Characters: Death Smiles

    Playable Characters 


Voice: Naomi Iida
Age: 13
Height: 151cm
Blood Type: A
Origin: London, England
Magical Power: Wind
Weapon: Wing Blade
Familiar: Hoo the Owl

The main character, she is the newest member of Gilverado's Angels. She was raised in a happy family in England, when she was kidnapped. In a flash of light she was spirited away to Gilverado, where Count Dior took her in and taught her wind magic.


Voice: Miho Hayashi
Age: 11
Height: 142cm
Blood Type: B
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Magical Power: Death
Weapon: Haunt Scissors
Familiar: Kiki the Petit Evil

The youngest and most violent of the team, Casper was a german child who does not remember how she got to Gilverado, to the point that Gilverado is more her home than the real world. She fights with the power of Death.


Voice: Rumi Abe
Age: 14
Height: 155cm
Blood Type: O
Origin: Paris, France
Magical Power: Fire
Weapon: Tome of Judgment and Wand of Justice
Familiar: Bobo the dragon

Hailing from France, Follett was drowning in an icy river when she ended up in Gilverado. Still freezing from the cold, her physical and emotional stress manifested into fire magic, burning down an entire forest. She still retains the power of fire, and uses it as a force of good.


Voice: Natsuko Tauchi
Age: 17
Height: 160cm (first game) / 162cm (second game)
Blood Type: O (first game) / AB (second game)
Origin: California, USA
Magical Power: Spirit User
Weapon: Thorny Whip
Familiar: Tee-Tee / Titi the Flower Nymph

The oldest and designated leader. Rosa came from California, USA. Her parents were owners of a bar there. She was spirited away to Gilverado when a car crash almost killed her. The first to meet Count Dior, it took her a long time to cope with her loneliness. She now leads the remaining children who join Count Dior's new family, fighting with powerful Spirit Magic.


Voice: Kaori Nakamura
Height: 155cm
Age: 15
Blood Type: AB
Origin: London, England
Familiars: Karko and Kuta

A boss in the first game, she is Jitterbug's daughter. Coming to Gilverado, dark power manifested in her like her father. Unlike the heroes of the story, Sakura was stigmatized as a witch. She fights to protect her mother.

Princess Tiara

Voice: Eriko Yamana
Origin: Gilverado
Familiar: Mu

She originally appeared in the third drama CD as the grand-daughter of the Queen of Gilverado. She was unable to use magic, and thus sought the ability within the Ice Palace. Several months later, a freakish purple animal approached her and unlocked her magic potential. This animal, who she named Mu, then ordered her to fight against a new wave demonic invaders. She buys items from Sakura in order to increase her power. In reality, her gameplay takes place entirely within a dream designed by Mu.


Voice: Yasuko Funasaka
Age: 12
Height: 154cm
Blood Type: A
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Familiars: Pipi and Pepe

A 12-year-old boy from Copenhagen, Denmark introduced in the second game, and the brother of Supe. He tried to rescue Supe from falling through ice, but ended up in Gilverado instead. After arriving in Gilverado, he encountered a drunk bum named Goldberg, who enslaved him. Goldberg decided to try a money-making scheme in which he would pretend to be Count Dior and Lei would wear an angelic maid uniform, when the events of the game began and Lei found himself caught up in the battle against Satan Claws.


Voice: Anna Kagami
Age: 7
Height: 115cm
Blood Type: AB
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Familiar: The ghost of Tyrannosatan

A tiny, seven year old girl from Denmark who somehow acquired the evil power of Tyrannosatan. She was ice skating, but then fell through and ended up in Gilverado. The first person she met was Satan Claws. She was later found on the streets by Windia, and taken in to live with the others. Satan Claws had planned for this and exploited Supe in order to mortally-wound Count Dior and steal the Wish Notes.

     Non-Playable Characters 

Count Dior

Voice: Junpei Asashina
Age: 66
Height: 183 cm
Blood Type: AB

The Big Good of the story, Dior lived a lonely existence for most of his life, due to his magical power. When he found Rosa, he saw a resemblance to how he ended up in Gilverado, and decided to take care of her and teach her magic. He then devoted himself to taking care of the "Lost Children" who end up in Gilverado. He is also an ally of the King. He owns a treasure chest containing a set of magic Wish Notes which can grant one wish.



Voice: Junya Inoue
Age: 44
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: AB
Origin: London, England

The villain of Deathsmiles, he was a corrupt stock broker from England who was obsessed with money. His entire family was in a car crash when he, his wife and daughter all ended up in Gilverado. One would think that he and his daughter Sakura were therefore better off than the children who ended up in Gilverado alone. Instead, Jitterbug's anger and desire to get back to the real world manifested into evil power. Obsessed with leaving the spiritual world of Gilverado to get back in the real world and a life of material wealth, he experiments with the gates of hell to find a way back.

  • AbusiveParent
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: In the real world he switches to a black coat and hat. He also wears these as Pidgeon Blood Jitterbug.
  • Beard of Sorrow / Beard of Evil: Shaved off in his real world outfits.
  • Blondes Are Evil
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Jitterbug was one of these in the real world.
  • Creator Cameo: He is voiced by the artist and planner of the game series.
  • Karma Houdini: Despite a mauling by Tyrannosatan, he successfully flees to the real world with his powers intact. He later returns as a secret boss in the sequel, and actually has to take care of his wife and daughter in the sequel's true ending.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Quite literally wants to leave the spiritual realm of Gilverado so he can return to a life of material wealth.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!
  • Swallowed Whole: By Tyrannosatan
    • Well, Tyrannosatan does bite him first, at least. He's still pretty intact when he falls out of Tyrannosatan after you destroy his ribcage, though.
  • True Final Boss: As Bloody Jitterbug in the first game and Pidgeon Blood Jitterbug in the second.


A gigantic creature appearing as the final boss of the first game. It appears to be a cross between a flying dinosaur, a bird, and a skeletal dragon with an exposed beating heart. Its ghost returns in the second game as Supe's familiar.

Mu the Dream Eater

A dream eater responsible for the deaths / permanent sleep of many. It decides to make its home in the subconscious of Princess Tiara.

Satan Claws

Voice: Sei Hara
Age: 50?
Height: 190cm
Origin: Finland

The villain of the second game. He arrived in Gilverado some time ago and fought against Count Dior, but lost the battle and was sealed in the demon dimension. As Christmas approached, he returned and met Supe. He then exploited her in order to mortally-wound Count Dior and steal the Wish Notes for himself. He has a great affinity for cute things.