Characters: Dans une galaxie près de chez vous

Significant characters on Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, and their associated tropes.

Charles Patenaude

Played by: Guy Jodoin

"If you lose hope, get out of your houses and look up to the starry night and remember the crew of the Romano Fafard is there, looking for a new planet where we could all move, somewhere, in a galaxy near you. And amidst all the uncertainties that come with this mission, one fact is clear: we won't be back for supper." note 

He is the ship’s captain and Valence’s love interest. Brave and fair, he always looks out for his crew. Famous for his bad speeches and proverbs.
  • The Insomniac: Since he became captain, Charles does not sleep anymore. This can cause problems, for example when the others have to anesthetize him.
  • Pungeon Master: The captain wanted to become a humorist, but had to drop this idea since no one thinks his jokes are funny but himself.
  • The Stoic: Remains calm and steady in the face of adversity. Also, when the ship rocks back and forth, he and Serge are the only ones who don't fall or stumble.
    • Not So Stoic: However, he does lose his temper when annoyed, angry or experiences other strong emotions he tends to crack.

Brad Spitfire

Played by: Stéphane Crete

"Why is it that every time someone says my full name, I always feel like I'm about to get hit?" note 

He is the scientist and hated by everyone else on the ship. He was second officer until episode 58. Brad is a liar, a manipulator, a dirty bastard; he is pretentious, coward, egoist, lazy, lousy, etc. His only known good trait is that he’s very clean.
  • Bad Liar: He always comes up with fake injuries when he doesn’t want to do something, but they are never even remotely believable. Those injuries include spraining his pancreas, stretching his kidney, and having a tooth with a bloody nose.
    • Let's not forget his complaint that he must stop working because his wrist was heavily strained by Bob throwing a tissue at him.
      • "He threw it hard!"
  • Dirty Coward
    Brad: "Please! Don’t kill me! I have a ship full of friends you can kill, but don’t kill meeee!"
  • Enfant Terrible: As a young child, he killed his grandfather in winter while the snowblower was approaching, telling him that if he didn't give him five dollars he'd push his wheelchair off the porch and into the snow pile.
  • Foe Yay: While under the effects of the Truth Serum gas, he said... interesting things about what he thinks of Captain Patenaude.
    Brad: "You look cute when you cry." note 
  • Karma Houdini: Despite everything he's done, the worst thing that probably happened to him was getting demoted from his post as second officer.
  • Mr Seahorse: In the episode Maman Brad (Mommy Brad), Brad gets pregnant and has a baby alien. The baby, whom he named Jaqueline, was delivered though his nose.

Valence Leclerc

Played by: Isabelle Brossard (Season 1); Sylvie Moreau (Season 2 onwards)

"I feel like I'm assisting to a nightmare, and I have front row tickets!" note 

She is the ship psychologist and the Love Interest to the Captain. She has a tendency to speak in overly complicated psychobabble before repeating in in Layman's terms.

Bob Dieudonné-Marcelin

Played by: Didier Lucien

"If the mission is over, that means... that the mission is over." note 

The ship's pilot. He's a bit of a ditz who enjoys eating a lot, and he's the only pilot on Earth who can work the Romano Fafard's manual clutch.
  • Ace Pilot: He's the only pilot on Earth who can drive the Romano Fafard's manual clutch-piloting.
  • Bald of Awesome: Not a hair on his head - Except that one time he grew hair to try to impress Pétrolia.
  • Big Eater: Bob will usually be the first of the crew to stop to eat. Gets him in trouble when he's captured and cloned.
  • Book Dumb: He mentioned in the second movie that he never completed his high school.
  • Did Not Get the Girl: From the movies, it's presumed he and Petrolia didn't work out that well, since she's back with Flavien. And then there's the governor's messenger from the "Moisturizing face cream relieves dry skin" planet that he thinks wrote him a love letter. Turns out it's to warn him that their governor made an attempted suicide to blame the nearby pacifist planet in order to portray them as terrorists. Ultimately subverted with the messenger, as they appear to be together again at the end of the second movie.

Flavien Bouchard

Played by: Claude Legault

"I read a book on self-esteem, it's called "When there's a will, another can"." note 

The ship's radar operator, communications specialist and second officer after episode 58. In the final episodes he was revealed to be a Half-Human Hybrid.

Pétrolia Parenteau-Stanislavski

Played by: Mélanie Maynard

The ship's medical officer and mechanic, she was part of a Love Triangle with Flavien and Bob. She eventually chose Flavien over Bob, but managed to stay in good friendly terms with him. She is Serge's creator, having made him with lawnmower parts.
  • Aerith and Bob: On the same ship as Charles, Brad and Bob is Pétrolia.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: She's the ship mechanic and created Serge from lawnmower parts. And whenever Serge gets destroyed, she repairs him with whatever she has on hand - which once included a toaster for his head.
  • The Medic: As well as being the ship mechanic, she also serves as the ship's medical officer.


Played by: Réal Bossé

Created by Pétrolia, Serge is an android and is the ship's defender. Originally looking much more human, as time passed he took more damage and Petrolia was forced to repair him with what she had on hand.
  • Accidental Misnaming: Patenaude never gets his name right, usually referring to Buffy Speak to speak with, to or about him. In a heartwarming example, he finally gets his name right at the end of the second movie as they are about to leave the ship for good, and Serge hugs him in return.
  • The Big Guy: He's the protector of the ship and the muscle of the crew.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: He's been killed and rebuilt 18 times over the series and movies.