Funny / Don Hertzfeldt

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  • From the Intermission in the Third Dimension: "It's like I can touch you!"
  • A few moments from the Bill trilogy, from Bill's awkward social interactions and mental quirks to his family history to various aspects and images of Bill's psychosis
  • From "Everything will be OK":
    "Bill took his new medication, went home, and masturbated for seven hours.
  • The finale of The Animation Show
    • All of The Animation Show. All of it.
  • "Wisdom Teeth" is Bloody Hilarious. The Overly Long Gag of the stitches being pulled out of poor Nigel's mouth is the funniest thing, especially Nigel's silent, frustrated arm-flapping as his friend casually and slowly pulls the stitches out.
    • The stitch revealed to having a baby inside is either this or Nightmare Fuel.