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Funny: Open Season
  • Boog asks Elliot to sing 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' to help him sleep out in the open. Elliot doesn't know the words.
    Elliot: [off-key] Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow tree./He lived downstairs from a flatulent dwarf who was constantly having to pee./One day, the elf could take no more,/So he went to bang on the rude dwarf's door,/And what do you know? They suddenly both were maaaaarried!
    • Even better is that he pantomimes the whole thing. Including the "pee" stanza.
  • Boog 'drunk' in the back of the van. "If you go down to the woods today, there's... gonna be some fries!"
    • Also a little later when Beth looks at him and he waves and smiles before abruptly vomiting all over the garage window.
  • Rodger the cat from Open Season 2 and 3. "Oh Stanley, its been AGES!"
  • People constantly calling Boog a 1200 pound grizzly. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The 'Swept Away' scene.
    • Jerk Jock Ian turns mid-leap to see the water coming and just Screams Like a Little Girl. It wouldn't make the already hilarious scene less awesome if he didn't, but he does and somehow that makes him just a tiny bit more sympathetic.
    • Shaw sees the water coming, and starts rolling up his window.
    • THERE HE IS! He's gone. THERE HE IS! He's gone. THERE HE IS!
  • On pooping in a bush
    Elliot: It's just like riding a bicycle. Except you're crappin' on it.
  • When Boog blames Elliot for getting him sent to the wild and is holding him over the edge of a cliff, Elliot asks him what he's going to do and Boog drops him...into his other paw and lifts him away from the cliff.
  • In Open Season 2:
    • Elliot exaggerating Mr. Weenie's "kidnapping", by using one of the bunnies.
      Boog: Elliot, are you maybe putting a little bit too much on that?
      Elliot: Listen, Boog, I'm telling the story!
      • Ian showing his sympathy: "Sad story." "Tough break I miss him already."
    • The gang covering Mr. Weenie is whatever liquid they can use to slip him out of his collar.
    • "Close to You" starts with a truly horrible transition in from Elliot.
    • "I'm here to rescue my lady, kick butt, and take names. What's your name?" One Gilligan Cut later...
  • Open Season 3:
    Ian: The jungle tends to be denser and hotter.
    McSquizzy: (hits Ian's head) Deer!
    Ian: What? I travel!

    Serge: He's really lost it.
    Maria: Could be stress.
    Ian: Could be mad bear disease.
    Rosie: It could be stupid deer disease.
    Ian: Seriously? Is that going around?
  • Ian's engine sounds when he and his herd are moving anywhere are really funny; partly due to his voice and partly due to the fact he does it the whole time.
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