Characters / Dora the Explorer

Dora "The Explorer" Marquez

Voiced by Kathleen Herles(2000-2007), Caitlin Sanchez(2008-2011), Fatima Ptacek(2012-present)
A seven-year-old girl who likes to spend her time going on trips and exploring new places.


Boots the Monkey

Voiced by Harrison Chad(2000-2007), Regan Mizrahi(2008-present)
He's five years old, and he's Dora's best friend.



Voiced by Sasha Toro(2000-2007), Alexandria Suarez(2008-present)
Dora received this backpack just before her first trip.



Voiced by Marc Weiner
He has his own pocket in Dora's Backpack and is...well, it's pretty self-explanatory.Tropes:

Benny the Bull

Jake Burbage(2000-2007), Matt Gumley(2008-present)
  • A Load of Bull: Obviously.
  • The Big Guy: When he joins Dora and Boots on an adventure.
  • The Klutz: Benny is really clumsy at times.
  • The Load: Is often portray as being bumbling and trouble prone, with a whole episode revolving around saving him.


Tico the Squirrel

Voiced by Jose Zelaya(2002-2007), Jean Carlos Celi(2008-present)


Isa the Iguana

Voiced by Ashley Fleming(2000-2007), Lenique Vincent(2008-2011), Skai Jackson(2012-present)


Swiper the Fox

Voiced by Marc Weiner

Mami and Papi Marquez

Abuela Marquez