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Let's make a harem show!
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Let's make a harem show!:

 501 fruitpork, Thu, 31st Jan '13 1:32:58 PM from in a bowl of candy
...What? that a joke?

WHY do you think she should die? I know she's not a very well-rounded character, but isn't that kinda harsh?
 503 fruitpork, Fri, 1st Feb '13 11:57:11 AM from in a bowl of candy
[up] I was half joking. Let's develop her first off.

Whether anyone (besides Zhi who is already dead) would die is a question worth asking though.

 504 loveandevol 2, Fri, 1st Feb '13 5:20:14 PM from from the clouds
We're All Mad Here
[up]Having a character die would be interesting, in terms of drama and how the other characters react, but on the other hand, maybe it would make things unnecessarily complicated? I dunno. Like you said, it's probably better to just develop the characters first.

Also, I just thought of an episode idea, but I guess I'll wait a little while before bringing it up.

Something I think we should build on is why Megumi and Aoi hate each other. I just feel like there's sort of a history there. I mean, yes, there was the war that brought on Fantastic Racism, but why each other specifically? Maybe it started with just one of them being a racist douche, and then it went back and forth?
Formally just "loveandevol"
[up] That sounds good.

Re: character death Definitely develop the characters first before doing anything to them. I've also been interested in killing off a harem character (the closest I got to that was a story revolving around the harem lead character suddenly disappearing) but I don't think that element fits into this story yet.

 506 fruitpork, Mon, 4th Feb '13 1:43:21 PM from in a bowl of candy
Yeah, let's develop the characters. I really want to take a good look at them.

 507 loveandevol 2, Fri, 8th Feb '13 4:58:28 PM from from the clouds
We're All Mad Here
I know I started talking about Megumi and Aoi, But I was just thinking... [up]Some places where we can start is maybe things like interests and mannerisms, just little things that can make them unique. For instance, who's going to be an awesome cook?

We know Tsutomu is pretty...okay, REALLY dense (Didn't notice that Hoshi was a girl for how long?), something I've been thinking about is that maybe he ends participating in Hypocritical Humor more then once. "You mean you weren't able to tell that that was guy? [Maybe they're talking about Aoi] You're a real idiot, Hoshi."

Anyway, that's just my two cents.
Formally just "loveandevol"
 508 fruitpork, Sun, 10th Feb '13 11:23:23 AM from in a bowl of candy
[up] Tsutomu's density borders on Too Dumb to Live at times. He makes assumption about people that make him seem like he's a Horrible Judge of Character, but he's usually right in a roundabout way.

 509 loveandevol 2, Tue, 26th Feb '13 4:28:17 PM from from the clouds
We're All Mad Here
[up]So...The The Cuckoolander Was Right ? Anyway, yeah, I really like that.

Also, and sorry for my own possible density, something I'm not sure about is whether the Tsunekawa twins are actual maids or just love to cosplay as maids.

edited 26th Feb '13 4:28:35 PM by loveandevol2

Formally just "loveandevol"
 510 fruitpork, Wed, 27th Feb '13 3:23:08 PM from in a bowl of candy
They are actual maids, Japanese maids.

It's bbbbaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!!

Anyway, here's an idea - how's about a Halloween Episode, where Zhi is the main character?
 512 fruitpork, Mon, 15th Apr '13 1:46:04 PM from in a bowl of candy
How much SUFFERING will happen in it?

Hmmmm...haven't really considered that part, I'm afraid.

Maybe it should be mildly chockablock of Nightmare Fuel? Then, again, considering I HATE horror stories, maybe not.
 514 fruitpork, Thu, 18th Apr '13 1:58:47 PM from in a bowl of candy
I can write some decent Backstory Horror, so I might help.

Here's an idea!

Ok, one of the heroes chooses one member of their harem halfway through the story, BUT! Something happens which results in their death, and the hero spends the rest of the series a) getting over it, and b) falling in love with the one who comforted them about it (including maybe the other heroine).

Well, do we like? I was thinking maybe we could use this to flesh out the whole "Kaoru dying" idea we had.
 516 fruitpork, Thu, 9th May '13 1:45:28 PM from in a bowl of candy
[up] That's certainly possible. Maybe she got killed in some sort of riot?

 517 goukaryuu, Sat, 1st Jun '13 11:18:30 AM from New Jersey
After reading this I wanted to point out that the Ghost Guy could be chasing after the one girl because she bears a very good resemblance to her grandmother and he was part of that original harem.

 518 fruitpork, Sat, 1st Jun '13 12:52:16 PM from in a bowl of candy
That's a great idea! I'm going to update the character sheet now.

 519 fruitpork, Sat, 1st Jun '13 3:42:18 PM from in a bowl of candy


Alternate History Japan, where Edo never became the capital, instead Kyoto stayed it. This was because of the Human-Kitsune wars, which eventually dragged in the Yuki-onna as well. After years of hellish fighting, the sides finally made a treaty and the war, but Edo as well as much of the rest of Japan was burned to the ground, and after decades of Reconstruction, Fantastic Racism still persists.


[up] LOVE IT! Looks like all's we gotta do now is come up with a name for the Shrinking Violet.

By the way, how about a Baseball Episode?
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