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Series: Not Going Out

Pun-heavy British sitcom staring Lee Mack and Tim Vine as best friends Lee and Tim. Lee lives with landlord Kate, Tim's ex-girlfriend; Kate moves back to America in the second series and is replaced by Tim's sister Lucy. Other supporting characters include Lee's cleaner Barbara, played by Miranda Hart (in series 2 and 3), Tim's girlfriend Daisy, played by Katy Wix (from series 2 onwards), and Lucy's boyfriend Guy (in series 2 only). Tim Vine left after series 5, leaving the main cast for series 6 as just Lee, Lucy and Daisy. Both Katy Wix and Miranda Hart were springboarded from exposure in this show to series of their own.

This show contains examples of:

No HeroicsBrit ComThe Office (UK)
Noels House PartyBritish SeriesNot Only... But Also
Mystery Science Theater 3000Creator/HuluOne Day At A Time

alternative title(s): Not Going Out
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