cites this as the main reason she started her group — if she was in charge, then murder can be the best solution.
  • No Social Skills: Interestingly, considering her professionalism and politeness, it's shown that Nora is absolutely hopeless in social interactions outside of business or military settings. Even in those moments, she often is unsure of how to deal with people that don't maintain her level of professionalism.
  • Only Sane Woman: Subverted. She often views herself as this, due to her professionalism in the face of many people who aren't. In actuality, Nora would probably benefit greatly from loosening up for the sake of keeping good relations with her contacts. One of the things that also contrasts Nora from other characters is often her lack of reaction towards the Hotel's purging of the Triads — an event which many consider to have crossed several lines. At most, she admits it was 'unusual', but otherwise doesn't say anything else and seems to not be particularly happy when someone questions the sanity behind the act.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: While the punch-clock in question seems to run from 5AM to midnight, she still only considers her work a job, and keeps any personal feelings out of it.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: A notable aversion considering this Black Lagoon, a series with an impressively large amount of profanity. When she does swear, it's only when she's annoyed enough and always relatively tame in comparison to everyone else,
  • Statuesque Stunner: Nora is noted to be exceptionally tall for a woman, standing at at least a couple inches over six feet.
  • Villain Protagonist: An unrepentant long-time criminal and a clear supporter of Hotel Moscow despite being even worse here than in the source material, and also one out of three protagonists in the story. It is Black Lagoon, after all. Evil vs. Evil is still in full effect, and in a way so it's even worse than the source material because it doesn't have the benefit of someone as moral as Rock.
  • Wine Is Classy: Averted. The only alcoholic drink that Nora can stand is wine (she drinks a scotch to keep up appearances when forced to attend Bao's bar, but it's clear liquor disgusts her), but Nora is not particularly classy or sophisticated, business politeness aside.


  • Affably Evil: In a very different vein from Nora, in that Akim is a very jovial and laid-back man with a sense of humour. It is very easy to forget who he works for, although his 'evil' actions are never really shown. An example of his affability is his introduction when he tries to convince Nora into rejoining Hotel Moscow by saying they'll get a big chocolate cake with 'Welcome back, Nora!' written on it. It'll even have a stripper burst out of it!
  • all lowercase letters: When texting to Nora he types in fragmented sentences and lower case letters. It makes Nora pause when he stops doing it.
  • Ambiguously Evil: While he works for a group that are widely considered pretty horrible, his own 'evil' actions are never shown, or even really referenced to. In fact, his main goal seems to be to kill Balalaika due to her 'purge' of the Triads, which might indicate that he's one of the few decent people in Roanapur. All in all, his motives are not very clear.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Akim has no illusions about who he has worked for most of his life, and has had several implications of being much darker than he lets on, namely, his suggestion that he doesn't care if Nora kidnaps Balalaika and keeps her as a sex slave in a dungeon, just as long as she's gone. However, Akim's goal of ridding Roanapur of Balalaika actually does seem to be out of pure disgust of the woman's actions, rather than personal gain, something which can't be said for many people in the city. Her also seems genuinely fond of Nora and her well being, even if he does like annoying her at every opportunity.
  • Lovable Traitor: Akim is, overall, a pretty decent guy to have a few drinks and some laughs with. His main goal also seems to be to kill Balalaika, even though he's been with Hotel Moscow for most of his life.
  • Pet the Dog: He has a pet husky called Tara, and is very vocal in how adorable he finds her.
  • Stepford Smiler: Akim smiles quite a lot, even when the narration makes it clear it is forced and fake.
  • Tattooed Crook: Nora notes that the amount of tattoos he has is ridiculous to the point where she has genuine difficulty seeing any bare skin. He even has a lightning tattoo on one of his eyes.
  • Troll: A hobby of his seems to be messing with Nora. For example, because she won't pick up her phone, he interrupts her while she's on a delivery by calling, Gen, the person she was dealing with, and has Gen list off all of Nora's (thankfully non-incriminating) secrets to everyone unless she picks up her own phone.

    General Tropes 

  • Affably Evil: Much like the source material, many characters have cheerful and upbeat personalities to contrast the awful things they do for a living. Notable examples are:
    • The two Australians they deal with in their first deal, Genevieve and Nick. They're both incredibly friendly, Gen is humorous and laid back, while Nick polite and mild-mannered. They're also both buying several crates of firearms for a gang.
  • Evil vs. Evil: A ruthless all-purpose mercenary company against whoever screws them over. So, other criminals.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Balalaika's ruthless purge of the Triads and numerous other factions is seen by many people as this.