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Videogame: Factorio
"This is a game that lets you automate Minecraft. [...] It just feels like someone looked at Minecraft and thought, 'Oh, this is wrong, let's do this properly!"

Factorio is a crowdfunded top-down 2-dimensional Construction And Management Games, with RTS elements planned for later updates.

As an advance scout, you land on an alien world, ahead of humanity's colonization fleet, only to find that the planet is populated by highly aggressive and enormous insectoid species that become agitated by noise and air pollution. Utilizing local materials and your own knowledge, you begin to build vast factories and transport networks to produce the artillery systems necessary to protect the colony ships as they land.

Currently singleplayer only, though multiplayer is in testing.A demo is available on the Factorio Website, with the full game available for €12.5

Factorio Provides Examples Of:

  • Anti-Frustration Features: A lot of things that you would think would require electric power—conveyor belts, splitters, large water pumps—don't need to be powered in-game because doing so would just add a layer of annoyance and not add anything to the gameplay.
  • Art Evolution: The initial release of the game had a very cartoony artstyle, such as the original model for the car being a Cadillac Eldorado with clown-car proportions. As development went on, the art style was refined into the Diesel Punk-esque aesthetic.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Nothing but. Even the "small" bugs are the size of a man. Big bugs are the size of a dump truck and can shrug of high-explosive rockets.
  • Car Fu: The car and train will plow down anything in their way, though the car is damaged in the process. The train, on the other hand, will gleefully plow through an entire swarm of bugs - or you - without breaking a sweat.
  • Cool Car: The handbuilt car is fast, agile, and can run on anything that burns.
  • Cool Train: The diesel engine is fairly dull in terms of appearance and functionality, but it will become the backbone for any large factory once local mineral deposits are depleted. It's also great for plowing down bugs.
  • Creepy Cockroach: The aforementioned Big Creepy-Crawlies often resemble swarms of giant cockroaches.
  • Diesel Punk / Steam Punk: The most common power source are enormous inline 4-cylinder steam engines. Factories are dirty and puff out steam and smoke, and almost everything runs on coal or oil.
  • Easy Logistics: Buildings have no maintenance, though it's averted in almost all other respects. Gun turrets require an ammunition assembly line and a delivery system to actually bring ammo to turrets, and mineral deposits eventually run out, requiring you to shift your extractors around or find whole new mineral fields.
  • Gaia's Vengeance / Green Aesop: Bugs are attracted by noise and air pollution, produced by almost all machinery, but particularly those that burn materials to generate power. Trees absorb pollution, meaning that building your own hidden factory will prevent bug attacks but create a very inefficient factory, whereas operating under a clear-cut philosophy, cutting down all nearby trees will make a very efficient factory that draws the attention of nearby bug nests. Maintaining a careful balance of pollution, production, and protection is necessary to prevent your early factories from being overrun by bugs.
  • Inconveniently Placed Conveyor Belt: Heavily averted. Conveyor belts are one the most useful things in the game, for moving both resources and the player quickly across the map.
  • Magic Tool: The repair unit. The size of a large screwdriver, it can repair any machinery with surprising speed. However, it uses non-replacable batteries, so it's recommended to carry at least a dozen. Construction robots can use repair units to automatically repair damaged machinery within range of a roboport.
  • More Dakka: The base gun turret is essentially a giant machine gun. Tech upgrades exist to give it more dakka.
  • Non-Indicative Name : The "diesel" locomotive can be powered by everything from freshly cut logs to coal to solid rocket fuel.
  • No OSHA Compliance: Averted. Factory machinery can't harm the player...except for the train, which will kill the player if it hits you at full speed.
  • Powered Armor: A late-game research allows you to craft Power Armor (and later, MK2 armor) which can accept mods such as an exoskeleton for a higher run speed or a built-in shield generator.
  • Refining Resources: A MAJOR part of gameplay. You take base materials—crude oil, iron and copper ore, coal—and use various machines to craft any number of materials, ranging from gun ammo to computer chips.
  • Retreaux: The graphics are very early 2000s strategy game, in the style of Command and Conquer or Age of Empires.
  • Ridiculously Fast Construction: Assemblers can create gadgets in an amazingly short amount of time, such as creating a gear cog from plate iron in under a second. The player can hand-assemble a car with pre-made parts in about ten seconds.
  • Schizo Tech: Steam engines powered by coal are the primary source of electricity used to power automated assembly plants that build power armour and laser defence turrets.
  • Shotguns Are Just Better: The shotgun has a very bad range but deals the most damage of all the weapons that the player can wield.
  • Tech Tree: Although the techs are presented as a table, the techs are very much tree-like.
  • The Turret Master: The player. Because most of your weapons are ineffectual against massed bug swarms, turrets are key to defending your factories. Gun turrets are cheap and don't require electricity, but require an extensive logistics network to maintain their ammo. Laser turrets are expensive to craft and require huge amounts of electricity, but don't need any conveyor systems for ammo.
  • Units Not to Scale: Possibly. The top-down style makes it hard to tell how big things are. For example, defence walls look like they're about half the height of the player which doesn't make sense if you think about it.
  • Video Game Cruelty Potential: Factorio almost encourages you to play like a Captain Planet villain: clear cut forests, use up natural resources, pollute the environment for a vaguely-explained reason...all in the name of making your factory bigger and better.
  • Videogame Flamethrowers Suck: The flamethrower is excellent against buildings, but fairly weak against bugs. Its relatively short range and low ammo capacity limits its combat effectiveness, though many players have found it useful for clearing forests.
  • Wide Open Sandbox: Although there is a goal—build rocket defence turrets and hold off enemies for 10 minutes—you are not bound by any one set path to achieve that goal.
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