WMG: Miraculous Ladybug

The Butterfly Villain is going to be named "The Monarch''.
And we're totally going to make The Venture Bros. jokes.
  • That or "Papillon", and then we're going to make Busou Renkin jokes.

The cycle of unrequited love is a result of Chat Noir's and Ladybug's bad/good luck powers.
Chat Noir is infatuated with Ladybug, but his bad luck makes it so that he can't recognise her without her costume, making her more inaccessible.

Marinette is infatuated with this blonde guy at school - but his bad luck makes it so that he doesn't recognise her out of costume and just considers her annoying. Her luck powers, however, compensate by making him infatuated with her in-costume - even if she's too besotted with the blonde guy at school to take notice.

Basically, it's a cycle...sort of.

Chat Noir's name is Felix.
Because a) it's a common cat name and b) it's ironic, considering the meaning of the word.
  • Confirmed. The French language version of the show page gives his name as Felix.
    • Aaand Jossed. Later information reveals his name to be Adrien.

The mime villain will defeat Ladybug badly at some point.
Considering his seemingly-broken shadow powers, he may cause our heroine to need very urgent rescuing.

The Butterfly villain is related to Ladybug.
Specifically, he's her grandfather.

She inherited her ladybug earrings from her grandmother, but her grandfather hasn't been mentioned yet...
  • His symbol is a Butterfly of Death and Rebirth. He's gone a little crazy after the death of his wife. He wants to steal Ladybug's earrings, and with their Good Luck powers and his own powers of Rebirth, he wants to resurrect his dead wife, and have both of them be 'reborn' together. (Bonus tragedy if he doesn't realize Ladybug is his own granddaughter.)