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    Pre-release theories 
The Butterfly Villain is going to be named "The Monarch''.
And we're totally going to make The Venture Bros. jokes.
  • That or "Papillon", and then we're going to make Busou Renkin jokes.
    • Yes and no. Le Papillon in French while in English and Korean dubs he is called Hawk Moth.

Chat Noir's name is Felix.
Because a) it's a common cat name and b) it's ironic, considering the meaning of the word.
  • Confirmed. The French language version of the show page gives his name as Felix.

The mime villain will defeat Ladybug badly at some point.
Considering his seemingly-broken shadow powers, he may cause our heroine to need very urgent rescuing.
  • Jossed. He doesn't do much better than the rest.

The final version of the show (CGI notwithstanding) was what they were really planning to do all along.
The creators were just saying all that stuff about the show originally being planned to be dark/edgy and all serious/"mature" just so they could please the (especially older) anime fans and reassure them that this show is still worth their time; same thing with the "Toei might make a 2D anime version themselves" claim.

Post-Release Theories

     Confirmed Theories 

Hawk Moth has a Miraculous and a Kwami
The show's opening sequence shows four kwamis. There's Tikki and Plagg and an unknown pink and green kwami. If you freeze the opening at just the right moment you see the pink kwami heading towards something that looks exactly like Hawk Moth's "Butterfly Pin".
  • CONFIRMED! The pink kwami in the opening credits is indeed Hawk-Moth's Miraculous.

There will be a Master of Illusion akuma.
During his/her appearance, an accident will cause Ladybug and/or Cat Noir's identity to be revealed to the other, but by the end, they just assume it was the spell of the Villain of the Week.
  • Confirmed and Jossed. Volpina is a Master of Illusion villain, but this scenario is not present.

     Jossed Theories 

The Green "Lucky Charm" introduced in "The Gamer" is a Miraculous and contains a Kwami
Again, in the show's opening a green Kwami can be seen and it heads towards something that looks suspiciously close to the green "Lucky Charm".
  • Jossed: It's just a lucky bracelet. The green Miraculous and its owner have been revealed in Birth of Ladybug part 1
Hawk Moth is himself an Akuma.
With the ability to create other Akumas given by their Kwami, almost entirely controlled by them due to being emotionally empty.
  • Jossed.

In a bit of irony, Chloe will not be Akuma-ized.
With a character like her, wouldn't it have happened by now if it were true?
  • Alternately, her Akuma's effect will be to make Chloe gentle, kind, and considerate. Makes no sense, but it'd be funny.
    • Unfortunately, both jossed; Chloe becomes the Akuma Anti-Bug

The green Kwami seen in the opening represents a four-leaf clover.
Based on the two known Kwamis being themed around luck, it would make sense that the others may be as well. Combine that with the Kwami's green color, and the four-leaf clover comes to mind as a possibility.
  • Jossed: It represents a turtle

Villain of the Week formula will only last one season.
It will end with Hawk Moth's defeat in season's final.
  • Jossed.

     Hawk Moth 

The Butterfly villain is related to Ladybug.
Specifically, he's her grandfather.

  • She inherited her ladybug earrings from her grandmother, but her grandfather hasn't been mentioned yet.
    • His symbol is a Butterfly of Death and Rebirth. He's gone a little crazy after the death of his wife. He wants to steal Ladybug's earrings, and with their Good Luck powers and his own powers of Rebirth, he wants to resurrect his dead wife, and have both of them be 'reborn' together. (Bonus tragedy if he doesn't realize Ladybug is his own granddaughter.)
  • Origins has jossed the "inherited from grandmother" aspect of this theory.

Hawk Moth will use an Akuma on at least one of the protagonists.

Chat Blanc will be Chat Noir's akuma personality.
Expanding to the WMG above. This is a popular theory that's been circulating around fanon, already generated fanart. This troper didn't come up with it but added it for archive purposes.

It's also often coupled with the WMG below.

Hawk Moth is Adrien's father.
It seems apparent at this point (ep. 2), considering their very similar body shape (especially the same large eyes).
  • They also seem to have the same voice actor. Plus, his father's current design seems to show some similarites to Hawk Moth's earlier design in the 2d Ladybug PV. Being both men in white
  • You are not the only one who feels this way.
    • Sorry for the natter and not OT but do you have the original source and more fanart related to this?
      • Here. It's not the original source -seems that's been terminated- but you can reblog from this at least.
  • They also have very similar facial structures. Plus their personalities have definite similarities such as the fact that they both seem to like making others do their work.
  • Possibly Jossed: Gabriel is seen scolding Adrien for attempting to go to school while Stone Heart is still running around.
  • Then again the pendant that Hawk Moth has and seems to use to transform has a picture of a woman who seems to look remarkably like Adrien's Mother who has "mysteriously disappeared".
  • "Jackady", implies more strongly than ever that Gabriel is Hawk Moth:
    • Gabriel is paying so much attention to the Miraculous of both heroes. He even reaches for Ladybug's earrings at some point. When Chat Noir interrupts the exchange between him and Ladybug, he gets very irritated.
    • He looks mysteriously back at a large picture of his wife before the next Hawk Moth scene and he asks Adrien about his ring, stating that he didn't remember him wearing one.
    • When the Villain of the Week says that he is going to get Gabriel Agreste, Hawkmoth laments that "It's a risky plan, but inspired" implying that the villain's actions are endangering him somehow. When the villain manages to tear down Gabriel Agreste's door, Hawk Moth is angrier than usual and asks him what the hell he thinks he is doing.
    • And then when the Villain of the Week catches him, he hypnotizes him into believing that he is a butterfly, a "Papillon", which is Hawk-Moth's French name. Seriously, the writers aren't even being subtle at this point.
    • Probably the biggest is that there was no ending rant from Hawk Moth in the episode. Makes sense, since he was out of commission after Gabriel got captured and hypnotized. Either the animators want it to be obvious or it's a red herring playing off of the fans' theories to make a plot twist even more shocking.
  • Possible Meaningful Name: The agreste is the French name for the Grayling butterfly.
  • Counterpoint: Gabriel and Hawk Moth are often seen within minutes of each other ("The Bubbler," "Jackady," "Origins"), and the Agreste mansion is right by the Eiffel Tower (specifically, Adrien's bedroom window faces the base). When Hawk Moth releases an akuma, it always flies over a cityscape with the Eiffel Tower in the distance. Unless Hawk Moth's powers come with some sort of teleportation, it doesn't make sense logistically.

Hawk Moth/Papillion is not Gabriel Agreste but rather a former romantic rival who never lost his love for Adrien's mother.
  • And the rival hides his desire to get revenge on Gabriel for the disappearance of his love. He's perfectly fine with removing Gabriel from the picture (possibly even trading him for his wife) and keeping Adrien around but has no qualms about eliminating the boy if he gets in the way. Bonus shock value if this former rival is someone Adrien considers an Honorary Uncle.
    • If Gabriel is aware of his former rival's feelings towards him (but not his supervillain activities), the extra security is to make sure that Adrien is never alone with his "uncle" long enough for things to go south.

Hawk Moth will be an Arc Villain
According to the opening, there are at least five other kwamis besides Plagg and Tikki. If the pink-purple one is indeed Hawk Moth's, then his unmasking and defeat will set up for one of the other four kwamis' users take his place as Big Bad.
  • The other Kwamis potentially being used by Big Bads seems unlikely at present, due to Master Fu possessing all but one of the other unaccounted-for Miraculous. That having been said, there IS one unaccounted for besides the Butterfly Brooch.
    • As of "Volpina", the missing peacock miraculous belongs to Gabriel Agreste, and seems to have previously belonged to Adrien's mother. Since Hawk Moth has not yet been defeated or even unmasked, he is bound to stay for at least one more season.

Hawk Moth is Mr. Kubdel
We all expect it to be Mr. Agreste, but there's someone else who has access to research concerning the Miraculous.

Hawk Moth will undergo a Heel–Face Turn.
In the opening, a green kwami and a mauve-ish kwami appear alongside Tikki and Plagg, and it is widely believed that the butterfly-shaped brooch and it's mauve kwami is Hawk Moth's Miraculous. There is a rumor floating around that the green kwami is working with a yet-to-be-seen character named Master Fu, who is likely intended to be a kind of veteran hero/mentor to Ladybug and Chat Noir. Why would the heroes' kwamies and the villain's be seen together...unless they'll work together in the future?
  • Jossed in regards to Season 1. The reason Nooroo and Wayzz are in the opening appears to be simply because they're the only kwami besides Tikki and Plagg that were shown and named this season.

Hawk Moth's akuma supply is limited,
Hence why he restricts himself to one victim per day.
  • I would also think that due to his powers coming from a Miraculous, it's a one-time-per-day thing. Then again, there was Antibug, where he used two (albeit one had been used the previous day off-screen). Unless he fed his Kwami very quickly.

Hawk Moth is one of Chloe's relatives.
We don't know much about Hawk Moth, but from his outfit and the few details we can see of his lair, he seems to be a fairly affluent individual. The Bourgeois family has been shown as very well-off compared to most of the rest of the cast (besides perhaps the Agreste family), and it would be an interesting story element given how often Chloe seems to act as a catalyst for people becoming akumatized. (Note: given Chloe's idolization of Ladybug, it seems unlikely that she's purposefully catalyzing these transformations, even if this guess is proven correct.)

While it can't be Chloe's father (the events of Rogercop clearly show them in different locations during the same period of time), who's to say she doesn't have a creepy uncle? Or even an estranged older brother?

If Hawk Moth's akuma caught someone who was happy or in a good mindset, they would become a superhero.
This was hinted in Evillustrator, where Nathanael was caught in a moment where he was thinking about both his frustration of Chloe and his crush on Marinette, and both were intensified for his akuma self, the latter of which angered Hawk Moth.
  • Possibly confirmed. Nuru's exposition seems to suggest that Hawk Moth's use of his Miraculous is a corruption of its normal intent, which likely means it was meant to operate on positive emotions, not negative ones.

Hawk Moth does not/cannot discern his victims' identities.
Who his victims are serves no purpose in his search for negativity, and when someone is akumatized, he determines the source of the negativity and gives them a new name.
  • Jossed: He knows who Ivan is during the second origins episode.

Hawk Moth's powers can be employed in reverse.
Rather than bestow/add to negative emotions, the white butterflies can absorb and trap a person's stress, sorrow and/or anger. Basically, be a benevolent Emotion Eater.

Hawk Moth can intercept Ladybug and Chat Noir's calls.
Hawk Moth is misusing a Miraculous that is supposed to be on LB and CN's side, right? So he should be able to listen in when they phone each other with her yoyo and his staff.

Hawk Moth is targeting people close to Marinette and Adrien, either knowingly or unknowingly.
While we know that the protagonists save akuma victims not shown in detail on the show (The Magician), it's interesting that a staggering number of akuma can be traced back to people Marinette and Adrien know in real life. Their classmates (all of them!), schoolmates (Stormy Weather), classmates' families (Pharaoh, Rogercop, Mime, Kung Food), to people they just happen to be in the same area as (Animan, Guitar Villain, Simon Says). Especially egregious in that Marinette's uncle comes to Paris for, what, two or three days? and is akumatized the day of his arrival. It's possible that Hawk Moth (maybe via his kwami) can "sense" where Tikki and Plagg are, even if he cannot immediately discern their holders' identities, and sends out akuma to target people close to them to easily draw them out.

(Of course, the Doylist answers to this are "Plot, duh" and "It's easier to care about an akuma victim if they're someone our heroes/the audience already know.")

Hawk Moth's akuma will never work on Ladybug and Cat Noir.
Because Incorruptible Pure Pureness, that's why. While being brainwashed by an akuma victim is fair game (ask Cat Noir), gaining powers from Hawk Moth requires consent that one is giving in to The Corruption, and, well, we can't have the heroes of a kid's show doing that.

Gabriel Agreste is Hawk Moth and he is a huge comic book nerd.
He went to pursue a career in fashion because he secretly loves comic book villian costumes and wanted to create some of his own. Sadly he found himself only desgining for supermodels, which had nothing super about them. All of them were spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves. He finally found solace as Hawk Moth creating the names and costumes for the god-villians he always dreamt of.

Hawk Moth has a tragic backstory.
Miraculous holders become their innermost selves: Marinette is confident as Ladybug and Adrien is jovial as Chat Noir. Hawk Moth, whoever he is in mundane life, must have his fullest personality burst to the surface with his mask on as well. Along with the persona of a Card-Carrying Villain, Hawk Moth has a tendency to sound sympathetic to his victims misfortunes, especially in the French dub. Perhaps akumatizing is not only to further his mysterious goal, but to vicariously lash out through the Villain of the Week?
  • If Hawk Moth's secret identity is Gabriel Agreste, his backstory could take inspiration from the early life of his namesake, Coco Chanel, which included poverty and Parental Abandonment.

Hawk Moth's akumas are not true akumas.
Akumas are comparable to The Heartless, so I propose a dynamic similar to naturally occurring Pureblood Heartless vs. Magitek-made Emblem Heartless from Kingdom Hearts. A) It has yet to be clarified whether or not "akuma" is the name of a white butterfly or a corrupted one. Since the name is Japanese for devil, it's most likely the latter. B) Miraculous heroes have probably always battled akumas, so the creatures must have been around for much longer than when Hawk Moth started using the butterfly brooch for evil. C) The civilians' negativity serves as the tinder for the akumas, but Hawk Moth's own negativity is the spark. They are a mix of two darknesses, and therefore an artificial concoction.

Cat Noir/Adrien will be Hawk Moth's Morality Chain.
Only if, y'know, he really is Gabriel Agreste. It mostly depends on what path the writers want to take for the target audience. Do they want to be simplistic by keeping the Big Bad a human-shaped obstacle for the heroes to defeat, or be optimistic and make him redeemable?

Hawk Moth will choose between potential victims at once.
Realistically speaking, more than one person can experience negative emotions at the same time, even from the same event. When Hawk Moth has the opportunity to pick one person to akumatize over someone else, the choice will be based in personal issues and give the audience a hint to his secret identity.

Akumatized villains can dispel the dark power
There are several reasons for why this has yet to happen: Hawk Moth specifically targets those in a fragile state of mind and emotion, victims don't understand what is happening to them to properly resist, and they enjoy the power that comes with the transformation. But if it came to pass that Marinette or Adrien was corrupted by Hawk Moth, they manage Fighting from the Inside, then finally forcing the akuma out through Heroic Willpower, and it will be so awesome!

     Other Miraculous 

Theorizing on the owners of the other kwamis.
The opening implies that the titular Ladybug and Chat Noir are not the only miraculous individuals as along with Tikki and Plagg we see green and light purplish kwamis but no idea of who they could belong to. The Other Wiki has currently dubbed them as the green and butterfly kwamis and on closer inspection we see what is currently seen as a turtle shell and wings respectively.

But who possesses these two transformable companions? Is it someone of the cast we have already come to know and if that is the case are they going to Marinette and Adrien's level or newbies? Or perhaps a new member of the cast will arrive and be a holder of one?
  • As of Season 1 finale, besides Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Cat, the following information is available:
    The butterfly kwami is called Nooroo, and his miraculous is currently being used by Hawk Moth.
    The turtle kwami is called Wayzz, and his miraculous belongs to Master Fu; Fu doesn't transform anymore, but wears the bracelet and has Wayzz around.
    Of the other known miraculouses the fox and the bee ones are kept by Master Fu, and the peacock one is kept by Gabriel Agreste; the associated kwami lie dormant within and haven't been shown yet.

Hawk Moth’s Miraculous belonged to Mrs. Agreste
This theory combines with the one saying Adrien’s father is Hawk Moth. Adrien’s mother was a heroine and wielder of the butterfly Miraculous from her teenage years into parenthood. Gabriel was either her partner, or just an incredibly understanding husband. One day, she died while on a mission, or disappeared and left her Miraculous brooch and its kwami behind. Gabriel and the kwami, heartbroken, decided to team up and bring back the woman they both love, either to revive her or find her by collecting the other Miraculouses.
  • THIS!
  • The only part wrong with this is the fact that, as Origins shows, Nooroo does not want to be used for evil, but has no choice but to obey Hawk Moth. Otherwise, good theory.

All possible Miraculouses and their symbolism

By what the opening shows Ladybug and Chat Noir are not alone in their adventures as we see the green and Butterfly kwami flying along with Tikki and Plagg as they reach their Miraclouses along with a few other colors. In the center of the display is of course the spotted insect and black cat's rings of the ear and finger variety belonging to our masked crime-fighting duo. From classic myth we know between the two of them it's a parralel to good luck and bad luck. But where do the others fit in on possibility? Miraculouses in the opening we don't already know:
  • Purple/Butterfly Miraculous: This one is theorized to be owned by Hawk Moth due to how their motif is winged insects. The Other Wiki says if Hawk Moth owns this it's probably in the form of a bowtie but to me it looks like a pin. It is also mentioned that the butterfly is a symbol of of transformation, this makes sense because just like a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly Hawk Moth uses his akumas to transform people into villains.(It also seems like a bit of a stretch but I did look up what moths mean and some factors they are associated with include determination, concealment, attraction, shadows, and psychic awareness. So far we have seen the main villain of the show as an individual determined to steal the heroes Miraculouses by attracting someone to become a villain he controls to go through Paris while remaining in that dark room of a lair.)
    • Confirmed.
  • Green Miraculous: So far rumors are going around that this kwami resembles a turtle in some factors and might belong to a character yet to be revealed know as Master Fu. The destination this fourth and currently final kwami goes to is a bracelet which the animatic for the opening has looking like an Ouroboros, a serpentlike or dragon reptile swallowing its own tail. On the turtle perspective the symbolism can stand for patience, longevity, and protection. If the Ouroboros design in the draft has any importance then it's an eternal cycle, maybe like how every few years the Miraculouses get new owners.
    • Confirmed.
  • Blue Miraculous-Currently we have yet to see a kwami associated with this section of the Miraculous stand but in its place is what resembles some type of seashell or hand fan.
    • Looking at the opening in better details has it look similar to a peacock. Peacocks can be associated with glory, refinement, and incorruptibility, as well as vision (akin to the eye-shaped spots of a peacock's feathers).
  • Yellow Miraculous: Similar to the Blue Miraculous we have yet to see an associated kwami. I also can't exactly make out what it's supposed to be. If the animatic is used for a bit of possibility even though it's placed on the opposite side of the display it seems to be a yellow ring with what looks to be a bird head(?)
  • Orange Miraculous: The final piece of the display. Just like blue and yellow we don't know what the associated kwami is and not only that, perspective and angle makes it so we can't really get any idea on what the jewelry piece could be. Once again, if we go by the details the animatic show us then this Miraculous is also a ring but with a lion head on it. Given their status as King of the Animals lions are associated with authority, passion, and courage.
    • Given the better view given in the Birth of Ladybug Part 1, it seems to look more like a fox tail. There is rumored to be a character called Volpina, so it could be theirs.
      • The name "Volpina" does sound similar to the Latin term for foxes. If we are to hold onto this information then this individual if we are to see them is bound to have details of cleverness and adaptability.
      • Since "Volpina" has been revealed to be an akuma, and her "miraculous" was clearly shown to be a store-bought piece of jewelry, it's probably safe to assume the real thing is still in Master Fu's possession for now (he was shown to have it in Origins). Whether a real user of that miraculous would look similar to Volpina is not clear, but it does indeed resemble a fox tail, as shown in Gabriel's book.

Animatic-Exclusive Miraculouses

Where the opening only has seven Miraculouses in total the draft for this showed four more. Whether or not they end up canon or not this is what appearance looks like to me:
  • Brown Miraculous: Another ring, looks like a bear head. Bears can be associated with power, benevolence, and motherhood.
  • Black and White Miraculous: These are earrings and given their stripes all I can think is "zebra". Zebras are associated with being social and the ability to blend into their surroundings.
  • Gray Miraculous: Another ring,looks like a bull head. Bulls are said to be strong and helpful.
  • Red Miraculous: Another set of earrings but can't get an ideal species out of it.

The missing blue Miraculous belonged to Adrien's mother.

She used to be a superheroine, but something went down related to it and she went missing. Gabriel is well aware of this, which is why he takes great measures to keep Adrien sheltered and has a notably surprised reaction when he recognizes his son's ring.
  • WMG version 1: Assuming Gabriel is Hawk Moth, perhaps he used to be her partner (using Nooroo and the butterfly Miraculous), and is trying to get his hands on LB and CN's Miraculous in order to find/avenge her.
  • WMG version 2: Assuming Gabriel isn't Hawk Moth, he's just a well-meaning but kind of terrible dad who has no idea how to reach out to his son and explain his mother's disappearance to him.
    • Possibly confirmed. As of Volpina, the blue peacock miraculous has been shown stored in a secret safe in the Agreste mansion, located behind the portrait of Adrien's mother. Near the miraculous is a photo of her. This could imply that it belonged to her before she disappeared. Which version is more accurate is not yet clear, but Adrien has seen the miraculous (and possibly identified it using the book he took out of the safe), with Gabriel remaining unaware of this for now.
    • Related to the above, Gabriel is Hawkmoth, but wasn't involved with the miraculous prior to Adrien's mother's disappearance. She was the "wrong choice" that Master Fu made, and after she died/abandoned her duties as a miraculous holder this drove Gabriel to learn about the miraculous and seek out the butterfly one. (Why the peacock one didn't work for him is unclear, but possibly it he left it alone out of respect for her.) If he was previously a miraculous holder, the exposition that Nooroo gave to him at the beginning of Ladybug and Cat Noir (Origins – Part 1) seems ludicrous, even invoking As You Know.

The future Fox Miraculous hero is Nino’s relative.
Post their Relationship Upgrade, Alya invites Nino to hang out, but he declines. He’s going to be busy showing his cousin, who has a fairly masculine name and is conveniently flying in from Italy, around Paris. The next day, Alya spots Nino with gorgeous and touchy-feely girl. After shadowing them for a while, Alya, being who she is, jumps the gun and assumes the worst. Fortunately, before things get too out of hand, it’s confirmed the hot Italian girl really is just his favourite cousin, and surprise, she will be transferring into their school. Besides Nino’s name being traceable to Italian, there’s nothing to support this theory, but that’s why it’s called Wild Mass Guessing.

Lila will redeem herself
...and eventually become the superheroine Volpina. Perhaps she'll have realized the error of her ways and eventually befriend our main characters. I have no justifications beside the fact that they put way too much into this character for her to just be a oneshot villain.

Tikki and Plagg have a Fusion Dance.
According to the Origins two-parter, the power of the ladybug and the black cat can be combined into Godlike might. Perhaps "combine" can be taken literally? Most likely, a fusion of the two kwamis will be the ultimate symbol of a creation-destruction cycle: The Phoenix, or the Chinese equivalent, the Fenghuang.

The pin in Mr. Agreste's safe is not a miraculous.
Clearly Gabriel is hiding something huge, but if the jewel really is the peacock miraculous, a kwami would most likely realize it, even lazy, gluttonous Plagg. Also, if Gabriel really is Hawkmoth, why didn't the peacock miraculous work for him too?

The Peacock Miraculous technically has both peacock and peahen forms depending the gender of the wearer.
Because if you did not already know the fancy-tailed peacocks are all boys while there are also plainer colored female versions. Or perhaps there is just a peacock form and if the wearer is a girl then they are probably thought to be a boy to the public which could aid in the identity staying a bit more secret.

Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth, and Mrs. Agreste was the owner of the Peacock Miraculous.
They knew the last generation of Ladybug and Cat and fought with them. Everyone but the turtle and butterfly Miraculous users died in some calamity. Gabriel demanded the god-like power of Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculous to bring Mrs. Agreste back to life, but this was taboo, so Master Fu hid the remaining Miraculous away from Gabriel.

This is how Hawkmoth knew about Adrien and Marinette's Miraculous, and their combined power, from the beginning. How would he know about their god-like power if he'd never seen either of them before?

This is also why Mrs. Agreste 'disappeared'. She really died, but her cause of death being the same as Peacock's would arouse suspicion, so he had to pretend she disappeared. Its also possible she died as Peacock in a way that destroyed her body.

Finally, he created an Akuma that seems suspiciously similar to the theme of a known Miraculous. A fox-themed hero with a necklace. This indicates that he's likely taken inspiration from a possible former ally.

Kwamis can briefly adopted a human disguise.
Because classic anime hijinks.

More Miraculous holders will appear in Season 2.
Thoughtsnote  on who could get what and why:
  • Chloe has been noted to have a bee motif, so it would bee appropriate if she were to get the hair comb - assuming she undergoes serious Character Development, that is. As she is now, she'd bee an absolute disaster.
    • This meta makes a good case for fox-wielder Alya and well as turtle-wielder Nino. Basically, the Miraculous trigger Character Development in people that need it — klutzy insecure Marinette is given the spirit of creation, allowing her to step up and showcase her responsible leader side, while composed rich kid Adrien is given the spirit of destruction, allowing him to let loose and run a little wild. Nino's youthful energy and anti-authoritarian thread make him a good match for the wisdom and protection of the turtle miraculous, while Alya's drive for truth and justice at all costs could be balanced by a miraculous bearing the powers of secrets and illusions. Having said that, Chloe could fit the bee miraculous, as they're all about diligence and teamwork, something Chloe seriously needs to learn.
  • Nino has been speculated to bee in line for the turtle Miraculous, presumably due to his protective qualities.note  And because, well, he's a major character. The problem with this is, what would happen to Master Fu after he gave the bracelet up? Would he die right then?
  • A lot of people like to give Nathanaël the fox or peacock Miraculous, partially because he's a fan favorite and partially because he's already shown a desire to be a superhero - he even designed a persona! Granted, it was in the context of daydreaming about Marinette, but still. He was also probably the least evil akuma (until he felt betrayed), promising not to go after the girl responsible for his transformation simply because Marinette asked him not to.
    • The problem with anyone getting the peacock Miraculous is, of course, how? It's locked up in Gabriel's safe, so unless Master Fu is secretly a cat burglar, it's doubtful that anyone's going to get it any time soon.
  • Lila could also undergo Character Development and earn the fox Miraculous. She got quite a bit of characterization for a one-shot villain, and it would make Volpina quite ironic.

Kwamis CAN rebel against their masters.
If the Miraculouses are not meant to be used for evil, maybe the jewels have something of a failsafe? Of course for it to work, the kwami would have to possess the will to reject the holder, which adds a layer of substance to Nooroo's enslavement. Then again, it all leads back to the mystery of just what exactly the kwamis are and the extant of their personal power.

Power-Up Food guesses for Outer Kwamis.
  • Nooroo
    • peaches
    • grape juice
    • flower petals
  • Wayzz
    • pickles
    • seaweed
  • Peacock Kwami
    • nuts esp. pistachios
  • Bee Kwami
    • eggs esp. hardboiled
  • Fox Kwami

Adrien has interacted with kwamis before.
Even if Adrien was bored and stifled with his lifestyle pre-Chat Noir, his reaction to the sudden manifestation of a bug-eyed sprite was unbelievably casual. If it is true that Adrien's parents are or were heroes themselves as widely theorized, then it is conceivable that he grew up privy to their secret identities and kwamies. Unfortunately, when Mrs. Agreste disappeared via an incident related to the Miraculouses, Gabriel decided it was too dangerous for Adrien to know about his lineage any longer. He had all his son's memories of magic suppressed, either by his own powers or with another's help (maybe even Master Fu.) Despite the Laser-Guided Amnesia, Adrien still knew what Plagg was on a subconscious level, explaining the lack of fright during their first encounter, and a natural affinity with Cat Noir's powers.

The Outer Miraculouses correspond to the five Chinese elements.
Since the Ladybug earrings and the Black Cat ring are obviously Yin and Yang...
  • The Fox pendant is dynamic Fire
  • The Bee comb is empathic Earth
  • The Turtle bracelet is strong Metal
  • The Peacock pin is wise Water
  • The Butterfly brooch is generous Wood

     Adrien and Marinette's Identities 

The more Adrian and Marinette get to know each other, the more risk they have of being discovered.
  • Eventually, Adrian or Marinette will end up getting caught in a lie and their identity will be revealed. And of course the only way that could happen is if one of them knows the other personally, so it won't take much work to figure out that identity.

The cycle of unrequited love is a result of Chat Noir's and Ladybug's bad/good luck powers.
Chat Noir is infatuated with Ladybug, but his bad luck makes it so that he can't recognize her without her costume, making her more inaccessible.

Marinette is infatuated with this blonde guy at school - but his bad luck makes it so that he doesn't recognize her out of costume and just considers her annoying.note  Her luck powers, however, compensate by making him infatuated with her in-costume - even if she's too besotted with the blonde guy at school to take notice.

Basically, it's a cycle...sort of.

Adrien and Marinette will learn of each other's identities and get together.
Seriously, they might as well have a big sign over them saying "FOREGONE CONCLUSION".

Not everything about their identities will be revealed to Marinette and Adrien in one go.
Specifically, Marinette will figure out that Adrien is Cat Noir and/or Adrien will figure out Marinette is Ladybug, but they won't tell the other that they know. This dynamic will of course keep things fresh for a new season.

Cat Noir figured out Ladybug's identity in "Evillustrator"
  • In the episode proper, he gets annoyed when Ladybug leaves him on protection duty since the person he's protecting is Chloe, and assigns him then to follow "Marinette" while she goes on a date with the titular villain. During said date Marinette gets Cat Noir and her out of a box with a Ladybug-like idea and shows no fear, which Adrien comments on the next day before class. He also asks Marinette what she thinks of Cat Noir and is surprised when she tells him that he is more awesome than Cat several times. Adrien also pats her shoulder, which is a step up from her Gibberish of Love in his presence. Bad luck or not, Adrien may have simply put the pieces together with Something Only They Would Say, Ladybug's appearance, and Marinette showing off that she is a Badassnormal.
  • Adrien has also revealed that while he wants to know Ladybug's identity, he wants to respect her wishes for the Mutual Masquerade and thus doesn't know how to bring up the subject. The only solution for him is to get to know Marinette outside of Ladybug form, and convince her to loosen up.
  • In subsequent episodes, Adrien goes out of his way to spend time with Marinette; in "Kung Food" he volunteers as a translator for her uncle, tells off Chloe for being a Politically Incorrect Villain, and in "The Gamer" suggests that they practice for the competition at her house. In the latter episode he drops his Stepford Smiler demeanor around her and admits that he doesn't think he's as cool as she is and pulls her out of the Gamer's line of fire the way Cat did in "Stormy Weather" and in Cat guise assures her that Adrien is safe.

The Gorilla knows Adrien is Chat Noir.
Still waters run deep, and you don't get anymore still than his type.

Jagged Stone suspects that Marinette is Ladybug
. At least in the French version, he's supposed to be American, and American comic books codified certain superhero tropes that are in full play on this show. When Chloe and Sabrina were LARPing Ladybug and Chat Noir in "Antibug", he's the only one to point out that "Ladybug"'s hair is the wrong length and color (when Adrien seems to initially buy it in "Lady Wifi"). Not to mention that he's worked extensively with both Ladybug and Marinette in "Guitar Villain" and "Pixelator"; in the latter she even brings him to her school as Ladybug.


There were several instances where Parisian security cameras recorded Marinette and Adrien transforming/de-transforming.
But considering their young age and the importance of keeping their identity secret, the government decided to put Ladybug and Chat Noir's identity under "Secret Défense"/Official Secrecy, which means anyone who tries to reveal their identity could face a severe prison sentence.
  • We've seen them transform several times in the Metro, and it's pretty much impossible to have a spot in the Parisian Metro that isn't camera'd. (Over 9500 cameras.)

If a Season 2 is made, there will be an episode about the November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks.
Given the nature of this show however, it's extremely unlikely, plus, even then, it would still be Too Soon.
  • I was more thinking that they'd put a situation in the show that, although it's not like the Paris attacks, would seem like a serious situation for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Most likely, I think there should be an episode about loss or (the most likely situation), there can be an episode with a new, strong villain who is a serious threat to Paris. Eventually, he defeats Ladybug and Chat Noir, causing them to loose their powers, which reveals Adrien and Marinette's superhero identities to each other, and Marinette and Adrien have to work together to get their powers back.
  • The Darkblade episode had a few noteworthy coincidences with the tragedy. A group dressed in black, motivated by rage at a French politician and by a belief in how things should be ruled, storm an event featuring an American rock musician. This episode first aired in South Korea a half week after the attacks. The parallels were so noticeable so soon after, that it could only be a big coincidence or an intentional episode selection meant as a tribute.

Someone will learn Ladybug's secret in second season.
That "I have a secret that no one know yet" line sounds too suspicious.

There will be a Gaia's Avenger akuma villain.
It's a very common motivation for destruction.

There will be an episode or two involving the multiverse.
And among the universes will include an alternate Adrien named Felix, and an Akuma!Marinette.

Gabriel Agreste's crazy overprotectiveness will be explored.
Picture this for an episode plot: Adrien is going to model in a fashion show for his father's newest line when an akuma strikes on the other side of Paris. After brief consideration, he decides to skip the show. There will be many more just like it, right? After LB and CN win the day, Adrien returns, fully expecting no-one to have cared about his absence. However, he sees that Gabriel is freaking out and has called a small squadron of police officers to go on a manhunt for Adrien. At the sight of his son, Gabriel runs to his side and tells Adrien how worried he was, even though he was only gone for just over an hour. Adrien isn't sure how to feel, seeing Gabriel in this new light.

Chloé will have a Jerkass Realization.
Specifically, it will dawn on the Alpha Bitch just how much Being Evil Sucks. It will happen something like this: Chloé announces that she will be throwing a party, most likely for her birthday, and starts tempting her classmates to jump through hoops for an invitation. Naturally, she ignores everyone's complaints about being baited like dogs, until Adrien, who's already having a bad day, is finally pushed to the brink and essentially tells his semi-friend to get over herself. At the party, Chloé is shocked to find that, aside from Sabrina and her father's employees, NO-ONE shows up. At first, she decides that she didn't want the riffraff at her party anyway, but she eventually gets sick of hearing nothing but "Whatever you want, Chloé." and starts thinking that maybe it's better to be around real people rather than sycophants. All this will be the first step on her road to Character Development.
  • Or she might get confronted by someone who's an even bigger Alpha Bitch than she is, only in a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing way. This girl shows up at school and at first, Chloe thinks the world of her, even if she's got the odd habit of treating her "inferiors" well...until the new girl goes on a date with Adrien, that eventually spins into several dates. Furious that someone would steal her Adrien, Chloe does some digging and discovers that the new girl is blackmailing Adrien, stumbling upon them having an argument that makes what she's doing clear without giving away what her dirt is (as it would probably be him being Chat Noir). Chloe tries to get help but no one believes her since Chloe has been her normal self and the new girl has been treating everyone sweetly. Desperate, Chloe ends up going to Marinette who only believes her for Adrien's sake and makes that clear. Chloe ends up gaining respect for Marinette and even has the beginning of a Heel Realization about her constant fawning over Adrien since it's becoming quite clear that he's not interested in her romantically.

In the fine tradition of Uptown Girl, Gabriel grew up poor and his wife came from Old Money. Feeling self-conscious about his humble origins in comparison, Gabriel strived to become the wealthy, sophisticated man he considered worthy of his then-girlfriend. Clearly, he succeeded and became the Self-Made Man he is today. Sadly, now that his love is not around to remind him how she couldn’t give a flapdoodle how powerful, important or rich her husband is, Gabriel’s psychological need to be the "best" version of himself is getting worse.

Many events from season 1 will get more attention in next season
Alya dating Nino, Marinette becoming class president, Adrien's lucky bracelet he got from Marinette...all these were used only once on purpose, since season 1 tried to have as little continuity as possible, since all countries aired episodes in different order.

Lila will become a recurring villain
Lila's notably the only akuma victim who doesn't show a single drop of remorse for her actions, so maybe she'll join up with Hawk Moth in taking down Ladybug. A henchman who actually works in the field (instead of purely Orcus on His Throne like Hawk Moth) could spice things up next season (plus she could get a redemption arc ala Zuko).

Season 2 will have a more linear narrative
Season 1 was great at worldbuilding and establishing the character dynamics, but its back five episodes drew on way too many plot threads that would have to be resolved in a linear fashion next season.

Nathalie and Mrs. Agreste were friends.
The disappearance of Adrien's mother greatly effected her husband and son's lives for the worse. Why not assistant Nathalie as well, depending on how long she has been in the Agrestes' employment. It would give new meaning to her name, Sancoeur, meaning "heartless." Is an aloof disposition her natural state, or has she just lost the person who was her heart?

Chloé dyes her hair.
So she can undergo a Expository Hairstyle Change during or after a Heel–Face Turn.

Sabrina will get some real friends.
While there was an attempt to get her away from Chloé in "Evillustrator," all Sabrina did was try to make Marinette her new leader. So an alternate route will eventually be explored: Sabrina enters a group without Chloe for an assignment, (probably Rose and Juleka, to invoke Blonde, Brunette, Redhead,) and she will be rendered unable to choose a temporary Chloé. Sabrina discovers new interests and the joy of friendship on equal footing. Even if she returns to Chloé's side in the end — because without her, the Alpha Bitch will have no-one at all — Status Quo Is God will still be averted, because she goes back with a mind of her own, and, hopefully, a nicer outfit.

One of Hawk Moth's villains will turn against him.
While most of Hawk Moth's victims never or don't come close to getting the Miraculouses, one of the new ones may just succeed and try to take them for him/herself. This could lead to Hawk Moth going into the open, or a backfire on whatever villain that may be.

Rose is a Grade Skipper.
I don't know how the French collège curriculum works, but Rose's design and innocence make her seem younger than her classmates.

Félix Agreste will make an appearance...sort of.
In an expository flashback, we will see a teen Gabriel Agreste, who will be a dead ringer for Félix. As a possible bonus, if the theory that Gabriel was holder of the peacock miraculous is true, his costume will take cues from the original Chat Noir.

Lila's last name is either Cagliostro or Balsamo.
As a homage to the infamous Count Alessandro di Cagliostro, born Guiseppe Balsamo, a Sicilian Phony Psychic and Snake Oil Salesman who traveled across Europe, struck it big in Paris, then he was arrested and exiled.

Lila is the daughter of a supervillain.
What's more perfect to surprise a Consummate Liar than finding out she said an Accidental Truth? Only her true lineage is much nastier than her fake one. Seeing superheroes have returned to the world, either Lila's mother or father, likely another Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, will decide to come out of retirement, dust off their Wrong Context Magic, and go head to head with Ladybug and Chat Noir. Even if Lila has some fun being Daddy's Little Villain when first learning her parent's secret identity, she soon realizes that they wants to hurt people For the Evulz, something she is NOT okay with. Lila breaks her ties with her villainous ancestry, pulls a Heel–Face Turn, and teams up with the heroes to stop her parent. Potentially, this can be the redemption that proves Lila worthy of the real fox Miraculous.

The basis for Chloé's crush on Adrien.
We have no idea why or for how long Chloé's mother has been out of the picture, but say that it's been much longer than the four or five years since Adrien's mother disappeared, around kindergarten or grade school. As a little girl who had everything in life besides a mother figure, Chloé quickly latched onto the sweet, beautiful mother of her friend Adrien. So much so that she declared her intentions to grow up and marry Adrien so his mother would become hers. Being the Spoiled Brat she is, Chloé immaturely holds onto her childhood dream even though the true object of her desire has vanished.