Characters: ElfQuest

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Leader of the Wolfriders and main character of ElfQuest as a whole. Son of Bearclaw and Joyleaf. Blood of Ten Chiefs (or eight and two, going by fours). Recognized Lifemate of Leetah, sorta-Recognized Lifemate of Skywise, father to Ember and Suntop.

Tropes associated with Cutter

Cutter's best friend for all of their lives. The stargazer. Yun's father by an unnamed Go-Back.

Tropes associated with Skywise

Cutter and Leetah's daughter. Suntop's twin sister. Lovemate to Mender, lifemate to Teir.

Tropes associated with Ember

Elder, Lifemate to Rillfisher (and later to Clearbrook), father to Dewshine, uncle to Cutter.

Tropes associated with Treestump

Treestump's Lifemate and mother to Dewshine. A fever led to her becoming deaf which led to her death by a falling branch.

Tropes associated with Rillfisher

Daughter to Treestump and Rillfisher. Recognized to Tyldak, neither were happy about it. Lifemate to Scouter and Tyleet. Mother to Windkin. Cutter's cousin.

Tropes associated with Dewshine

Lovemate to Redlance, later Lifemate when Leetah helps them force Recognition. Mother to Tyleet. Cutter's cousin and Leetah's best friend.

Tropes associated with Nightfall

Lovemate to Nightfall, later Lifemate when Leetah helps them force Recognition. Father to Tyleet.

Tropes associated with Redlance

Daughter to Redlance and Nightfall, mother to Pool, lifemate of Scouter and Dewshine.

Tropes associated with Tyleet

Lifemate to Moonshade. Father to Crescent, Dart and Chitter.

Tropes associated with Strongbow

  • Archer Archetype: His entire tribe are expert marksmen, but they still call him when they absolutely need something dead in one shot.
  • The Quiet One: Rarely speaks aloud, preferring to mindspeak. Amusingly, his daughter Chitter is a Motor Mouth who keeps demanding he speak to her instead.
  • Papa Wolf: Don't threaten his children. He'll kill you, elf or no elf. (But he'll feel guilty about it for a while.)
  • Perpetual Frowner: Even his heartfelt smiles tend to look sardonic.
  • The Stoic: When he shows emotion, things are bleak. (Or exceptionally joyful.)
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Even though Bearclaw wasn't his father.

Lifemate to Strongbow. Mother to Crescent, Dart and Chitter.

Tropes associated with Moonshade

  • Proper Lady: In one story, a besotted elf tries to mold her into one. She eventually puts on a Pimped-Out Dress to make him understand this just ain't her.
  • Undying Loyalty: Prefers exile or death to being parted from Strongbow, even when he's wrong. She gets quite irritable when she has to go off with Ember's group while her mate engages Djun's citadel.

Strongbow and Moonshade's son. Lifemate to Kimo.

Tropes associated with Dart

Lifemate to Clearbrook, brother to Longbranch, father to Scouter.

Tropes associated with One-Eye

Lifemate to One-Eye and then Treestump. Mother to Scouter.

Tropes associated with Clearbrook

  • Cool Old Lady: She's the oldest female Wolfrider, but she's still friendly, amiable and can still fight alongside the others.
  • Important Haircut: She cuts off her braid out of grief when One-Eye is killed.
  • Rapunzel Hair: She wears her hair in a very long braid until One-Eye is killed. She later grows it back out.

Son of One-Eye and Clearbrook. Lovemate to Dewshine, later Lifemate to both Dewshine and Tyleet. Father to Pool.

Tropes associated with Scouter

Keeper of the history. Son to Rain, half-brother to Rainsong.

Tropes associated with Pike

Healer. Father of Pike and Rainsong.

Tropes associated with Rain

Half-sister of Pike, Lifemate to Woodlock, mother to Newstar, Wing and Mender.

Tropes associated with Rainsong

  • Babies Ever After: She and Woodlock have two children at the first issue and a third later in the series, a huge family even by Wolfrider standards. Word of God confirms that at least part of this is a biological overcompensation after Madcoil decimated the tribe by killing Rain, Joyleaf, Bearclaw, Longbranch, and Brownberry.

Lifemate to Rainsong.

Tropes associated with Woodlock

Daughter of Woodlock and Rainsong, sister of Wing and Mender, mother of Kimo.

Tropes associated with Newstar

Son of Woodlock and Rainsong, Lifemate to Bethia.

Tropes associated with Wing

Lifemate to Joyleaf, father to Cutter.

Tropes associated with Bearclaw

Lifemate to Bearclaw, sister to Treestump, mother to Cutter.

Tropes associated with Joyleaf

    Sun Folk 
Lifemate to Cutter, mother to Ember and Suntop/Sunstream.

Tropes associated with Leetah

Lovemate of Leetah before Cutter shows up. Lifemate of Winnowill, father of Venka. Chooses the path of evil at first, but later repents.

Tropes associated with Rayek

Mother of the Sun Folk. Firstborn.

Tropes associated with Savah

Son to Cutter and Leetah, twin brother to Ember. Lifemate to spoiler: Brill.

Tropes associated with Suntop/Sunstream

Third child to Rainsong and Woodlock. Lovemate to Ember, later to Yun.

Tropes associated with Mender

Savah's handmaiden. Rock-shaper.

Tropes associated with Ahdri

The series' Big Bad. Firstborn. Daughter of Haken and Gibra, Lifemate to Rayek, mother of Two-Edge.

Tropes associated with Winnowill

Lord Voll
Leader of the Gliders. Firstborn.

Tropes associated with Lord Voll

Glider. Lovemate of Skywise.

Tropes associated with Aroree

Glider who volunteered to be transformed into a half-bird by Winnowill. Recognized to Dewshine. Father of Windkin, Lovemate of Khavi.

Tropes associated with Tyldak

Leader of the Go-Backs. Daughter of Two-Spear, but her Wolfrider side was removed by a cache of ancient magic. Lovemate to Tyldak, mother to Vaya, Venka and Teir.

Tropes associated with Khavi

Go-Back. Daughter of Khavi, briefly Lovemate to Pike.

Tropes associated with Vaya

Daughter of Rayek and Khavi. Raised as a Wolfrider. Barrier Maiden who possesses anti-magic. Lovemate of Zhantee.

Tropes associated with Venka

Daughter of Skywise and unnamed Go-Back. Lovemate of Mender.

Tropes associated with Yun

Lifemate to Pike and Krim. Father to Sust and possible father to Cheipar.

Tropes associated with Skot

Lifemate to Pike and Skot. Mother to Sust and Cheipar.

Tropes associated with Krim

Friend to Yun. Comes to live in Sorrow's End.

Tropes associated with Chot

Friendly human who takes care of Cutter. Married to Nonna.

Tropes associated with Adar

Friendly human who takes care of Cutter. Married to Adar.

Tropes associated with Nonna

Medieval girl who first encounters Leetah on the brink of death, and becomes somewhat of zealous a freedom fighter due to her experience. Ends up leading an army against the Djun, subsequently gets adopted by Cutter and Leetah. Married to Nunkah (though it didn't go well), later married to Bee, mother to Shukopek.

Tropes associated with Shuna

  • Jerkass: This seems to be a racial characteristic of all Elfquest Trolls.

Leader of the Trolls who live close to the Wolfriders. Lifemate to Oddbit, father of Trinket.

Tropes associated with Picknose

Picknose's wife.

Tropes associated with Oddbit

  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: As mentioned below, by Troll standards, she's the ideal woman.
  • Gold Digger: Although to Trolls this is just how women should behave, since male trolls have to prove their worth to female trolls by giving them all the gold they desire.
  • Gonk: By elf or human standards, anyway. To Trolls she's apparently Ms. Fanservice incarnate.


Tropes associated with Maggotty

Daughter of Picknose and Oddbit. Becomes friends with Ember.

Tropes associated with Trinket


Tropes associated with Greymung

Leader of the mountain trolls living near the Go-Backs. Extraordinarily evil.

Tropes associated with Guttlekraw

  • King Evil: We're talking "mutilate your slaves repeatedly". Even his subjects don't shed so much as a tear when he's overthrown.


Son of Winnowill. Mad as a hatter and very upset about his life in general.

Tropes associated with Two-Edge

Preserver from the dawn of elven time.

Tropes associated with Petalwing

Ancient rock-shaper. Rayek's mentor.

Tropes associated with Ekuar