Awesome: Wreck-It Ralph

"There's no one I'd rather be...than me!"

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  • Felix wanders into Hero's Duty and, with no warning given, manages to dodge automatic fire from several marines and get behind Calhoun without her initially noticing. The little guy is fast when he needs to be.
    • Of course he's fast: he's spent 30 years dodging bricks all day, every day. And if his game is anything like most classic games, then it's an endless game, meaning that if you get to a high enough level, then those bricks can start falling at speeds faster than a speeding bullet.
  • Right after that, when Calhoun tries to go off on her own, Felix puts his foot down and insists that cleaning up what Ralph breaks is his job. Calhoun is so impressed that she doesn't even argue, just motioning for him to hop on the board.
  • Vanellope coming into her own as a racer, on the track that Ralph makes for her to practice. She gets so good that she goes off into the unfinished bonus track and devastates it despite a glitching close call.
  • Ralph throwing the medal from Hero's Duty against the video game world side of Fix It Felix, Jr.'s screen with enough force that a corner of the Out of Order sign slips in the "real world", allowing him to see Vanellope's picture on the side of Sugar Rush.
  • The Creative Closing Credits, which are a love letter to gamers everywhere.
  • Ralph's Heroic Sacrifice (luckily he only had to carry out the first half):
    Turbo: Let's watch her die together, shall we? It's game over for both of you!
    Ralph: No. Just for me!
    • To explain the above: King Candy/Turbo, in his mutated Cy-Bug form, forces Ralph to watch as Vanellope is about to get eaten by the Cy-Bugs. Not wanting that, Ralph gains his Heroic Second Wind, breaks free and intends on pulling a Heroic Sacrifice by divebombing the Mentos stalactites and sending them into the Diet Cola springs, creating the beacon that would destroy the Cy-Bugs. However, Vanellope has none of that, using her glitching to teleport past the bugs, steal a car, race into the mountain and rescue Ralph from certain death!
      • Add a little Fridge Brilliance and this scene becomes even more awesome. The last time Vanellope glitched, she had to focus in order to pull it off, and she wasn't even entirely sure it would work. She has had very little control over her (dis)ability up to now. Yet when she sees Ralph threatened, she effortlessly glitches over the Cybugs in her way, into a car, and through the walls. "I've got it under control!", indeed.
      • And after said final fight, Vanellope finally reaches the finish line, erasing all of King Candy/Turbo's manipulations. The scenery goes back to its sweet and colorful form and everyone's memory of her returns. It was so right.
  • For that matter, the rescue is a Moment of Awesome in it's own right, Ralph has hit the mentos and looks stunned, soft music plays as he falls in slow motion and then BAM, the music picks up and Vanellope is using her glitching to boost herself along the track for a last minute save. It would take a person with a soul of ice not to cheer.
  • Horrific as it is, one can't help but be impressed by how well Turbo managed to take over Sugar Rush. The plan was so intricate that the only reason it failed was due to the one thing he couldn't control: Vanellope's image on the game's cabinet.
    • Turbo is a ridiculously cool villain. The moment he shows up in his CGI-form during the climax, he proves that he will stop at nothing to get the attention he thinks he deserves. He's terrifying every step of the way, and you're loving every minute of it.
    • His whole Cy-Bug!King Candy form is also pretty bad-ass. So many people are hoping he shows up like that in the next Kingdom Hearts.
  • Ralph bursting through the wall to WRECK Felix out of prison.
  • Ralph fighting an army of Cy-Bugs to keep the finish line intact so Vanellope can reach it. Felix helping just adds even more to it.
    • This also qualifies as Ralph taking a level in badass when you remember how terrified he was when he first saw the Cy-Bugs in Hero's Duty. The man has gone from running from the things, screaming like a little girl, straight to properly wrecking them like no one's business. Amazing what one can do when properly motivated.
    • Later, when Ralph is busy trying to save the day and Calhoun has run out of ammo defending Vanellope, Felix gets out his hammer like he's about to start something. He didn't get a chance, but it's pretty ballsy to prepare to attack an army of bugs with a weapon you know for a fact cannot harm them.
    • Calhoun herself works her way down the FPS Chain of Desperation, going from rifle to sidearm to knife. She was prepared to die alongside Felix to give Game Central Station - and the rest of the arcade - a few seconds more time.
  • Vanellope's declaration when Ralph, Felix and she make it to the race after freeing her from prison.
    Ralph: Now remember, you don't have to win. Just cross that finish line and you'll be a real racer.
    Vanellope: I'm already a real racer (drops the two off, then adds, with the utmost seriousness..) And I'm going to win! (Peels off)
  • Vanellope's epic glitch maneuver when she and the three racers in front of her are getting to the high jump. It may have been accidental but it did one heck of a job putting her in second and making the three lose just enough momentum to put them out of the race. Then her intentional one against King Candy, getting her a decisive lead.
    • Vanellope's smirk at King Candy as she passes him (in slow motion) was classic.
  • Ralph's interrogation of Sour Bill. Specifically when he says: "I wonder how many licks it will take to get to your center." The old Tootsie Pop tagline has never sounded so Badass.
    • A really epic line would have to be: "What's going on in this candy-coated heart of darkness?"
    • ^ Narm Charm at its finest.
  • Almost anytime Vanellope glitches in the second half of the movie. For instance, Taffyta keeps saying that Vanellope's an accident waiting to happen. Vanellope glitches in front of her, suprising her and causing her to botch a jump, and be eliminated from the race.
  • Vanellope, meters from the finish line, suddenly looks up to see the Cybugs that are literally pouring from the ground. Does she panic? Or stop? No. At most, the girl looks around in shock, but then shakes it off and puts on a determined face, gunning it toward the finish line. She's got guts.
    • Alternatively, what she has is a Sugar Apocalypse erupting all around her - and oh look, she's already in command of an excessively fast race car on a race-track, perfect for outrunning those hellbeasts, and the finish line simply happens to be along the way. Still awesome!
  • For those of us who like Rooting for the Empire, Turbo gets a really awesome moment in the climax. Ralph is almost done knocking down the Mentos to create a beacon. Everything looks like it's going to be fine, since our main villain was eaten by a Cy-Bug moments before. Then... BAM! Ralph is knocked aside... Turbo returns... in a One-Winged Angel form, fused with a Cy-Bug!
    • Turbo's line really gives it the extra punch.
  • After Ralph watches the other racers tear apart Vanellope's homemade cart...
    Ralph: LEAVE HER ALONE! (charges down yelling and scaring the other racers off)
    • Keep in mind, at this point in the movie, Ralph doesn't even like Vanellope, but he still sticks up for her when he sees she's being bullied, because that's just the kind of guy Ralph is. (And, upon rewatching, you realize he probably knew exactly how she felt.) Considering how many people in real life would've just stood by and let it happen, it's awesome to see.
  • Vanellope shows up late to the big race, starts a few minutes behind the pack, and yet, if it hadn't been for the Cybug-apocalypse happening around her, she would've WON. Damn right, racing's in her code. Of course, she has a lot more motivation to win this race than all the other racers, to whom it's just the same thing they do every night... but still it's Awesome to see her confidently overtaking her former bullies.
  • Litwak has managed to keep his arcade running from 1982 all the way to 2012, pretty much outlasting the large majority of his competition.
  • Ralph getting so furious that he can break a supposedly "indestructible" jawbreaker in half.
  • You gotta admit King Candy revealing himself to be Turbo when he attempted to beat Vanellope with his stick-shift is an awesome plot twist in the movie.
  • After so many Disney movies where everything is instantly sweet after the climax and everyone not the villain is completely forgiven, Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz's first (joking) decree to have all of the other racers executed - said without hesitation - was just so delightfully wicked, especially coming from a Disney movie. Yeah, she was kidding, but goodness do we need a release from all the drama that happens only scenes earlier, and props to Sarah Silverman for nailing those lines!