YMMV / Ultraman Ginga

  • Complete Monster:
    • Dark Lugiel ("Darkness Demon") is Ginga's Evil Counterpart and dark side. They split because Ginga wanted life to change and evolve naturally, while Lugiel wanted life to remain in stasis, which meant killing and petrifying everyone in existence. To do so, Lugiel started a tremendous war between the heroes and villains of the Ultra Series, with himself leading the charge on the villainous side—only to turn on them and use his Dark Spark to turn everyone on both sides into Spark Dolls. Ultraman Taro was still able to speak, but everyone else was trapped as an immobile tiny statue until Lugiel decided to use their powers for something. Thanks to Ginga, Lugiel lost his own body, so he takes over a woman in Japan and uses his trapped minions to torment the students all over an elementary school. Lugiel had no restraints about throwing them aside when necessary—he kills Alien Icarus, reverting his body to a Spark Doll after Icarus fails and surrenders to the heroes. After Lugiel finally gains enough power to strike directly, he mind rapes dozens of people, inflicting them with such despair that they pass out, while Lugiel feeds on this to restore his own powers. When Ginga attempts to stop him, Lugiel goes for a sucker punch and then tortures a half-powered Ginga until he too loses consciousness. Lugiel is beaten, but comes back in the sequel as Dark Lugiel, returning after his body was restored by Alien Chibu Exceller, and used as a weapon against Ginga and Victory. Lugiel then takes his body back, kills Exceller via a shot to the back, and takes over his new enhanced Vict Lugiel form and preparing to use his powers to turn all of humanity into Spark Dolls. He gleefully gloats that he'd create the ultimate paradise...but it'd only be perfect for himself.
    • The aforementioned Alien Chibu Exceller ("Brain Alien") is a depraved little alien and the source of the conflict in Ginga S. He leads an invasion force to Earth, wrecking an entire city, to get his tentacles on the Victorium Element and resurrect his "Grand Master", Dark Lugiel. To this end, he razes a city with an army of giant robots and monsters. However, Exceller has loyalty to no one but himself, coldly throwing his own subordinates aside when they are no longer of use. He commands his own sentient loyal right-hand woman, Android Zero-One, to self-destruct inside the enemy base because it'd be too inconvenient to teleport her back. He allows Vorst, his other loyal servant, to be killed by the Japanese military, after taking over Vorst's mind and using him like a puppet to attack the main protagonists. As Five King, Exceller took great pleasure in beating and torturing Ultraman Ginga and Victory, pummeling them so badly that they turned to stone and the two giants nearly died for good. After having the benevolent kaiju Shepardon murdered, Exceller gains enough Victorium to resurrect Dark Lugiel as Vict Lugiel. However he did not revive his master's mind; Exceller betrays him as well, using his mechanized body as a puppet before Lugiel comes back on his own. Exceller shows no remorse for any of this, gloating that his many betrayed servants were simply pawns to be used and discarded as he saw fit.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Ultraman Ginga's theme whenever he appears and fights. You know badassery will occur from the song.
  • Follow the Leader: Kamen Rider Decade and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, of course.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Kemur-Man chasing Misuzu in the school at night.
  • Tear Jerker: Episode #3 has a lot of them.