Funny / Chaotic Monki

  • Anytime Cry laughs while playing a game. Guaranteed to put a smile on your own face.
    • Cry laughing incredulously and hysterically when fighting the Mermaid Princess boss in Rule of Rose.
    • The aftermath of the "ass medicine" scene in Corpse Party.
  • Cry accidentally trapping the Sawrunner in the cage with exit in his "Cry of Fear" LP. His stunned silence and the fact that the in-game music stops when this happens helps.
  • Highlights from "Cry and Scott Waste Time":
    • The two spend most of the first video talking in Russian accents
    • Goofing around with the helicopters, tanks, and jeeps
    • Whenever something explodes, Cry usually responds with an "Oh my goodness!"
    • Cry and Scott trying to run to a jeep, but Cry can't run because his Shift key is broken. Just as they get to the jeep...the game ends.
    Cry: What the FUCK?! Are you serious? It was RIGHT THERE! DAMN IT!
    Scott: [laughing] That looked so funny! The parachute opened just as you crashed into the ground!
    • Cry spotting an "anti-aircraft tank carrier" flying through the air; he begins cracking up. Ironically, he saw it right after Scott finished explaining how he got shot while in a car because the game is realistic.
  • The highlights from Cry and Russ playing Harvester
    Child: If an A-Bomb hits, what good is it gonna do to duck and cover?
    Russ: Uh-oh!
    Cry: What?! Uh-oh!
    • The whole scene where the sheriff catches his deputy during his...alone time, with Cry and Russ laughing the whole time.
    Russ: Take that, you bad man!
    Cry: Is this some kind of snuff film or what?!
  • The last part of his Ib LP has him walking around the toybox his rose. During this point, he walks past Garry twice without realizing it; with the text added showing "Garry" in large letters. And later "still Garry".
    • This joke returns in his LP of Remember Me after the Kid Xmas fight. Cry was looking for a large set of industrial fans so he could find a collectable, and wasn't able to find them despite them taking up an entire wall of the fighting arena. So we're treated to text saying "Fans", "Still Fans" and "Never Stopped Being Fans".
  • In Part 9 of his The Cat Lady Let's Play he gets fed up after being in trapped in a room.
    Cry: (dramatic music) Fuck it! Mirror! Examine! Strange! The back of the mirror seems loose. Could there be a secret compartment behind it? What is this on the ground?! Rag! Move! What's that? There's a knife underneath. Good! Knives have been quite useful lately. Perfect! (goes back to mirror) Now, open. I fingers are too thick. Fuck that than. Use the knife. Stab!
    • In his "on the last video" opener for Part 6, he splices Bryan's angry rant at Susan's door to end with the words "You bloody be fucking pretty... bb!"
  • "Go to Bed, Cry" has a very sleepy Cry playing a round of The Binding of Isaac. At the beginning, Cry can be heard singing "Bye Bye Bye".
  • The first video of The Witch's House LP has several great moments, particularly "Oh. It's that kind of game," and Cry's muffled screams of panic at the teddy bear monster (followed by a soft "That was fucking AWESOME!").
  • During Wind-down with Cry and Russ
    Zeigs: I will find you
    Cry: Gross, fangirls.
    Zeigs: I will consume your soul...
  • Cry's Let's Play of BioShock Infinite has a lot of funny moments.
    • Cry nicknames Elizabeth Ellie, and acts like he has a crush on her at times.
    Elizabeth: I'll keep an eye out for something that might ease your pain.
    Cry: ...Like a body massage?
    Cry: Aw, she approached me like a tease.
    • After a battle Elizabeth ends up standing in a burning pile of building parts:
    Cry: (after the seeing a wheelchair with a Patriot mask roll towards him by itself) I don't want to play this game anymore.
    • When Cry first plays and finds the dead assassin:
    Cry: Sorry that, um...happened to you, but—uhhh, I'll avenge your death! No, I won't.
    • In Finkton:
    Cry: *turns to a lady cowering in fear* And you good? *sees her dead husband* Oh no, what happened to you? Why you dead? What happened man? I killed your husband? I'm sorry, that was not intentional. I meant to kill the other people. Because they drew their guns on me, I was just trying to steal. Their lives didn't have to be in jeopardy for my thievery! That's not how this shit works! But no, they had to be heroes! *sees lady with a kid* Fix your child!
    • He kills an amusement park mascot by accident.
    Cry: Stay in school! *bang* HOLY SHIT I KILLED HIM!
    • When Cry first finds the specialized gear clothes, he comes to the conclusion that Booker was naked the whole time.
    • His reaction to The Stinger. "Oh fuck you! Why would they do that?!"
  • This whole shebang:
    Cry: So uh, [Omid] right there, you gentleman, you're worried about [Christa]. Do you know why? I think it's cause you put that thing *gestures to Omid's crotch* down there in your waistline inside of that thing *gestures to Christa's crotch* in her waistline and then you're going to make a little thing like this *gestures to Clementine*...Go Omid. Tappin' that bosom.
  • When Cry pretends to be Alexander from Amnesia during a playthrough of Facade
  • During Cry's Let's Play of Haunting Ground, he comes across a typewriter. In explaining what it was to Fiona, Cry types in the word breasts. Cue his surprise when he actually gets a "BREASTS" Plate-key.
    Cry: I didn't expect anything to come of this!
    • Likewise, Cry was told in the comments in his vids to put in a "SALTATIO" Plate-key into the golem. Cue the golem dancing.
  • In The Crooked Man playthrough after David flees his apartment due to the words on the wall:
  • In Rust, Cry creates a Mickey Mouse cult, which is in equal parts horrifying and hilarious.
    Cry: (in a high voice, and trying not to laugh) We are going to skullfuck your pets! Everything you know and love is forfeit! (Evil Laugh, followed by the cult breaking into a guy's house) Konnichiwa! You're dead!
  • In Estranged:
    Cry: *looking at newspaper* Umbrella Corporation. *throws the newspaper at the window that improbably breaks* Holy fuck, that was sweet!
  • In Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, Cry's insistence on dancing at every club, especially when it results in an awkward moment reaction from the NPCs.
    Cry: Goddamn it, I'm a sex cowboy.
  • The part in Dishonored where Cry retrieves the whale oil for Piero and, not realizing how explosive the whale oil is, proceeds to throw it at the machine, accidentally killing Piero in the process. His sheepish laughter and apology tops the whole moment off.
    Enemy: Musta been rats.
    Cry: (while laughing) I know! It was! It really was!
  • In his Grand Theft Auto V video, Russ and Cheyenne hit up his apartment and drink all of his booze and smokes his drugs. Then as soon as they're outside, they start killing Cry for no good reason.
    Russ: There we go! DELIVERRRRED!
  • In his recent Let's Play of Ōkami his reaction Issun introduces himself by jumping out of Sakuya's robe is absolutely hilarious:
    • In the credits for Okami Cry's been silent for the entire panning. Cut to the final painting Then his 'demon mask' appears as a final stamp and he starts laughing.
    • Accidentally using Galestorm on a group of monkeys in a sanctuary while trying to Bloom a clover.
  • Although it was right after a tragic flashback, this part in The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode 5:
    Cry (As Clementine): (whispering) What happened?
    Kenny: That piece of shit Russkie shot you.
    Cry: (deadpan) Yeah, I know.
    • His dawning and then frantic realization that the man who Nick shot on the bridge was Matthew from the ski lodge group in Episode 2.
      Cry: ...Oh. Ohhhh, no. We killed Matthew. That was Matthew. We fucking killed him. FUCK!! Ffffffuck! We fucking killed his fr—! Oh, this is gonna be really bad... God... dammit!
  • His reaction to finding out that Kan actually did put a blender in A Bird Story at his request over Twitter.
  • While playing Always Sometimes Monsters, he names two of the characters Bluntilda and Will Powers.
    • While trying to decide on a tough moral choice late in the game, Cry reflects on what he remembers and decides that he has taken entirely good actions over the course of his journey, meaning that he deserves to be a bit selfish in this instance. He then edits himself yelling in a black screen mid-dialogue:
    • Globally, Cry was not impressed with the game and demonstrated his feelings in a variety of somewhat comical ways.
    • He freaks out completely when going through the rather poorly designed election rig level. One wonders if the level was so bad as to cause his food poisoning.
    • His immediate reaction to the credits was an utterly disgusted "Good God. That was the stupidest fucking..."
    • When an in-game character declares that he has never read anything that captured the human spirit as well as Always Sometimes Monsters, Cry can't actually finish reading and laughs hysterically.
  • During his Xenoblade playthrough, he turned Reyn into what was dubbed "Indian Gundam."
    Alvis: Feel my power. (attacks)
    Shulk: Alright. I'm feeling it!
    Cry: ...Are they just gonna be feeling each other for the whole fight?!
    Cry: "Hooo-ly SHIT!! DAMN!"
  • The fourth part of his Parasite Eve stream. It starts off with plenty of stream-of-consciousness nonsense, when about twelve minutes in, he gets a call on his phone from his grandmother, and puts it on speaker.
  • In his LP for Telltale's Game of Thrones, Cry breaks into a very hearty, infectious laugh at the "Cotter the Potato Fucker" conversation. It may or may not have anything to do with it, but it can make a Brick Joke out of the fact that Cry claims to have once tried to make certain ill-advised use of a plate of mashed potatoes as a boy.
  • In his LP for Call of Cthulhu, he accidently makes the main character say:
    Walters: This Order really wants *Cry clicks on books* a set of account books.
    • In episode 7 of the lets play he quickly swaps between weapons resulting in killing ALL OTHER CURRENT SOUNDS making the whole factory completely silent. He then puts in his own music in post to remove the awkward silence.
    Cry: This is so weird man. I have to add atmosphere in post! *Oedo Town Start from "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon" starts playing* I'll do it, but is gonna be weird. I found ammo.
  • In the second "season" of Cry and Dodger's playthrough of Dandelion, the redundancy of some scenes began to wear on them, and they began skipping text while quickly summarising the scene. The results are hilarious.
    • The scene where a photographer wants to take photos of silver bunny.
      Photographer (Cry, with a voice modulator): I really like bunnies!
      Heejung (Dodger): (laughing) Excuse me?
      Photographer (Cry): Can I have your bunny?!
      Heejung (Dodger): A photographer?
      Photographer (Cry): I'm gonna take a picture of it!
      Heejung (Dodger): Oh okay, well then that sounds really cool to me, can you tell me what you-
      Photographer (Cry): I wanna make it look pretty for pictures!
      Heejung (Dodger): Oh-okay! Yeah, go on.
      Photographer (Cry): Do you mind if I take the bunny? I want to take your bunny please!
      Heejung (Dodger): I would prefer if you didn't take my bunny please!
      Photographer (Cry): [scene ends] Noooooooo! You killed her. Congratulation, Dodgie. You are a murderer. You killed me! You despicable, selfish...
    • The scene where Heejung feeds the pets nuts.
      Heejung (Dodger): Oh, wow, nuts? What should I do with these nuts?
      Heejae (Cry): You should probably feed them to your animals!
      Heejung (Dodger): Oh you think so? That doesn't sound like a legit thing but I guess I'll think on it as I go home-
      Heejae (Cry): I want them to die!
      Heejung (Dodger): Maybe I'll put like a bunch of food together in a bowl and we'll just see whether or not they eat it! Mm, oh no, oh no! Oh noooo!
      Heejae (Cry): Okay, I might have killed them all.
      Heejung (Dodger): Oh no, I killed all the animals! Oh, I'm the worst owner in the world! Ooh, gosh, I'm so so- [scene ends] Oop, I'll go to bed.
      Cry and Dodger burst into laughter
  • At one point during Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Cry starts playing Michael Jackson to counteract the scariness. While he is exploring the jail cells, with "Smooth Criminal" playing in the background, he has to hide from a monster, leading to this line:
  • In part one of Life Is Strange Episode Three, Cry's frustrated response to hearing Max using the term "bubble-hearth".
    "W-What? Argh! Welcome to 2006!"
    • In part two, he gasps when Chloe dares Max to kiss her.
      Chloe: I double dare you - kiss me now!
      Cry: OKAY! (Presses X.)
  • Cry's videos almost always start off with a Previously On open... except instead of doing an actual recap, he takes a short random or silly moment from the previous video and sticks it in here. Sometimes, he even edits it to make it even funnier.
    • One thing in particular stands out from this video.
      Cry: On the last video.
      [footage of Cry playing a level and losing while Vincent makes panicking noises]
      [Vincent falls off the level and to his death as Let It Go starts playing]
  • During the first turn of his first attempt at the duel between Téa and Mai Valentine in his first stream of Yu-Gi-Oh!: Legacy of the Duelist, Cry goes on a rant about how terrible Téa's deck is, before summoning the "Shining Friendship" monster in his hand and equipping it with three different Spell Cards, raising its attack to a monstrous 3500, and then claiming that Mai can do nothing about this. Cue "Harpy's Feather Duster", which completely wipes his magic cards away, a solid minute of Stunned Silence, and then a massive laugh attack for both Cry and chat.
  • In Episode 2 of his new Until Dawn LP, Mike and Jess wander into mounting peril looking for a place to be alone together. Cry is nonchalant.
    Cry: [referring to a totem vision of the killer] We are not gonna get punched in the face. In fact... we're probably gonna accidentally make a face, in nine months.

    Mike: Can I offer you a little... comfort and reassurance?
    Jess: Save it for the cabin, buster.
    Cry: [chuckles] We're not getting there.
  • Asura's Wrath rates you at the end of each episode, grading your Time, Battle Points, and Synchro Rate. What does Cry get at the end of episode 8? A, S, S.
    • In chapter 22, as Asura slowly reveals his Destructor form, Cry's multiple "What" is hysterical before summing it up with "Jesus Fucking Christ". And then he makes the obvious Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann reference.
    • By the end of the main story, Cry holds the game in high regard (despite a lot of technical issues) and is intensely satisfied with what he has played. Then he decides to play through the DLC episodes. His hysterical reactions to the bizarrely low-budget, Off Model anime interludes and the hilarious stupidity of the Street Fighter crossover battles form a massive, unending Crowning Moment of Funny all on their own; their low quality almost seems to degrade his opinion of the whole game by the time he's done.
  • In SOMA, right after a tense level where Cry is put through the wringer, he has Simon drag himself through a corridor and says this:
    (the noises of a monster are heard the moment he finishes that sentence)
    Cry: Nope. Great. (a monster lands in front of Simon, scaring the crap out of Cry in the process)
  • In these videos, Cry plays some online matches of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale with Sp00nerism. They end up getting completely owned by a team consisting of (in Cry's words) "an eleven-year-old and his babysitter." It gets better when after getting thrashed the first time, Cry and Sp00n have to fight the kid and man team again. And while Cry and Sp00n are spouting Angrish the whole time, the other team is completely calm and talking strategy.
    Kid Player: I bet [the other team] are friends too...
  • For the last two episodes of Folklore, Cry decided to stream instead of straight up record. And during these streams he's accompanied by his good friend Russ, and Sarah Williams. Hilarity Ensues.
    Cry: "I promised them, I'm pulling [ the spear]! Pull it, Ellen! PULL THE GOD DAMN SPEAR!!!"
    Sarah: "Nooooo, you can't!"
    *Some time later...*
    Ellen!Sarah: " The spear can stay where it is." *Breaks character* "SUCK A DIIIICK, CRYYYYYY!!!"