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YMMV: Wreck-It Ralph
  • Abandon Shipping: There were fans who shipped Ralph/Vanellope before Vanellope's age was revealed and then chose to jump ship immediately afterwards to support an adorable big brother/little sister relationship instead.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • The Sugar Rush racers. Are they really alright kids who were just mean to Vanellope because Turbo took away their memories, and are genuinely apologetic for what they've done once they've gotten their memories back? Or are they still fantastic racists against glitches and they're only apologizing because they realize Vanellope has the power to punish them for their actions? Even if fear of punishment doesn't play a factor into the racers regretting being mean to Vanellope, there's also the possibility it's because she wasn't a glitch and they will still display Fantastic Racism against "real" glitches.
    • Then there are those who insist that Taffyta Muttonfudge was only bullying Vanellope because Vanellope is secretly evil, and that paint Taffyta as a freedom fighter of Sugar Rush who views King Candy as a father figure. That interpretation doesn't go over very well.
    • To go along with that: if you subscribe to the above interpretation of Taffya, is she a "freedom fighter" because she would rather see Sugar Rush made into a democracy rather than ruled by a princess? Or is it that she wants to rule the game herself and saw cozying up to King Candy as a way to eventually do it?
    • The Surge Protector. Harmless? Very powerful? Game Central Station's only way to interact with game characters? Secretly a fun guy?
    • Was Turbo...
    • Fans criticize the film for portraying Zangief as a bad guy when he's quite the opposite in the Street Fighter franchise. Maybe going around, beating people senseless, covered in scars and not particularly close to anyone...maybe Zangief just felt like a bad guy and that's why he goes to Bad Anon.
    • When Vanellope first meets Ralph, is she pestering him with annoying, occasionally insulting questions and annoyingly mimicking him because she's a Bratty Half-Pint who's enjoying bullying someone else instead of being bullied? Or is she, in her own way, trying to make a friend with someone who looks like he might be a kindred spirit (and being insulting because that's pretty much the only way she knows how to relate to people, thanks to being an outcast in her own game)?
    • Related: When Vanellope asks if Ralph is a hobo, is she mocking is sloppy dressing or genuinely curious because she herself lives like a hobo?
  • Angst Aversion:
    • The Tear Jerker page for this movie is long and getting longer. This is an extremely tough movie to watch if you cry easily.
    • The scene where Ralph wrecks Vanellope's kart in particular is extremely difficult to watch all the way through. The fandom is constantly passing around stories about how they cried/had to look away/had to leave the theater. It's that bad.
    • Also, quite a lot of people find the scene where the Sugar Rush racers bully Vanellope very, very hard to watch.
  • Award Snub: It lost to Brave in the 85th Academy Awards for Best Animated Film, which Ralph fans decry as having an inferior story, and say that the only reason it won was because Pixar made it, and that the Academy was bowing to the first female director to win the award after she got replaced. It's also plausible that the Academy judges balked at giving the award to "a movie about video games".
    • That last point is even more bizarre, as the movie was specifically made so that it wouldn't alienate people who aren't gamers; most of the film takes place in Sugar Rush, which is a kart-racing game, and thus doesn't require any knowledge of gaming tropes or lore to comprehend. You don't need to know anything about video games whatsoever to understand the plot or character motivations here any more than you'd need to be a classic toy aficionado to appreciate the Toy Story trilogy.
      • Given the ages of those who decide, and the fact that the media is just as important as politics nowadays; If you give the Academy Award to a movie about video games, you are more or less officially protecting it from the typical 'blame videogames for x' scapegoat.
  • Base Breaker: Vanellope, particularly for people who can't stand Sarah Silverman.
  • Crossover Ship: Ralph x Elsa (aka Icebreaker) is steadily growing in popularity, thanks to Frozen co-director Jennifer Lee joking that the two would make a good couple.
    • Rich Moore, the director of Wreck-It Ralph has also teased the ship.
    • Turbo/Giffany has taken the rounds on Tumblr, because both of them are psychotic video game characters who corrupt other games. Both being from Disney doesn't hurt.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome:
  • Designated Villain: Ralph's home was the forest in the game he originates, which was torn down in favor of Niceland Apartments. At least one YouTube comment said:
    "I'm not altogether certain Ralph is in the wrong here..."
  • Die for Our Ship: Dr. Brad Scott seems to be a Nice Guy, but certain shippers of the Hero's Duty characters portray him as a Ron the Death Eater type, as a jealous, resentful, psychopathic and angry ex that is willing to hurt or kill Felix and Calhoun. Particularly bizarre since most of the fics published right after the film's release portray Brad as a much more sympathetic character.
    • The fact that he gets exactly six words of dialogue and is dead (and probably never really even existed at all outside of the Hero's Duty backstory) just makes all the Brad hate even weirder.
      • Not to mention that, judging from Calhoun's taste in men with Felix, Brad was probably a really good guy.
  • Draco in Leather Pants:
    • King Candy/Turbo gets this from the fandom. Unfortunately, it's become rather irritating, resulting in a Broken Base.
    • DILP-ers of the members of Bad-Guys Anonymous are probably wiping tears of joy right now....
    • There's also lots of fanart of the Sugar Rush Racers, although to be fair that Turbo/King Candy made them that way.
  • Dude, Not Funny!: The behavior of a severely traumatized soldier (Markowski) is treated as funny.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Sergeant Calhoun has the most fan art of any character by quite a large margin, even though she's a secondary main character along with Felix.
    • As mentioned in Just Here for Godzilla, the various cameo characters from real life games have enormous followings (for obvious reasons of course).
  • Estrogen Brigade:
    • Ralph and Felix are drawing in an increasingly large base of fangirls, along with the three male Sugar Rush racers, especially Rancis Fluggerbutter.
    • King Candy/Turbo has his fan girls who give him the full Draco in Leather Pants treatment.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: The Official Couple Felix and Calhoun is well-liked, mostly due to their huge differences and proportions, so the fact that they actually married was beyond the audience's expectations (in a good way).
    • Ralph/Vanellope is fairly popular as well.
  • Fountain of Memes: King Candy and Felix are the most guilty of this.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: As mentioned in the below Hilarious in Hindsight section, a Dreamworks movie released some time after this one is about a snail who wants to be a racer. His name is Turbo.
  • Game Breaker: Vanellope. Even after we find out that she is actually a part of the game, she can still glitch-warp around the track. Maybe she's supposed to be a boss character?
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The Japanese have taken a liking to Vanellope, especially since she bears a resemblance to AKB48's Maeda Ami.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • A meta example. In one particular TV spot focusing on critical reviews, a blurb states "Shut up and take my quarters," a joke based off of "Shut up and take my money!" from the Futurama episode "Attack of the Killer App". The director of the film had previously directed or has been involved to some extent with episodes for that show during its run on Fox.note 
    • Remember those old Dreamcast commercials for the U.S? Well hey, they moved to an arcade, added more characters and made a movie about it!
    • When the first trailer came out, we only knew that one of the settings was Hero's Duty, a name that references a well-known First Person Cash Cow, Call of Duty. When the video game of the movie is announced, guess who's making it?
    • At one point, Ralph hides in a chocolate lake and, when he breathes through a tube, it's Darth Vader's breathing. A week before the movie's premiere, Disney ended up buying the Star Wars franchise. That may have been an intentional reference. The announcement of the purchase was originally supposed to be the following week so as to not interfere with Wreck-It Ralph's box office opening (Hurricane Sandy necessitated the moving up of the schedule.) Additionally, during the montage of games being moved in and out of the arcade, the Atari and Sega Star Wars arcade games are given a particularly prominent positioning in the foreground.
    • An article accidentally stated that an upcoming 2012 Disney feature film would feature a Disney Princess. This mentioned princess would actually star in a Disney TV show. However, that still didn't mean that Wreck-It Ralph featured their own child Disney Princess either ... although she chose to be "president" instead.
    • A 2013 Dreamworks picture stars a certain snail who strives to become the greatest racer ever and is known for its speed. Guess what its name is? It's Turbo!
    • In the Japanese dub, Ralph's voice actor would not long after go on to voice another antagonistic character who meets a befriends a little girl, eventually melting his heart and making him willing to do anything for her.
    • The gameplay of Sugar Rush is very similar to Mario Kart. Fast forward a year and a half later, and we have Sweet Sweet Canyon, a track from Mario Kart 8, which is very similar to Sugar Rush!
    • When Ralph is spying on Felix's party, he notices Pac-Man there and shouts out "They invited Pac-Man!?" Well, guess where else Pac-Man got invited to? And cue reaction gifs of this scene.
    • Mindy Kaling, who has a supporting role in the film, had just written the previous year in her book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" that she couldn't get into video games because "they all seem to simulate situations I’d hate to be in, like war or stealing cars."
  • Ho Yay: Ralph and Felix. You saw it. Don't say you didn't.
    • Didn't make it into the full movie, but they have a small moment in this deleted scene towards the end.
  • Ho Yay Shipping: Felix is a primary target of this (despite his canon marriage to Calhoun), most commonly with Ralph or Turbo.
  • Iron Woobie: Vanellope. As noted, this little girl is a tough cookie despite being considered a "mistake." Ralph may also qualify.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Ralph maybe the antagonist of his own game, but it was because the Nicelanders disrupted his home.
    • Sure, Gene's an ass toward Ralph, but considering Ralph throws him like a football at the start of every game, is it any wonder he'd develop a grudge? There's also a hint of regret about his earlier attitude in his last major scene with Ralph, but he still chooses to take it out on Ralph instead.
    • The Surge Protector. Yeah, he's also an ass, but he apparently has people regularly tell him that they hate him.
    • Sour Bill. After putting up with an employer like King Candy for years, it's not that shocking that he's such a miserable little grump.
    • Vanellope is this at first due to her huge uncaring attitude towards Ralph but later we find out why she was such a jerk to Ralph.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many fans have openly admitted that the main reason they went to see this movie is because their favorite video game characters have cameos in it.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Felix, apparently. In addition to his canon marriage to Calhoun, he is also frequently shipped with Ralph, Turbo/King Candy, Ralph AND Calhoun, and Gene.
    • Ralph gets quite a lot of this as well.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Zangief. The trailer made a lot of bara fans swoon.
  • Magnificent Bastard: King Candy /Turbo. Just read the Crowning Moment of Awesome page for more information.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • When talking about the movie on /v/, it is common to refer to it by variations of the title, such as "Break-It Bob" or "Eviscerate-It Evan."
      • It's not uncommon to see threads on /b/ with a picture of Ralph (or occasionally other characters) asking what his name is. Occasionally they'll name the movie that he's in and have his name as the file name. Other posters inevitably post variations like those on /v/.
    • Ralph's cry of "I'M GONNA WRECK IT!" also is also fairly popular. Especially in a sexual context.
    • Tumblr eventually realized that Sergeant Calhoun might be inspired by Mass Effect's Commander Shepard. GIFs followed.
    • The phrase "Holy hot cakes" is becoming pretty popular in the fandom.
    • At least as far as /co/ is concerned, Felix and Calhoun have a kid: Construct-It Conagher, aka the Engineer.
    • "Thanks, Satan."
    • tw: dynamite gal
    • Quoting Surge Protector and Ralph's dialogue whenever...there's the Surge Protector and Ralph's dialogue scene (the screenshot or fanart of the scene).
    • Photoshopping Turbo into various other games, usually during a glitch or catastrophic scene.
    • "When did video games become so violent and scary?!?"
    • Zangief's "crush men's skull like sparrow egg between thighs" has also become popular especially to describe what they want to happen to character a fan doesn't like.
      • This has become "Body Positive Zangief".
  • Memetic Sex God:
  • Moe: Vanellope.
    • The other racers could qualify too, but being bullying Jerkasses towards Vanellope in the beginning makes them exceptional to some fans.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Turbo became jealous because of the existence of another racing game taking his spot, so he wrecked it and got both games unplugged. He goes one step further when he invades Sugar Rush and tries to delete Vanellope from the game, but when he couldn't, he turned her into a glitch and locked away everyone's memories of who she really was. And then the ending scene...Let's just say that Turbo roared across the Moral Event Horizon before the story started and just kept right on going.
    • To add to that he tries to outright kill Vanellope in the final race and as a Cy-bug plans on taking over any game he wants. Keep in mind that his original goal was to be a popular character, but now he intentionally wants to ruin games because he has the power to.
  • No Yay: Ralph/Vanellope, full stop. Quite a few film reporters didn't check their facts and stated that Vanellope was gonna be the Love Interest, which put the idea in fans' heads. Shippers do exist for the pairing now, though usually with an aged-up Vanellope (overlooking the fact that video game characters don't age).
  • Paranoia Fuel: A villain could infiltrate your world without anyone noticing, because he can rewrite your memories.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: The game based off of the movie has weak game-play and ugly graphics, and it's incredibly generic besides. It's a shame, considered the potential that's there.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Some fans wish Vanellope was deleted for good. Why? Because she's apparently too much of a "spoiled brat" to be likable. She was a brat at first but most of her rude attitude is justified. Alternatively, fans that hate her and prefer King Candy believe she "murdered" him and took away his kingdom and will apply very alternative interpretation to the film to cast her as a villainous menace. Or paint her as a bully to Taffyta, when it was basically the other way around.
    • Also, although Dr. Brad Scott seems to be a nice guy, some fans like to bash him and portray him as a jealous angry ex.
    • A minority, but a handful are convinced Felix is an asshole for apparently acting "entitled" to Calhoun and neglecting Ralph before. Nevermind that he is never directly angry or spiteful at Calhoun for rejecting him, or that he immediately helps Ralph after he finally understands why he left - he never shows any hints of arrogance or "nice guy syndrome", only naivete. Some haters though claim that Felix only helps Ralph after he says that he would never go "turbo" again, as if expecting to have it exactly the way it was before.
    • Another minority think of Calhoun as an abusive girlfriend. While it's true she hit Felix, the first time it was a Get Ahold Of Yourself Man slap to keep him from drowning himself, and the second time, it was to bait the Laffy Taffy and Felix had to talk her into doing it since she openly objected against it. Explained very well here.
    • Fans also apparently like to portray Gene as a jealous creeper around Felix, even going as far as being manipulative and abusive. Because him being a dick to Ralph just wasn't enough.
    • Ralph/Vanellope or Jawbreaker fans are bashing Rancis Fluggerbutter, portraying him as a psychopathic boyfriend who is willing to kill Ralph and hurt Vanellope.
  • She Really Can Act: Sarah Silverman isn't exactly known for doing serious parts (or anything considered family- and kid-friendly, judging by her stand-up, her show on Comedy Central, and the fact that she got her start on Saturday Night Livenote ), but in this film she gives an outstanding performance as Vanellope in not just the comedic parts, but also the dramatic parts. Special mention goes to the scene where Ralph wrecks her kart and she breaks down crying.
  • Ships That Pass In The Night: Felix/Turbo is frequently shipped despited having no personal interaction at all.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Ralph/Vanellope shippers and Rancis/Vanellope shippers are usually not on the cool end.
  • So Cool It's Awesome: Not only did the movie get great reviews, like most of Disney's efforts from The Princess and the Frog onwards, but it's also adored by the gaming and nerd community for basically being Gamer Fanservice: The Movie.
  • Squick: Some of the Sugar Rush characters' names. Taffyta Muttonfudge? Yuck. This is actually referenced in the Taffyta talking doll:
    Taffyta: Muttonfudge is just a name, not a recipe. Really... don't try it.
  • Strangled by the Red String: The film presents Felix and Calhoun's relationship as thus: they meet (and Felix comments on Calhoun's high definition), they have a Slapstick routine that ends with them gazing into each others' eyes (and are shipped by the Laffy Taffy), Felix calls Calhoun a dynamite gal (which doesn't end well), they share a Big Damn Kiss, and they get married in the epilogue (presumably after a year or so has passed offscreen). That's it. Apparently, Word of God admits they paired the two together because they found it cute/funny (and because it was hard to work out Felix's odd proportions without a realistic reference), so it could be intentional, in addition to the fact that Ralph and Vanellope's stories were the central focus of the movie. The removal of several Hero's Duty scenes from an earlier scrapped plot probably didn't help Felix and Calhoun's screentime, either.
  • Strawman Has a Point: The bullies in tell Vanellope, who is a glitch, that she can't race with them because she is a "disaster waiting to happen". They are portrayed as bullies prejudiced against glitches, but Vanellope does nearly damage Diet Cola Mountain later in the film. Though during the climax Vanellope masters her glitch and manages to go through the race without damaging the track.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Wreck It, Wreck-It Ralph for Pac-Man Fever; the former was even written by one of the writers of the latter. Also, the movie theme tune (which plays when the movie's title appears on the screen) is similar to the title music from Boulder Dash.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: If you look closely during the ending you can see that Gene gets blown out of the Nicelander's building by one of Q*bert's friends.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Sugar Rush, of course. Lampshaded by Ralph who is visibly annoyed when he first notices that he's in Sugar Rush.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks:
    • A number of fans' reaction to Dr. Wily being removed and replaced with M. Bison, particularly in light of everything else that has transpired to the Mega Man franchise in the span of 2011-2012 outside of the comics and that other crossover involving both Capcom and Sega.
    • The filmmakers are also getting flak for not being faithful to Zangief's canon depiction.
  • Ugly Cute: Turbo.
  • Uncanny Valley: Again Turbo.
  • Unpopular Popular Character:
    • Ralph and Vanellope are both outcasts in their own games and don't have any real friends until they meet each other. Movie's first trailer comes out...insta-fandom love for both of them.
    • Sour Bill, an insignificant non-racer civilian in Sugar Rush and King Candy's personal Butt Monkey, is an Ensemble Darkhorse with the fans.
  • Video Game Movies Suck:
    • Highly averted. At this point Wreck-It Ralph is one of the best reviewed video game-themed movies, if not THE best reviewed video game movie.
    • IGN declared it "The Best Video Game Movie Ever Made" in its review.
    • The fact that it made over $49 million on opening weekend, topping even Tangled is proof that not all Video Game Movies Suck.
    • Of course, this is mostly due to it being an original film that happens to be about video games, instead of a film adapted from a game.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Manages to do this straight and mention it in-universe.
  • What an Idiot:
    • Pushes the buttons of a Bad Guy capable of pounding him into the ground with one hit? Check. Dares said Bad Guy to go on a dangerous medal-hunting quest outside of a game where the villain's presence is essential to everyone's livelihoods? Double check. Idiocy, thy name is Gene.
    • Felix tries to break out of prison using a magic hammer that fixes whatever it touches. What did he think was going to happen?
  • The Woobie:
    • The cast of Q*bert. Promotional material shows "Will npc in fps 4 food."
    • Ralph, Ralph, Ralph. He could also qualify for Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds.
    • Vanellope is constantly picked on by other characters in Sugar Rush because she's a glitch. As if this wasn't enough, she lives in an unfinished track for an unfinished level, where she uses candy wrappers as blankets. Even in the second trailer where she is first depicted as an insolent brat, when you see her confess that she's called a mistake in her world while the Fun song, "Some Nights," plays, you just want to hug her to tell her she's not. You could also argue a good case for her being an Iron Woobie, because...seriously, this kid is one tough cookie.
    • Sergeant Calhoun. As part of the most tragic backstory ever, her fiancée was eaten by a Cy-Bug on their wedding day and she blames herself for it because she forgot to do a perimeter check that day. Ouch.
      • And because that fiancée was only ever part of Calhoun's backstory, she's basically grief-stricken over someone she knows never even existed.
    • Even Felix a little bit toward the end. His whole day has been going about as badly as it can possibly go, and all he can muster to complain about it is "I am just CROSS with you!"
  • Woolseyism: In the English version, Felix says "I'm hopless, this is hopeless!" when drowning in chocolate with Calhoun. However, in the Swedish dub, "jump/hop" and "hope" is the same word, "hopp" in any definition, and hopeless is "hopplös". So they would be the same word; "Jag är hopplös, det här är hopplöst", which is the exact translation of the English line, the words are just more identical.
    • There's another clever one in the same dub. When Ralph later meets King Candy, King Candy threatens to lock him in the Fungeon. In Swedish, dungeon is "fängelsehåla", and "kola" is a type of candy, so he says "fängelsekola" instead.

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