Funny / Open Season

For Open Season:

  • Boog asks Elliot to sing 'Teddy Bear's Picnic' to help him sleep out in the open. Elliot doesn't know the words.
    Elliot: [off-key] Once there was a magical elf who lived in a rainbow tree./He lived downstairs from a flatulent dwarf who was constantly having to pee./One day, the elf could take no more,/So he went to bang on the rude dwarf's door,/And what do you know? They suddenly both were maaaaarried!
    • Even better is that he pantomimes the whole thing. Including the "pee" stanza.
  • The entire Boog and Elliot trashing the convince store scene with Deathrays "Wanna Lose Control" playing
    • Elliot wearng a gumball despenser on his head "I COME IN PEACE"
    • The two inhaling helium from balloons.
    Boog: (helium voice): Hello, Idiot.
    Elliot (helium voice): It's Elliot!
    (Both laugh, Elliot accidentally sucks his balloon into his belly)
    • Culminating when Sheriff Gordy arrives at the trashed convenience store shines his Flashlight at Boog, just as Elliot manages to escape.
    Gordy: Freeze!
    Boog (slurry) : Behold...the Mighty...Grizzly! Good night!
    • Followed by Boog 'drunk' in the back of Gordy's van eating animal crackers.
    Boog: "If you go down to the woods today, there's... gonna be some fries!" The Giraffes. they taste almost exactly like the elephants...that's messed up.
    • Also a little later when Beth looks at him and he waves and smiles before abruptly vomiting all over the garage window.
  • Shaw (goes into his fridge): Someone's been eating my candy!\ (sees his overturned chair) Someone's been sitting in my chair!\(goes to his toilet) SOMEBODY FORGOT TO FLUSH!'
  • People constantly calling Boog a 1200 pound grizzly. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The 'Swept Away' scene.
    • Jerk Jock Ian turns mid-leap to see the water coming and just Screams Like a Little Girl. It wouldn't make the already hilarious scene less awesome if he didn't, but he does and somehow that makes him just a tiny bit more sympathetic.
    • Shaw sees the water coming, and starts rolling up his window.
    • THERE HE IS! He's gone. THERE HE IS! He's gone. THERE HE IS!
    • When Shaw finally has a bead on Boog & Elliot, they suddenly fall from the view of his scope (literally). Confused, Shaw lowers his gun, only to spot a huge waterfall as he and his truck go over it.
  • On pooping in a bush
    Elliot: It's just like riding a bicycle. Except you're crappin' on it.
  • When Boog blames Elliot for getting him sent to the wild and is holding him over the edge of a cliff, Elliot asks him what he's going to do and Boog drops him...into his other paw and lifts him away from the cliff, then throws him over his shoulder.
    Boog: [realizing he's in the woods]: 'AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!' Where's home?! It's GONE! SOMEONE STOLE IT!
    (Elliot comes out of the bag)
    Elliot: Hey. Would you keep it down? I'm tryin' to sleep here. (yawns in Boog's face; Boog shakes with fury)
    Boog: YOU!
    Elliot: No, I didn't do it!
    Boog (holding him over a steep cliff): Take a good look, Elliot. What do you see, Elliot? Something's missing. What is it Elliot? What is it?!
    Elliot: Wait...don't tell me...
    Elliot: Aww! I was just gonna say that!
    Boog: My garage is missin'! My breakfast, lunch and dinner are missing. My life is missing. And it's all...your...FAULT!
    Elliot: What're you gonna do? (Boog drops him...into his other paw) AAAAAAHHHHH!!!.... (realizes he wasn't falling, chuckles) You're funny. I thought "maybe, then I was like uh-uh and then—"(Boog tosses Elliot over his shoulder)
  • The scene with Reilly & his beaver construction team
    Reilly: OK, ladies, this dam ain't gonna build itself! Yo! O'Toole!
    O'Toole: Yeah, boss?
    Reilly: I want ya to cantilever that cedar on a bias by the north side. Ya got that?
    O'Toole: Huh?
    Reilly: Put a twig in the hole!
    O'Toole: Oh...
    Reilly: Rookie.
    • "Uh whaddya got? Wood. whaddya got? Wood. Wanna trade?''

  • Ian's engine sounds when he and his herd are moving anywhere are really funny; partly due to his voice and partly due to the fact he does it the whole time.
  • When Beth & Gordy confront Shaw about illegally having Elliot on the hood of his truck
    Beth : (storming into the police station) CUFF HIM, GORDY!
    Shaw: Oh, the girl scouts are here!
    Beth: He's at it again!
    Gordy: Shaw, hunting season isn't for three days. What is that buck doing on the hood of your truck?
    Shaw: What? It ain't my fault. He ran right in front of my truck!
    Gordy: Where? On the interstate?
    (Flashback to Shaw veering off the interstate and hitting Elliot)
    Shaw : [chuckles] Sorta.
    Beth: [groans]
  • Elliot barges his way into Boog's garage to bust him out. When Boog tells Elliot that he lives in the garage, Elliot is impressed, and then proceeds to wreak a bit of havoc (jumping on Boog's bed, unwrapping the toilet paper in the bathroom, and scrummaging his things).
    Elliot: You know, this place is big enough for two.
    Boog: What?
    • Elliot then spots a food bowl and a waterside.
    Elliot: Oh, I get it! You're like a pet! (chuckles)
    Boog: I ain't nobody's pet!
    Elliot: (holds up a bowl that reads "BOOG") Riiiiight...
    (Boog groans as he takes the food bowl out of Elliot's hooves)
  • Elliot is stuck with his antler in the ground. As he tries to free himself Boog tries to find his own way home, only to go right where he started; Elliot with his antler stuck in the ground.
    • As Elliot spends hours stuck in the ground he hums "Amazing Grace",and snores the song. Eventually, Boog returns again, covered in pine cones from The Squirrels' attack.
    Elliot: Hey, Boog! Boog! Look! No hands! Weee! I think I'm getting a sunburn, though. Check it out. Or maybe you'd call it a moon-burn? (laughs; Boog slaps him in the butt) OW!
  • When Boog gets a porcupine stuck to his butt
    Boog: Just rip it off fast, like a band-aid!
    Elliot: Hold still, this might sting a little.
    Boog: Get it over with!
    Elliot: (to the porcupine) You may wanna cover your ears
    Boog: Cover my—*rip* WHAAAAAA!!!! (Boog's pained scream echoes through the forest)
  • When Ian confronts Elliot
    Ian: Helloo Smeliot! (laughs) I called him "Smelilot"! HERD! Circle formation!
    (the herd circles around Elliot)
    Ian You pinheads! That's an oval! More circle-y! (herd forms perfect circle).
    • As Ian continues to threaten Elliot
    Ian: You got a lot of nerve coming back here.
    Elliot: Why thanks.
    Ian: That was NOT a compliment, maggot!
  • Beaver + Chainsaw= Hilarious

For Open Season 2:

  • Elliot exaggerating Mr. Weenie's "kidnapping", by using one of the bunnies.
    Boog: Elliot, are you maybe putting a little bit too much on that?
    Elliot: Listen, Boog, I'm telling the story!
  • Ian showing his sympathy: "Sad story." "Tough break I miss him already."
  • The gang covering Mr. Weenie is whatever liquid they can use to slip him out of his collar.
  • "Close to You" starts with a truly horrible transition in from Elliot.
  • "I'm here to rescue my lady, kick butt, and take names. What's your name?" One Gilligan Cut later...

For Open Season 3:

  • This gem
    Ian: The jungle tends to be denser and hotter.
    McSquizzy: (hits Ian's head) Deer!
    Ian: What? I travel!

    Serge: He's really lost it.
    Maria: Could be stress.
    Ian: Could be mad bear disease.
    Rosie: It could be stupid deer disease.
    Ian: Seriously? Is that going around?