Funny / Red Panda Adventures

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    Season Two 
The Dream Factory
  • The Flying Squirrel details an intricate maneuver in which she will dive bomb towards their target and use the momentum to judo throw him into a wall. The Panda's response is an excited "I'd like to see that!"
  • When confronting some counterfeiters, the Red Panda uses his patented technique of tricking them into shooting at where he's hypnotized them to think he is. As the action dies down and he speaks to the boss, another shot goes off. The Panda asks if the boss can get his men to stop firing at the hypnotic projection because it makes him lose his train of thought.

    Season Six 
Stop the Presses
  • The Red Panda and the Mad Monkey end up in an Enemy Mine. Funny in itself, but then you get things like the Panda getting the willies when the Monkey says "Yes, boss." and bickering over whether or not their combined hypnosis making enemies ignore them counts as invisibility.