Characters: Open Season


Voiced by: Martin Lawrence (first film) Mike Epps (second film) Matthew J. Munn (third film)


Voiced by: Ashton Kutcher (first film) Joel McHale (second film) Matthew W. Taylor (third film)
  • Funny Animal: Doesn't wear any clothes, but walks upright on his hind legs most of the time.


Voiced by: Gary Sinise

  • Arbitrary Skepticism: He believes animals will overthrow mankind but doesn't believe bigfoot is real.


Voiced by: Jane Krakowski (first two films) Melissa Sturm (third film)


Voiced by: Billy Connolly (first two films) Andre Sogliuzzo (third film)

Mr. Weenie

Voiced by: Cody Cameron


Voiced by: Matthew W. Taylor

The Rabbits


Voiced by: Patrick Warburton (first film) Matthew W. Taylor (second and third films)


Voiced by: Crispin Glover

  • The Atoner: In the third film he seems to have given up his old ways that may or may not have driven him insane in the first sequel. This is apparently because he was fixed.
  • Sanity Slippage: In the second film, where he slowly begins losing his fur and his eyes begin to get more and more twitchy.


Voiced by: Steve Schirripa


Voiced by: Sean Mullin

  • Fat and Skinny: Skinny to Stanley's fat.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Pretty much sealed in this dialog:
    Roger: Weenie, it's been ages!
    Stanley: Oh, here's my chance.
    Mr. Weenie: Roger! Hey, let's go find your buddy Stanley.
    Stanley: No no no no, he's your friend now!
  • Simpleton Voice: He has one of the most hilariously stupid voices in all of Western Animation, and it fits his character perfectly.


Voiced by: Fred Stoller


Voiced by: Dana Snyder