Awesome / Red Panda Adventures

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    Season One 
The Devil's Due
  • The Red Panda vs Nick Diablos. Diablos is a hypnotist on par with the Panda who has convinced several figures they made a Deal with the Devil and owe him tribute. In the course of their battle, Diablos tries to hypnotize the Panda, but fails because it's near impossible to hypnotize a master hypnotist who sees it coming. He moves on to hypnotizing the Flying Squirrel multiple times, hitting her again every time the Panda snaps her out of it. The back and forth makes him seriously consider an exception to Thou Shalt Not Kill, only to instead go possibly farther, subjecting Diablos to the same fate he reserved for his victims: a catatonic state in which he'll experience his greatest fears forever.
    Diablos: You can't... hypnotize... a master-
    Red Panda: If he knows it's what you're trying to do. I did say that, didn't I? That fails to take into account one thing. No matter how good you are at something, sooner or later, you'll meet someone who is much, much, better than you!

    Season Two 
Merlin's Tomb
  • At the start of the episode Doctor Chronopolis is kidnapped by Mordriel the Malevolent, who wants him to give up what he knows about the mystical artifacts he took along with the good doctor. The otherwise Absent-Minded Professor refuses to divulge anything and proves stubborn enough that Mordriel resorts to threatening the Red Panda after managing to capture him, inverting the usual form of a Hostage Situation by threatening the hero to make the hostage comply.

    Season Six 
Stop the Presses
  • The Mad Monkey gives a villainous episode's worth in "Stop The Presses". First he forces the Red Panda into an Enemy Mine by pointing out his own The Only One Allowed to Defeat You mentality while also showing that he had Taken a Level in Badass. Then he led the Red Panda into the Chronicle using his own system of backdoors that he had been using to get around, steal, and not draw the Red Panda's attention. Next he showed how effectively they worked together. Finally, after he and the Red Panda had combined their powers to defeat the threat, he revealed that his baboon army had been robbing the city blind the whole time, and that the Red Panda had to let him escape because he couldn't risk letting that many of Archangel's men get free. Yeah, the Mad Monkey can talk to and acts like a baboon, but he's also a Genre Savvy Chess Master who is the only villain to escape on screen in most of his appearances, including his first.

    Season Eight 
Thirteen at Table
  • The Red Panda vs Mr. Amazing. The Red Panda is a skilled but otherwise normal human while Mr. Amazing is an "ubermensch who converts power from the sun" to become a Flying Brick. The fight is essentially the Red Panda equivalent of Batman vs Superman, and starts with the Red Panda insulting Mr. Amazing's desire for recognition to tick him off enough to enter a one-on-one fight when at least four others were there to back the Red Panda up. In the actual fight, Mr. Amazing is so Unskilled, but Strong that the Panda can easily dodge his telegraphed punches even at super-speed. The Panda even hurts him when he hits back. When Mr. Amazing breaks out the energy blasts, the Red Panda overpowers his "strong will" with hypnosis and employs the oft-used "make them shoot at a mental projection" tactic. Finally the Panda floors Mr. Amazing with beatdown that Kit later reveals utilized kinetic energy force projectors inside his red gauntlets.