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Asshole Victim: Anime and Manga
  • Occurs often in Death Note, although the victim is often only inferred to have been an asshole by virtue of having been in prison. In fact, that's part of the point - Light Yagami claims that he researches these people to make sure that they really 'deserve' to die before he offs them and that he spares the criminal if the person they committed the crime against was an asshole victim. How reliably he does this is questionable at best.
    • In Chapter 2, L mentions that his first suspected victim, Kurou Otoharada's crime was the least serious (not including Shibutaku, who L has no reason to know about, since he isn't aware that the Death Note can kill by means other than heart attacks). Otoharada is the guy who was holding a group of pre-schoolers at gunpoint at the moment Light killed him.
    • On the other hand, he kills several law enforcement officers pursuing him, and also intends to kill people who don't contribute to society enough (although it's unclear what criteria he uses or what his standards are).
    • This trope is played absolutely straight at least once, without any debate in universe. When Teru Mikami offs Hitoshi Demegawa, even the Kira Task Force didn't hold it against Kira, even mentioning that if anyone deserved getting killed off by Kira, it was him.
    • Kyosuke Higuchi. He's the only one who has no motive or attempt at justification whatsoever, he's just a mass murderer. When he was arrested, Light kills him off to regain control of the note book, making him the only Death Note user whose death has no aspect of Alas, Poor Villain whatsoever.
    • In the pilot, Taro Kagami picks up the Death Note, and while writing in it, accidentally kills some of the bullies who had tormented him.
    • Takua Shibuimaru in the anime and especially in the film. Averted in the manga, however. His death seemed a little too harsh. All he was just doing was flirting with a woman, but doesn't do any outright criminal activity towards her.
  • Detective Conan makes regular use of this trope. The vast majority of the victims end up being varying degrees of assholes (up to and including driving people to suicide or even having themselves gotten away with murder in the past.) There are exceptions, for instance, the victim of an Idol Singer. They were poisoned by his beautiful manager because he subjected her to heaps of psychological abuse after she got plastic surgery but the guy actually was a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who did everything out of guilt: she got her face fixed thinking it'd please him, but he was in love with the sweet Na´ve Everygirl she used to be before her operation. Therefore, the singer hated himself greatly for being the cause of her change and reacted by mistreating his manager. A case where Poor Communication Kills.
    • Played with in another episode: the victim hadn't just done something wrong previously, he was currently stalking the victim (and getting away with it by being rich) and she suspected he was going to kill her. And she was right—the contents of his bag made it clear that, right before he died, he was planning to kidnap and torture her to death. However, since she didn't see this evidence, instead basing her actions on an assumption, it still didn't qualify as self-defense.
  • One of the most prominent aspects of the series Elfen Lied is the fact that while the Diclonius tend to have a murderously misanthropic view towards humans, said humans tend to be savagely cruel and inhuman towards them. It's hard to feel sympathy towards some of the murder victims, when said victims just beat the dog to death in front of its kind but quiet owner, when it was the only thing that she loved in the world, forced her to watch, and laughed at her. They act so surprised when she slaughters them. Repeat ad nauseum, to the point of being Anvilicious.
    • Professor Kakuzawa also counts as well, since he tried to rape Lucy while she was unconscious after she was tranquilized while in her Nyu persona, which ended up causing her actual personality to take over. Even after revealing that he let her out of the lab in the first episode and that he himself is a Diclonious, Kakuzawa is still decapitated by Lucy.
    Lucy: Waiting for that? Because it's all you deserve.
  • Dr. Heinemann from Monster, as well of many of Johan's other victims.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • In the earliest mangas, Yami was far darker (sometimes to the point of sadistic) than the more benign spirit he'd eventually become, and would inflict brutal "penalty games" on anyone who threatened Yugi or his friends. However, while most of them didn't actually die, all of them clearly deserved the punishments he inflicted upon them.
      • Case in point: in an early chapter, Yami set a man on fire. The guy was a murderer who had broken out of prison, was holding up a fast food and molesting Tea, and had stated the intention of murdering Yami as soon as their 'game' finished (said game was what set him on fire).
      • In the anime too it isn't clear whether or not he actually killed Panik or Fake Kaiba during the Duelist Kindom arc, but regardless of what he did to them, both were horrible men who had it coming.
    • Gozaburo Kaiba, Seto's adoptive father, was a Corrupt Corporate Executive who would sell weapons to the armies on both sides of a conflict just to prolong it to make money, and he was an Abusive Parent to both his own son Noah and his adoptive son Seto, who he harshly tried to mold him into his successor, and when Seto turned the tables on him and took over his company in a hostile takeover, virtualized his mind and became intent on world domination through seizing control of computer systems and military facilities. It was hard for anyone to feel sorry when the virtual world was destroyed, deleting him from existence. (Sadly, this took Noah's Heroic Sacrifice to accomplish.)
      • The same could be said for the Big Five, who were most likely deleted utterly when the virtual world was destroyed. All five were Corrupt Corporate Executives who had conspired to murder Kaiba twice before (this scheme had been the third) and some of them were rotten in other ways: Gansley, by his own admission, started his backhanded ways when he was a child, Crump was a Dirty Old Man who targeted Anzu because the thought of stealing a young girl's body appealed to him in a sick way, Johnson was a sleazy Amoral Attorney (likely immoral at times) and Nezbit was a Dirty Coward who targeted Duke, Tristan, and Serenity because he knew they were amateurs at the game. (Ironically, he was the one most upset when Seto turned KaibaCorp from a military firm into a more benign company; Nezbit had no problem building munitions for the military, but would likely never dare put himself within a hundred miles of a warzone where they were being used.)
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Edo Phoenix's adoptive father DD committed several murders using the Ultimate D Card and imprisoned the souls of his victims, the first victim being Edo's father, and he took Edo under his wing to divert suspicion from himself. But when he tried to do the same to Edo, he finally got what was coming to him, struck down by Edo's Destiny Heroes and left to die on his burning yacht. While an argument could be made that he was an Unwitting Pawn of the Light of Ruin, he had been a thief who murdered Edo's father even before falling victim to the Light.
    • Divine, from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds. Clearly, he was the biggest asshole in the entire franchise who was not either an Eldritch Abomination or Made of Evil, so it was hard to mourn either when he was believed to have been killed in his duel with the Dark Signer Carly, or when he was Killed Off for Real by Earthbound God Ccarayhua later.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL, there was Jin, a sadistic Numbers Hunter who, among other things, cheated in duels and tried to force Yuma to surrender by offering a Sadistic Choice, along with making him believe that Kaito - who he had recently nearly lost to - was watching, terrifying both Yuma and Astral. Jin's rather pathetic goal was to work for the real Kaito, being a slavish admirer of him. However, after Yuma finally won, Kaito showed up, and cared little for his loyalty, treating him like his other victims by taking his final Number and his soul with it.
  • Dallas Genoard from Baccano!! is a Jerkass to end all Jerkasses, which is why not many people are angry at seeing Luck Gandor give him the Cement Shoes treatment.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • In Shou Tucker really had it coming when Scar killed him.
    • The gold-toothed doctor also counts when Pride impales him because he's of no more use to the homunculi.
    • Likewise, in the 2003 anime version, Basque Grand is a nasty General Ripper involved with some of the conspiracies of the army. Thus, it's not exactly a tragedy when Scar gives him the usual treatment.
    • Frankly, from Scar's point of view, this is his entire modus operandi. He only kills State Alchemists, who were instrumental in the ethnic slaughter of his people. If a State Alchemist hadn't participated in that war, like Edward, a State Alchemist's role as a 'living weapon' means it's only a matter of time until they're ordered to do something equally heinous (and Edward is). Far as Scar is concerned, every State Alchemist has it coming.
  • This is a staple for the mysteries in The Kindaichi Case Files. None of the murderers ever kill randomly out of pure insanity or for money. Instead, it inevitably turns out that the murderer was getting revenge for the loss/harming of a lover, family member, friends, or someone very dear who the murder victim royally screwed over in the worst possible way.
    • A rare exception: in one case, two victims who were thought to be assholes turn out to be okay people.
  • Almost all of the people sent to Hell by those seeking revenge in Hell Girl were getting what they deserved. Apparently.
  • Sword Art Online has Oberon, the villain of the series' second arc, who conspired to use VRMMO technology to achieve Mind Control, conspired to marry Asuna while she was still comatose, kept her caged in Alfheim Online, then near the end, tortured Kirito while sexually assaulting Asuna in-game and threatening to have his way with her body in the real world. Needless to say, no one shed a tear for him when Kirito wrested control of the game from him, turned off his pain inhibitor, and killed him in-game so viciously, his real-world player suffered permanent injuries.
  • BioMeat:
    • Taken Up to Eleven with the second victim, an old woman. When we first see her, she's mocking and ridiculing the lead character's mother for daring to not have a husband. (It's implied very shortly after that she was previously married and her husband died, or at least ran out on her) Next, we see her berating a neighbor for roof tiles falling into her yard during an earthquake — then further insulting them for daring to suggest they could clean up the tiles to make it up to her. Next, when she first sees a Bio Meat, she mistakes it for a pig, and calls Animal Control... and when they turn out to be taking too long, she decides to try to stab it to death with a broom handle for no reason. She gets picked off shortly thereafter, but she's still not done being an asshole, as she had decided to attack it in front of a little girl, who gets so traumatized by witnessing what happens to the woman that all she can do when the Animal Control officers finally arrive is repeat the Madness Mantra "Little piggy dragged off the big lady..."
    • BioMeat even includes Troper Namers, listed in the credits as "Asshole Victims" in the fifth volume. This is a group of the main characters' fellow middle school students who are saved from being eaten when Bio Meats swarm the school by the quick thinking and leadership skills of one main character, and then given an avenue of escape and communication with the outside world by the inventiveness of another, though said escape route has to be used sparingly and carefully lest the Bio Meats use it to invade the safe room. Just as the last of the main characters leaves through the escape route to bring back help, the "Asshole Victims:"
      • Cut the only rope that allows them to enter and leave the safe room, for no other reason than to amuse themselves by watching the last of the main characters plummet loudly to the ground and alert the nearby Bio Meats to his presence.
      • Sneeringly (and loudly) voice disappointment when the last main character escapes being eaten due to a previously unnoticed weakness in the Bio Meats.
      • Make a "You're Not The Boss Of Me" speech as the escaped main characters are yelling for them to close the entrance to the safe room because all the insults the "Asshole Victims" have been yelling have alerted the Bio Meats, which are now rushing toward the entrance.
      • Continue ignoring the Bio Meats even as they're climbing into the no-longer-safe room, just to yell a few more accusations at the main characters of being responsible for their deaths by creating the escape route that they misused.
  • One Piece:
    • Bellamy. After he mocked Luffy's dreams and stole an old man's gold, you frankly could not feel any sympathy for him when Doflamingo made Bellamy's own first mate attack him. Or so it seemed. When Doflamingo orders Bellamy's death for real in the Dressrosa Arc, it comes off as a Kick the Dog moment since Bellamy is no longer an asshole.
    • Or when Doflamingo passes off ownership of the "human shop" to Disco after Luffy punches out a Celestial Dragon, or when Doflamingo later apparently kills Moria on orders of the World Government for not being strong enough to continue as one of the Shichibukai.
    • Spandam repeatedly kicked a down and broken Robin who was handcuffed and mentally tortured just for laughs. When she breaks his spine in half you feel as if he is getting off easy. If anything he is the poster boy of this trope.
      • He blamed his group of assassins that he led for everything that happened to the Marines in the arc, and then those assassins are implied to be coming after him.
    • Admiral Akainu ordering a ship of refugees destroyed just because a scholar might be on it is unforgivably evil. However, the civilians of Ohara often acted as All of the Other Reindeer to Robin because of her Devil Fruit powers, making them considerably less sympathetic than Clover, Olivia and the rest of the scholars.
  • Fate/stay night:
    • Shinji was already defeated, so it wasn't entirely justified when he was minced (off-screen) by Berserker. He did, however, just try to kill off a school's worth of people, and laughed when one of them managed to beg for help. If you've read Heaven's Feel, you know that there really isn't anything he doesn't deserve. And in Heaven's feel, it kind of bites him in the ass.
    • Any time Gilgamesh is shown in pain or not getting his way is satisfying, considering his haughty, stuck up, "I'm grand ruler of everything" attitude.
    • The prequel has Lord Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi. Though he's an interesting case: while he was a complete jerk certainly deserving of a Karmic Death, the method by which he was killed was so brutal and mean-spirited it's hard not to feel sorry for him. His killer, Kiritsugu, is actually considered to have crossed the Moral Event Horizon In-Universe for doing so, and gets a What the Hell, Hero? speech from his own Servant. Though he justifies it by saying I Did What I Had to Do.
      • It's also made worse by the fact that Kayneth had just chosen to throw away his pride and give up on the Grail War to save the life of the woman he loves... the same woman who tortured him for his command spells while he was helpless and was planning to run off with his servant. His devotion to her is almost enough to make him sympathetic, and he's often considered something of a memetic woobie for it.
  • Makoto of School Days. He's murdered by the girl he impregnated and abandoned, and she might count, depending on your interpretation, when her killing Makoto causes his girlfriend to break completely and kill her.
  • Dragon Ball Z:
    • Paragus qualifies as an Asshole Victim in the ending of movie 8 when his son Broly offs him when the latter attempted to escape from the planet. First off, after planting a Slave Crown on Broly's head to control his actions, he ended up using Broly to destroy far more planets than Broly was willing to destroy (and considering the fact that Broly was so Mind Raped from his near-death experiences as a baby as well as driven insane from Goku's crying to the point that he becomes Ax-Crazy enough to try blowing up planets as a kid, that's saying a lot), namely to lure Vegeta, the son of the guy who nearly had Broly and himself executed (and in a way contributing to Broly's insanity) over to be killed by a comet, and then enslaved an alien race that fell victim to Broly and Paragus's actions, and later attempts to abandon Broly to the planet (which, btw, was in the direct trajectory path of said comet).
    • In one of its sequels, Bio-Broly, Maloja, the shaman and village idiot, has people sacrificed once a year to appease a monster attacking them. When Goten and Trunks kill the monster he is kicked out so he attempts revenge by bringing Broly's blood to Jaguar, thus resulting in an equally powerful clone of Broly. Jaguar and his cousin Men-Men are saved from the resulting destruction, but Maloja isn't as lucky when the acidic culture fluid enters his room and he speaks his last incantation.
    • The genocide of the Saiyans of Planet Vegeta. In the long run, Frieza may have done the universe a favor rectifying his Gone Horribly Right use of the Saiyans.
    • In the anime, Van Zant, a Trigger Happy lunatic, and his pal Smitty certainly qualify. They kill numerous people for no reason other than that the world is being destroyed, so they might as well, only for one of them to decide to try and kill Fat Buu because he wants to kill more people. They shoot Hercule and Bee and anger Fat Buu into creating another entity who becomes the new antagonist. The very first thing Evil Buu/Super Buu does is obliterate Van Zant with a Wave Motion Gun technique, while Smitty gets quite possibly the most brutal death in the series, which involves Super Buu shooting down his throat and causing him to swell up until he explodes.
      • Speaking of Buu, any character on Earth you can think of not specified to have died already or to be somewhere else is killed either by his Human Extinction Attack or by blowing up the earth. Goten and Trunks' first opponents in the junior division, Master Shu, Emperor Pilaf, Vodka the gangster, the Red Shark Gang, Mr. Musuka the circus man who kidnapped Chobi. Mercenary Tao Pai Pai and Captain Ginyu. Granted most of them may not have been considered "evil" enough to remain dead when Dende wishes everyone back except the evil ones.
    • Giran from the original series, who was murdered by Tambourine after terrorizing an animal village and stealing food. He was eventually revived by the Dragon Balls, which implied he had some redeeming qualities despite being a total jerkass.
      • To his credit, he did get kinder after he lost to Goku at the tournament and showed Goku respect. He even helped Nam with his village's water problem and he seems to care for his own people.
  • Those two misogynists on the train in episode 8 of Madoka Magica, who believe that women should be abused as a means of being kept in line. Even as she's becoming a witch, Sayaka is fighting for justice. Though whether she killed them or not is a massive Flip Flop of God.
  • Chaka from Black Lagoon. His death was horrible, but he was a complete and utter bastard who deserved every second.
  • Tarukane and Butajiri from YuYu Hakusho. Both of them are killed by Toguro; the former for no longer being useful to Sakyo or the Black Book Club, and the latter for trying to rig the tournament through bribery, which comes off as an Even Evil Has Standards moment for Sakyo. The rest of the Black Book Club also counts, as their deaths mean the Dark Tournament will never be held again.
  • Inuyasha:
    • The Bandits killed by Inuyasha in the episode 51.
    • Also the guys Suikotsu kills in his flashback.
  • In the Ace Attorney manga, Robin Wolfe. He essentially drove Eddie Johnson to suicide by restraining him in a chair in a room full of spiders, presumably knowing that he was arachnophobic. This was presumably because Eddie was disrespectful at work, but it may have been motivated merely because he didn't approve of Eddie dating his daughter Lira. Afterward, he laughed about it while telling his wife what he had done, and claimed that Eddie was "weak" for committing suicide. As a result, his wife and daughter hate him, and he also hates his reclusive spider fanatic brother Bobby, thinking of him as an eyesore, keeping him restrained and denying his existence while guests are visiting. As a result, Brock comes off as a Sympathetic Murderer. Lira still calls Brock out on it, though; no matter how much she may have hated Robin, he was still her father, and she still grieves for him.
  • Naruto:
    • The first people we see Gaara kill are a team of older genin from Amegakure whose leader is an arrogant bastard who tries his best to kill Gaara unprovoked. It's kind of satisfying seeing his Oh, Crap moment. The next two victims are his teammates who were begging for mercy at the time, and immediately afterwards we see him right on the edge of killing team 8 as well, so it's immediately clear that Gaara is not a nice person.
      • Immediately before his fight, two Grass ninja come in and try to intimidate him into throwing the fight. They also end up dead, and their deaths sate Gaara's bloodlust for the moment, resulting in him not killing Naruto and Shikamaru.
    • Gaara's dad, the Fourth Kazekage, who had his wife die so he could try to harness Shukaku then shunned and tried to (unsuccessfully) kill his son Gaara. You know Orochimaru doesn't have any kindness in his heart, but it's not like you lament that he killed the Kazekage.
    • No matter how good his intentions were, or how much he loved Konoha, Danzo lived in the Moral Event Horizon and had his death coming.
    • Unlike with Obito, nobody seemed particularly upset about Madara getting literally backstabbed by Black Zetsu, force-fed chakra, and converted into Kaguya Ootsutsuki. For one, Obito wouldn't be who he is now if it weren't for Madara in the first place. For another, Madara had a 0% Approval Rating mainly because of how much of an asshole he was. Nobody liked him.
  • Michio Yuki from MW has killed off the people who were part of the cover-up of the titular chemical warfare including his boss at the bank he worked at.
  • Akura-Ou from Kamisama Kiss killed some robbers waylaying Nanami. It is implied he did it because she had canned peaches he liked and not to rescue her.
  • Derrick Arden of Kuroshitsuji's Academy arc turns out to be this, though through the whole time that he's being searched for as a missing person everyone seems to think he's the bee's knees. It's when his killers admit to the crime that they also admit to having found him beating up younger students and forcing them to do all his work for him, causing everyone to think he was extremely talented.
  • Zekkyou Gakkyuu often has this, making the frequent Downer Endings easier to swallow; a particularly interesting example is the story "The Girl Under The Bed." The protagonist, after learning that her friends don't like her as much as she thought they did, decides to play a cruel and frightening prank on them instead of ignoring it or finding better friends. In the end, however, the titular character (a spirit who kills people if she deems them bad enough) comes for her instead, since what she did was worse than anything the others did.
  • In Date A Live, Kurumi Tokisaki kills three thugs that try to rape her, then three guys who were tormenting a cat with airsoft guns.
  • D.Gray-Man is a Crapsack World where good people tend to die, so when the ones that get murdered have proven themselves to be assholes, it feels extremely satisfying. One example is the village in a filler episode of the anime who would single out a person as a scapegoat witch and banish them to a run down shack and refuse them any supplies. The entire village who followed this tradition was gorily wiped out when the last witch's twin sister became an Akuma to avenge her death by illness that the villagers refused to help cure even though they could have. Even Kanda's seeker refuses to show remorse for them.
  • In City Hunter, Ryo Saeba is a Hitman with a Heart who doesn't take assassination jobs unless the target is this. Mixed with Kick the Son of a Bitch due Ryo's sadistic streak. Even when the manga gets Lighter and Softer and he doesn't kill the antagonists anymore, they still deserve everything they get (like the guys Ryo made impotent: they were Arms Dealers planning to sell Killer Bees to opposing factions, were even bigger perverts than Ryo himself, and had indirectly made him impotent too for a while earlier in the story arc).
  • Valvrave the Liberator has Q-Vier, the resident Psychopathic Manchild. When the truth about the Council of 101 comes to light, all of his surviving partners realize what they were fighting for was a lie and switch sides... except him. Living off of his Madness Mantra that his partners were now traitors and thus had to die, Q-Vier instead fought A-Drei, who tries to incapacitate his friend so he doesn't compromise what needs to be done. Unfortunately, the attempt fails as the ricocheted blast hits the cockpit of Q-Vier's mecha, fatally wounding him. Although Q-Vier is happy about dying at the hands of a man he looked up to, A-Drei is still horrified. So... why is Q-Vier an Asshole Victim? Well, of the Dorssian pilots, he's the only one that liked killing way too much and lacked a moral compass, yet A-Drei didn't want to kill him.
  • Silas Edwards in Mother Keeper.
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