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05:10:38 AM Nov 4th 2015
How is Aang melancholic?
12:59:08 PM Nov 4th 2015
There is a lot of misuse on the page. If you're sure that the character doesn't fit then please remove the example with an edit reason.
05:08:32 PM Sep 29th 2015
edited by m0rt1mer
Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Kyle from South Park is phlegmatic? Some of the traits for phlegmatic are calm, quiet, mysterious, forgiving, pleasant, empathetic, yet indifferent, submissive, slow, and a slacker. From what I've seen from South Park, Kyle fits none of that criteria, especially the parts about being calm, forgiving, and indifferent, or being a slacker. Most phlegmatics do not have a Hair Trigger Temper.
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