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The Sociopath: Western Animation

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Ozai is a complete sociopath. While Azula has tendencies, she is revealed to have a deeply buried conscience, and is nearly completely dependent on her father's approval, making her more of a narcissist. Ozai, by contrast, doesn't seem to feel anything for anybody but himself. Not his son Zuko, his daughter Azula, his brother Iroh... he doesn't even bat an eyelid when admitting he framed and banished his own wife! The saddest part is that neither of them used to be this way, but the conditions in which they group up and the parental influence on them shaped them into being such uncaring, self-centered monsters. Word of God has it that, since she's still just a teenager, Azula might get better with time. Ozai... not so much.
  • From Legend Of Korra, we have two examples:
    • First off we have Amon, the Big Bad of Season 1. He doesn't seem to care what other people think of him with his plan to cure benders of their bending despite being a Waterbender, and quite a talented one at that. He leads an absolute ruthless takeover of Republic City, killing several innocent people along the way, and thinks nothing of removing the bending from children, all so everyone could be 'equal' like the Equalists believe he wants. Given that during his training he thought nothing of bloodbending others and forced a pack of wolves to bow to him, a case can be honestly made he was removing bending from everyone else so there'd be no one able to stand up to him.]]
    • Second, we have Unalaq. He has a superficial charm which he uses to put a rift between Korra and her father, as well as Korra and Tenzin so he can become Korra's spirituality teacher. He fakes caring about his brother Tonraq (Korra's father), Korra herself, and Eska and Desna while things are going his way and honestly seems surprised when his fleet takes over the Southern Water Tribe the people have an objection to it. And when all of his pretense is stripped away, he becomes a cruel, absolutely heartless man who cares for absolutely no one. Not even his wife in the North, nor his son and daughter. All he cares about is his power and increasing it, to the point of releasing the equivalent of Satan himself, Vaatu and then merging with it to become the equivalent of the Anti Christ. To this end, if he has to kill a 11 year old girl or even his own niece, he doesn't care.
    • Desna and Eska, by contrast, show that they are capable of empathy, but their elitism makes the instances of them caring about other people few and far between.
  • Eric Cartman in South Park is a perfect example of a sociopath with particularly poor impulse control. First of all, he displays zero empathy for any living person, nor has he ever shown any feelings of guilt for anything. His list of crimes is vast, but he has committed them frequently just to alleviate boredom, or for an immature personal gain. When he thought he was dead and a ghost, he endeavored to atone for his sins, but only did so to stop being a ghost - he didn't consider he might otherwise go to Hell. He showed no sympathy for the suffering Butters went through for helping him, and once he realized he hadn't been a ghost, he considered all these acts of atonement a waste of time.
    • Saddam Hussein is a worse sociopath than Cartman, even though it provides Comedic Sociopathy. Megalomaniac, only cares about himself, extreme lack of empathy, makes atrocities For the Evulz, and even shows extremely perverted and sadistic tendencies.
    • Sheila Broflovski has sociopathic traits in The Movie, too.
  • Kevin 11 from Ben 10, and when the Time Skip sequel shows had him become good, first Kevin's Evil Counterpart Darkstar and then the evil alien Aggregor came around to fill the void.
    • Ultimately, it's revealed that for Osmosians like Kevin and Aggregor, using their powers to absorb energy (which Kevin did as a kid, and Aggregor still does) induces a sociopathy-like state. Kevin stopped absorbing energy before Alien Force began, which was what allowed him to regain his sanity.
    • Omniverse gives us Malware. A mutated Galvanic Mechamorph appropriately described by Ben as a total psychopath. Before his upgrade, Malware started out feeding on other Mechamorphs to sustain himself. Arrogant and devoid of any moral compass, he even had the gall to claim that they deserve to be destroyed. When he finally got his upgrade, he became even worse. One episode had him attempting to murder a busload of innocent children to make a quick escape from Ben. Then the Showdown 2-parter revealed that in the past he Destroyed Feedback, one of Ben's alien forms, soley to hurt the boy out of spite. Then he proceeds to top that by destroying his own homeworld.
  • El Malefico from íMucha Lucha!: The Return Of El Malefico El Malefico is an evil sociopath who will do nothing but take over the world and he will also kill everyone who gets in his way.
  • Lamilton Taeshawn from The Boondocks. He abuses his Extreme Doormat of a grandmother, taking her belongings such as her car for his own uses. He also commits various crimes against the public and shows no real remorse for any of the actions he causes. He admits his complete lack of empathy and his reason for his sociopathic behavior, saying that "it's fun doing bad things."
  • Lotso from Toy Story 3 used to be a good toy until a tragic incident caused him to "snap," and now he no longer believes in the concept of love or the bond between a child and a toy; Word of God even describes him as now permanently believing the love his own owner had for him was nothing but an illusion, which he even yells out at one point ("She never loved me!")
  • Big Bad Slade from Teen Titans. He admits as much in "The End: Part 2".
  • Word of God describes the villain Jackal from Gargoyles as a sociopath (his partner Hyena, by contrast, is a psychopath.)
    • Xanatos tries to be one of these, but he's eventually forced to confront the fact that he genuinely loves his wife and son, and after his Break the Haughty moment in The Gathering he gave the gargoyles their home back.
  • Adventure Time:
    • Ricardio is an almost perfect example of a sociopath in the show, combined with being an Ax-Crazy. He's incredibly smart, he can not empathize with others, almost tried to cut off Bubblegum's heart and almost killed the Ice King with a sadistic joy, and even tried to mutilate to Lady when she was pregnant. All this with no remorse.
    • The Lich is another evil sociopath in the show. His plan is, literally, exterminate all existence.
    • Goliad of Adventure Time has no empathy for others. She honestly believes that she has the right to do whatever she wants just because no one is powerful enough to stop her.
    • Freudian Excuse aside, Magic Man really is a true sociopath. He is impulsive, psychotic, sadistic, and his ways to play tricks in every living thing closely resembles The Joker.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar has King Julien XIII. He lies with a smile, he manipulates people, he treats people as objects, he often loses his temper, he lays claim to a job he's clearly not qualified for, and he never admits that he has a problem with any of those things. All this is covered by wit and charm and hilarious antics.
    • However, he also saves Skipper's life on a few occasions, has proved more then once that his "subjects" are the most important things to him, and has mustered up some empathy on several occasions. He is a case in point that not all sociopaths are monsters, and some may suffer themselves for their disorder.
  • Most of the bad guys in X-Men: Evolution have shades of this. The Brotherhood is primarily filled with narcissistic and amoral mutants who, despite often been said to be more 'sympathetic' than normal, they're anything but when you take a good look at it. Pietro was self caring and allowed a train of bystanders be derailed and let it crash into one filled with fuel. Blob kidnapped Jean and showed incredibly creepy, rapist vibes, as well as other violent behavior. Toad was amoral, selfish, vulgar, and cruel, with his attraction to Wanda being his only redeeming quality. Avalanche was aggressive and violent, and while he looked rather sympathetic in the second season, a number of things made it look like he was faking the nice guy persona he had during that season. Of the Acolytes, Pyro and Sabretooth are the closest we get to text book Sociopaths in a show for kids; the two attempted murder, enjoyed their work, and are the definition of why mutants may be a risk. Averted with Colossus and Gambit; the former a good guy forced to work for bad people, the latter a Card Carrying Villain.
    • Granted, the Brotherhood are eally more bullies and delinquents than sociopaths, given how it's implied none of them were brought up properly and that they feel like the world owes them (plus, they're teenagers). Several episodes indicate that they have the capacity to potentially reform in the future. Not as sympathetic as the Fan Dumb makes them out to be, but not utterly repulsive either.
  • Jeff, Quagmire's sister's abusive boyfriend from one episode of Family Guy. As if beating his girlfriend over the smallest things wasn't monstrous enough. The gang has had enough of him and decide to take him to the woods to kill him, but he turns the tables on them, knocks out Peter and Joe, and beats Quagmire within an inch of his life, seemingly choking him to death. Then it turns out Quagmire survived (since he chokes himself for sexual pleasure), and rams Jeff into a tree, killing him.
    • We will not say that Peter Griffin is a saint. With abuse cruel, sadistic and insensitive with her daughter Meg and Stewie have thrown unconscious, he could went from a comedic jerkass to a sociopath..
    • Stewie was one, at least in the early seasons.
    • Carter as well, especially in the later seasons.
  • Dark Danny from Danny Phantom definitely counts as this. He feels no emotion, single-handedly caused an apocalypse, and ruthlessly manipulated all the people who loved his past self, to their horrible deaths to ensure he would exist as he did.
  • Despite heavy censorship, Spider-Man: The Animated Series still managed to make their version of Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, into a bonafide psychopath, portraying him as a Laughing Mad Bomber, who cackles with glee at the possibility of vaporising a city block—himself included—in his first appearance. He shows no remorse for his actions, and after becoming Carnage is downright eager to get back in action and start stealing souls for Dormammu (an Omnicidal Maniac who will consume the souls of everyone in the world if he is unleashed). He displays no regard for human life (least of all his own) and goes out of his way to injure anyone who tries to help him, including his psychiatrist, Anne Kafka.
  • Miss Power from WordGirl counts. She manipulates the entire town into bullying each other, she teaches WordGirl to mock the other villains, she throws Mrs. Botsford into jail for a disagreement they had, she severly beats up WordGirl, and she tries to kill Dr. Two-Brains. This was all her plan to Take Over the World. Also, she's one of the few villains in the show that do not have any redeeming qualities.
  • Sponge Bob Square Pants:
    • Mr. Krabs will do anything for money no matter how small the amount. He has no qualms in feeding his customers tainted and unhealthy food to make a fast buck, and has little concern to the well being, and the lives of his employees. One of his few redeeming factors is he really care about his daughter Pearl. However, this is also after Flanderization, and Mister Krabs used to be a generally decent guy who just happened to be greedy.
    • Patrick Star surprisingly is one, post-Flanderization of course. He has a deep Lack OF Empathy for others, views objects more important than his friends, seems to take delight tormenting his supposed best friend, and he does things that anyone knows will not help so he could watch them fail for his own amusment. There's also the fact he's been feigning his stupidity (or how dumb he really has become) solely to torment Spongebob, Squidward, and Gary.
  • Harm from Young Justice tries to be this so that he can be pure enough to wield the Sword of Beowulf. He murdered his own little sister Greta because he loved her, and that love was the only thing holding him back. It ultimately doesn't work out for Harm because deep down it's only an act: the moment he sees his sister's ghost his repressed guilt gets the better of him and the Sword rejects him.
    • Klarion the Witch boy plays this role as a member of The Light.
  • In Gravity Falls there's Lil'Gideon he acts like an adorable kid, and swings to a total jerk, he is willing to use any diabolical scheme to get revenge on the Pines family and killing people is no problem to him.
  • Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a sadistic Reality Warper who utilizes magic-assisted psychological warfare to Mind Rape the mane cast, and wastes little time in turning Equestria into a chaotic hellhole For the Evulz. His later Heel-Face Turn is effected by making him realize that having friends means you have to consider how they will feel about your actions, something he apparently had honestly never considered.
    • Lightning Dust's status as Shadow Archetype to Rainbow Dash is principally due to her ruthlessness in her attempts to become the greatest flier in Equestria, which results in a total lack of concern for the ponies around her even when it comes to the point that she endangers their lives. She also works in a good deal of emotional manipulation in her interactions with Rainbow Dash.
    • Sunset Shimmer from Equestria Girls is this in spades. Even the prequel shows her as an extremely self-centered pony who only cared about her own advancement. Celestia had hoped to temper her negative qualities by training her as her own personal student, but in the end Shimmer just cared more about things and power than others. She especially cared about becoming a Princess so her power could be at its zenith. It makes her Heel-Face Turn much less believable in the film...
    • Lord Tirek from "Twilight's Kingdom" feels no empathy for anyone he hurts as long as he gets his way and will manipulate anyone he pleases to serve his ends.
  • Somewhere in Seasons 9-12 of The Simpsons, Homer Simpson became increasingly ruthless and selfish to the point that his behaviour verged on Sociopathy (except sociopaths are usually smarter). This was rectified with the movie.
    • Mr. Burns, anyone? He is a frequent Lack of Empathy, exploits several employees, makes some misdeeds For the Evulz, and tried to kill Bart. His sociopathy is considerable specially in the early seasons, not for nothing he's the most hated man in Springfield...
    • Then we have Bob's brother, Cecil Terwilliger. He's a impeccable mastermind sociopath, who tried to kill two children and his own brother in his first plan.
  • In Daria, this trope is heavily involved in Jake's father: "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer. From his nickname, it is implied that it was quite an extremely violent and impulsive person.
  • Eddy's Brother from Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. Let's see: lack of empathy, even to their family (to Eddy) and is incapable of remorse. And where does all this transpire? Where does this guy live? A trailer at an amusement park. Yes, the implication is obvious: he gets to torment kids every single day. His whole life is just getting off on bullying those smaller and younger than him.
  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Darth Maul definitely qualifies. Lack of Empathy? He's either killed, tried to kill, or would be willing to kill almost everyone he's come across in the series. Consummate deception skills? He managed to con Pre Vizsla into an alliance, and it was Maul's plan that convinced Mandalore that the Death Watch were heroes and liberators. Superficial charm and persuasion? He manipulated Vizsla, Almec, and legions of criminals into serving him. Troubling childhood? He was "raised" by Darth Sidious. Maul is a high-functioning example, but he fits all the criteria of a sociopath.
  • Roger Smith from American Dad! freely admits this of himself, and provides near-constant displays of Comedic Sociopathy. One episode involving a Journey to the Center of the Mind showed that he does, in fact, have a conscience in the form of Jiminy Cricket... which was caged and dying of neglect.
    • Stan Smith fits the criteria too in early seasons. He can't recognize other people's feelings, had a complete Lack of Empathy, and views himself as more important than he really is.
  • Drawn Together is a series FULL of sociopaths. Even to get a real kick out of that everyone are this, excluding Foxxy, Xandir, and Wooldoor.
    • Spanky Ham is the perfect example. Lack of Empathy, deceives or puts people in horrible situations for their own convenience, is unpleasant, obnoxious, sadistic, greedy and manipulative.
    • Captain Hero is not far behind either. He is a frequent lack of empathy, not afraid to do heinous acts, has a problem of childhood, even raped his own parents.
    • Princess Clara is close as well. She's racist, homophobic, and rarely feels pity for anyone other than herself. Often, she will indulge in racist theories about other races' intelligence. She also thinks that she should be the one to be raptured instead of everyone else. Upon realizing that she was not "raptured", she sees no shame in getting in trouble.
  • From Batman: The Animated Series:
    • Temple Fugate, the Clock King, is implied to be a high-functioning one.
    • Poison Ivy claims to be another sociopath:
    I have this natural immunity against poisons, toxins, the pain and suffering of others.
    • Then there's The Joker. Even his pre-acid dip incarnation who only appears briefly in flashbacks, has shades of this
  • Derek Powers, aka Blight, from Batman Beyond is a pretty major case. He essentially regards others as tools to fulfill his motives, only cares about power, regularly manipulates and uses people under a veneer of charm, and when he learns that he killed Batman's father, he casually replies "Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?"
  • From ''Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Professor Pericles, Mr. E/Ricky Owens and both Brad and Judy Chilles when afflicted by the curse.
  • Mike's Split Personality Mal from Total Drama. He shows no remorse whatsoever over leaving Cameron to die or trying to hit Zoey over a cliff, and is able to perfectly imitate Mike's voice and behavior.
  • The Title Character of Kevin Spencer. He regularly breaks the law just because, looks out only for himself most of the time, and is able to manipulate people into thinking he's on their side when he wants something from them. A good example would be how he pretended to be nice to his dad in order to lure him into a false sense of scrutiny, before ratting him out to the cops and collecting a reward.

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