Self Deprecation / Web Original

  • The Onion: "New Study Finds 'The Onion' Has Never Been More Popular, More Beloved, Or More Respected". Earlier that week, The Onion had received heavy backlash for calling nine-year old actress Quvenzhane Wallis a very rude word in a failed attempt to Cross The Line Twice.
  • Image Boards: the various banners at the top of the page often mocks the site itself. Users often use this as well:
    • They will generally poke fun at the stereotype that all of its members are socially inept, perma-virgin, shut-ins, and the humor may also vary depending on the particular board. For example, posters on /v/ will joke how having fun while playing a game is wrong since they all suck, new and old, and the main fitness guide on /fit/ assumes that its readers are most likely social failures and how obsessive /fit/ members are with the littlest of details in fitness and diet practices.
    • The pejorative term "fag", is used frequently as a suffix when referring to groups. When introducing themselves in a post, many users may point out that they are a Xfag, with X being an arbitrary group. While referring to another group as "Xfags" may be used as an insult, it is more frequently used as a non-hostile way to refer to oneself or another group.
  • The Ebolaworld Channel on Youtube love this trope. E.G.:
    "You're watching the Ebolaworld Channel. Why are you doing that?"
    "You're watching the Ebolaworld Channel. W..What?"
    "You're watching the Ebolaworld Channel... Weirdo!"
  • The Busy Street Mailbags, where hate mail sent by those aggravated by the site are picked apart, is usually accompanied by self-deprecating humor, with the commentators acknowledging the faults and weaknesses in their articles while mocking each other in good humor.
  • is fond of this, often saying how advice for living your life is coming from internet comedy writers, and then there are asides that raise questions as to the sanity of said internet comedy writers.
  • The Dead Horse Interchange staff frequently make reference to their "internet has-been" status, their self-described perma-virginity, greed, lack of talent, and inability to maintain frequent updates. Ebeeto is an "understimulated hermit Swede", Monty is a "Charlie Brooker-lite alcoholic teenager", and Schlasser being a "ripoff of The Angry Video Game Nerd".
  • In Whateley Universe stories, most of the canon authors have an Author Avatar. All of them are members of the Whitman Literary Girls, all have annoying characteristics, and all of them wish they were the big heroes who get to save people and stuff. They're not.
    • Phase constantly puts himself down by comparing himself to his friends, other, more powerful students, and superheroes. Thing is, he's an incredibly powerful character, has a number of very versatile attacks, and is continually shown to be much better in nearly every aspect than he thinks he is. Poor bastard has no self-esteem.
  • Any reviewer on Channel Awesome will indulge in it every now and then. Todd in the Shadows even explained this behavior as "because otherwise, I would just be some bitter, pathetic jerk-off talking smack about people who have accomplished things a billion times better that I ever will, and that gets old real quick."
    • While The Nostalgia Critic often doesn't take himself seriously, the majority of his snark tends to be the movies and TV shows he reviews. To make up for it, he has the "Top Fuck-Ups" episodes (compiling mostly Critical Research Failure, along with questionable decisions he made in some episodes) - while also mocking the Unpleasable Fanbase with Douchy McNitpick.
      • During his review of Jack Frost (1998), he mocks the article done about him on Entrepreneur magazine saying "They'll print anything these days".
      • Over the course of his reviews, he's been socially awkward, seriously obsessive about his childhood (which really seemed to suck for bigger reasons than just bad movies), goes on rants about "dreams not coming true" and sometimes not all that bright. Doug does love making his main character a mess.
      • In his tribute to Siskel & Ebert, he responded to Ebert's claim that Congo was intentionally So Bad, It's Good by sarcastically saying that Dominic from Video Game Confessions had a good Cockney accent
      Dominic: Oi!
      • When Mara Wilson became peeved at Doug for mocking her acting, he wrote a list of insults that she could use on him if she wanted. She also had guest spots in later That Guy with the Glasses reviews of her movies where she wreaked horrible vengeance on them. (the first even brought the Critic's self deprecation further, as she replied to him criticizing her as a child actor by showing off his embarrassing teen videos - Doug deliberately picked the worst ones)
      • The beginning of the Planet of the Apes (2001) review gave us an Honest Trailers parody that goes into every criticism of the Critic, and it was written by Doug himself. Now THAT'S self-deprecation.
    • The Nostalgia Chick's "Thanks For The Feedback" videos paint her in a rather pathetic light, first with her best friend Nella saying that at least going on a date with the Critic will mean leaving the apartment for a few hours (her response is "We haven't watched the My Little Pony movie in three days!"), then answering the question of why Nella puts up with all her mistreatment by showing that the Chick pays Nella to be her friend and shore up her fragile self-esteem.
      • And of course, related to the above mention of Mara Wilson, she co-reviewed Matilda with the Chick.
    • Brows Held High is one of the highest in that regard. During his Naked Lunch review, Jyle "telepathically" confesses that he does this show to cover up his insecurities about his intelligence.
    • The Cinema Snob is a two-fer, as whenever he mentions Brad & co. attending Midnight Screenings they're referred to as: "those idiots who discuss movies in their car."
  • In their RP of Policenauts, Diabetus comments that the only thing sadder than reviewing the game would be hacking it. Slowbeef, who was working on a translation patch for the game at the time, commented: "I'll sa— Fuck you."
    • Diabetus and his family are occasionally made the butt of jokes due to being from the South. In the RP of Nostalgic Rage's Mario 3 LP, they go on a tangent in which they speculate that the LPer (who has a thick Southern accent) is actually Diabetus' Dad. Hilarity Ensues.
    • slowbeef tends to take jabs at himself and his lack of skill during his Let's Plays.
  • CollegeHumor does this in their parody musical "Web Site Story".
    "Why do you guys sound like gaylords?"
    "Come on, we're theater majors!"
  • Natalie from communitychannel loves to point out how much she sucks.
  • This very wiki has Statler and Waldorf mocking it. TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life, after all.note 
  • Many good Let's Players do this almost constantly. Common subjects include the infrequency of their updates/uploads, their voice/recording setup, and the vast amount of time they use to produce the videos instead of doing something productive.
  • A lot of Slashdotters crack jokes about living in their parent's basement, not having any love life, etc.
    • Similarly, Diggers make similar jokes, since one cannot have sex on the internet.
    • The Something Awful Forum Goons are pretty fond of this as well, but then again they don't take much seriously in the first place.
  • Most of the more self-aware Abridged Series do this, occasionally with the creators guest-starring on other people's Abridged Series in order to make fun of themselves.
    • LittleKuriboh of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series does this pretty consistently. In one extreme case the characters wondered where he had gone for four months. Another time, he parodied his own proposal video and had his characters wonder what kind of "sick, lonely person" would do such a thing. In a later video, Yugi and Yami complain about LK's incredibly boring voice.
    • The creators of Ranma 1/2 Abridged are common employers of this trope. Sometimes it is a straight jab at themselves, and sometimes it is done ironically to take a subtle jab at some of the other Ranma 1/2 abridgedments, of which there are many.
    Random Background Character: Yeah, that Sithis Bear guy sounds the same in every voice!
    • Dragon Ball Z Abridged: The first Kai episodenote  ends with Yami Yugi incredulously asking "This has how many subscribers?!" The second ends with Nappa unsubscribing from Team Four Star's Youtube channel.
      • TeamFourStar's #TIBA abridging contest in 2016 had two of these: Firstly, the award given to the video that got the most audience votes but didn't make it into the judge's Top 30 was called the "F**k the Judges" Award. Secondly, before announcing the Top 30, the guys posted the absolute worst Abridged video they'd ever seen: the very first episode of DBZA itself, with the members of TFS doing commentary and ripping it apart for its poor quality.
  • Zero of the The Video Game Bunker does this a lot:
    • "Anyone can shoot a review show out of their basement. While I personally find this a little bit pathetic..."
    • "...covering their face so you can't even recognize them. What kind of a d***bag dresses like that?"
  • Commentary! The Musical, the musical commentary to Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, is composed largely of songs in which the cast and crew make fun of themselves.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Milo Taylor's handler has confirmed that the character was created to make fun of Carson Baye, a character he had previously created, and his old writing style in general.
  • In JourneyQuest, at the end of episode 7, Wren the bard is trying to figure out what to name her epic (which is about the series' events). She comes up with "Journey Quest", then discards the title.
    Wren: I have to give it a name! Uh... well, it started out as a journey, and then it just kinda became this whole different quest... journey, quest... Journey Quest!... ugh, that's terrible.
  • While the persona Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation assumes in his videos, is that of a quite pompous, sarcastic, caustic critic, he often take pot-shots at himself, especially his awkward relationship with sexuality, and fully admits to often falling prey to some of the same shortcomings that he frequently criticizes developers for in his own games and writing.
    Yahtzee: When you review games for a career—shut up, it's totally a career . . .
  • Key of Awesome's "Moves Like Jagger" parody illustrates the apparent difficulty of imitating Adam Levine by having Mark sing about being too fat to perform the parody, and Todd about being too weak. They end the song by calling themselves "attention whores" who will "do-o-o-o-o-o anything for laughter."
  • has had a lot of trouble with 502 errors. So much so that, for a time, they replaced their title banner with:
    " We sometimes serve fanfiction."
  • TV Trash: In Rowdy's review of "Happy New Year Charlie Brown", he remarks that Charlie Brown was his dating guide. "I'm going to die alone!"
  • Mr. Mendo's summation of ALF's Special Christmas: it's depressing, uneven, and it "had more filler than my Macho Man Randy Savage review!"
  • In Ultra Fast Pony, Wacarb frequently mocks his editing or lip-synching by slapping a "Quality editing!" subtitle (or some humorously misspelled variant) on scenes he considers sub-par, or by using a "This looks familiar..." subtitle to mock his overuse of certain clips. In "The Longest Episode", he takes a big swipe at the writers of the source material, then follows it up by implying that he's even worse.
    Celestia: Whoever wrote this episode must have had brain damage.
    Twilight: Yeah, I think all the writers do.
    Subtitle: That's why I don't even have a brain!
  • Frequently used in Becoming YouTube.
  • In Google, you can start typing "why goo" and one of the term suggestions is "Why Google sucks". If you type "google is", two of the suggestions will be "Google is gay" and "Google is making us stupid". Typing "I hate g" will instantly show you "I hate Google". And so on.
  • The Honest Trailers for 300, the fiftieth episode, begins with, "Can you believe it? We made fifty of these dumb things."
  • Youtuber Yuriofwind often makes fun of his clinical depression, colorblindness, and stupid username. He'll also occasionally bring up an insulting comment from a previous video to verify that yes, it's true, but irrelevant.
  • SWAG.MOV has a Freeze-Frame Bonus appearing during a particularly ridiculous (even by the series' standards) scene, a giant bipedal Rainbow Dash summoning an enormous sword from the skies above with which to slay Discord.
  • SF Debris's Chuck Sonnenburg after spending the first eight minutes of his review of Transformers talking in deep detail about how the relationship of the summer blockbuster to science fiction is both blessing and curse. After the commercial break:
    "Okay, I stand by everything I have said, and I do advocate rational discourse over a hurricane of trolls. But I'm also an Internet critic and part of the job is, well, this part of the show now, where I act like a guffawing dickhead."
  • Matthew Santoro often makes fun of himself for being bald, and being short.
  • GEOWeasel has its characters make fun of their own cartoon and its lack of viewers.
    Weas: Nar, I think that comment may have cost us some of our viewers.
    Nar: Both of them?!
  • Some Jerk with a Camera, who primarily reviews theme park rides, uses this in a number of his videos.
    "First of all, it is a little repetitive. I mean, what kind of comedy show devotes that many episodes in a row to nothing but theme park jokes? Seriously?!?
  • The case with Meta527ii's commentary on... himself.
  • Buckley from A Dose of Buckley best summarizes this trope with "If you can't make fun of the things you love, you don't deserve to make fun of the things you hate".
  • CinemaSins reviews movies and assigns them a "sin count" based on how many plot holes, filmmaking errors, and things that the reviewer just thought was stupid they contained. What has the highest sin count? CinemaSins itself.note  And that video plays automatically when one enters the CS channel!
  • On the same vein of CinemaSins, entering the Screen Junkies channel plays an Honest Trailer on them (highlighting among other things how people usually only care about that series).
  • Random Assault: Depending on the host, used often. Kate brings up that she is chubby, poor, has no family and no friends.
  • Roast Me. Where people post requests to be insulted by the rest of the users.
  • YouTuber Asalieri, known for his Reviewing a Reviewer series, did an episode where he reviewed himself in the exact same manner.
  • Super Mario Logan:
    • In part one of "Bowser Junior's Summer School", Logan is one of the students in summer school, and Jackie Chu gives him a book called "YouTube for Dummies" and calls him dumb.
    • In the episode, "Bowser Junior's First Grade Part 4", a puppet version of Logan says that he wants to make Youtube videos when he grows up. Jackie Chu calls the idea dumb.
    • In "Bowser Junior's YouTube Channel!", after watching one of their fake pranks on YouTube, Junior and his friends notice a comment from SuperMarioLogan himself saying that it was "fake and gay", and Junior calls him "stupid".
  • The website for Sonic 3 Complete has some quotes on what people are saying about the game near the bottom of the page.
    “I found Sonic 3 Complete to be boring to play… I am sure that if everyone's version of Sonic 3 definitive is basically Sonic 3 Complete, I will blow my f***ing brains out.”MarkeyJester

    “Some changes sound pretty useless”TotalAnarchy


    “This hack sucks”KesterStudios
  • Fictosophy's announcement video, "On The Next: Fictosophy," features an internet troll caricature who makes fun of Sam.
    • After the plans for 2015 fell through, annotations were added that poked fun at Sam's ineptitude.
  • Woman Mis-blamed and pursed by "men's rights activists" loses her job. Eventually indulges in this.
  • Homestar Runner frequently makes fun of itself.
    • The one-hundreth episode of Strong Bad Email, "flashback", makes fun of the style of the original children's book, The Homestar Runner Enters The Strongest Man In The World Contest.
    • The email "ladying" makes fun of the crude animation and weak characterization of the early cartoons on the site such as "Marshmallow's Last Stand".
    • In "Trogday '08", Strong Bad does a song about the "S is for Sucks" Dragon, complaining that "you Internet types ruined Trogdor, just like you did zombies, pirates, ninjas, and Strong Bad! Er, wait, no... yeah!"
    • Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold, an adaptation of an unfinished sequel to The Homestar Runner Enters the Strongest Man in the World Contest, makes fun of more Early Installment Weirdness, including attempts to shoehorn a new character named Dijjery Doo into the plot.
    • Most of their videos in The New '10s mocks several outdated aspects of the website that haven't been updated since the early 2000s. (use of Flash, the website's layout, their incredibly infrequent update schedule).
  • Star Wars Down Under is basically a bunch of Aussies making fun of all things Aussie. And Star Wars.
  • Outside Xbox, while playing Yooka-Laylee, showed an important message on the screen:
    Now to see Team OX's platforming prowess.
    Fun fact: We have none.
  • The Happy Video Game Nerd: Derek blatantly admits that he is inferior to both James Rolfe and Kyle Justin.
    • "Keytars Are For Retards (So We'll Take Two)".
  • Idols Of Anime: In the Aikatsu! episode, Viga says that fans of the show are either little girls or weirdos in the internet, then cuts to a picture of herself.