Funny / Naka Teleeli

  • How much Naka hates Sakaki; it comes down to him saying "I'm going to kill you" in almost every scene he appears in. Even his video descriptions join in.
  • In the Kirby Super Star Let's Play, during the Great Cave Offensive, Naka explains how the blocks he's standing on will break if you attack them. Cue Ogre turning into a stone and breaking through them.
    Naka: Nice one.
    *Ogre warps back to Naka and pushes him into the abyss*
    Naka: AAAH!
    Ogre: *cracking up* Oh...! It was so worth it!'
    They spend the rest of the video in hysterics.
    • And another pit-related mistake, during Milky Way Wishes, when both Naka and Ogre are both trying to break a block to get down into a pit, that unfortunately is also a bottomless pit, to get to a door beneath the block. Ogre's busy trying to smash it with Rock, when Naka presses his down attack and smashes through the block....also causing him to fall downward past the door and into the death pit without being able to stop. Cue hysterics.
    Ogre: BEST. DEATH. EVER.
    • Their luck with pitfalls and moves-that-send-them-downward seems to be a trend. In their Kirby and the Amazing Mirror LP, the both of them manage to duplicate their earlier accidents from above.
    Ogre: CALLED IT.
  • So, so much from Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2.
    Ogre: I'm gonna be Scarface-
    Naka: NO WHY.
    • Naka's extreme hamminess as The Mountain.
    Round bell rings
    Naka: *Charges* WUUUUUUUUUUUH!
  • "I'M DAH MAP!"
  • Pretty much any of the LP of New Super Mario Bros Wii.
    * ElementalOgre throws NakaTeleeli down a pit. Again*
    * ElementalOgre starts laughing*
    NakaTeleeli: Jerk! JEEEEEEEEEEERK!
    ElementalOgre: * stil laughing* My sides, they hurt so...
    • Even moreso than that, the infamous moment, the true Crowning Moment of Funny in all the series that everyone remembers...the Bone Coaster's dickery from good 'ol Ogre-Weegie.
    Naka: ...Maybe I should be standing right next to—*hurled over the edge*—OH, CRAP!
    Orge: *Bursts into laughter*
    Naka: You jerk!
    Ogre: *laughing still* That was funny!
    *Bone Coaster then picks up speed JUST as Naka respawns, leaving him desperately jumping to both stay on the thing and avoid lava*
    Naka: *screaming in terror* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! *Meanwhile, Ogre snickers in the background* I'LL KILL YOU, WEEGIE!!
  • In the first episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Manhattan Project, the two of them do a standard co-op for ten minutes, while completely forgetting about the new YouTube time limit being fifteen minutes. The last third of the movie was a very accidental and very humorous look at some of the sites they look at.
  • In the beginning of one NSMB Wii update, the dramatic recap. "Luigi? Is that you? ... You're on THEIR side now."
  • From Pocky and Rocky 2:
    ElementalOgre: KINNIKUMAN!
    • NakaTeleeli: *Sputters into laughter* "Where the CRAP did that come from?"
    • NakaTeleeli(Pocky) throwing ElementalOgre(Bomber Bob) into a wall in Stage 2.
  • From his Minecraft Survival series, the ending from episode 9:
    NakaTeleeli: Are you with me friend? The surface! I've broken through! I can... I can see it! Fight the current.... AHH!! FREEDOM!!!
    *realizes he's stranded on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere*
    NakaTeleeli: *beat* ...well.
    • Minecraft: Journey Home had one in the second episode where Naka picked up a bunny in the Aether and it ended up on top of his head. Naka was getting some wood (and not like that, you perverts!) and then the bunny peed on his head.
  • Persona 4
    ElementalOgre: But I wanted to hit the bookstore! They were gonna have the new issue of 'My Little Chojin: Wrestling Is Magic!'
    NakaTeleeli: *groan*
    ElementalOgre: It's gonna have Applesmack take on Warsmare and we're gonna see the Hayseed Bomb! It's gonna be GREAT!
    NakaTeleeli: *double groan with double facepalm*
    • Naka and Ogre's reaction to the size of the Lake Guardian after finally catching it.
  • Episode 17 of the Kirby's Return to Dreamland LP. There's an area where the walls close in, so Hi-Jump is needed. Naka gets the ability right before Kirby latches on to the feet of Ogre's flying Bandana Dee above him and they go up that way.
    Naka: Thanks genius!
    Ogre: WORTH IT
  • From NakaTeleeli's LP of Touhou MOTHER:
    Now, as with any Touhou game, easy means hard, normal means really freaking hard, hard means you're pulling your hair out, and lunatic is... actually quite fitting.
    I am, however, curious what's over here. AAAAAAHH!!
  • A similar scream happens when he sees Trypticon's true form in Transformers: War for Cybertron
  • All of Ardy Lightfoot. Hearing Naka so relaxed and goofy after the drama of his Minecraft LP makes it even better.
  • During episode 9 of his behind the scenes of Minecraft, he explains how, on a previous take, a random villager's sprite landed on top of the spider boss, which caused him to glitch out really weird.
  • Nintendo Land episode 10 - Fusion HA!
  • Naka's screaming during the Bowser fight in New Super Mario Bros. U
    • "But wait!" You might be thinking. "We hear Naka scream all the time!" Trust us. This one qualifies.
  • The ending to Dancing with BAMs - Brutal Orisk when Naka realizes that the monster he just killed wasn't the one he needed to kill for his quest.
  • Orge suggesting drop kicking Bowser's old servant in Paper Mario
  • The absolute death gauntlet Naka set up for the last Block Defense level in 3D Dot Game Heroes. He's really good at setting up cost-effective defenses with the smallest number of turrets possible, and showcases how to clear the levels in a brutally efficient manner. But you know efficiency went out the window when he builds around 12 cannon towers near the entrance of the enemy path in the final level, causing mobs to get murdered the instant they set foot on the map. And yet despite spending tons of gold on building and upgrading turrets, he still walks away after each wave with more gold than he spent on new defenses, even hitting the money cap at one point. Then it gets to the final wave, made of 9999HP knights... and the knights still die almost instantly. Naka even admits to holding back a mountain of laughter as his turrets just slaughter everything the game can throw at them. "There is no such thing as overkill."
  • A brilliant moment happens in Super Mario 3D World's stage Flower-5 when Naka uses the cat suit pounce for a flagpole jump, overshoots it completely, and falls off the side of a cliff.
    Ogre: *cracking up* That was priceless. I want that on loop for ten seconds.
  • BRAH!
  • "You look wonderful and I hate you."
  • "Yeah, you can blow me all day long, I'm already pinned against the wall."
  • In episode 14 of his Another Metroid 2 Remake playthrough, Naka accidentally falls into a room full of enemies that get mad and explode with blasts in all directions if you touch one and touches one, which inevitably sets off a chain reaction that detonates most of the robots in the room. His immediate reaction is hilarious enough, but the fact that he actually pauses right before the door to his escape and turns to watch the slowly advancing destruction out of morbid curiosity is priceless.
    Naka: Oh dear. Oh dear, I made a bad! I made a bad! I made a big bad! *runs to edge of room, stopping before the door and turning around to see an advancing wall of slow-moving projectiles as more robots explode* I MADE A BAD!
  • In episode 17 of the Paper Mario: Color Splash LP, after returning the Red Big Paint Star to Port Prisma:
    Red Big Paint Star: Thank you...both.
    Ogre: Oh, it's talking!
    (both collapse into laughter)
    Ogre: (through laughter) The setup for that sometimes just goes too well!
  • Naka and Ogre being subjected to a Jump Scare by a Mancubus in episode 15 of the DOOM LP. They both simultaneously shout in surprise, with Naka briefly spouting Angrish and accidentally switching to the pistol in his panic.
    Ogre: On the plus side, I don't have to go to the bathroom anymore, how about you?
    Naka: HOLY CRAP!
    • And two Jump Scares in the "House of Pain" bonus stage; one from another Cacodemon, and the other from a Hell Knight.
    Ogre: Fucking goddammit with the fucking-- C'mon! I know we're in Hell, but gimme a goddamn break!