Awesome: ElfQuest

  • Cutter dealing the killing blow to Madcoil, including the buildup of involving nearly the whole tribe in setting the necessary trap.
  • Skywise revealing he stole the key during the scuffle with Picknose.
  • Olbar rescuing Cutter and Skywise, particularly considering Skywise's opinion of humans.
  • Scouter declaring he will be a father to Dewshine's child with Tyldak. Doubles as Crowning Moment of Heartwarming
  • Rayek helping to save a mortally wounded Cutter's life, and later taking an unconsicous-with-exhaustion Leetah back to Cutter.
  • Cutter's speech when the Wolfriders decide to join the Go-Backs in the war for the palace.
  • Vaya, when given a choice of a quick death if she gives the trolls whatever information she can, or being tortured, taking the third option of grabbing a weapon and cutting King Greymung.
  • Nightfall pulling a catatonic Redlance back to the world.

  • When Scouter is attacked in the battle for Howling Rock, the usually mild heavily pregnant Tyleet gets superterritorial and kills his attacker, screaming "Mine!" as she does so.
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