Funny / ElfQuest

  • During a flashback to when Leetah was giving birth to Ember and Suntop, Shenshen tries to prevent Cutter from going into the hut, saying it isn't proper. Cutter responds by wordlessly pointing New Moon at her, and she lets him in.
  • After Rayek saves Cutter from the wolves in the pit, Ember gloats that she was the one who convinced him to save her father. Rayek, in a moment of being Not So Above It All, responds by discreetly dumping some snow down the back of her coat.
  • Rayek comes back to the Frozen Mountains after the events of "Siege at Blue Mountain" to discover Ekuar has been kidnapped by the trolls, and after some other events sends to him to see how he is. Ekuar cheerfully sends back that he's just fine and everything is fine-while he, Picknose, and his family are holed up in Two-Edge's vault, desperately trying to keep out the other trolls who are after Ekuar, although only Picknose seems to realize the seriousness of the situation. Although when Picknose's jealousy over Trinket calling Ekuar "papa" makes his daughter start wailing, Ekuar also sends to Rayek that they might consider him coming home now.
  • Everything Trinket says or does, especially when Mender is around.