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Characters: Power Academy Staff

The staff of Power Academy.

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    Headmaster James Mall 

Headmaster James Mall

Role: Headmaster and Founder of Power Academy

A soldier-turned-superhero, James Mall is the renowned headmaster of Power Academy. He's also a member of an order worshiping a mythical firehawk creature. He's been through no small amount of trouble over the years, and he has put all of his effort and money into the Academy. If it goes under, he's out on the streets.

    Lily Taylor 

Lily Taylor

Role: Nurse, Head of the Female Dorms

Lily was once a superpowered teen vigilante before dedicating herself to becoming a nurse. She was also a close friend of the Ashen family; after their mother died and father disappeared, Val and Isaac were adopted by Lily. In addition to being a mother figure, she has served as a crimefighting mentor for them, training Val to manage her powers. At the Academy, in addition to healing people and providing a calming influence for James, Lily is the head of the female dorms. She has the ability to control and summon plant life to do her bidding, from healing to combat.

    Magi C. Waters 

Magi C. Waters

Role: Psychiatrist, guidance counselor, truancy officer
Power: Water

General Subject Teachers

    Tripp T. Ometer 

Tripp T. Ometer

Power: Elemental absorption, time manipulation (passive)
Role: Teacher, History and the Multiverse

For all he knows, he has always existed. But at one point or another, Tripp was bound to a mystical time gauntlet and charged with being the guardian of time. He serves as the school's History teacher, which naturally involves brief trips into alternate timelines.

     Harken Woods 

Harken Woods

Role: Teacher, Moral Dilemma 101

Harken is ostensibly the Moral Dilemma 101 teacher, but with every iteration of the class, the subject changes each time, forcing the students to think on their feet. He has served as a mentor for James, and despite being legally insane, he is one of the most intelligent members of the staff. Harken has the ability to teleport anywhere, an ability he often uses to surprise people (especially his students). Married to Magi.

  • Blinding Bangs
  • Four-Star Badass: Revealed to have been one in the past.
  • Genius Sweet Tooth
  • He Knows Too Much: While they were still involved in the military, James was sent by the government to hunt down and kill Harken, who had gone rogue. However, it turns out he had defected because he learned too many secrets, asking the wrong questions and provoking the wrong people.
  • Insane Troll Logic: His moral dilemmas; a simple question is given, with no context given beforehand. Example: Burn it or drown it? (Answer: Burn it and then drown it. The target is a zombie; burning the zombie burns down the building you're protecting from the zombie apocalypse, drowning it doesn't kill it fully, and burning it and drowning it is the only way to ensure it's dead.)
  • Insatiable Newlyweds: With Magi.
  • Kaleidoscope Eyes: His eyes are constantly changing color, though they are usually obscured by his bangs.
  • Large Ham
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Reveals himself to be Timmy's actual father, having hidden the truth from him.
  • Mad Scientist
  • Shipper on Deck: With Magi. In preparation for Valentine's Day, the two even start assembling a collage photo album of every couple in the school sharing a tender kiss.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: His class is completely random, often requiring the students to think on their feet in order to pass. Naturally, it's optional. Or is it?
  • Straight Gay
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Has the ability to teleport.
  • Troll: Gets a kick out of messing with students' heads.
  • When Is Purple: Often speaks in a cryptic manner—usually to confuse the hell out of his students.

    Mikoto Nakamura 

Mikoto Nakamura (real name unknown)

Role: Theater teacher, Newspaper Club advisor
Power: Super-fast reflexes

A member of the felis sapiens race, Mikoto was once a crimefighting journalist, writing exposes on the crimes she foiled. However, one day she stumbled across evidence of large-scale plans being made by Equinox—which made her a target. Now under a new identity as a theater teacher, Mikoto has come to the Academy, also serving as the head of the Newspaper Club. She's one of the more lighthearted members of the staff, tending to provide levity to very heavy situations.

    Selene Petrucci 

Selene Petrucci

Role: Teacher, Villainy 101
Power: Life Drain

The result (and sole survivor) of Equinox's Project Revenant, Selene is an elite assassin for the organization, serving as Alexei's right-hand woman and bodyguard. In battle she is, outside of occasional bursts of lucidity, a bloodthirsty killer who relishes a fight. As a result of her training, Selene has the ability to drain life from her enemies, extending her own lifespan in the process, and is currently the Villainy 101 teacher (a combined history/psychology class examining what makes a villain what they are).

    Charmont Paige 

Charmont Paige

Subject: Various; co-librarian

Hailing from the same dimension as Helena, Charmont was a renowned hero in his dimension. Due to being struck by a car mid-teleportation, he has been trapped between different realities. He eventually finds himself in the heroes' world, quickly joining as a teacher at Power Academy. He teaches multiple classes on the various standard academic subjects—history, science, math, etc.—so the other teachers can specialize. His classes are just very rarely seen in-game. He even helps run the library in what spare time he has.

Tech Teachers

    Prof. Vilhelm Christiansen 

Professor Vilhelm Christiansen

Role: Co-teacher, Mad Science

    Jane Searpent 

Jane Searpent

Role: Teacher, Experimental Ethics
Power: None, but highly intelligent

    Timmy Woods 

Timmy/"Tammy" Woods

Harken's nephew, Timmy loves him like a father. When Harken was disowned from the family due to his insanity, he stood up for him, rebelling against his adoptive parents' wishes. Timmy was then disowned himself. He went through a rough childhood, but moved past it to become a successful mad scientist. One of his most prominent inventions is a gender-flip ray, which does exactly what one would expect. In the present, after Vilhelm deserts the Academy, Timmy assumes control of his Mad Science class.

Timmy has the ability to travel through the Internet and cell phones, making him a very specialized technopath. However, outside of some weapon skills, he's very much a Non-Action Guy, preferring a support role in combat.

Magic Teachers

    Arielle DeVries 

Arielle DeVries

Role: Teacher, History of Magic and Mutants

Hailing from 10th-century Scotland, Arielle was a mage brought to the present by Tripp, with whom she often worked together. She has come to the Academy as a teacher, finding a place to teach her theory that magical beings and mutants are linked in some way. She plays a large role as an ally in the Shadow Court sidequests, being the Academy's foremost expert on magic.

    Victoria Scheherazade 

Victoria Scheherazade

Power: Magical affinity
Subject: Paranormal Activity in the Modern Day; library assistant and Arielle's assistant teacher

Victoria was trained as a mage in strict confinement for nearly her whole life, not allowed to leave her house. As a result, she had a lonely childhood and was treated as a freak by others. She was a quick learner, however, and took to magic naturally; eventually, Victoria left her home and came to Kragsmark to find work fighting evil. Despite what her ditzy behavior and general attention span may suggest, Victoria is a witch beyond her years.

She shows up in Kragsmark as the quest giver and main ally for a sidequest chain involving the Shadow Court, and eventually joins the Academy as a teacher (with Arielle taking her under her wing).

Combat and Power Teachers

    Alexei Reznov 

Alexei Grigorovich Reznov

Power: None, but has various cybernetic enhancements, including various weapons built into his bionic arm
Subject: Self-Defense class

A longtime adversary of David Archer, Alexei is the head of the covert Equinox organization. He and his followers are determined to eliminate corruption and bring peace, order, and a new golden age to the world. Their golden age. At any cost. At the Academy, Alexei is the Self-Defense class teacher, in the vein of Defense Against the Dark Arts. He has no superpowers per se, but is cybernetically augmented with Super Strength and has a bionic arm with various weapons and gadgets built into his arm. Subject Zero and her/his allies find themselves, depending on the occasion, at odds with him or working alongside him.

The Others

    Jackson Mall 

Jackson Mall

Role: The school's cook
Power: Can copy anyone's power by making eye contact with them for a period of time



Role: Teacher, Zen 101
Power: Telepathy
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