Tear Jerker / Naka Teleeli

  • In Part 12 of Minecraft Survival, Naka meets and befriends a wolf that he promptly names "Doggy" roughly a quarter to halfway through filling out his recently created map. Said dog follows him around, and he takes measures to protect him during the nighttime, such as building up a dirt barrier with torches around the area he wants to rest in. But just as he's heading back home after finally completing the map, Doggy, who is banged up after taking several falls and a Creeper explosion from out of nowhere, is accidentally killed with an errant swing of Naka's sword as he is battling a zombie just steps away from finally reaching the front door. Part 12 ends on a sad note with Naka saying, "Doggy...I'm sorry..."
    • The beginning of Part 13 has Naka having made a grave for his short-lived four-legged friend, with a sign and a piece of gravel to mark it, complete with a rose.
  • Naka having to leave Spu, his faithful Moa mount, behind at the end of episode 28 and the Aether mod segment of Journey Home.
  • Episode 64, Fate's Grasp. By far the most heartwrenching moment in any of Naka's Let's Plays. It opens in the Aquila mod: an absolutely massive, full-scale castle town. By this point, Naka's already questioning the worth of his life in the hands of the Sign Maker, realizing that he could get whisked away from any world the moment he comes to appreciate it, regardless of how long he's been there. By the time he's actually reached the city, he believes that, surely, even a single person must be here. Sadly, the Sign Maker wouldn't have it. He's all alone...again. Naka aimlessly wanders the city, trying desperately to keep despair at bay until he reaches a beautiful church, still devoid of people. And he finally can no longer hang on. What follows is a display of heartfelt anguish that not only shows how excellent an actor Naka really is, but ultimately leads to Sanity Slippage. It must be seen to be believed.
    Naka Teleeli *quietly* ...I don't want the rest of my life to be this way...! *beginning to cry* Why does this have to happen to me...? Why does this have to happen to me?! Of ALL the people out there — everyone, everywhere — why does this have to happen to me?! *stammering, trying to find the words* It's like I've been sent to jail, or...or diagnosed with a terminal illness...! And I haven't DONE anything! What have I DONE?! How is this fair?! ...How is this fair...?! *breaks down, sobbing* H-How is this fair...? *Quietly, sobbing* How is this fair...? *Several moments of silence* Because...Because life's not fair, I guess. Life's not fair, life's a crapshoot! What's gonna happen?! How many people have died?! Or-Or have been taken away and tortured, how did THEY deserve any of that?! This isn't anything unusual... Even... *quietly* ...even my own dog. My own little Doggy. The prime of his life — living his life, happy! *broken down in tears* Just following me around without a care in the world! And he DIED at my own hand! How is that fair to him?! *sniffles* ...Because nothing's fair. ...NOTHING'S FAIR... Nothing's fair. And we all know it's not fair, we all know nothing's fair, and we keep going anyway. Nothing stops us...just keep going; we know nothing's fair, *sobbing chuckle* and we know we have to deal with the consequences... *stammering* This is — This is what Fate's determined for me. THIS is what Fate's got in store for me. And there isn't anything I can do about it. Guess this is all I've got left...th-this is all I've got left.
    • He mentions later on how that wasn't acting, and that he worked himself up to the point where he was LEGITIMATELY CRYING.
  • His 10 year anniversary video has certain points that could be considered tearjerkers, but the biggest one for this troper was when Naka mentions his wife, Madame Berry, and how absolutely joyful he sounds.