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Live Bloginations, an archived forum.
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new postpinnedLive Blogginations Has Been Archived3Fri, 10th Dec '10 6:38:47 PM
new postpinnedThe Master List of Liveforuming395Thu, 9th Dec '10 9:35:01 AM
new postIn Which Solstace Liveblogs The TVTropes Fora, circa 200846Sat, 11th Dec '10 12:04:35 AM
new postLet's Rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood18Fri, 10th Dec '10 11:43:55 PM
new postLet's Play Super Mario 64!48Fri, 10th Dec '10 10:12:00 PM
new postLet's Watch A Little Snow Fairy Sugar18Fri, 10th Dec '10 8:25:02 PM
new postLet's Play Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven78Fri, 10th Dec '10 8:23:47 PM
new postDo the time warp, doods! Let's play Disgaea Infinite!42Fri, 10th Dec '10 7:54:09 PM
new postMOM! Spongebob Squarepants is doing a Phineas And Ferb Liveblog!52Fri, 10th Dec '10 7:08:57 PM
new postLet's Watch BlackWolfe Watch Hawk The Slayer!31Fri, 10th Dec '10 6:36:33 PM
new postLet's Play Golden Sun: Dark Dawn43Fri, 10th Dec '10 6:14:49 PM
new postLet's MST: Bad song lyrics & other stuff (but mostly bad songs)29Fri, 10th Dec '10 4:39:37 PM
new postPokemon 3rd Generation Monotype5Fri, 10th Dec '10 3:15:01 PM
new postPilotwings, a video LP30Fri, 10th Dec '10 3:07:45 PM
new postLet's Play Tactics Ogre!100Fri, 10th Dec '10 2:07:40 PM
new postLet's fight...and farm! It's Rune Factory Frontier!229Fri, 10th Dec '10 1:37:11 PM
new postGetting Your Edge Back: A Skating Liveblog25Fri, 10th Dec '10 12:42:23 PM
new postSlowzombie is blind about Dark, The Adventures of Dark Yagami358Fri, 10th Dec '10 9:00:45 AM
new postPenpals give great stuff! .JPN Soul Silver time!485Fri, 10th Dec '10 8:08:26 AM
new postLet's Be Comfortable With Our Sexuality: Xchange 2!59Fri, 10th Dec '10 7:43:53 AM
new postLetters from Kyouto (Let's Play Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble)22Fri, 10th Dec '10 6:34:47 AM
new postBadfic Fetish has a thing for Stand My Ground (No, not that way!)90Fri, 10th Dec '10 3:05:25 AM
new postLet's read various bad fanfictions16Fri, 10th Dec '10 1:59:37 AM
new postFine-tooth plot comb vs. Fan Dumb! An in-depth Bleach Liveblog58Thu, 9th Dec '10 8:53:46 PM
new postLiveblog This452Thu, 9th Dec '10 5:59:07 PM
new postLet's Play Jagged Alliance 2! (Redux)113Thu, 9th Dec '10 3:51:25 PM
new postOrckDorck Plays Metroid II!10Thu, 9th Dec '10 2:35:01 PM
new postLet's Read John Carter of Mars!13Thu, 9th Dec '10 10:20:03 AM
new postRockopolis' Train-ing...from Hell!7Thu, 9th Dec '10 10:05:59 AM
new postLet's Liveblog SonicShadowX Because I Have Lost All Senses13Wed, 8th Dec '10 10:10:27 PM
new postLet's Listen to Meta Four's iPod: Christmas Edition62Wed, 8th Dec '10 9:44:18 PM
new postLet's watch: Dingo Pictures' Pocahontas29Wed, 8th Dec '10 7:48:48 PM
new postEverest DMs a Crazy D&D Game: Now For Your Entertainment!5Wed, 8th Dec '10 6:48:28 PM
new postLet's play King's Bounty: Armored Princes!20Wed, 8th Dec '10 2:14:48 PM
new postCardcaptors: A Mystic Liveblogging34Wed, 8th Dec '10 2:02:48 PM
new postRahXephon the liveblog take three or so170Wed, 8th Dec '10 12:55:40 PM
new postWeíre gonna die, arenít we? Letís play Zettai Hero Project!5Wed, 8th Dec '10 1:54:33 AM
new postThor in the Norse: Let's Play Castle Of The Winds12Tue, 7th Dec '10 8:27:19 PM
new postStevebat Watches: Disney Animated Canon2Tue, 7th Dec '10 4:31:21 PM
new postDon't Wake Der Furer! - Let's Play Hearts of Iron 34Mon, 6th Dec '10 12:01:48 PM
new postLet's play Super Mario Kart!62Mon, 6th Dec '10 6:31:54 AM
new postTime Cube62Sun, 5th Dec '10 10:44:19 PM
new postPolitical Science with MEPT7242Sun, 5th Dec '10 9:08:45 PM
new postLet's Play Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals9Sun, 5th Dec '10 5:22:41 PM
new postFATAL1,389Sun, 5th Dec '10 5:01:32 PM
new postLet's Read Fairy Tail OR Zettai Karen Children144Sun, 5th Dec '10 3:56:24 PM
new postLet's Play, Newgrounds Edition: Gravity Duck (screenies)12Sun, 5th Dec '10 12:46:26 PM
new postViva PiŮata! Filled with pun, filled with pun!14Sun, 5th Dec '10 10:50:56 AM
new postLet's Play: All of the NES Megaman games 33Sun, 5th Dec '10 10:20:23 AM
new postLet's Play: MySims Agents (Wii)62Sun, 5th Dec '10 7:16:26 AM
new postLet's Play a random Touhou RPG103Sun, 5th Dec '10 2:53:19 AM
new postLet's all play Dwarf Fortress (really)136Sun, 5th Dec '10 1:35:43 AM
new postOrdinary Liveblogs Don't Interest Me! Let's Watch Haruhi!20Sat, 4th Dec '10 10:06:23 PM
new postFOR TANITH! FOR THE EMPEROR! A Gaunt's Ghosts Liveblogging3Sat, 4th Dec '10 1:36:04 PM
new postInsignem Pietate Virum: a Roman Civ V let's play!12Sat, 4th Dec '10 9:03:09 AM
new postDevil Diaries: Lets try to Survive48Sat, 4th Dec '10 7:33:58 AM
new postA liveblog of Overlord: Raising Hell, by a REAL overlord raising hell76Sat, 4th Dec '10 1:36:49 AM
new postYour Pharmaceuticals are useless, Human!: Letís live blog Puzzle Body.1Fri, 3rd Dec '10 10:48:07 PM
new postNew Recruits Tend To Drown A Lot (TFTD Liveblog Thingy)149Fri, 3rd Dec '10 5:40:36 PM
new postBloggy Star: A Very Nearly Blind Liveblog16Fri, 3rd Dec '10 1:33:40 AM
new postWill it Blow, Part 1: Let's Watch Kanokon36Thu, 2nd Dec '10 6:45:43 PM
new postIíve Been Repeatedly Assured This Is Good (Buffy Season 2 Liveblog)40Thu, 2nd Dec '10 2:46:42 PM
new postMakai Kingdom: So it shall be written, so it shall be liveblogged132Thu, 2nd Dec '10 6:20:50 AM
new postMoe Dantes vs He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!10Thu, 2nd Dec '10 3:48:21 AM
new postIthilion The Brave tests his courage! Let's Play Fatal Frame.25Wed, 1st Dec '10 4:16:33 PM
new postWilliam lulzblogs Chick Tracts because he hates himself678Wed, 1st Dec '10 3:09:20 PM
new postAFGNCAAP finishes this thing (Children of Dune: The Film of the Book)32Wed, 1st Dec '10 1:35:51 PM
new postSomeColorMage unleashes Let's Play Golden Sun!104Tue, 30th Nov '10 11:45:11 PM
new postLetís Watch: Dingo Pictures' "Animal Soccer World"62Tue, 30th Nov '10 4:18:55 PM
new postPacific makes a game in 24 hours55Tue, 30th Nov '10 9:16:23 AM
new postReal Time Lords! Let's watch Doctor Who!54Mon, 29th Nov '10 8:36:34 PM
new postA Double Liveblog of Sonic Unleashed46Mon, 29th Nov '10 4:41:44 PM
new postArcadian Interludes: Ax 'Em6Mon, 29th Nov '10 8:57:50 AM
new postI'm Not F-ing Prepared: Let's Play Fire Emblem Hector!14Sun, 28th Nov '10 6:34:20 PM
new postRANTS FOR THE RANTS GOD! Let's read/MST "War Games and Death Toys"12Sat, 27th Nov '10 7:20:00 PM
new postDoing a Classic Disney Shorts marathon in celebration of Epic Mickey!26Sat, 27th Nov '10 5:03:29 PM
new postKSPAM Dons His Reading Glasses And Dives Into Index23Sat, 27th Nov '10 1:12:12 AM
new postLet's play Luminous Arc!14Fri, 26th Nov '10 10:19:19 AM
new postThe Seven Liveblogs of Nico Nico Douga 2Fri, 26th Nov '10 9:51:30 AM
new postOf Ninja Crotchgrabs, and Laser Pimps: Let's Play The Ninjawarriors.17Thu, 25th Nov '10 10:03:42 PM
new postRome: Total War Liveblog73Thu, 25th Nov '10 3:11:17 AM
new postOne Piece Anime: Episode Summary and Critique53Wed, 24th Nov '10 11:05:44 AM
new postGodzilla vs. The Liveblog6Wed, 24th Nov '10 8:56:20 AM
new postWanna be a mercenary? Let's Play Jagged Alliance 2!298Tue, 23rd Nov '10 4:03:00 PM
new postLet's Watch "Let's Play Dead to Rights"57Tue, 23rd Nov '10 12:36:20 PM
new post> Read Homestuck.14Tue, 23rd Nov '10 8:59:24 AM
new postAre those her limbs? Let's Read Elfen Lied139Mon, 22nd Nov '10 11:17:20 PM
new postTemascos pimps his wizard hat and reads "Imma Wiserd"! 11Mon, 22nd Nov '10 4:45:58 PM
new postA Biblical Exegesis291Mon, 22nd Nov '10 1:10:47 PM
new postWicked223 plays the My Immortal Drinking Game401Mon, 22nd Nov '10 10:41:13 AM
new postLets Play Spore (with Video)3Mon, 22nd Nov '10 12:15:07 AM
new postPokťmon PC log.6Sun, 21st Nov '10 10:42:05 PM
new postLet's Play Weird Japanese Flash Games!18Sun, 21st Nov '10 8:41:04 PM
new postLet's Play: The Adventures of Willy Beamish (hybrid)81Sat, 20th Nov '10 2:52:57 PM
new postLets re-read The Dresden Files34Sat, 20th Nov '10 2:34:29 PM
new postEuropa Barbarorum Liveblog155Fri, 19th Nov '10 2:43:51 PM
new postLet's Play Pokemon Quartz!9Thu, 18th Nov '10 5:20:45 PM
new postLet's Watch the Watchmen: I haven't read the comic.44Thu, 18th Nov '10 2:50:31 PM
new postLet's Play Deus Ex! -Warning: Blind LP-25Thu, 18th Nov '10 2:05:25 PM
new postAondeug Overdoses on Sonic21Thu, 18th Nov '10 12:35:19 PM
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