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This thread is for requesting edits or unlocks to Locked Pages or for requesting locks. It can also be used for technical requests to moderators such as creating new pages in the Main/ and other restricted namespaces without going through YKTTW.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Check Locked Pages and Permanent Red Link Club first. They can provide guidance on what are good and bad requests.
  2. Include working links in your request to the page(s) in question.
  3. Pages cut a while ago were automatically locked. Before asking for an unlock, make sure that the article you want to create is in the proper Namespace, has gone through YKTTW if it's a trope, and otherwise fulfills our guidelines for Creating New Pages.
  4. If asking for edits, state your changes exactly as they should appear on the page, including proper Example Indentation, namespacing, and pothole and quote formatting. And make sure that what you want to add is actually a valid example.
  5. We do not edit archived articles, even to correct links.
  6. Main redirects are no longer being created for namespaced work pages. Don't ask for one.
  7. Some locked pages have ongoing cleanup threads, like Complete Monster (Thread), Five-Man Band (Thread) and any locked Trope Pantheon page (Thread). Other than purely technical requests, edits to these pages ought to be discussed in these threads first.
  8. Work pages made in the wrong namespace, pages banned under The Content Policy and the 5P Circuit and subpages that are disallowed (like Headscratchers pages for tropes) are valid reasons for requesting page locks.

NOTE: Edited with OP's permission.

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It was agreed that Monster.Live Action TV sub-page could use some re-writes and changes (better context, Example Indentation). So far, we've got Highlander and Star Trek TNG. Link for reference. And thank you!

  • The TV series of Highlander had quite a few evil immortals.
    • Early villain Felicia Martins appears at first to be a Damsel in Distress, a young Immortal on run from the run from the brutal, obsessed Claude Deveraux. It is revealed that Martins is far older than she claims and Deveraux is hunting her because Martins murdered his wife and their adopted baby daughter. This is her MO: she ingratiates herself into the lives of her victims and murders everything they love, making it so they're off their game and she can easily take their heads. She attempts to murder hero Duncan Macleod's loved ones after she takes Deveraux's head and is last seen vowing to return and murder who Duncan loves after he spares her.
    • Kalas, the Big Bad of the third season is an ancient Immortal who was previously a monk who helped his teacher run a sanctuary on holy ground for Immortals. Kalas, however, used the sanctuary to murder Immortals by ambushing them as they left. After Macleod exposed him and his teacher banished him forever, Kalas vowed revenge. He later attempted to murder a young singer after only suspecting Macleod was involved with her in the 1920s, and when he returned in the 90s, he systematically laid out a web to destroy everyone close to Macleod after murdering his old teacher, Brother Paul. Kalas shows no hesitation in torturing and murdering innocent people, destroying the live of anyone remotely associated with Macleod. At the end, he is willing to reveal the secrets of Immortals at large to world and throw everything into chaos if Macleod doesn't offer his head.
    • Kern of the episode "Line of Fire" is described by his watcher as an 'animal' who rapes, kills and steals as he will. Kern in the past was a scout for American forces who loves killing Native Americans. He earned Macleod's enmity when he helped slaughter the Sioux village Macleod was living with and presented Duncan with the scalps he had taken. Kern has no remorse in taking an innocent young woman and baby hostage to gain and advantage and happily describes the crimes he has committed over the centuries when confronted.
    • Ernst Daimler is the only Immortal seen who's a former Nazi. A firm believer in fascism, Daimler sought to help 'purge' all lower races in World War 2 and ordered the slaughter of hundreds of innocent people, as well as wounded prisoners, until he was stopped by a young boy who stabbed him in the back. Thinking he was dead, the boy and his cousin wrapped Daimler in chains and threw him into the Seine where he remained for decades. In the present, Daimler leads a white supremacist movement and finds the little boy who stabbed him, now a kindly old priest. Daimler gleefully guns him down after terrifying him off holy ground, and then attempts to murder a pregnant woman who tried to stop him before Macleod intervenes and takes Daimler's head.
    • Kronos, an Immortal whose legacy of death dates to the Bronze Age. Kronos was the leader of the Four Horsemen a band of Immortals who led armies to Rape, Pillage, and Burn across continents. Kronos was the most sadistic of all of them, slaughtering the innocent and raping who he desired, including a slave girl for no other reason than his sworn brother Methos had taken a liking to her. In the present, Kronos recruits Methos, now The Atoner, back into a scheme to reunite the Horsemen and create a plague to destroy all of humanity, viewing himself as the end of time itself.

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation:
    • Data's brother Lore is a thoroughly unsympathetic android who kills his creator, reprograms his brother to follow his every command, and threatens to set teenage Wesley on fire. He summoned the Crystalline Entity to his creator's colony when the other colonists petitioned Noong to deactivate him out of fear that he would turn on them, and since then, he's been on quest to wipe out all organic life from the universe. If he ever shows affection, it's just to manipulate Data into collaborating. He also tried to make the Borg an even greater threat to The Federation than they already were. Given everything else we saw of his true nature, it's obvious that he mostly did it for his own sick amusement.
    • Kivas Fajo, the villain from "The Most Toys". A Collector of the Strange who wants to add Data, the only known android in the galaxy, to his collection. To do this, he poisons the water supply of an inhabited planet so he can capture him. He treats people and sentient beings like property. Then he talks very matter-of-factly about how he'd like to try out a particularly cruel Death Ray called a Varon-T Disruptor illegal in The Federation because of how slowly and painfully it destroys the body from the inside out. He later does use it on his girlfriend, who is really more of a broken, codependent slave. As far as Star Trek's villains of the week go, he's one of the worst.

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5152 Willbyr3rd Apr 2013 08:28:59 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] Done.
Requesting change to The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone:

Move Author Tract entry to YMMV.
5154 videogmer3143rd Apr 2013 11:36:40 PM from that one place , Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
[up] The YMMV subpage isn't locked; you could do that part yourself.
5155 Willbyr4th Apr 2013 03:42:38 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Also, Author Tract isn't a YMMV trope.
On Mondegreen, I was going to add an example from the film "I Give It a Year", but the page is locked. In the romantic-comedy, the main couple Nat and Josh argue over misheard song lyrics. Nat thinks the lyrics from "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" go "I travelled the world in generic jeans" instead of "I travelled the world and the seven seas", much to Josh's chagrin. She also thinks the line from "We Built This City" goes "we built this city on the wrong damn road". Josh brings up the lyrics from "Tiny Dancer", which Nat thinks goes "hold me close and tie me down sir". I would appreciate it if a moderator could add this example to the page.
5157 shimaspawn4th Apr 2013 07:43:39 AM from Here and Now , Relationship Status: In your bunk
Added. Thank you.
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5158 Midna4th Apr 2013 01:22:25 PM from Texas, unfortunately , Relationship Status: Desperate
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I think we should change Gunpei Yokoi's entry on Fallen Creator from saying this:

Serving as a producer, he also oversaw the creation of Metroid, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, and Dr Mario.


Serving as a producer, he also oversaw the creation of Metroid, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Dr. Mario, and Panel de Pon.

I love PDP so maybe I'm biased, but it was the last series he created for Nintendo so I figure it deserves a mention.

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5159 Cider4th Apr 2013 04:00:16 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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The Bible

  • Under protagonist centered morality
    • Not completely though
->"Do you Israelites think you are more important to me than the Ethiopians?" asks the Lord. "I brought you out of Egypt, but have I not done as much for other nations, too? I brought the Philistines from Crete and led the Arameans out of Kir." —>Amos 9:7
  • Otherwise good Judean King Josiah interrupted Pharaoh Neco while Pharaoh was on a mission from God and was defeated in battle by Neco in 2 Kings 29.
  • Under shout out the bit about Sumerian mythology should be followed by
Sumerian mythology, according to secular historians. Semitic mythology too, which is not even arguable. Not relevant among believers. The Law of Moses was both a civil and religious code. Many of the civil laws can also be found in other period law codes.
part to add bolded.
  • Under the The Stars Are Going Out "In the apocalypse" should be changed to "In the apocalypse of John". Apocalypse is just a word for revelation, it is not a singular event.

edit: -> this will format correctly when done on the page even thought it looks out of place here.

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Modified Ura-nage, Torture Rack
5160 toonyloon4th Apr 2013 04:05:44 PM , Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
I noticed that Locked Pages and Permanent Red Link Club are now both locked, so can someone add the latter to the former's page?
5161 Fighteer4th Apr 2013 05:16:30 PM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
[up]It's there already. Huh?
For the Complete Monster Film page, there seems to be a consensus to cut Captain Poison from Blood Diamond for feeling remorse.

Also on the entry for Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, his Thuggee Cult should be removed for being a group.
5163 SeptimusHeap5th Apr 2013 12:57:08 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
[up][up]It's mentioned there, not listed there.
5164 SeptimusHeap5th Apr 2013 01:33:01 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Bren Tenkage needs adding to the Let's Play index.

Also, please add this example to The Inheritance Cycle, as part of a TRS crosswicking effort:
  • Last Starfighter: By the last book, Eragon is the last sane, free Dragon Rider left after Brom is killed by Durza, Murtagh is enslaved by Galbatorix, who mind controls him into killing Oromis and Glaedr.

edited 5th Apr '13 2:05:24 AM by SeptimusHeap

5165 Fighteer5th Apr 2013 06:16:27 AM from the Time Vortex , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
@5160, 5163: Oh, right. Did that.
5166 Willbyr5th Apr 2013 06:34:40 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Another request for Monster.Live Action TV, Bones. Please cut Gormogon. For the record, if any fan of the show sees this post, the examples that stay might need some re-vamping. The entry should be like this:

  • Bones:
    • Howard Epps. It's not known exactly how many women he murdered, but we know of six. He manipulated Bones and her True Companions into stopping his execution, and then escaped prison by starting a fire and killing a fire-fighter, dressing in the man's uniform, and walking out, only to continue his twisted little mind games with Bones. He shows up in her apartment, tries to kill her, and jumps from the balcony, killing himself by letting go of Booth's hand.
    • The Gravedigger is a Complete Monster simply because of the way he (or she, as it would turn out) dispatches victims: burying them alive. And we learn that the motive amounts to "because I can".

Link to Complete Monster discussion. Thanks!

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5168 Willbyr5th Apr 2013 10:24:40 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] Done.
Please make Fallout: New Vegas redirect to Fallout: New Vegas It makes navigation between sub-articles difficult, since there is no "(i)Main" button in them.
5170 SeptimusHeap5th Apr 2013 11:48:02 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
There is a sidebar and a dropdown list at the top of the page listing the subpages. Plus, we don't want further Main/ redirects.
5171 morenohijazo6th Apr 2013 02:04:50 AM from Zaragoza, Spain
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Final Fantasy VII

  • Non Standard Skill Learning: The game averts this at the start, granting characters new Limit Breaks through repeated combat, but to teach a given character their level 4 Limit Break, you'll need a special item. There's also the Enemy Skill materia; see Blue Mages.
Seriously, my avatar comes from the embodiment of the So Bad, It's Good trope.
5172 SeptimusHeap6th Apr 2013 03:26:19 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
5173 Willbyr6th Apr 2013 07:58:25 AM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up][up], [up] Done.
5174 SeptimusHeap6th Apr 2013 08:01:42 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Double Standard needs Asian Gal with White Guy changed to Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow and Me Love You Long Time to Asian Hooker Stereotype.

Also, please move this discussion over here.

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5175 Willbyr6th Apr 2013 02:40:02 PM from North Little Rock, AR , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
[up] Done.

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