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  • There is a subtle moment in the first story arc when Leetah finishes eavesdroping on the Wolfriders as Cutter and Treestump recount the tribe's history, particularly about Cutter's father, Bearclaw, and how he fell fighting Madcoil, but inspired his son on a way to defeat the monster. At the conclusion, Leetah, deeply moved by this story about the true nature of this community of "barbarians," she sneaks away. At that moment, Treestump spots her, but lets her leave with a small smile with the goodhearted understanding of what she was doing and pleased she got to learn about his people in a way she could be comfortable with.
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  • Scouter declaring he will be a father to the child Dewshine must have with Tyldak, saying he doesn't care what it will look like and that he'll love it because it's hers.
  • At the very end of the Original Quest, Skywise changing his mind about staying in the Palace, instead returning to his tribe, and Cutter.
  • The one-off story about Little Patch, a human that was abandoned in the wilderness by his parents and Happily Adopted by Tyleet - at least when it wasn't tearjerking.
    Tyleet: One brave and helpful life... two worlds the better for it. He did well, my cub. He did very well.

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