Characters / Red Panda Adventures

The characters (heroes, villains and bystanders) of the online Radio series Red Panda Adventures.

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    The Terrific Twosome of Toronto 

The Red Panda / August Fenwick

Kit Baxter / The Flying Squirrel

    Citizens of Toronto 

Theodore Chronopolis

Andy Parker

  • Friend on the Force: He is the Red Panda's primary contact on the police force before O'Malley warms up to the idea.

Chief O'Malley

Editor Perley

    Rogues Gallery 

Friedrich von Schlitz

Antonia Zombanistro / Professor Zombie

The Mad Monkey

The Genie

Marcus Bennett / Captain Clockwork

    Other Masked Heroes 

Wentworth James / Doc Rocket

John Archer / John Doe / Red Panda II

One of Captain Clockwork's Mechanical Men turned Home Team member in Season 6.

Tom Tomorrow

Molecule Max

    The Army 

Colonel Fitzroy

Head of the Home Team whose dedication to regulation often sees him butting heads with the Terrific Twosome. Killedofffor Real off screen in one of the biggest Oh, Crap! moments of the series.

The Captain The Major

The only woman in the Home Team and second in command to Colonel Fitzroy until his death when she takes over.

Dr Anna Chronopolis

Daughter of Dr Chronopolis, who is also a doctor. After having her existence leaked to The Major she is bascially commandeered into the army.

  • Les Yay The Major.
  • Gadgeteer Genius Far better with robotics and conventionally modern science than the magic her father focuses on.