Let's play Super Mario Kart!:

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Jeez, man. You're basically a MK Walker in racing game form.
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Thanks for the compliment. It's really just a lot of practice, though. I don't have the knowledge or experience of the pros, but I do love Super Mario Kart and Pro Edition and I try my best.
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I've noticed that with the Princess and Yoshi, while they go from zero to "rolling" quickly, it takes a very long time for them to get up from around 900 to their max speed just above 1100. Perhaps that's why I have trouble with them. I usually expect them to pop right back into full after I swerve into the mud when it really takes them a good lap and a half.
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So they have a great initial acceleration, but at high speeds it's not so great?
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Right. Yoshi and the Princess are "speed" types, and the exact opposite of "power" types like Bowser and Donkey Kong Jr., who have slow acceleration, but faster top speeds.
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Right, sort of. It's not just a matter of top speed vs. acceleration though. Yoshi and Princess do go from 0 to 800 really fast. But above that they accelerate slower than anyone. Here's a very informal test of how fast the characters go from 900 to 1100, with 10 coins, in 150cc:

Koopa, Toad: 4 seconds
Bowser, DK Jr.: 5 seconds
Mario, Luigi: 7 seconds
Princess, Yoshi: 12 seconds

And here are their top speeds just to demonstrate that Super Mario Kart doesn't peddle in any pure speed / acceleration tradeoff:

Koopa, Toad: 1103
Princess, Yoshi: 1119
Mario, Luigi: 1151
Bowser, DK Jr.: 1183

This suggests that Princess and Yoshi are just bad characters, having the widest turns, a low top speed, and poor acceleration if you're interested in racing fast. Maybe that's why I had so much trouble with ex. Princess in the Pro Edition Special Cup, which was about as hard for me as tiny Mario in the same cup a few days later.
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Whoa, I just had the weirdest glitch. I was playing through the (Pro Edition) Star Cup with Luigi and bumping into Yoshi along the jumps at the end of Bowser Castle 3 when he stuck to my head! I think it happened after the third lava platform, and we drifted together to the left-hand side of the curve, Yoshi sitting atop my kart, before we disentangled and could control normally. While I've seen similar glitches with a grounded character, I have never seen it with any mid-air characters. It looked funny.
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And you didn't take a screenshot?
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Too fast. One second and it was over. And I was too shocked.
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Very well done, good sir! A toast to your excellent Kart skills.

Put me in the camp of those that don't overly mind the monotone. It makes the video seem informative.
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It certainly helps that you have an awesome voice.

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No, not smooth jazz! He would be DJing for an actual jazz station.
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