Awesome / Dora the Explorer

  • Any time Swiper successfully swipes something is an awesome moment for him. Special mention goes to when he steals Azul's color-coded train tracks as they're approaching him.
  • Dora becoming a true princess to save Sleeping Boots from the witch's spell.
  • In "Boots's Special Day", Boots displays an unusually high level of confidence in order to deal with Swiper.
    Boots: He's not swiping on my Special Day! Say it with me!
  • The Ice Witch's villain song in "Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular."
  • In "Dora's Pegasus Adventure," Dora and her friends saved sentient constellations from a black hole by pulling really hard.
  • The Big Bad Wolf's villain song in "Dora Saves Fairytale Land."
  • The Witch Took a Level in Badass between the first Fairytale Land adventure and the second. In the first movie she only tried to stop Dora at the very end, and was very ineffective. in the second, she takes over Sparkling Lake, sends multiple villains to stop Dora, and engages in a song battle where she summons a storm as strong as a hurricane to stop Dora.