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For Open Season:

  • Boog asks Elliot to sing 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' to help him sleep out in the open. Elliot doesn't know the words.
    Elliot: [off-key] Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow tree./He lived downstairs from a flatulent dwarf who was constantly having to pee./One day, the elf could take no more,/So he went to bang on the rude dwarf's door,/And what do you know? They suddenly both were maaaaarried!
    • Even better is that he pantomimes the whole thing. Including the "pee" stanza.
  • The entire Boog and Elliot trashing the convince store scene with Deathrays "Wanna Lose Control" playing
    • Elliot wearng a gumball despenser on his head "I COME IN PEACE"
    • The two inhaling helium from balloons.
    Boog: (helium voice) Hello, Idiot.
    Elliot: (helium voice) It's Elliot!
    (Both laugh, Elliot accidentally sucks his balloon into his belly)
    • Culminating when Sheriff Gordy arrives at the trashed convenience store and shines his flashlight at Boog, just as Elliot manages to escape.
    Gordy: Freeze!
    Boog: (slurry) Behold... the mighty... grizzly! Good night.
    • Followed by Boog 'drunk' in the back of Gordy's van eating animal crackers.
    Boog: "If you go down to the woods today, there's... gonna be some fries!" The Giraffes. they taste almost exactly like the elephants...that's messed up.
    • Also a little later when Beth looks at him and he waves and smiles before abruptly vomiting all over the garage window.
  • When Shaw discovers that someone (Boog) broke into his cabin.
    Shaw: (goes into his fridge) Huh? Someone's been eating my candy! (sees his overturned chair) Someone's been sitting in my chair! (smells something and opens the bathroom door) SOMEBODY FORGOT TO FLUSH!
  • The 'Swept Away' scene.
    • Jerk Jock Ian turns mid-leap to see the water coming and just Screams Like a Little Girl. It wouldn't make the already hilarious scene less awesome if he didn't, but he does and somehow that makes him just a tiny bit more sympathetic.
    • Shaw sees the water coming, and starts rolling up his window.
    • THERE HE IS! He's gone. THERE HE IS! He's gone. THERE HE IS!
    • As Shaw aims his gun at Boog & Elliot, they suddenly plummet downward. Confused, Shaw lowers his gun, only to spot a huge waterfall as he and his truck go over it.
  • On pooping in a bush
    Elliot: It's just like riding a bicycle. Except you're crappin' on it.
  • When Boog blames Elliot for getting him sent to the wild and is holding him over the edge of a cliff, Elliot asks him what he's going to do and Boog drops him...into his other paw and lifts him away from the cliff, then throws him over his shoulder.
    Boog: [realizing he's in the woods] AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! Where's home?! It's GONE! SOMEONE STOLE IT!
    (Elliot comes out of the bag)
    Elliot: Hey. Could you keep it down? I'm tryin' to sleep here. (yawns in Boog's face; Boog shakes with fury)
    Boog: YOU!
    Elliot: No, I didn't do it!
    Boog: (holding him over a steep cliff) Take a good look, Elliot. What do you see, Elliot? Something's missing. What is it, Elliot? What is it?!
    Elliot: Wait...don't tell me...
    Elliot: Aww! I was just gonna say that!
    Boog: My garage is missin'! My breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing! My life is missing! And it's all... your... FAULT!
    Elliot: What're you gonna do? (Boog drops him...into his other paw) AAAAAAHHHHH!.... (realizes he wasn't falling, chuckles) You're funny. I thought "maybe, then I was like uh-uh and then—"(Boog tosses Elliot over his shoulder)
  • The scene with Reilly & his beaver construction team
    Reilly: OK, ladies, this dam ain't gonna build itself! Yo! O'Toole!
    O'Toole: Yeah, boss?
    Reilly: I want ya to cantilever that cedar on a bias by the north side. Ya got that?
    O'Toole: Huh?
    Reilly: Put a twig in the hole!
    O'Toole: Oh...
    Reilly: Rookie.
    • "Uh whaddya got? Wood. Whaddya got? Wood. Wanna trade?''

  • Ian's engine sounds when he and his herd are moving anywhere are really funny; partly due to his voice and partly due to the fact he does it the whole time.
  • When Beth & Gordy confront Shaw about illegally having Elliot on the hood of his truck
    Beth: (storming into the police station) CUFF HIM, GORDY!
    Shaw: Oh, the girl scouts are here!
    Beth: He's at it again!
    Gordy: Shaw, hunting season isn't for three days. What are you doing with that buck on your hood?
    Shaw: What? It ain't my fault. He ran right in front of my truck!
    Gordy: Where? On the interstate?
    (Flashback to Shaw veering off the interstate and hitting Elliot)
    Shaw: [chuckles] Sorta
    Beth: [groans]
  • Elliot barges his way into Boog's garage to bust him out. When Boog tells Elliot that he lives in the garage, Elliot is impressed, and then proceeds to wreak a bit of havoc (jumping on Boog's bed, unwrapping the toilet paper in the bathroom, and scrummaging his things).
    Elliot: You know, this place is big enough for two.
    Boog: What?
    • Elliot then spots a food bowl and a waterside.
    Elliot: Oh, I get it! You're like a pet! (chuckles)
    Boog: I ain't nobody's pet!
    Elliot: (holds up a bowl that reads "BOOG") Riiiiight...
    (Boog groans as he takes the food bowl out of Elliot's hooves)
  • Elliot is stuck with his antler in the ground. As he tries to free himself Boog tries to find his own way home... only to go right back where he started— Elliot with his antler stuck in the ground.
    • As Elliot spends hours stuck in the ground he hums "Amazing Grace", and snores the song. Eventually, Boog returns again, covered in pine cones from the squirrels' attack.
    Elliot: Hey, Boog! Boog! Look! No hands! Weee! I think I'm getting a sunburn, though. Check it out. Or maybe you'd call it a moon-burn? (laughs; Boog slaps him in the butt) OW!
  • When Boog gets a porcupine stuck to his butt.
    Boog: Just rip it off fast, like a band-aid!
    Elliot: Hold still, this might sting a little.
    Boog: Get it over with!
    Elliot: (to the porcupine) You may wanna cover your ears
    Boog: Cover my— (*rip*) 'WHAAAAAA!!!!' (Boog's pained scream echoes through the forest)
    Elliot: Alright, scamper on back to the woods, little buddy. (The porcupine watches Boog and Elliot leave.)
    Porcupine: Buddy...
  • When Ian confronts Elliot
    Ian: Helloo Smelliot! (laughs) I called him "Smelliot"! HERD! Circle formation! (the herd circles around Elliot) You pinheads! That's an oval! More circle-y! (herd forms perfect circle).
    • As Ian continues to threaten Elliot
    Ian: You got a lot of nerve coming back here.
    Elliot: Why, thank you, Ian.
    Ian: That wasn't a compliment, MAGGOT!
  • Beaver + Chainsaw= Hilarious

For Open Season 2:

  • Elliot exaggerating Mr. Weenie's "kidnapping", by using one of the bunnies.
    Boog: Elliot, are you maybe putting a little bit too much on that?
    Elliot: Listen, Boog, I'm telling the story!
  • Ian showing his sympathy: "Sad story." "Tough break I miss him already."
  • The gang covering Mr. Weenie is whatever liquid they can use to slip him out of his collar.
  • "Close to You" starts with a truly horrible transition in from Elliot.
  • "I'm here to rescue my lady, kick butt, and take names. What's your name?" One Gilligan Cut later...
  • Basically anything that comes out of Roger's mouth.
    • "I need a girlfriend!"
    • "Stanley, duck! See? One duck, two duck..."
    • "It's Mrs. Schlapiano!"
  • People constantly calling Boog a 1200 pound grizzly. Hilarity Ensues.
  • When Elliot goes in the wrong way
    McSuizzy: You're going the wrong way, you big daftie!
    Elliot: Oh, thank you very much. It's a shortcuAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! (falls off cliff, followed by a splash) I'm okay!
  • Serge & Deni
    Serge: That's a road! Not a landing strip!

For Open Season 3:

  • This gem
    Ian: The jungle tends to be denser and hotter.
    McSquizzy: (hits Ian's head) Deer!
    Ian: What? I travel!

    Serge: He's really lost it.
    Maria: Could be stress.
    Ian: Could be mad bear disease.
    Rosie: It could be stupid deer disease.
    Ian: Seriously? Is that going around?
  • Elliot having unfortunate mishaps while playing with his fawns.
    Gisela: So, what do you wanna play next?
    Elliot: How' bout a game of... Shrub jump? Diving? Where we jump into the nearest shrub. Come on Elvis, I'll show you! (Elliot and Elvis jump into the bush)
    Gisela & Giselita: Dad, NO!
    Giselita: That's poison ivy!
    (Elliot and Elvis start to feel itchy)
    Elliot: Uh... It's part of the game. Whoever scratches first loses. (tries to fight the urge, but can't take it anymore and wildly scratches his itchy body)
    Elvis: I win!
    Giselita: That's gotta hurt.
    • Then Elliot tries while climbing on Elvis' shoulders to retrieve honey from a beehive, ignoring his daughters' suggestions to get Boog's help. One bee flies into Elvis' nose, making him sneeze, causing him and his father to fall to the ground and the beehive to fall on his dad's head. Elliot sprints off as the bees sting him.
    Gisela: Well, at least getting stung will get his mind off the itching.

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