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This page is for characters in the Star Wars Expanded Universe New Jedi Order, Dark Nest Trilogy, Legacy of the Force, and Fate of the Jedi book series, as well as the standalone novels Millennium Falcon, Crosscurrent, and Riptide, along with the comic series Invasion. The comic series Legacy has its own page.

Note that there is significant character overlap with the X-Wing Series, with the novel Mercy Kill taking place in this time period. For characters from that novel, please refer to that series character page.

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Tenel Ka Djo

Tenel Ka Djo was the daughter of the man who almost married Leia in The Courtship of Princess Leia. A hot-headed princess, she was attending the Jedi Academy by the time of the Young Jedi Knights series and was friends with the Solo children. An accident during a lightsaber training session against Jacen cost her an arm, that she refused to replace with a prosthetic. She eventually grew up to inherit the throne her mother and grandmother had held before her. She had a daughter with Jacen, but had to fake Allana's death to protect her from political opponents.
  • Laser Blade: Used a turquoise bladed lightsaber with a hilt made out of a rancor's tooth.
  • Love Epiphany: She finally realizes she loves Jacen after he's captured by the Vong in Star by Star and she mistakenly believes he's been killed. After he returns though, it takes seven more years for them to actually get together.
  • No Sense of Humor: At first: develops one later.
  • Rebellious Princess: In the Young Jedi Knights series.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: No matter how much she loves Jacen, she just can't stand aside and do nothing when he turns to the dark side.
  • Tomboy Princess: When she was younger.

Allana Djo Solo

The young daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo.
  • Big Good: If the multitude of visions about her future are to be believed.
  • The Chosen One: Allana seems to be headed this way with the frequency of people having visions of her sitting on the Throne of Balance (i.e. having some big part to play in leading the galaxy).
    • In Vortex, Taalon sees the vision of Allana and is scared out of his mind of the idea of the galaxy being ruled by a "Jedi Queen." Even Abeloth seems determined not to let this future come to pass. In Conviction, a Sith strike team attempts to assassinate Tenel Ka because they (correctly) fear that she is or will be the mother of the Jedi Queen.
    • In Apocalypse it's revealed that The Throne of Balance is actually where the being in charge of the Force itself sits. It's not just stepping stone to get to godhood, it is godhood.
  • Faking the Dead: To hide her from the various groups trying to assassinate her, Tenel Ka pretended she perished in a nanovirus attack, then sent her to be adopted by her grandparents Han Solo and Leia Organa. Allana is now the war orphan Amelia Solo.
  • Little Miss Badass: Is pressed into combat at nine years old.
  • Small Girl, Big Gun: For her first combat experience, in Apocalypse. She gets a smaller weapon later on.

Taryn Zel

A cousin of Tenal Ka, Taryn Zel and her twin sister Trista are part of a secret Hapan organization that protects and serves the Queen Mother. After meeting Jedi Knight Zekk near the end of the Second Galactic Civil war, they entered into a relationship and became engaged after a secret mission together.

Trisdin Gheer

    Chiss Ascendancy 

Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano (core name: Formbi)

Shawnkyr Nuruodo

  • Number Two: To Jag in Vanguard Squadron during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Chief Navigator Peita Aabe

Commander Hess'irolia'nuruodo (core name: Irolia)

A young Chiss officer of the Expansionary Defense Force, Irolia is an ally of Soonter Fel.


Sintas Vel
Wife to Boba Fett, Sintas experienced a break up with him, and was frozen in carbonite for 40 years.

Mirta Gev

The grandaughter of Boba Fett, Mirta was born to Fett's daughter Ailyn Vel and Mandalorian warrior Makin Marec, she became her mothers partner in bounty hunting, joining with her in their search to kill her grandfather. She eventually joins Fett after her mothers death and learning that he was nothing like she and her mother had thought.
  • Anti-Hero: Type III most of the time, but can be a Type IV on a bad day, like when she kills three unarmed GAG soldiers after being tortured by Darth Caedus.
  • Happily Married: To Ghes.
  • Odd Friendship: With Jaina Solo, because she is a Jedi and her brother killed Mirta's mother.
  • Parental Abandonment: Both her parents end up dead: Marec dies in a hull breach accident and Ailyn is murdered by Jacen Solo.
  • You Can't Go Home Again: Caedus had Mandalore seeded with a nano-virus that will kill any member of the Fett family who steps foot on the planet.

Goran Beviin

A Mandalorian commando and bounty hunter, Beviin serves a Mandalore Boba Fett's chief advisor and lieutenant. He runs a small farm on Mandalore alongside his husband Medrit Vasur and their adopted daughter Dinua Jeban.
  • Anti-Hero: Type II: while he sometimes does political assassinations, he only accepts bounties on criminals and the corrupt.
  • The Berserker: He can clear his mind of anything else and have a singleminded focus on killing whatever is in front of him without mercy. The one time this is shown is when he is sparring with Jaina Solo, who gets freaked out by it since Goran is so nice and laid back the rest of the time.
  • The Creon: He has had multiple opportunites to become Mandalore, something which Boba Fett would probably welcome, but Goran doesn't want the title anymore than Fett does.
  • The Consigliere / Honest Advisor: For Fett: he never holds back on his opinion or criticism of how Fett is handling being Mandalore.
  • Master Swordsman: He uses a beskad (a sword made out of Mandalorian iron) as his main weapon. He killed dozens of Yuuzhan Vong with it in hand-to-hand combat during the war.
  • Number Two: To Fett, often being placed in charge of any potential crises that might come up when Fett isn't on Madalore, which is very often.

Medrit Vasur

Ghes Orade

Novoc Vevut

Ram Zerimar

Baltan Carid

Isko Talgal

Venku Skirata

Belok Rhal

A human Mandalorian commando who commands a small army of Mandalorians, Rhal was hired by Chief of State Natasi Daala to lay siege to the Jedi Temple and eliminate anyone who stood in her way. He proved to be a complete psychopath when he murdered Jedi Apprentice Kani Asari when she came out to negotiate on behalf of the Jedi, When he began to put down a peaceful slave protest by massacring everyone involved, including a reporter filming the event, two Jedi Knights dispatched to negotiate a solution captured him and turned him over to the authorities to be prosecuted.
  • Kick the Dog: His cold-blooded murder of Kani Asari certainly qualifies.


Borga Besadii Diori

Randa Besadii Diori


Supreme Commander Turr Phennir

Dur Gejjen

Denjax Teppler

Sadras Koya

Genna Delpin


Wolam Tser

Tam Elgrin

Javis Tyrr

Madhi Vaandt

Perre Needmo

     Citizens of Artorias 

King Caleb Galfridian

  • Rebel Leader: Against the Yuuzhan Vong as the head of the Artorias resistance.

Queen Nina Galfridian

Princess Kaye Galfridian

  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: With Arbeloa, as a non-romantic example. In one issue, she asks him to relay orders to an army, only for him to tell her that she is their leader. She then points out that the height difference isn't very helpful for shouting commands to the rest of the army.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something


A close friend of King Caled, and a Yuuzhan Vong agent in disguise.


    Other Characters 


Dab Hantaq


Eramuth Bwua'tu


Abeloth is a Force entity that is discovered living in the Maw by Luke and Ben in 43 ABY. She causes a group of Jedi Knights who stayed in the Shelter space station located in the Maw during the Yuuzhan Vong War to go crazy and try to seek her out, in an attempt to gather an army of Force users to take over the galaxy as the "Beloved Queen of the Stars", and to take their bodies as her own. When that fails, she co-opts portions of the Lost Tribe of Sith to serve her. She is somehow related to The Ones, a group of Force entities encountered during The Clone Wars. At the end of Fate of the Jedi, her bodies have been destroyed along with a manifestation of herself in Beyond Shadows, but she will eventually reform, causing the Jedi Order to take steps to stop her for good when she returns.
  • A Beloved Queen of the Stars Am I: Abeloth wants to take over the galaxy because she craves adoration.
  • Assimilation Plot: She takes bodies as her own and absorbs minds in order to make herself stronger.
  • Belated Backstory: She was the "Mother" to The Ones from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Big Bad: Of Fate of the Jedi.
  • Combat Tentacles: Her hands have long, writhing tentacles for fingers with suction cup tips, and she can use them to attack.
  • Eldritch Abomination: She's this kind of entity, even if she was once a mortal.
  • Emotion Eater: Abeloth gains her power by feeding off peoples' negative emotions.
  • Enemy to All Living Things: Death follows her everywhere.
  • Face–Monster Turn: Upon drinking from the Font of Power and bathing in the Pool of Knowledge.
  • Face Stealer: She can look like anyone she absorbs.
  • Fighting a Shadow: The reason she's so hard to kill. The real Abeloth seems to exist almost totally within the Force and she can take over physical bodies- sometimes more than one at a time to interact with the physical universe. Killing them weakens her, but doesn't hurt her much in the long run.
  • Glamor Failure: Both Luke and Vestara can see through her illusions.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Her real motivation stemming from her past as The Mother. In fact, love is the very reason why she turned into an abomination: she wanted to be inmortal in order to stay with The Ones forever.
  • More Than Mind Control: This is how she ends up controlling every person in the Maw.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Following the title of the last book in the series, not to mention the Thuruht queen's statement about the end times arriving as soon as she learns about Abeloth's unsealment, it is implied that she's pretty much going to attempt to destroy existence.
  • Physical God: She has divine levels of power.
  • Replacement Goldfish: She tried to force Ben Skywalker and Vestara Khai to take the place of her children, though they instead fought back.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: She was sealed in the Maw, which was made to imprison her.
  • Was Once A Woman: She didn't become an Eldritch Abomination until she tampered with the Fountain of Power and Pool of Knowledge.
  • Yandere: She inherited her interest in Luke from assimilating Callista.