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Characters: Ultraman Ginga
Ultraman Ginga character sheet

Hikaru Raido

Played by (Hikaru): Takuya Negishi
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The protagonist of the series, Hikaru is The Chosen One of the Ginga Spark a legendary item of the Land of Light, that allows him to Ultra Live into various Monsters and Ultras through the Spark Dolls. He's also the host of Ultraman Ginga, a mysterious Ultra whose Spark Doll resides in the Ginga Spark

Ultraman Ginga

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita

Misuzu Isurugi

Played by: Mio Miyatake
Hikaru's childhood friend and a priestess in the Ginga Shrine, she was the first person to discover Taro and learn of Hikaru's role as Ginga.

Ultraman Taro

Voiced by: Hiroya Ishimaru

Known as the 6th Ultraman, Taro is an Ultra warrior that fought in earth a long time ago, during the Dark Spark War he alongside his fellow Ultras was turned into a Spark Doll, for reasons unknown he kept his consciousness and some of his powers. Currently the only Spark Doll that Hikaru cannot Ultra Live into.

Chigusa Kuno

Played by: Kirara
A friend of Hikaru's from his childhood. Sweet and kind, she works hard to be an idol.

  • The Cutie
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Her jealousy towards Misuzu getting chosen to replace an idol instead of her, leads her to DarkLive into Ragon and attack Ginga. She gets better.
  • Idol Singer: Her goal.

Kenta Watarai

Played by: Mizuki Ohno
Another friend of Hikaru's from his childhood who has an unrequited crush on Misuzu and wishes to be a photographer.

Tomoya Ichijouji

Played by: Takuya Kusakawa
A classmate of Hikaru and company, who is known to be quiet and non-social, however he has a strange interest in Hikaru. He's actually Jean-Killer's pilot and an enemy to Hikaru/Ginga.

Jean-Killer / Jean-Nine

Created by Beatstar as the ultimate anti-Ultraman weapon, Jean-Killer is a robot piloted by Tomoya. Originally a sentient being and an ally of Ultraman Zero, Jean-Killer lost his consciousness and was turned into a Spark Doll during the Dark Spark war. Through the Gunpad, he can return to his original size and be piloted.

Dark Lugiel

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita


Voiced by: Tatsuya Hashimoto

Nackle-seijin Gray

Voiced by: Kunji Hirano


Played by: Kiyotaka Uji

The other protagonist of Ginga S with ability to transform into Ultraman Victory.

Chible-seijin Exceller

Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi

Android One-Zero

Played by: Moga Mogami

Guts-seijin Bolst

Voiced by: Horii Kaneko
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