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Characters: Power Academy Outsiders And Others
Other characters in Power Academy not affiliated with the school.

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Relatives of the Students and Staff

    Susan Gales 

Susan Gales

Role: Hero, mother of El Terre, Christine, Aqua and Fury; possibly a future teacher

    Slade Ashen 

Slade Ashen

Valerie and Isaac's late father and a brilliant biologist, Slade was one of David Archer's teammates during his active crimefighting days. He possessed mastery over hydrokinesis and its derivation, cryokinesis, and served as a second-in-command to David. Slade went missing and was presumed dead following a dangerous mission many years ago.

The truth about his ultimate fate is far more complicated, however.

    Amberis Ruin 

Amberis Ruin

Role: Alzeri's sister

    Rudolph Kleiner 

Rudolph Kleiner

Role: CEO of Normco

    William and Jennifer Fairweather 

Talan and Tala's parents (adoptive in the latter's case), William and Jennifer served as The Big Guy and The Chick, respectively, in James' Five-Man Band in the past.

William Fairweather

Jennifer Fairweather

    Eve Ulrich 

Eve Ulrich

Layla's deceased mother. As well as Blaze and Hydro's mother, technically. Much of her life remains enshrouded, as she spent more time with her work than with her daughter—all that is known is that she was a brilliant scientist, like her husband Vladimir. Consumed with grief after the original Layla's tragic death, Eve vowed to recreate her daughter and give her the happy life she never had, creating three clones of her. However, once Vladimir started his rampage of converting people into twisted cyborgs, she helped her daughters escape, imprinting memories of a happy, idyllic life into their minds to conceal the truth. She later committed suicide rather than risk being converted into one of Vladimir's cyborgs.

    Sabrina Shannon 

Sabrina Shannon

Beth's deceased "mother" of sorts. Sabrina was an exotic dancer and lady of the night who had a fling with Jonathan. Except not really. She died in a building collapse a short time afterward which was caused by Jonathan when she denied his advances. Despite her profession, Sabrina was still a good person nonetheless; she ended up working at the Den of Angels, an exotic nightclub in Paranorm staffed by angels—one of multiple places in town where the party can pick up new missions. Beth can also reunite with her mother here.


    The Experiments 
Skill (Experiment 003) (Deceased)
Role: Student

Ability (Experiment 001) (Deceased)
Role: Student

Power (Experiment 002) (Deceased)
Role: Student

    Orpheus Woods 
Orpheus Woods
Role: Malevolent force inhabiting the Glass Eyes

    Alice Darmor 

Alice Darmor

    Kylie Devries (Original) 
Kylie DeVries (original)
Power: Ultrasonic Voice

    Dilan Crosser 

Dilan Crosser

Power: Elasticity

    Sonja (Experiment 09328) 

Sonja (Experiment 09328

Power: Adept at martial arts, has tentacle-like appendages

    Samantha Plain and Her "Sisters" 

Samantha Plain

    Haven Spirit 
Haven Spirit (Deceased)
Role: Student

    Elana Byrne 

Elana Byrne

Role: Student

    Ewan Karpyshyn 
Ewan Karpyshyn
Role: Security (formerly; departed the Academy)

    Visitors from the Future 

Talan Fairweather Jr.
Role: Future son of Talan and Lightning

Helena DeRain
Role: Future daughter of Swilium and Aqua

Sakura Locksley
Role: Future daughter of Valerie and Simon

Johnny Mall
Role: Future son of James and Lily

Role: Future daughter of Trim

Role: Future daughter of Christine

Meg Woods
Role: Future daughter of Harken and Magi

Role: Alternate timeline version of Vladimir

Kayla Mall
Role: Future daughter of Kivuli and Krion

Leon Barrows

  • Mirror Universe: Natch. Aside from the morality inversion, most characters retain their Earth-1 traits except where noted.

Alexei Reznov

Gill Barrows

James Mall

  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Whereas the main-universe James wears a coat with no shirt underneath, evil!James just goes shirtless.

Sam Manson

Talan Fairweather


Vladimir Kirov

    Never Tell Me The Odds 
Most, if not all, of the tropes associated with the characters playing the cast are still in effect here, and everyone retains their powers to a certain extent.

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