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Literature: Millennium Falcon
Have you ever wondered who owned the Falcon before Lando? Follow us as we hear her entire history. Han, Leia, and "Amelia" go on a quest to Meanwhile, what is that one part Han's never seen? What's this about a treasure? And who named her the Millennium Falcon?

Tropes invoked here include:

  • A Hero Is Born: The book shows the Falcon comming off the assembly line. Appropriately, it inexplicably begins twisting and bucking and nearly shuts down the entire line.
  • Badass Grandpa: Han
  • Continuity Nod: The Stellar Envoy story begins in the Battle of Coruscant.
    • And a suspiciously similar ship can be seen in one scene of "Revenge of the Sith".
  • Dramatic Irony: After coming out of decades-long suspended animation on Obroa-skai and hearing about everything that's happened while he's been out, from the fall of the Empire to the Yuuzhan Vong War to the Second Galactic Civil War, Jadak muses how such a chain of events must be true because no one could possibly have made them up.
  • Foreshadowing: Jedi Knight Seff Hellin's brief appearance and irrational behavior sets up the Force Psychosis subplot of the Fate of Jedi series.
  • I Have Many Names: From Stellar Envoy all the way to Millennium Falcon.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Leia
  • Not Quite Dead: Jadak
  • Retcon: Most of the Falcon's history, up until she fell into Lando's hands. (Her history with Lando, and then with Han, has been pretty well documented prior to this.)
  • Super Hero Origin: In addition to the whole book being one, we actually read about the Falcon coming off the line.
  • The Family for the Whole Family: Casinos have dog shows!
  • Whole Plot Reference: The Maltese Falcon.

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