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Characters: Power Academy Factions
The various factions of Power Academy.

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Hero Factions


Academic Neo Girls of Energetic Love (ANGELs)

Role: School defense force and cheerleading squad (Heroes)
Co-Leaders: Grace Tyler, Christine Gales and Valerie Ashen (forum); rotating leadership, with Val as de facto leader (game)
Other Members: Alice Solheim, Tala X, Layla "Lightning" Ulrich, Gwendyson Z, Sam Manson, Claire Pulsar; Yuil "Trim" Fallin (forum)

    The Guardians 

The Guardians

Role: Protectors of cursed artifacts, keeping them from falling into the wrong hands
Co-Leaders: Gill Barrows, Waldo the Green
Other Members: Alderon De Rain, Simon Locksley

Neutral Factions



Role: Mega-Corporation (Anti-Heroes, Anti-Villains)

    Temporal Tracking And Retrieval 

Temporal Tracking and Retrieval

Role: Squad of specialists employed by Normco

Major Villain Factions

    Knight Research Labs 

Knight Research Labs

Role: Mega Corp., front for Jonathan Knight's evil plans
Leader: Jonathan Knight

    The Shadow Court 

The Shadow Court

Role: Cult (Villains)
Leader: Wardson Hardgreaves
Other Members: Warpen Hardgreaves

    The Church of Terminus 

The Church of Terminus

Members: Andrew Volker, The Arbiter (Slade Ashen)


Equinox (known as the Order of the Dark Star in medieval times)

Role: Black Ops Organization (Villains, Anti-Villains)
Leader: Alexei Reznov
Other Members: Selene Petrucci, Professor Eve Ulrich (former)

    The Exhumed Army 

The Exhumed Army

Role: Horde of cybernetic husks and rogue Equinox operatives (Villains)

Minor Villain Factions

    The Abnormal Chaotics 

The Abnormal Chaotics

Role: Gang of troublemakers
Members: Prexcilia, Quasar, Helena Mychro (Evil), Alistair and Lucia Rudess, Ezekiel Williams, Dahlia Tartakovsky

    Iron Skulls 

The Iron Skulls

Role: Kragsmark's mob organization
  • Boring, but Practical: If they want someone dead, they'll just straight-up shoot them (no Evil Gloating or anything); however, they are very straightforward to a fault.
  • End Of An Era: It certainly feels this way for them; they have basically become obsolete in a world where superheroes and supervillains have become much more prominent. However, they plan on going out with a bang, if nothing else.
  • The Mafia
  • Malevolent Masked Men: Sleek skull masks, generally, though a few Mardi Gras and Venetian carnival masks are seen here and there.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man
  • Wicked Cultured
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