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Four Temperament Ensemble: Western Animation
  • Action Man: Alex (choleric), Rikki (melancholic), Grinder (phlegmatic), and Fidget (sanguine).
  • From Adventures from the Book of Virtues, Plato (phlegmatic), Aristotle (melancholic), Socrates (choleric), Aurora (sanguine), and Zack and Annie (both leukine).
  • Adventure Time: Finn (melancholic), Jake (choleric), Princess Bubblegum (phlegmatic), and BMO (sanguine).
  • In Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, The Series 5 Rangers are also a quaternity. The series actually has very few episodes where all four are heavily involved, mostly breaking the team up into groups of two or three.
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin (choleric), Simon (melancholic), Theodore (sanguine), and Dave (phlegmatic).
  • The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, two examples.
    • Four youngest children: Flip (choleric), Mimi (melancholic), Nancy (phlegmatic), and Scooter (sanguine).
    • The middle four: Anne (choleric), Alan (sanguine), Tom (melancholic), and Suzie (phlegmatic).
    • Mr. Charlie and the two oldest: Mr. Charlie (leukine), Henry (choleric/melancholic), and Stanley (sanguine).
  • The Amazing Spiez: Lee (choleric), Marc (melancholic), Megan (phlegmatic), and Tony (sanguine). Megan and Marc sometimes switch roles.
  • Ozai's Angels (and Zuko) of Avatar The Last Airbender: Azula (choleric), Zuko (melancholic, who pretends to be choleric), Mai (phlegmatic), and Ty Lee (sanguine).
    • The Gaang themselves become one of these as well during the second season: Toph (choleric), Sokka (sanguine), Aang (melancholic), and Katara (phlegmatic).
    • The Avatars before Aang also fit: Kyoshi (choleric), Yangchen (melancholic), Roku (phlegmatic), and Kuruk (sanguine).
    • The Legend of Korra follows this perfectly: Korra (choleric), Mako (melancholic), Asami (phlegmatic), Bolin (sanguine), and Tenzin (leukine).
      • The Villains: Amon (phlegmatic), Vaatu (choleric), Unalaq (melancholic), Zaheer (an interesting melancholic/sanguine), Kuvira (choleric/melancholic).
  • The Backyardigans: Pretty hard to qualify. Technically, all of them are sanguine, but Pablo is probably the most. As for the others: Tasha (choleric), Uniqua (melancholic, though not depressive, since we're talking about a little kids' show), and Tyrone (phlegmatic). Austin starts out as phlegmatic, then moving on to melancholic; these days, he's starting to become more leukine.
  • The New Batman Adventures: Though they rarely all worked together in the same episode, there was still a four-person "bat family." Robin (Tim Drake) is sanguine; Nightwing (Dick Grayson) is choleric; Batman is melancholic (as if it had to be said; he basically defines the temperament); and Batgirl is phlegmatic. Catwoman was the back-up choleric; in one episode, she and Nightwing even team up because of their similar personalities.
  • And from Batman Beyond, we've got the Royal Flush Gang who also form a Five-Man Band with the robotic Ace, who doesn't have a personality so they fit both categories: Authoritarian King (choleric), conflicted Ten (melancholic), Queen — a proper lady who tries to keep the family united (phlegmatic), and fun-loving Jack (sanguine).
  • Beast Wars: The four main Maximals: Optimus Primal (choleric), Rattrap (melancholic), Rhinox (phlegmatic), and Cheetor (sanguine).
  • Beavis And Butthead: Beavis (sanguine), Butt-Head (choleric), Daria (melancholic), and Stewart (phlegmatic).
  • Blinky Bill: Blinky Bill and Marcia Marsupial Mouse (choleric), Nutsy Koala (melancholic), Flap Platypus (phlegmatic), Splodge Kangaroo (sanguine), and Shifty Dingo (leukine).
  • Bonkers: Lucky Piquel (choleric), Fawn Deer (melancholic), Fallapart Rabbit (phlegmatic), and Bonkers (sanguine).
  • The Boondocks: Robert (choleric), Huey (melancholic), Tom (phlegmatic), Riley (sanguine), and Jazmine (leukine).
  • Brickleberry: Steve (melancholic), Denzel and Woody (choleric), Ethel (phlegmatic), Connie (sanguine), and Malloy (leukine).
  • Captain Planet: Kwame (melancholic - earth), Wheeler (choleric - fire), Linka (sanguine - wind / air), Gi (phlegmatic - water), and Ma-ti (leukine - heart).
  • Code Lyoko: Yumi and Ulrich (melancholic), Jeremie (phlegmatic), Odd (sanguine), and Aelita (leukine).
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: Numbuh One - Nigel Uno (melancholic), Numbuh Two - Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr. (phlegmatic), Numbuh Three - Kuki Sanban (sanguine), Numbuh Four - Wallabee Beetles (choleric), and Numbuh Five - Abigail Lincoln (leukine).
  • Dan Vs.: Dan (choleric), Elyse Jr. (melancholic), Chris (phlegmatic), Mr. Mumbles (sanguine)
  • Danny Phantom's four-member "Team Phantom" can exhibit these: Danny is melancholic for good leadership skills, but highly emotional personality; Jazz (though not depressive) is sanguine for her kind-but-perfectionist persona; Sam is phlegmatic because she's a responsible Stoic Goth; and Tucker is choleric for he's fun loving.
  • Daria:
    • The Fashion Club: Quinn (melancholic), Sandi (choleric), Stacy (sanguine), and Tiffany (phlegmatic).
    • Daria's family: Quinn (sanguine), Helen (phlegmatic), Daria (melancholic), and Jake (choleric).
    • As far as Lawndale High School: Mr. DeMartino (choleric), Mr. O'Neill (phlegmatic), Kevin and Brittany (sanguine), and Mack and Jodie (melancholic)
    • Finally, there's Mystik Spiral: Trent Lane (phlegmatic), Jesse Moreno (melancholic), Max Tyler (choleric), and Nicholas Campbell (sanguine).
  • Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines: Dick Dastardly (choleric), Klunk (melancholic), and Zilly (phlegmatic), and Muttley (sanguine).
  • The neighborhood kids on Ed, Edd n Eddy:: Sarah and Kevin (choleric), Jimmy (leukine, sometimes choleric), Jonny (sanguine), and Plank (leukine), Rolf, and Nazz (phlegmatic).
    • The Eds as well: Edd (phlegmatic-melancholic), Ed (sanguine), and Eddy (choleric).
  • Family Guy:
    • Neighbors: Peter (choleric), Joe (melancholic), Cleveland (phlegmatic), and Quagmire (sanguine).
    • Family: Peter and Stewie (choleric), Lois (phlegmatic), Meg and Brian (melancholic), and Chris (sanguine).
  • The Flintstones: Fred (choleric), Betty (melancholic), Wilma (phlegmatic), and Barney (sanguine).
  • Futurama: Fry (melancholic), Leela (phlegmatic), Bender (choleric), and Farnsworth (sanguine).
    • Other characters: Zoidberg (sanguine), Hermes (phlegmatic), Nibbler (melancholic), Amy (choleric), and Scruffy (leukine).
  • Gravity Falls: Grunkle Stan (choleric), Mabel (sanguine), Dipper (melancholic), Soos (phlegmatic) and Wendy (leukine).
  • Green Lantern: The Animated Series: Hal Jordan (sanguine), Kilowog (choleric), Aya (phlegmatic) and Razer (melancholic).
  • Grojband: Corey (sanguine), Laney (phlegmatic), Kin (melancholic), and Kon (choleric).
    • Also, Trina (choleric), Mina (melancholic), Kate and Allie (sanguines), and Nick (phlegmatic).
  • A good chunk of the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters that are connected to the Yogi Bear universe fit this mold if you put them together (think of all of the main characters in Yogi's Treasure Hunt minus Ranger Smith, Snooper and Blabbermouse, Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy with Baba Looey included). Yogi (sanguine), Quick Draw McGraw (choleric, albeit a more dim-witted and incompetent example), Snagglepuss (melancholic, although mostly in terms of mannerisms since he's much more upbeat and cheerful than most examples), Huckleberry Hound (phlegmatic), Boo Boo and Baba Looey (leukine), and Top Cat (sanguine/choleric).
  • The four main kids on Hey Arnold!: Arnold (melancholic), Helga (choleric), Gerald (sanguine), and Phoebe (phlegmatic).
  • Invader Zim: Zim (choleric), Dib (melancholic), Gaz (phlegmatic), and Gir (sanguine).
  • Jackie Chan Adventures:
    • The Dark Hand Enforcers (after Tohru left): Hak Foo (choleric), Chow (melancholic), Ratso (phlegmatic), and Finn (sanguine).
    • The heroes once Tohru joined them: Uncle (choleric), Jackie (melancholic), Tohru (phlegmatic), and Jade (sanguine).
  • The Jetsons: George (sanguine), Jane (melancholic), Elroy (phlegmatic), and Judy (choleric) and Rosie (leukine).
  • Jungle Cubs: Shere Khan (choleric), Bagheera (melancholic), Baloo (phlegmatic), and Louis (sanguine).
  • The seven founding members of the Justice League seem to fit this pretty well for the most part: Superman (melancholic), Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl (choleric), Batman and Green Lantern (phlegmatic), Flash (sanguine), and Martian Manhunter (leukine).
  • Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters has three groups:
    • The main trio: Ray (choleric/sanguine), Gabe (melancholic), and Allie (sanguine).
    • The Duel Masters: Nigel (choleric), Nadia (melancholic), Chavez (phlegmatic), Kimora (sanguine), and Jaha (leukine).
    • The Choten's side: Alakshmi (choleric), Suguru/ Ken Okamoto (melancholic), The Choten (phlegmatic), Fingers (sanguine), and Heller (leukine).
  • The four members of "Team Possible" in Kim Possible: Kim (melancholic), Ron (choleric), Rufus (sanguine), and Wade (phlegmatic).
  • King of the Hill: Hank Hill (melancholic), Dale Gribble (choleric), Boomhauer (phlegmatic), and Bill Dauterive (sanguine).
    • The Hill family also qualifies: Hank (melancholic), Peggy (choleric), Bobby (phlegmatic), and Luanne (sanguine).
  • The Land Before Time series: Littlefoot (melancholic), Cera (choleric), Petrie (sanguine), Ducky (phlegmatic), and Spike (leukine).
  • Littlest Pet Shop: Zoe and Pepper (choleric), Russell and Sunil (melancholic), Penny and Blythe (phlegmatic), Minka and Vinnie (sanguine).
  • The Looney Tunes Show: Bugs Bunny (phlegmatic/leukine), Daffy Duck (choleric/melancholic), Lola Bunny (sanguine/choleric), Porky Pig (melancholic/phlegmatic) and Tina Russo Duck (phlegmatic/sanguine).
  • The kids in Ms. Frizzle's class on The Magic School Bus:
    • The boys: Ralphie (sanguine), Carlos (choleric), Tim (melancholic), and Arnold (phlegmatic).
    • The girls: Wanda (sanguine), Keesha (choleric), Dorothy Ann (melancholic), and Phoebe (phlegmatic).
  • Men In Black: Jay (sanguine), Kay (melancholic), Elle (phlegmatic), and Zed (choleric).
  • Metalocalypse: Dethklok: Nathan (melancholic), Pickles (choleric), Skwisgaar (phlegmatic), Murderface (sanguine) and Toki (leukine).
  • Mr. Bogus: In one of the rare cases that Bogus and his cousin Brattus get paired up with their enemies, Ratty and Mole, it goes like this: Bogus (melancholic), Brattus (sanguine) Ratty (choleric), and Mole (phlegmatic).
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:
    • Choleric: Applejack (extroverted, confident, and stubborn) and Rainbow Dash (ambitious and prone to aggression).
    • Melancholic: Twilight Sparkle (introverted, organized, and has high expectations) and Rarity (work-focused and obsessed with detail).
    • Phlegmatic: Fluttershy (introverted, compassionate, and docile).
    • Sanguine: Pinkie Pie (fun-loving, loud, and driven to seek others' attention).
    • Leukine: Spike (the most well-balanced of the seven).
    • Princess Luna (melancholic), Princess Celestia (leukine), and Princess Cadance (sanguine).
      • Works for the four main villains, too: Queen Chrysalis (choleric), Nightmare Moon (melancholic), King Sombra (phlegmatic), and Discord (definitely sanguine).
  • Oscar's Oasis: On the rare ocassions Oscar teams up with the trio: Popy (choleric), Buck (melancholic), Oscar (phlegmatic), and Harchi (sanguine).
  • The Penguins of Madagascar: Skipper (melancholic), Kowalski (sanguine), Private (phlegmatic), and Rico (choleric).
  • The Perils of Penelope Pitstop: Penelope is melancholic; Clyde is choleric; Dum-Dum and Pockets are phlegmatic; and the Hooded Claw (Sylvester Sneekly) is sanguine. Of the other characters: Softy (melancholic), Yak-Yak (sanguine), Snoozy (phlegmatic), and Zippy (leukine).
  • Phineas and Ferb
    • Fletcher family: Lawrence Fletcher (melancholic), Linda Flynn-Fletcher (sanguine), Candace Flynn-Fletcher (choleric), Phineas Flynn-Fletcher (sanguine) Ferb Fletcher- (phlegmatic)
    • The Johnson family: Jack Johnson (sanguine), "Hawkeye" Johnson (melancholic), Jeremy Johnson (phlegmatic), Suzy Johnson (choleric)
    • The kids: Baljett Tjinder (melancholic), Buford van Stomm (choleric), Isabella Garcia Shapiro (phlegmatic), Irving Du Bois (leukine)
    • The teens: Stacy Hirano (sanguine), Jenny Brown and Vanessa Doofenshmirtz (melancholic), Coltrane and Monty Monogram (phlegmatic), Albert Du Bois (choleric)
    • OWCA: Major Francis Monogram (choleric), Carl Karl and Perry the Platypus (leukine)
    • Other: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz (sanguine/choleric), Charlene Doofenshmirtz (melancholic)
  • Pig Goat Banana Cricket: Pig (phlegmatic), Goat (choleric), Banana (sanguine), and Cricket (melancholic).
  • The Powerpuff Girls: Bubbles (sanguine), Buttercup (choleric), Blossom (melancholic), Professor Utonium (phlegmatic)
  • Recess:
    • Melancholic: T.J. Detweiler (Team leader, determined, charismatic).
    • Choleric: (Ashley) Spinelli (Hot-tempered, ambitious).
    • Choleric/Melancholic: Vince LaSalle (Hard-working perfectionist who's also ambitious and determined).
    • Phlegmatic: Gretchen Grundler (Smart, hard-working).
    • Sanguine: Mikey Blumberg (Extroverted, optimistic).
    • Leukine: Gus Griswald (Sweet, shy).
  • Regular Show generally has two characters per temperament for the main park staff:
  • Rocket Power: Otto (choleric), Reggie (melancholic), Twister (sanguine), and Sam/Squid (phlegmatic).
  • Rocko's Modern Life: Heffer (choleric), Filburt (phlegmatic/melancholic), Rocko (melancholic/phlegmatic), and Spunky (sanguine).
  • The human characters of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated appropriately match their own color schemes. Daphne (Red Hair) is sanguine/choleric, the most enthusiastic, emotional and outspoken of the group. Velma (Yellow Sweater) is phlegmatic/choleric, exhibiting brains when solving the mystery, however she gets rather pushy, and tends to brood when things don't go her way. Fred (Blue Trousers) is melancholic/phlegmatic as he is the leader of the team, obsessive (when it comes to traps) and emotionally high strung (when Daphne is in danger). Shaggy (Green Shirt) is sanguine/phlegmatic, the Non-Action Guy who runs from anything spooky, is only there to react to the situations and makes jokes. Scooby (Brown Fur) fits into leukine, as he is rather non-confrontational and the heart of the team.
    • The main villains, as well: Mayor Jones (Choleric), Professor Pericles (Phlegmatic), Mr. E (Melancholic), and Brad & Judy (sanguine).
  • The Simpsons have varied personalities over the years, but here is the most traditional lineup:
    • Homer (choleric/sanguine), Marge (phlegmatic/melancholic), Bart (sanguine), Lisa (melancholic), and Maggie (leukine).
    • Bart's "gang": Bart is leukine, Nelson is choleric, and Ralph is sanguine. Milhouse and Martin are alternatively melancholic or phlegmatic.
    • The regulars at Moe's Tavern: Homer (choleric), Barney (sanguine), Carl (melancholic), and Lenny (phlegmatic).
    • The Bullies: Nelson (melancholic), Jimbo (choleric), Dolph (phlegmatic), and Kearney (sanguine).
  • South Park: Cartman (choleric), Kenny (sanguine), Kyle (phlegmatic), Stan (melancholic), and Butters (leukine).
    • The Marshes: Randy (sanguine), Sharon (phlegmatic), Stan (melancholic), and Shelly (choleric).
    • Craig's Gang: Craig (choleric), Clyde (leukine), Token (melancholic), and Jimmy (phlegmatic).
    • The main school staff: Mr. Garrison (choleric), Mr. Slave (sanguine), Principal Victoria (phlegmatic), and Chef (melancholic).
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Spongebob (melancholic), Patrick (sanguine), Squidward (phlegmatic), Mr. Krabs (choleric) and Gary (leukine).
  • Steven Universe: Steven (melancholic or phlegmatic), Garnet (choleric/leukine), Amethyst (sanguine) and Pearl (phlegmatic or melaancholic).
  • The teachers from Stickin' Around: Mr. Lederhosen (choleric), Principal Coffin (melancholic/phlegmatic), and Ms. Mobley (sanguine).
  • Storm Hawks: Aerrow (choleric), Stork (melancholic), Junko (phlegmatic), Finn (sanguine), and Piper (leukine).
    • The Cyclonians, as well: Ravess (choleric), Master Cyclonis (melancholic), Dark Ace (phlegmatic), and Snipe (sanguine).
  • TaleSpin: Rebecca (choleric), Kit (melancholic), Wildcat (phlegmatic), Baloo (sanguine), and Molly (leukine).
  • To quote the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song: Leonardo leads (melancholic); Donatello does machines (phlegmatic); Raphael is cool, but rude (choleric); Michaelangelo is a party dude (sanguine).
    • Or, for ''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 (the same combination), "Leonardo's always in control; The wiseguy is Michelangelo; Donatello, he's the brains of the bunch; Count on Raphael to throw the first punch!"
  • Teen Titans: Robin (melancholic), Beast Boy (sanguine), Cyborg (choleric), Raven (phlegmatic), and Starfire (leukine).
    • And as in the comics, the Doom Patrol with Mento replacing Niles Caulder as the choleric leader.
  • The tender engines in Thomas the Tank Engine: Gordon (choleric), Henry (melancholic), Edward (phlegmatic), and James (sanguine).
  • Thunder Cats 2011:
    • Lion-O (melancholic), Pumyra (choleric), Panthro (starts out melancholic, gradually becomes more choleric), Cheetara (phlegmatic), Wilykit (phlegmatic/melancholic), Tygra (sanguine), and Wilykat (leukine).
    • For the villains: Slithe (choleric), Vultaire (melancholic), Addicus (phlegmatic), Kaynar (sanguine), and Mumm-Ra (leukine).
    • In the original series, Tygra was the melancholic one while Panthro was choleric. Kit and Kat's temperaments were also reversed.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs (choleric), Buster (melancholic), Plucky (sanguine), and Hampton (phlegmatic).
  • Titan Maximum: Palmer (choleric), Sasha (sanguine), Jodi (phlegmatic), Willie (melancholic), and Leon (leukine).
    • Originally, Palmer (choleric), Sasha (sanguine), Jodi (phlegmatic), Gibbs (melancholic), and Spud (leukine).
  • Transformers has the Dinobots. Grimlock would be choleric when compared to almost any other Autobot, but amongst his own team he's relegated to leukine, with violent, sociopathic Slag as the resident choleric. The other three are fairly cut-and-dried, with pessimist Snarl as the melancholic, quiet and somewhat dim Sludge as the phlegmatic, and affable Swoop as the sanguine.
  • The five main Autobots of Transformers Animated: Optimus Prime (choleric), Ratchet (melancholic), Prowl (phlegmatic), Bumblebee (sanguine), and Bulkhead (leukine).
  • Transformers Prime:
    • Team Prime: Arcee and Ultra Magnus (choleric), Ratchet (melancholic), Bumblebee (phlegmatic), Bulkhead, Wheeljack and Smokescreen (sanguine), and Optimus (leukine).
    • The Decepticons: Megatron and Starscream (choleric), Dreadwing and Predaking (melancholic), Soundwave (phlegmatic), Knock Out (sanguine), Breakdown and Shockwave (leukine).
  • Transformers Rescue Bots:
    • The Rescue Bots are: Heatwave (melancholic), Chase (choleric), Boulder (sanguine), and Blades (phlegmatic).
  • Trollz: Ruby (Choleric), Amethyst/Onyx (Melancholic), Topaz (Sanguine), Sapphire (Phlegmatic).
  • Most of the main characters of VeggieTales fit this mold; Bob the Tomato (choleric), Larry the Cucumber (sanguine), Junior Asparagus (leukine), Archibald Asparagus (melancholic), Jimmy Gourd (sanguine/choleric), and Jerry Gourd (phlegmatic).
  • The Venture Bros.: Brock Samson (choleric, sometimes melancholic), Dean (phlegmatic), Dr. Venture (melancholic, sometimes choleric), and Hank (sanguine).
  • Wander over Yonder: Wander (sanguine/phlegmatic), Sylvia (sanguine/choleric), Lord Hater (choleric), Peepers (melancholic).
  • The latter half of Wheelie And The Chopper Bunch; Chopper (choleric), Revs (melancholic), Hi-Riser (phlegmatic), and Scrambles (sanguine).
  • The main group from "Western Animation/WITCH" fits: Will (Phlegmatic), Irma, (Sanguine), Taranee (Melancholic), Cornelia (Choleric), and Hay Lin (Leukine)
    • Some of the guys on the show show fit too: Caleb (Choleric), Matt (Phlegmatic), and Blunk (Sanguine)
  • Winnie-the-Pooh: Pooh (phlegmatic), Tigger (sanguine), Rabbit (choleric), Eeyore (melancholic, of course), and Piglet (leukine).
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Raimundo (sanguine-wind), Omi (phlegmatic-water), Clay (melancholic-earth), Kimiko (choleric-fire).
  • Young Justice: Kid Flash (sanguine), Speedy (choleric), Robin (melancholic), and Aqualad (phlegmatic). After Speedy leaves, Superboy fills in for the choleric.

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