Recap: Futurama M 1 Benders Big Score

The first of a stream of Direct-to-Video films that would hopefully revive Futurama. Alien nudists take control of Planet Express through a series of Internet scams, and discover a paradox free method of time travel tattooed to Fry's buttocks. They use Bender, who has unintentionally downloaded an obedience virus, to go back in time and steal history's most valuable objects, as there's no time traveling method of him getting back to the present, and he can just wait it out for a few hundreds of years. Fry eventually uses the time code to get back to the 21st century after Leela begins dating an older and more mature man by the name of Lars Fillmore.


  • Battle Tops: Chanukkah Zombie's space fighter shoots dreidels.
  • Beard of Sorrow: Time duplicate Fry, who is later revealed to be Lars Fillmore, grows one.
  • Big Damn Movie: Without a question.
    • The time travel plot alone is very complex and hard to follow along with. It's made apparent that Fry created several alternate timelines as well, considering the flashbacks from the original series that depict his family acknowledging him going missing while in the movie, time-duplicate Fry, aka Lars, lives his life right where the original Fry left off.
  • Big "NEVER!":
    Nudar: So what'll it be? Unconditional surrender?
    Leela: Never!
    Nudar: Or total destruction?
    Leela: Also never!
    Nudar: You have thirty seconds. Make up your minds.
    Leela: NEVER!
  • Brick Joke: Torgo's Executive Powder makes several appearances throughout the movie.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Exploding Bender.
  • Concealing Canvas
  • Continuity Porn: Too many to name.
    • One of the supposed alien invasions seen during Fry's cryogenic freezing was caused by Bender stealing a Swedish award for the alien scammers.
    • In another example, Fry quotes Slurms MacKenzie's "Whimmy-wham-wham-wazzle!" while trying to cheer up Leela at a party.
  • Cuckold: Hermes temporarily loses his body and has his head put in a jar. During this time, his wife Labarbara leaves him (along with their son) and goes back to her ex-husband, Barbados Slim, who is superior to Hermes in just about every possible way, including being Hunkier, more athletic, and a better sexual partner. However, Labarbara later leaves Barbados again when Hermes helps save the world, and later episodes reveal that this situation is actually reversed for Barbados, who is jealous of Labarbara's pure affectionate love for Hermes.
  • Darker and Edgier: Free of network television handicaps, the writers were basically relying on self censoring.
  • Dumb Blonde: Totally Zig-Zagged for laughs. There's a sexy blonde female doctor whose entire joke is alternating between being a competent doctor offended by dumb blonde stereotypes to... well... being a dumb blonde
  • Enemy Mine: Everyone is forced to evacuate Earth to other planets by the scammer aliens, with the main characters taking up residence on Neptune. Unfortunately, they forget that Robot Santa is based there. It turns out that he's also been scammed, and Leela "convinces" him and his fellow holiday mascots to join forces and take out the scammers.
  • Fake-Out Opening: The film introduces the characters twice.
  • Fan Disservice: The Nudist Scammer Aliens. Especially when they exercise the Power Perversion Potential of time travel. Urhuurgh.
  • Fanservice: The first delivery that Planet Express must make once they're back on the airnote  is to the Nude Beach Planet
    • Also, the very fact that the secret to time travel is a tattoo on Fry's buttocks.
  • For Want of a Nail: Fry, now back to the 20th century, uses the code to go back in time a few more minutes to eat the pizza he was supposed to deliver. This minor event resulted in creating a time duplicate of Fry who eventually became Lars.
  • Future Badass: Lars Fillmore. Not actually a Badass, nor technically from the future, but he is a look at a much, much more mature version of a present-day character.
  • Head Turned Backwards: Hermes, thanks to Zoidberg.
    Hermes: Kiss my front-butt!
  • Hello, Nurse!: Dr. Cahill.
  • Historical In-Joke: George W. Bush winning the 2000 election.
  • Hospital Hottie: Dr. Cahill. She is a sexy young doctor. Fry just called her "Dr. Good and Sexy".
  • Idiot Ball: No characters are safe from the nudist scammers. None.
    • Also, the characters all leave Earth without putting up a fight, but immediately come back and fight right after the scammers set up methods of defense. It wouldn't be so bad if the scammers hadn't been wide in the open while the citizens of Earth were evacuating.
    • Not just an Idiot Ball, but Out of Character as well. To wit : Since when do characters like Mom, Nixon, Robot Santa and their casually violent lawless ilk respect things like contracts? Usually, any of their solutions to a Gordian Knot is to vaporize the planet the knot is on.
  • Info Dump: By Lars, posthumously.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The entire opening sequence.
    Leela: (surrounded by electrical fans) So what does this mean for us and our many fans?
    Farnsworth: It means we're back on the air! Yes, flying through the air in our mighty spaceship!
  • Losing Your Head: Aside from the reappearance of heads in jars, Hermes gets his head chopped off within the first five minutes of the movie.
  • Mind Screw: The Time Travel is a tad confusing, and it takes many views to get any kind of idea as to what the hell is going on.
  • Misfit Mobilization Moment: This happens in the climactic battle against the scammers when Hermes' head is plugged directly into the battlegrid. Cue Theme Music Power-Up and a lot of fighting.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • The one-eared rabbits on the elves' assembly line resemble Bongo from Life in Hell.
    • The Futurama theme remix was from the Xbox/Gamecube/PlayStation 2 console game.
  • Potty Dance: Strangely enough, this happens to Bender for the first time ever. He even hangs a lampshade over the lunacy of the situation.
  • Pre-Mortem One-Liner / Ironic Echo: "You've been scammed, sweatheart!"
  • Sequel Hook: The movie ends at sort of a cliffhanger, and though Beast With a Billion Backs supposedly picks up where it left off, it doesn't really get a lot of its material from this movie, and hardly acknowledges its events.
    Bender: Well, we're boned.
  • Stable Time Loop:
    • The origin of the time code and the name "Lars Fillmore".
    • Lampshaded by a tuxedo-clad Bender who comes during the middle of the film to put the tattoo on Fry's ass.
  • Take That: An almost heroically extended one. Apparently the morons who cancelled Planet Express' delivery license were fired, beaten up, killed, and ground into a pink powder that's used in humiliating ways for the rest of the movie.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Seymour returning almost felt like an apology to the fanbase for making them cry so much during Jurassic Bark.
  • Time Passes Montage: There's sort of one with time-duplicate Fry living the life he left behind after getting frozen. There's also a nod to the Seymour one from "Jurassic Bark".
  • Time Travel: Obviously.
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: The time code tattooed to Fry's buttocks in the shape of Bender's head can be used to summon one.
  • Wham Line / Tomato in the Mirror: "I'm Lars? I'M LARS!"
  • Zip Me Up: With Hermes and LeBarbara at Leela and Lars's wedding.