Funny / Dora the Explorer

  • In "Dora's Got a Puppy," Swiper creates a robot butterfly, which Dora and Boots easily thwart with the aid of Spy Star and "Butterfly, no swiping!" The robot butterfly flutters back to Swiper, who insists that he wants it to "swipe, swipe, swipe!" It promptly proceeds to swipe his mask and gloves.
  • When Dora meets her future self in the Christmas Episode. Possibly for the first time in the whole series, Dora says:
    Dora: Um.... this is hard to explain.
  • In "Baby Dino", Diego states that Baby Dino is the size of six garbage trucks. Boots responds, ala Godzilla (1998)...
    Boots: That's a lot of garbage trucks!