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22nd Nov 14 06:22:46YMMV.Chaotic Monki
22nd Nov 14 02:30:22Tropers.Discontent
21st Nov 14 01:13:02Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
21st Nov 14 01:08:07Series.Curb Your Enthusiasm
20th Nov 14 11:47:43Video Game.Far Cry 4
20th Nov 14 10:38:24Manga.Sakende Yaruze
20th Nov 14 07:46:35Tropers.Discontent
20th Nov 14 07:37:59Series.Doogie Howser MD
20th Nov 14 07:26:37Tropers.Discontent
20th Nov 14 06:34:59Literature.How Not To Write A Novel
20th Nov 14 05:48:37YMMV.Black Lagoon
19th Nov 14 09:54:06Tropers.Discontent
19th Nov 14 08:31:00YMMV.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
19th Nov 14 07:00:05Film.Thelma And Louise
19th Nov 14 06:50:34Tear Jerker.Visual Novels
19th Nov 14 06:49:21Heartwarming.Visual Novels
19th Nov 14 06:48:26Funny.Visual Novels
19th Nov 14 06:47:37Awesome.Visual Novels
19th Nov 14 06:28:11YMMV.Jimquisition
17th Nov 14 08:36:53Characters.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
17th Nov 14 06:06:37YMMV.I Am Not A Serial Killer
17th Nov 14 01:13:37Characters.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
17th Nov 14 12:08:03YMMV.Love Actually
16th Nov 14 11:16:25Video Game.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
16th Nov 14 11:16:25Trivia.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
16th Nov 14 11:14:46Trivia.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
16th Nov 14 11:14:45YMMV.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
16th Nov 14 10:41:11Characters.Pokemon Anime Original Series
16th Nov 14 07:04:58Characters.Black Lagoon
16th Nov 14 06:53:24Characters.Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai
15th Nov 14 11:32:49Characters.Elfen Lied
15th Nov 14 01:12:29Tropers.Discontent
15th Nov 14 01:12:21Funny.Gilmore Girls
14th Nov 14 07:57:00Crapsack World
14th Nov 14 06:36:52Characters.Black Lagoon
13th Nov 14 10:53:02YMMV.Bioshock Infinite
13th Nov 14 05:53:57Light Novel.Onii Chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne
13th Nov 14 02:03:08Tear Jerker.Hellsing
13th Nov 14 02:02:01Tear Jerker.Hellsing
12th Nov 14 11:01:55Characters.Harry Potter Hogwarts Teachers
12th Nov 14 12:09:50Tropers.Discontent
11th Nov 14 11:31:07Tropers.Discontent
11th Nov 14 09:37:49Tropers.Discontent
11th Nov 14 05:07:55Tropers.Discontent
9th Nov 14 10:56:52YMMV.Love Actually
8th Nov 14 06:34:56Film.Maleficent
8th Nov 14 02:18:13YMMV.Psycho Pass
7th Nov 14 11:54:50YMMV.Chinatown
7th Nov 14 11:37:52Manga.Ghost Hunt
7th Nov 14 11:27:49Manga.Itazura Na Kiss
7th Nov 14 10:25:47Tropers.Discontent
7th Nov 14 10:01:21Tropers.Discontent
7th Nov 14 06:04:26Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
6th Nov 14 06:11:40Tropers.Discontent
6th Nov 14 05:46:02YMMV.Fate Zero
5th Nov 14 11:11:41Awesome.Video Games
5th Nov 14 11:09:54Nightmare Fuel.Video Games
5th Nov 14 10:51:49YMMV.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
5th Nov 14 09:21:02YMMV.Harvest Moon 64
5th Nov 14 08:21:33Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
5th Nov 14 06:35:25YMMV.Gugure Kokkurisan
4th Nov 14 06:16:58Film.Once Were Warriors
3rd Nov 14 08:05:43Characters.Black Lagoon
3rd Nov 14 07:22:32YMMV.Poison
3rd Nov 14 05:54:15Characters.Aldnoah Zero
3rd Nov 14 12:55:34Creator.HP Lovecraft
2nd Nov 14 09:21:52Manga.Clover
2nd Nov 14 09:19:18Manga.RG Veda
2nd Nov 14 09:16:17Creator.CLAMP
1st Nov 14 09:22:05YMMV.The Mist
1st Nov 14 06:45:49YMMV.Black Bullet
1st Nov 14 06:27:02YMMV.Hot Gimmick
1st Nov 14 05:48:43Awesome.Spec Ops The Line
30th Oct 14 09:52:41YMMV.The Walking Dead
29th Oct 14 08:50:45YMMV.Zankyou No Terror
27th Oct 14 09:55:37Tear Jerker.Cyanide And Happiness
25th Oct 14 06:39:57Awesome.Thelma And Louise
25th Oct 14 06:39:44Funny.Thelma And Louise
25th Oct 14 06:38:58Awesome.Film
25th Oct 14 06:34:35Funny.Film
24th Oct 14 05:23:35Manga.Akira
24th Oct 14 03:55:53Film.Twelve Angry Men
22nd Oct 14 11:15:05Manga.Gugure Kokkurisan
19th Oct 14 07:16:58Creator.Gen Urobuchi
19th Oct 14 06:51:25YMMV.Yosuga No Sora
18th Oct 14 07:53:47YMMV.Far Cry 4
16th Oct 14 07:12:55YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
16th Oct 14 06:45:09YMMV.The Walking Dead
16th Oct 14 03:46:48YMMV.Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun
15th Oct 14 10:52:38YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
15th Oct 14 10:44:10Characters.Black Lagoon
14th Oct 14 02:54:11Characters.Future Diary Diary Holders
13th Oct 14 09:01:49YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
13th Oct 14 06:18:48YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
12th Oct 14 05:58:05YMMV.Katawa Shoujo
12th Oct 14 02:32:22YMMV.Chinatown
11th Oct 14 07:15:32YMMV.FLCL
11th Oct 14 06:58:56Trivia.Black Lagoon
9th Oct 14 09:52:22YMMV.Azumanga Daioh
8th Oct 14 11:01:49Anime.Howls Moving Castle
8th Oct 14 10:54:31S So HPKC
8th Oct 14 10:54:24YMMV.S So HPKC
8th Oct 14 10:46:32S So HPKC
8th Oct 14 10:38:42S So HPKC
8th Oct 14 08:49:39Characters.Video Games
8th Oct 14 08:16:36Characters.Bully
8th Oct 14 08:16:32YMMV.Bully
8th Oct 14 06:19:34Tear Jerker.Chaotic Monki
7th Oct 14 12:27:07Unfortunate Implications
5th Oct 14 10:05:28Characters.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
5th Oct 14 06:26:42Trivia.The Amazing Atheist
5th Oct 14 06:26:39Web Video.The Amazing Atheist
4th Oct 14 07:36:37YMMV.Oglaf
4th Oct 14 06:30:18YMMV.Jimquisition
4th Oct 14 06:30:16Web Video.Jimquisition
4th Oct 14 06:24:49YMMV.Jimquisition
29th Sep 14 09:51:38YMMV.Nanas Everyday Life
29th Sep 14 09:11:12Characters.Millennium Nazis
28th Sep 14 09:49:04YMMV.Re Take
28th Sep 14 09:48:36YMMV.Re Take
28th Sep 14 09:46:14Funny.Re Take
28th Sep 14 09:43:06Heartwarming.Re Take
28th Sep 14 09:42:22Heartwarming.Re Take
28th Sep 14 09:38:55Characters.Zankyou No Terror
28th Sep 14 09:21:27YMMV.Monster
28th Sep 14 08:50:26Anime.Zankyou No Terror
28th Sep 14 01:13:41Characters.Hayate The Combat Butler
28th Sep 14 12:45:59Anime.Zankyou No Terror
27th Sep 14 10:02:07Tropers.Discontent
27th Sep 14 08:16:33Film.Seven Psychopaths
27th Sep 14 08:11:45YMMV.Azumanga Daioh
27th Sep 14 07:29:27Unfortunate Implications
27th Sep 14 01:42:34Funny.Anime
27th Sep 14 01:41:17Awesome.Anime And Manga
25th Sep 14 08:29:18YMMV.Diabolik Lovers
25th Sep 14 02:30:43Quotes.Faux Affably Evil
24th Sep 14 07:17:24Manga.Molester Man
24th Sep 14 07:12:56Funny.Manga
24th Sep 14 03:07:31Film.Twelve Angry Men
24th Sep 14 02:58:56Videogame.Beyond Two Souls
22nd Sep 14 10:53:55Anime.Aldnoah Zero
22nd Sep 14 10:48:29Film.Twelve Angry Men
21st Sep 14 08:48:08Anime.Aldnoah Zero
21st Sep 14 02:14:12Characters.Yahari Oreno Seishun Love Comewa Machigatteiru
20th Sep 14 10:26:49YMMV.No Matter How I Look At It Its You Guys Fault Im Not Popular
20th Sep 14 10:13:54YMMV.Frozen Film
18th Sep 14 09:10:07Anime.Hamatora
18th Sep 14 09:09:49Get Out Of Jail Free Card
18th Sep 14 09:09:27WMG.Gen Urobuchi
18th Sep 14 09:09:06Manga.Genshiken
18th Sep 14 09:08:42Friendly Fireproof
18th Sep 14 09:07:52Shout Out.Fisheye Placebo
18th Sep 14 09:07:16Byronic Hero
18th Sep 14 09:04:16Characters.Psycho Pass
18th Sep 14 08:46:59Characters.Psycho Pass
18th Sep 14 08:21:49Characters.Psycho Pass
18th Sep 14 08:13:41Characters.Psycho Pass
18th Sep 14 07:39:03Characters.Independence Day
18th Sep 14 07:54:32Bait And Switch Lesbians
18th Sep 14 04:32:24Anime.Psychopass
17th Sep 14 09:40:03YMMV.Diabolik Lovers
17th Sep 14 07:33:58YMMV.Menage A 3
16th Sep 14 11:34:20Heartwarming.Anime And Manga
16th Sep 14 11:32:58Funny.Anime
16th Sep 14 11:32:56Funny.Manga
15th Sep 14 11:25:48Heartwarming.Film
14th Sep 14 05:14:50Heartwarming.Rear Window
13th Sep 14 10:40:20Awesome.Anime
13th Sep 14 08:34:47Characters.Sabagebu
13th Sep 14 08:07:13Characters.Anime
13th Sep 14 08:02:39YMMV.Aldnoah Zero
11th Sep 14 07:37:40Literature.A Series Of Unfortunate Events
10th Sep 14 12:28:44Awesome Music.Anime
10th Sep 14 12:28:40YMMV.Aldnoah Zero
10th Sep 14 12:28:27Awesome Music.Aldnoah Zero
10th Sep 14 12:18:41YMMV.Gone Home
10th Sep 14 12:06:33Video Game.The Wolf Among Us
9th Sep 14 11:58:02Film.Reservoir Dogs
9th Sep 14 11:57:53YMMV.Reservoir Dogs
8th Sep 14 10:42:05Characters.Black Lagoon
8th Sep 14 10:39:30Puella Magi Madoka Magica.Tropes A To F
8th Sep 14 10:39:24YMMV.Puella Magi Madoka Magica
8th Sep 14 10:33:22YMMV.The Amazing Atheist
7th Sep 14 07:11:03YMMV.Zankyou No Terror
6th Sep 14 11:55:03Film.Donnie Darko
6th Sep 14 11:51:23YMMV.Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
6th Sep 14 01:12:44Characters.Video Games
6th Sep 14 01:08:59Tear Jerker.Video Games
6th Sep 14 01:07:29Nightmare Fuel.Video Games
6th Sep 14 01:06:32Heartwarming.Video Games
6th Sep 14 01:05:09Funny.Video Games
6th Sep 14 01:03:46Awesome.Video Games
6th Sep 14 12:27:13YMMV.Full Metal Alchemist
6th Sep 14 12:14:50Trivia.Cage Of Eden
6th Sep 14 12:14:49Manga.Cage Of Eden
5th Sep 14 11:33:46Tear Jerker.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
5th Sep 14 11:04:18Video Game.The Wolf Among Us
5th Sep 14 11:04:12YMMV.The Wolf Among Us
4th Sep 14 08:16:37YMMV.Elfen Lied
4th Sep 14 08:10:09YMMV.The Simpsons Movie
4th Sep 14 04:07:45YMMV.Gilmore Girls
4th Sep 14 04:01:41YMMV.Gilmore Girls
4th Sep 14 02:10:27Funny.Anime
4th Sep 14 02:04:20WMG.Anime And Manga
4th Sep 14 02:03:16Tear Jerker.Anime
4th Sep 14 02:02:10Funny.Anime
4th Sep 14 02:01:07Awesome.Anime
4th Sep 14 01:58:12Heartwarming.Anime And Manga
4th Sep 14 01:57:06Funny.Anime
4th Sep 14 01:55:12WMG.Anime And Manga
4th Sep 14 01:53:04WMG.Anime And Manga
4th Sep 14 01:47:58Awesome.D-Frag
3rd Sep 14 08:39:48Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
3rd Sep 14 12:53:36WMG.Video Games
3rd Sep 14 12:52:24Nightmare Fuel.Video Games
3rd Sep 14 12:51:15Heartwarming.Video Games
3rd Sep 14 12:49:25Awesome.Video Games
3rd Sep 14 12:44:39Characters.Pokemon Origins
3rd Sep 14 12:43:42Funny.Anime
3rd Sep 14 12:42:14Headscratchers.Anime And Manga
3rd Sep 14 12:40:00Heartwarming.Anime And Manga
3rd Sep 14 12:36:06Heartwarming.Visual Novels
3rd Sep 14 12:22:54Tear Jerker.Ever 17
3rd Sep 14 12:17:50Heartwarming.Visual Novels
3rd Sep 14 12:15:26Funny.Visual Novels
3rd Sep 14 12:06:05Character Sheets.Web Animation
2nd Sep 14 11:41:09Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
2nd Sep 14 12:44:50YMMV.The Last Of Us
1st Sep 14 08:12:28Characters.Black Lagoon
1st Sep 14 02:45:20Characters.Black Lagoon
1st Sep 14 02:05:57Funny.Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun
1st Sep 14 01:57:07Characters.Reservoir Dogs
31st Aug 14 01:49:29Awesome Music.Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt
31st Aug 14 01:49:22YMMV.Panty And Stocking With Garterbelt
31st Aug 14 01:29:49YMMV.Maleficent
30th Aug 14 11:57:24Headscratchers.Film
30th Aug 14 11:54:06Funny.Film
30th Aug 14 11:49:45Awesome.Anime
30th Aug 14 11:46:57WMG.Video Games
30th Aug 14 11:35:39Heartwarming.Film
30th Aug 14 11:32:07WMG.Anime And Manga
30th Aug 14 11:30:20Headscratchers.Anime And Manga
30th Aug 14 11:29:19Funny.Anime
30th Aug 14 11:28:06Awesome.Anime
30th Aug 14 10:02:07Video Game.Winnie The Poohs Home Run Derby
30th Aug 14 10:02:04YMMV.Winnie The Poohs Home Run Derby
30th Aug 14 09:29:39Characters.Clannad
30th Aug 14 09:29:24Trivia.Clannad
30th Aug 14 09:22:45Anime.Nagi No Asukara
30th Aug 14 09:22:40YMMV.Nagi No Asukara
30th Aug 14 08:14:57Video Game.Fallout New Vegas
30th Aug 14 02:59:12Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
29th Aug 14 11:20:43Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game Season One Characters
29th Aug 14 07:08:06Film.Cast Away
28th Aug 14 10:57:01Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
28th Aug 14 09:59:45Awesome.Video Games
28th Aug 14 09:54:57Funny.Video Games
28th Aug 14 09:53:36Headscratchers.Games
28th Aug 14 09:50:34WMG.VIDEOGAMES
28th Aug 14 09:48:59Nightmare Fuel.Video Games
28th Aug 14 09:46:35Heartwarming.Video Games
28th Aug 14 09:44:39Tear Jerker.Video Games
28th Aug 14 09:13:33Video Game.The Walking Dead
28th Aug 14 08:45:07Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game Playable Characters
28th Aug 14 08:37:50Trivia.Dead Poets Society
28th Aug 14 08:32:43YMMV.Rocknrolla
28th Aug 14 08:32:37Trivia.Rocknrolla
28th Aug 14 08:32:19Film.Rocknrolla
28th Aug 14 08:24:56Film.Colorful
28th Aug 14 08:22:48Character Sheets.Live Action Films
28th Aug 14 08:20:33YMMV.Mr Brooks
28th Aug 14 08:19:51Film.Mr Brooks
28th Aug 14 08:21:03YMMV.Xkcd
28th Aug 14 07:49:28Film.Ten Things I Hate About You
28th Aug 14 07:18:57YMMV.We Boughta Zoo
28th Aug 14 04:27:12Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
28th Aug 14 02:44:02Heartwarming.Dead Poets Society
28th Aug 14 01:03:48Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
23rd Aug 14 07:12:38Characters.Ever 17
23rd Aug 14 07:09:17Characters.Ever 17
23rd Aug 14 07:04:26Light Novel.Rail Wars
23rd Aug 14 07:00:52Film.Pulp Fiction
22nd Aug 14 09:36:37YMMV.Zankyou No Terror
20th Aug 14 02:24:29Manga.Yuyushiki
20th Aug 14 02:24:25YMMV.Yuyushiki
20th Aug 14 12:14:57Characters.Black Lagoon
18th Aug 14 10:22:52Manga.Seitokai Yakuindomo
18th Aug 14 02:06:57YMMV.South Park
17th Aug 14 01:50:22Characters.Black Lagoon
17th Aug 14 01:48:14Characters.Black Lagoon
17th Aug 14 01:45:28Manga.Black Lagoon
17th Aug 14 01:42:08Film.Mulholland Drive
16th Aug 14 09:13:28Light Novel.Bakemonogatari
16th Aug 14 09:13:27Trivia.Bakemonogatari
16th Aug 14 09:04:18YMMV.Fallout New Vegas
16th Aug 14 09:02:31Funny.Clannad
15th Aug 14 10:32:10Characters.Game Of Thrones House Targaryen
15th Aug 14 02:33:14Trivia.American Psycho
15th Aug 14 02:33:11YMMV.American Psycho
15th Aug 14 02:30:24Film.Magnolia
15th Aug 14 02:30:20YMMV.Magnolia
14th Aug 14 11:22:46YMMV.Neon Genesis Evangelion
14th Aug 14 03:21:13YMMV.The Walking Dead
13th Aug 14 10:40:31Characters.Black Lagoon
13th Aug 14 09:31:58YMMV.Haruhi Suzumiya
13th Aug 14 09:26:27YMMV.Attack On Titan
12th Aug 14 11:09:38YMMV.The Walking Dead
11th Aug 14 11:44:47YMMV.Good Will Hunting
11th Aug 14 10:10:30YMMV.Ao Oni
11th Aug 14 01:51:57YMMV.Frozen Disney
10th Aug 14 03:26:03Trivia.Yosuga No Sora
10th Aug 14 03:25:56Visual Novel.Yosuga No Sora
10th Aug 14 03:24:31Visual Novel.Yosuga No Sora
10th Aug 14 03:04:11YMMV.Clannad
10th Aug 14 12:49:04Film.The Third Man
9th Aug 14 08:03:05YMMV.Saya No Uta
7th Aug 14 11:40:44Heartwarming.Chaotic Monki
7th Aug 14 12:15:00Video Game.Haunting Ground
6th Aug 14 11:27:08Video Game.Stretch Panic
6th Aug 14 11:10:44Trivia.Lawn Dogs
6th Aug 14 11:10:34Trivia.Lawn Dogs
6th Aug 14 11:10:31YMMV.Lawn Dogs
6th Aug 14 11:09:10Film.Lawn Dogs
6th Aug 14 12:59:10Film.Accepted
5th Aug 14 01:56:50Web Animation.Llamas With Hats
3rd Aug 14 01:25:47Manga.Karin
3rd Aug 14 01:25:45YMMV.Karin
3rd Aug 14 12:45:11Tear Jerker.Karin
2nd Aug 14 07:29:10YMMV.Wolf Children Ame And Yuki
2nd Aug 14 07:35:37Funny.Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun
2nd Aug 14 07:35:36Manga.Tonari No Kaibutsu Kun
1st Aug 14 07:05:01Unfortunate Implications
1st Aug 14 12:36:13Characters.Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru
1st Aug 14 12:32:23Heartwarming.Anime And Manga
1st Aug 14 12:30:45Funny.Anime
1st Aug 14 12:23:09Awesome.Anime
1st Aug 14 12:23:08Awesome.Visual Novels
1st Aug 14 12:17:47Awesome.Black Lagoon
1st Aug 14 12:16:37YMMV.Velvet Kiss
1st Aug 14 12:14:02Characters.Seven Psychopaths
1st Aug 14 12:08:26Awesome.FILM
1st Aug 14 12:03:42YMMV.Neon Genesis Evangelion
31st Jul 14 11:55:33YMMV.Critikal
31st Jul 14 11:34:03Tabletop Game.Adeptus Evangelion
31st Jul 14 11:21:44YMMV.Nisekoi
31st Jul 14 01:50:28WMG.Film
31st Jul 14 01:48:59Tear Jerker.Film
31st Jul 14 01:46:56Funny.Film
31st Jul 14 01:42:53Funny.In Bruges
31st Jul 14 01:39:01Film.In Bruges
30th Jul 14 11:26:30YMMV.Mass Effect 2
30th Jul 14 11:21:20Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game 400 Days And Season Two Characters
27th Jul 14 06:05:24Literature.Hyouka
26th Jul 14 09:21:53Characters.Eden Of The East
26th Jul 14 09:16:55Characters.Toradora
26th Jul 14 09:12:26Visual Novel.Clannad
26th Jul 14 08:51:27Characters.The Usual Suspects
25th Jul 14 11:44:14YMMV.The Path
25th Jul 14 11:43:53YMMV.The Path
25th Jul 14 11:39:37Trivia.The Path
25th Jul 14 11:39:35YMMV.The Path
25th Jul 14 11:29:26YMMV.Snow Sakura
25th Jul 14 11:25:38YMMV.Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C 3 Bu
25th Jul 14 11:13:50Light Novel.Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga Gakuen Love Come O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru
25th Jul 14 11:12:57Trivia.Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga Gakuen Love Come O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru
25th Jul 14 11:12:44YMMV.Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga Gakuen Love Come O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru
25th Jul 14 11:12:32Headscratchers.Anime And Manga
25th Jul 14 11:12:21Headscratchers.Ore No Nounai Sentakushi Ga Gakuen Love Come O Zenryoku De Jama Shiteiru
25th Jul 14 11:04:34Characters.Genshiken
25th Jul 14 10:46:31YMMV.Gantz
25th Jul 14 07:53:24YMMV.Clannad
25th Jul 14 07:50:35Trivia.Clannad
25th Jul 14 07:50:32YMMV.Clannad
25th Jul 14 07:20:34YMMV.Clannad
25th Jul 14 07:13:56Characters.Ano Hana The Flower We Saw That Day
25th Jul 14 06:59:31Tear Jerker.Game Of Thrones
25th Jul 14 12:38:40Characters.Black Lagoon
24th Jul 14 12:02:51Characters.Heavens Lost Property
23rd Jul 14 02:44:06Trivia.Ever 17
23rd Jul 14 02:44:03YMMV.Ever 17
22nd Jul 14 10:16:22Headscratchers.Games
22nd Jul 14 10:15:12Headscratchers.Video Games
22nd Jul 14 10:15:01YMMV.Ib
22nd Jul 14 10:14:56Headscratchers.Ib
22nd Jul 14 10:10:24Manga.Barajou No Kiss
21st Jul 14 09:34:56Ensemble Dark Horse.Live Action TV
21st Jul 14 09:29:57YMMV.The Walking Dead
21st Jul 14 12:22:06Characters.Aldnoah Zero
21st Jul 14 12:08:30YMMV.Aldnoah Zero
20th Jul 14 03:22:46Luke I Might Be Your Father
20th Jul 14 02:07:57Tear Jerker.Fate Zero
19th Jul 14 09:36:02Characters.Pokemon Anime Original Series
18th Jul 14 11:02:26WMG.Animeand Manga
18th Jul 14 10:59:34Heartwarming.Anime And Manga
18th Jul 14 10:58:05Funny.Anime
18th Jul 14 10:56:32Awesome.Anime
18th Jul 14 10:55:04Tear Jerker.Anime
18th Jul 14 10:50:36Heartwarming.Video Games
18th Jul 14 10:48:46Funny.Video Games
18th Jul 14 10:46:30Tear Jerker.Video Games

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