Heartwarming / Red Panda Adventures

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     Season One 
Rabbit Season
  • Upon learning the Flying Squirrel's birthday had passed, Dr. Chronopolis runs to the gift store of the museum they're investigating to get the best gift he could on short notice: a bag of marbles that proves a handy Chekhov's Gun.

    Season Seven 
The Darkness Beyond
  • The Voodoo woman Marie tells John Doe that he not only has a soul of his own, but another soul is waiting to reunite with him. This inspires John to make sure that, when that reunion comes, he can give a good accounting of himself.

     Season Eight 
Thirteen at Table
  • The Flying Squirrel initially finds it awkward being around the second Molecule Max, due to her friendship with the original, and says the Red Panda feels the same. Max wins them over by sincerely wishing to do right by his mentor's mantle and by being a bit sharper about crime fighting than the other rookies in the episode.

     Season Ten 
The Pentacle
  • After the war is done, Harry Kelly returns home and nearly everyone takes notice of the fact he's all grown up now. The men he looked up to as a boy all put him on a First-Name Basis with them and acknowledge that he played his part same as they all did.

Exit, Stage Left
  • The Red Panda hesitates to aid the Black Eagle in his battle with Elise Bond. He wants to, but worries that helping the Eagle would undermine the rookie superhero's confidence and cause him to think the Red Panda has no faith in him. He ends up doing so in the end, anyway, and when the Black Eagle finds out he is far from offended. Indeed, he's glad to know his mentors have his back even if they don't want him to know about it.