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51 Nyperold12th Jul 2010 11:28:24 PM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
ROOK: Next stop, Luke's surf shop. Dude looked like he had a problem.

ROOK: How's it going?

LUKE: Not so stellar, yo. Someone busted my boards on the beach. I'm stuck here covering the shop. Any chance you can look into this for me?

ROOK: I'd be happy to help.

LUKE: Thanks, Rook! Mucho appreciated.

ROOK: I took a look at them.

ROOK: Ouch. Those surfboards got smashed up pretty good.

LUKE: No doubt. What a bust. Looks like a yeti was up in there with a cricket bat!

ROOK: ...Yeah. So, when did this happen, Luke?

LUKE: Dunno, chiller. I've been 'laxin in my board shop, waiting for the curl. Just came out to catch a wave and found all my boards like this!

ROOK: Alright, I'll check into it.

LUKE: Rad, cap'n. Gracias.

ROOK: De nada, amigo.

LUKE: ...Huh?

ROOK: ...Never mind.

ROOK: Figured I might as well poke around and talk to people.

ROOK: Chaz, know anything about Luke's surfboards?

CHAZ: Hardly. Why would anyone want to waste their time with surfboards? They're just big floating sticks, and not very extreme at all!

ROOK: It's kind of extreme. I hear Luke's pretty good.

CHAZ: That chump? Ha! He's gotten a little too much sun, thinking he's sooo cool with his tan, tattoos, and swimming ability! ...Just wait until I rock my stunt, then we'll see who's the real "king of the beach!"

ROOK: Any idea who might have broken Luke's surfboards?

??????: Well, I don't want to be a tattle-tale...

ROOK: Taylor, if you have any information, it would help my investigation.

Ah, finally, the girl gets named.

TAYLOR: Well, I didn't actually see the surfboards get broken. But, I know that Chaz doesn't like Luke too much, and he thinks surfing is dumb.

ROOK: Well, I gathered both from talking to him, but let's hear your take on these subjects. Why doesn't Chaz like Luke?

TAYLOR: ''For some reason Chaz thinks Luke is trying to out cool him and take his title of "king of the beach."

ROOK: A-ha. He mentioned that. But why does he think that?

TAYLOR: It's probably 'cuz of that silly lifeguard. Luke gave her a surf lesson, and now Chaz thinks Luke's trying to outdo him!

ROOK: A one-sided rivalry. A crime of jealousy? It was a possibility...

ROOK: So why does he think surfing is dumb?

TAYLOR: Well, as a founding member of the Chaz Mc Freely Fan Club, I've read his online profile at least a hundred times...

That explains why the hit counter's not in the single digits...

TAYLOR: In it, Chaz claims that "surfing, as a sport, is not nearly extreme enough." Also, he's a pretty bad swimmer.

ROOK: Well, most of her information, I already got from Chaz, but that one detail could be useful. I should talk to the silly li— I mean, Summer.

ROOK: Hey Summer, did you see what happened to Luke's surfboards?

SUMMER: Can you believe I didn't?! It happened while I was taking my 3-minute break. That's what I get for being lazy!

ROOK: No word on Chaz. But I figured I'd see if Clara had any ideas.

ROOK: Do you know what happened to Luke's surfboards?

CLARA: Yeah. Mr. Suckers broke them! He didn't mean to; he's just grumpy...

ROOK: Mr. Suckers...?

CLARA: Yeah, Mr. Suckers. He's a giant squid and my new friend... ...Taylor thinks I'm making him up. But that's only because my other two best friends are imaginary, and they don't like Taylor much.

ROOK: A friendly, yet currently irritated, giant squid. Well, why not? I'd met a yeti and a zombie, so this might be worth looking into, as well.

ROOK: ...Grumpy?

CLARA: Yeah, he seemed cranky last time I saw him. Poor Mr. Suckers. I know! We should throw a tea party to cheer him up! You know how much giant squid like their tea!

ROOK: A giant squid... tea party? Seriously?

CLARA: Of course, he loves tea! Rook, do you think you could help me? I'll just need help getting a few things!

ROOK: I...suppose. Sure.

CLARA: Great! All we'll need is a blanket, some teacups and saucers, spoons, a teapot... oh, and tea, of course!

ROOK: An interesting thought. And she's the only one to actually claim to know what happened. But to be sure, I decided to see if my Super-Detector could still detect tracks after the upgrade. Indeed, tire tracks could be found near the broken surfboards. There was just one track, and that might just indicate a motorcycle... much as the one Chaz had out but the stunt track. I examined it, but I couldn't get it working for a test run. I spoke with Tim.

ROOK: I wish we could fix up Chaz's stunt bike...'

TIM: Me too! I'm his biggest fan and unofficial pit crew. I even have an extra gasket for his bike! But, I'm not much of a mechanic.

ROOK: If you give me that part, I can probably help fix Chaz's bike!

TIM: Anything for Mr. Chaz!

ROOK: I took his gasket and went to repair the motorcycle.

Hey, that's not a gasket!

ROOK: You mean, 3 gear belts, 4 gears, and 10 sections of wire isn't a gasket?

No! ...But it does seem to be what it needs.

ROOK: I actually had a part left over! I wonder what happens to these parts; you'd think I could carry them over to the next thing. Anyway...

ROOK: So, let's see this stunt...

CHAZ: Take a note, chump: Chaz does not perform for just one person. Wouldn't be fair to my legions of Chaz-Fans!!

ROOK: I suppose that's a good excuse. Or maybe, the stunt is just too extreme, even for you.

ROOK: I felt dirty saying that, considering that the stunt was rather less extreme than he was making it out to be, but when you're gathering evidence...

CHAZ: That's it, chump! Nothing's too extreme for Chaz Mc Freely! Stand back and prepare to have your face blown off by awesomeness!

ROOK: Better than a Fetch Quest to get everybody gathered to watch mediocrity, but whatever. He began his stunt, which consisted of him circling the ramps once, then having the hoop lit, and jumping through it. So overdone. But hey, I got a luchador jumpsuit out of it. And, more importantly, I could check the treads! It was a match; might he have been doing stunts on the beach and smashed the boards, either intentionally or not? Maybe, but for now, I decided to check my other lead. Closer examination of one of the boards indicated that a piece of it wasn't in the pile, but a few feet away! I checked it... and found goo on it.

ROXIE: The slime seems to be from some sort of sea creature, although I also detect faint traces of chamomile.

ROOK: This "tea-loving squid" theory seemed to be getting more and more probable.

Well, you know what they say: "If a cat claims to be an ancient dragon, it's probably true."

ROOK: ...Who says that?

...They do. Weren't you paying attention?

ROOK: (mumble) Anyway, time to gather tea stuff. Hey, this washed-up crate might contain something!

Hey, no dissing the dune buggy!

ROOK: Not that! This! (ka-F-Space!) See? Cups!

I thought y'all were flat...

ROOK: ...Cut that out! I'm going to need some chamomile... Another crate near the base of the pier contained... saucers and not one word about aliens!!


ROOK: ...I needed teaspoons. Even though Turkey-on-a-Fork was not the most intuitive source, I suppose it couldn't hurt.

ROOK: Have anything I could borrow for a tea party?

???? ???: Ugh. Well, do you need spoons?

ROOK: I do, actually.

???? ???: They keep sending me spoons for the Turkey-on-a-Fork cart. I mean, really? This suffering is endless. Anyway, help yourself.


ROOK: Yes, SPOON. Anyway, on my hunt for tea, I felt, I don't know, drawn into the surf shop. I decided to look around. Board shorts, bikinis, and flip-flops sold here — everything you need for a day at the beach. I kind of liked the bikini on the mannequin torso, but... I've never seen a figure like the one it was on. I mean, chests don't have two large bumps on them, do they? I'm not sure a top made for a Sim with them would fit me. A picnic table display made out of surfboards...what will they think of next? ...How clever...there's even a surfboard-themed register. Beachwear made from all-natural fibers... a good selection of surfboards... and in the counter display: board wax, spare fins, and... herbal tea!

ROOK: Have anything I can borrow for a tea party?

LUKE: Uh... yeah! Only the best all-natural herbal tea! Chock-full of anti-oxidants and just bursting with eco-friendly flavors!

ROOK: Luke, that's perfect! May I have some?

ROOK: Didn't want to harm the squid, after all.

LUKE: Fully, kid! It's all yours. Totally enjoy! But, uh, first I gotta figure out how to get in my display case...

ROOK: What do you mean? You can't get the tea?

LUKE: Sorry, chiller, totally spaced...I lost my keys the other day. It was righteous! I was tucked in an epic barrel, straight cruisin'...

ROOK: Luke, if I can open your display, do you think I could "score" some of your tea?

Dude, he said you could have it all if you wanted! And you wouldn't have to do anything!

ROOK: I couldn't just take it all! What do you take me for, a Kleptomaniac Adventurer?

I don't know, ask the chests that aren't there now.

ROOK: Urk...

LUKE: That's a deal, amigo.

ROOK: I picked my way past the lock and grabbed some tea. I figured I'd need a blanket or rug, and thought I remembered seeing a particularly out-of-place one in the tattoo parlor.

And one that would go well with a tea party hosted by an adorable little girl.

ROOK: That too.

ROOK: Have anything I can borrow for a tea party?

JUSTICE: You're welcome to the old blanket on my shop's floor here. Been meaning to replace it — pink doesn't sell alternative body-art.

ROOK: Thanks a lot, Justice.

ROOK: I grabbed it and went in search of a teapot. The chef, perhaps?

ROOK: Have anything I can borrow for a tea party?

CHEF WATANABE: Hai! I have an old Watanabe family teapot.

ROOK: May I borrow it? I promise to return it once the tea party is done.

CHEF WATANABE: Only if you are an honorary Watanabe. Bring me four clumps of kelp for my seaweed rolls, and I will give you this honor.

ROOK: So, I set about collecting it. I felt weird about half my collection coming from recently-radioactive waters, but there you go.

ROOK: Hey, chef, I got all the kelp you asked for...

CHEF WATANABE: Arigato, Rook! You are now a Watanabe! As promised, you may use the Watanabe family teapot.

ROOK: Thank you so much, chef!

ROOK: I told Clara.

ROOK: I've got everything we need for the tea party!

CLARA: That's great, Rook! Hooray! Tea party!! Won't Mr. Suckers be delighted?

ROOK: I sure hope so. So, now what?

CLARA: Mr. Suckers is sulking by the tide pools, down past the docks. I'll head over and you can meet me there when you're ready.

ROOK: After she left, I went past the docks to a short series of cliffs. I F-spaced a rock down to help me up, then used the same one to get up higher. By the lighthouse, I moved another rock down so that in the future, I wouldn't have to move that first rock up and down if I wanted back... or fell off trying to cross. I was faced with a wall with holes in it, and stones on top. I moved them into helpful slots, and used them to climb over. I was also slowed by a locked gate.. but of course, not stopped. In the tide pool itself, I found a chest with two fish tanks: one small, and one large! However, to get where I was supposed to be, I had to jump across raised platforms. No biggie. I did F-space a stone into place to make it a little easier after the fact. And there was Clara!

ROOK: I'm here! Let's get this tea party started.

CLARA: Yay, Rook! You made it!! We were getting pretty thirsty.

ROOK: How'd you get over here anyway? I mean, I had to F-space some stones into place and overcome a locked gate! I assume you didn't lock it behind you...?

CLARA: Mr. Suckers was nice enough to give me a lift from the beach. But he got shy and hid when you showed up.

ROOK: "We?"

CLARA: Yeah! Mr. Suckers and I can't wait for the tea party to begin.

ROOK: Alright, then! Let's see this "Mr. Suckers."

ROOK: She set up the tea party, and I sat at it. Imagine my surprise when a tentacle took the teapot and served me, before taking a cup for himself! I noticed one tentacle had a bow on it, no doubt applied by Clara. Well, since he was were, time to get some answers...

ROOK: Uh, Mr. Suckers, what happened to those surfboards on the beach?

MR. SUCKERS: Gurgle, gurgle...slurp...gurgle, glub.

ROOK: ...Uh, yeah...what you said... So, can you understand that kraken?

CLARA: Who, Mr. Suckers? Sure. He said thanks for the tea party!

ROOK: Can you ask him about the broken surfboards?

CLARA: He didn't mean to break stuff, he was just upset 'cuz of all the noise around his home lately.

ROOK: Restless? So he could have come ashore at night and broken them by accident?

CLARA: I guess so, in the dark. He said there's something underwater that's making a lot of noise and disturbing his sleep!

ROOK: That was the last piece of the puzzle, for this particular case, anyway. Back to the surf shop!

ROOK: Hey, Luke, I think I know what happened to your boards.

LUKE: Yeah? That's wicked news. Give me the lowdown. So what's the verdict, brah? Who gave my boards the smashdown?

ROOK: I had practiced saying it on the way back, partially to help me process it. I hoped he would believe it, as, well, it was the truth.

ROOK: It was a kraken! His name is Mr. Suckers. Clara and I had a tea party with him and he explained everything. Don't worry, it won't happen again.

ROOK: Luke blinked blankly.

ROOK: You don't believe a word of this, do you?

ROOK: He got a faraway look in his eyes. I couldn't imagine what he saw.

Looks like him surfing as an adoring Summer looks on, and Clara riding Mr. Suckers in the background.

ROOK: I see...

LUKE: I believe... ...for a future like that, I have to believe, dude.

(Hey, new dispatch missions! Kinda piling up... Also, a set of surfboards, one with a bite.)

  • Surf's Up!

LUKE: ''Hey, dude, I'm bummin! I've got a hankering to serve up a fun event at the shop. But I'm, like, totally out of ideas. Maybe you know some people who can help?

3 stars. 30 minutes. Athletic/Charismatic. New Outfits.

  • The Extremest Case

CHAZ: Yo! This is Chaz Mc Freely. Yes, the Chaz Mc Freely. I'm headlining this year's X-Treem X-Po, but I've already performed every trick known to man! I need a crack team of Extremegineers to invent my next big trick—something one one has ever seen before! Can you help me?

Careful, Chaz. Disney might sure you for that portmanteau there. Anyway.

4 stars. 15 minutes. Athletic/Charismatic. New Outfits and Object.

  • Suckers Sabotage!

CLARA: ''The Main Street Beauty Pageant is coming up! Naturally, I went down to the registration office and entered Mr. Suckers as a contestant! But it seems like someone's trying to sabotage Mr. Suckers' chance at winning. Please help me!

5 stars. 15 minutes. Charismatic/Paranormal. New outfits and a trophy.

ROOK: ...Mr. Suckers? Is it only open to cryptozoological beings? If not, do you think I should join? I'm sure to win over a kraken...

I dunno. I mean, yeah, you'd beat a kraken, but the full contest is yours only if it's not entered by Violet... or Poppy... or Sapphire... or Taylor... or Brandi...

ROOK: Alright, I—

Or Rhonda...

ROOK: Alright, I get the point! Good grief!

  • Missions
    • The Bushido Code: ***; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • Candypaluna: **; A/S; Object, Mission
    • Episode X: **; S/P; Object, Trophy
    • Equipment Recovery: **; A/S; Outfits, Mission
    • The Extremest Case: ****; A/C; Outfits, Object (NEW!)
    • F, Robot: ***; S/C; Outfits, Mission
    • Failing Forest: ***; N/P; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • The Finest Blade: ***; N/S; Outfits, Mission
    • Gonk Need Food, Badly: ****; N/A; Object, Recruit
    • H 4 XXOR 3 D!: ****; S/C; Object, Recruit
    • High School Yearbook: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Justice for Justice: *****; A/C; Outfits, Trophy
    • Legendary Cheese: *; A/N; Outfits, Trophy
    • Magical Assistant: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Missing Bugs: **; N/A; Objects
    • Ol' Gabby's Mine: **; S/N; Objects
    • The Prominence: ***; P/S; Outfits
    • Reagent Run: **; P/N; Outfits, Recruit
    • Red Buddy: ***; P/A; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Roadie Despair: *; C/S; Objects, Recruit
    • The Sadness Parade: **; C/P; Outfits
    • Sewer Search: ***; S/N; Object, Trophy
    • Snack Thief: ***; S/C; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Suckers Sabotage!; *****; C/P; Outfits, Trophy
    • Surf's Up!: ***; A/C; Outfits (NEW!)
    • Tainted Broth: ***; P/N; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • The Bushido Code: ***; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • Yeti Begins: **; P/N; Objects, Paint

  • Recruits and Recruitables
    • Beebee: N,A,3C
    • Carl: 3P,N,S
    • Elmira: P,N,3S
    • Gordon: 5S
    • Leaf: 3N,2C
    • Ms. Nicole: 4C,S
    • Nova: 2P,N,2S
    • Pinky: P,4C
    • Preston: A,3C,S
    • Renée: 3N,2C
    • Roger: 5A
    • Agent Rosalyn: 2P,3S
    • Travis: 3C,2S
    • Trevor: 5C
    • Agent Vic: 3P,C,S
    • Violet: 3P,N,S
    • Wolfah: 3N,2A
    • Zoe: 4P,S

Next time: RUN silent, RUN deep!
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
52 Nyperold26th Jul 2010 09:01:50 PM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
I plan on getting more of this in tomorrow. If I don't see any mission suggestions by the time I start, I won't be sending any Sims on them.

I have to say, at this rate, the final several posts are going to be me sending Sims on missions and Rook hanging out at HQ with nothing to do but make remarks about them.
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
53 WillyFourEyes27th Jul 2010 03:41:06 PM from the Tomb of the Unknown Troper
Me and my Fat Chocobo
If you do plan on doing a side mission, try Candypaluna. That sounds like something involving DJ Candy...she's one of my favorite MySims.
54 Nyperold27th Jul 2010 05:20:47 PM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
Heh. I do kinda have to do all of them before the game will officially be over.

Next installment in progress!
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
55 Nyperold27th Jul 2010 10:37:20 PM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
ROOK: To help out with the Candypaluna mission, I recruited Gordon...

GORDON: Hello there, friends! I'm here to read books and take names.

ROOK: ...and put him in the basement, bumping Pinky to the first floor. After optimizing the basement, I sent its occupants to deal with the Candypaluna problem, and went back to the beach. I decided to speak with Buddy.

ROOK: Let's review what we learned here, Buddy.

BUDDY: Crabs are dangerous in large numbers? Always wear a helmet when jumping through fire? Krakens love tea?

ROOK: I meant what we learned about Morcu Corp's activities on the beach...

BUDDY: Oh, right. Sure thing, pal. I'm ready if you are!

ROOK: Yeah, let's figure this out.

BUDDY: I'm with you, pal!

ROOK: We went to the bottom of the stairs, for some reason.

ROOK: All the pieces are starting to fall into place.

BUDDY: They sure are, pal! But tell me how just in case I have no idea what's going on.

ROOK: Mr. Suckers was angry because something was intruding upon his deep sea territory. Yuki set up Morcu Corp's MUBA shop as a front so she could operate her submarine at night.

BUDDY: So Yuki is looking for something deep underwater in her sub.

ROOK: Look. If you had something that Morcubus really wanted, what would you do?

BUDDY: Get it away from Morcubus!

ROOK: Right. Would you put it on a ship and sail it somewhere far away?

BUDDY: Sure, maybe, but after the ship arrived there would be records of the cargo and passengers, right?

ROOK: Unless the ship never arrived. What if Cyrus and Dr. Gray tried to move the Nightmare Crown, but the ship it was on sank?

BUDDY: That's it!! Yuki's trying to salvage a sunken ship! We've got to find out what she's after.

ROOK: But how are we going to do that? We don't have a submarine.

BUDDY: Yeah, just a stupid, useless jet.


ROOK: Dr. F! How's your day going?

DR. F: Great! Just sunbathing with my robot.

TOBOR: I told him I converted to solar power. Got me a day at the beach!

DR. F: I respect your religious beliefs! You can use Tobor for your deep sea salvage. I specifically engineered him to operate remotely under several atmospheres of pressure.

ROOK: Wow! That's convenient. Good thing we stood there to talk!

DR. F: Not really. I also programmed him with an irrational fear of kelp.

TOBOR: Kelp? Kelp?!! No! Don't make me go!

BUDDY: Is he okay?

TOBOR: ...It's so slimy.

DR. F: He will be fine! You just hack into Tobor's brain and reprogram him. And I will question my decision to artificially induce kelpophobia in a robot.

ROOK: Thanks, Dr. F!

DR. F: Wait! Where did I leave Tobor's remote control?!

ROOK: I started with the hacking thing, then went to find the remote. It was in a pile of sand on the far side of the beach.

DJ CANDY: Wow, what a great space crew, Rook! They're brave, in good physical shape — they've definitely got the correct stuff! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LIFTOFF! WE HAVE A LIFTOFF!

ROOK: Unfortunately, it needed repair... and a battery. I started by salvaging spare radar reflector parts. The weirdest place I found one was in a gumball machine. While at the opposite end of the beach from it (why I didn't go ahead and pick it up to take with me is beyond me), I asked Dr. F if I might need anything to make it work. He gave me a battery, and I went back to fix the remote. ...Okay, I know I grabbed more than two items identified as reflectors. Anyway, repair complete, I popped in the battery. Before I went to see the doc, however, I'd have to find out where to go.

ELMIRA: I was excited about all the heavy lifting, but there's so little gravity on the moon that I'm not even breaking a sweat! Where's the fun?

ROOK: To this end, I went to the secret dock. I found the sonar station in need of repair! A quick salvage job and repair later, it was up and running. I tried to get the coordinates from the terminal, but the security system was too advanced.

Yeah, it didn't even present us with a scrolling maze.

ROOK: I picked the lock on some lockers and found... a password disc. Indeed, it let me interface with the comm station! I reformatted the station after I was done with it... and got some more games for the arcade machine! I needed someone who knew the underwater area better. My best option? Go see Mr. Suckers!

CLARA: That's by his undersea cave! There's a sunken ship there with a chest holding a strange piece of paper with a big X on it.

ROOK: I thanked them, and went to see the doc.

Hey, a figurine! It has "real tentacle action".

ROOK: ...I don't wanna think about that.

ROOK: Hey, Doc, I'm ready to send Tobor underwater.

DR. F: Finally. I almost altered the time-space continuum to skip all this waiting. Robot, into the waves with you! Submerge, I say!

ROOK: I fit the radio receiver into him.

TOBOR: Perfect, Rook! And thanks for everything. Life's great now that I'm over my kelpophobia!

BUDDY: Good for you, Tobor!

TOBOR: But now I'm terrified of... squirrels!!!

DR. F: Good enough!

ROOK: I started using the remote, and walked him underwater. One nice thing was that he had rockets in his feet, allowing him to jump high, even underwater. Also, he had all the same tools that I did. ... I won't bore you with the details; suffice it to say that, along with a number of objects—

A hypnodisc, a collection of sofas, a bench, a pink and blue bunny, and a jade dragon.

ROOK: —and outfit components—

A white ninja outfit and an eyepatch.

ROOK: —in the makelike depths, Tobor found three chests, each with a part of a combination on it.

DJ CANDY: Alright, your team successfully landed on the moon and have begun to set up the concert stage. Looking good, Rook!

ROOK: He used it to unlock a hatch, though he had to F-space it the rest of the way. At the end of the passage was a sunken ship with the map in a chest. He brought it back. It was a map to a temple in the jungle! There was even handwriting on the back:

Ivy, keep this safe. No one knows where this crown is going!

ROOK: Finally, a real lead to the location of the crown.

(New dispatch missions! And a Turkey-on-a-Fork uniform.)


You got a replica of Tobor's remote, and a suit of armor outfit!

ROOK: Uh, okay. Why didn't I get that with the other stuff? Anyway—

GORDON: Did you know that the moon was formed from the collision between the Earth and another planet billions of years ago? I read all about it in the moon's autobiography "The Earth and I: A Lunar Reflection."

ROOK: ...Okay, I've spoken with a yeti, a zombie, and a kraken, but a moon? I'm just going to assume that someone wrote it and intended for the reader to pretend it was autobiographical. Probably a book for young Sims. Anyway, before we left, I spoke with Roxie...

ROOK: Hey Roxie, what do you know about jungle temples?

ROXIE: Rook! A temple in the jungle?! Centuries old filth! Decay! Mold! And... and old dust!

ROOK: Um... Roxie...

ROXIE: I know, let's just go swimming in the sewers and bathe in the industrial runoff from Morcu Corp's factories!!

ROOK: Roxie, I think you need a vacation.

ROOK: ...and some others.

ROOK: Hey Leaf.

LEAF: How ancient is this temple you're going to? My cousin used to build temples. His name is Acorn.

ROOK: We arrived in the jungle. I advised Evelyn to stay by the jet — Buddy agreed, saying he wanted anything bad to happen to me first — but she wanted to come along. We took a look at the temple from our nice vantage point. Pretty impressive, but the entrance seemed to be rather high up. I figured it might have something to do with the four pedestals. Just as we were wondering about our guide, she came up to us, exclaiming about everything. She introduced herself as Lyndsay, our guide. We introduced ourselves, and I asked her if it was her first time to the temple. ...Not only that, but it was her first time to this jungle. However, she said she did a lot of online research... none of which said how to get in. My first tip was to examine the pedestals. The one to the far left said:

Hold purest water in ornate cup / and the temple may just open up

ROOK: I doubted that was all there would be to it, so I checked the one beside it:

A magic torch locked safely away, / bring it afire to light the way.

ROOK: And the one right of center:

Find Magellan with necklace of stone, / and put this lemur critter upon this throne.

ROOK: And the one to the far right:

Find a horn and then a player / unlock this temple's final layer.

ROOK: Water, fire, earth, and wind. I decided to poke around the camp somebody left. There's a laptop, without power. I

also found pith helmets in the tent, and tiki behind it. I set off across the stone bridge to the right. I found a pair of shrines. I talked to a creepy guy, Sir Vincent Skullfinder, blocking the entrance to one of them. I proposed that we work together, but he didn't think we'd be any help.

DJ CANDY: Amazing! Rook, while setting up the concert, your crew uncovered a [[2001ASpaceOdyssey mysterious black monolith buried under the lunar surface! Did aliens build it?]] What should they do?

ROOK: I advised them to touch it; I mean, they might get some kind of cool power. On the other hand, they might be transported to a set of white rooms where nothing works and watch themselves get older until they turn into space fetuses.

That may be weirder than any of the references I've made...

ROOK: Hmm. Maybe. At any rate, the campsite was almost certainly his. I went back, but this time to the temple. I climbed up some stones to the side, and up a rope to a grassy area with a waterfall. I found a pump up there, but it was broken. I also found a laptop battery, and a chest with a tent in it! I did all the salvaging I could, then popped the battery into the laptop, and hacked it. I found out that Skullfinder was a greedy treasure hunter calling himself a museum curator. I figured I might be able to trade him something for access to the shrine. He wanted the golden idol of the Bobabians for it. Fine. I F-spaced some blocks into a column and hopped my way up, then picked a lock and F-spaced its door.

DJ CANDY: They touched the monolith and got warped to a distant alien planet! Apparently, the aliens communicate by glow stick. We're going to make Sapphire our ambassador and ask her to decipher their language so they can help us.

ROOK: Nice. Anyway, I entered the shrine. I was able to salvage a set of spare parts from the Jack-in-the-Box, but before I left, I wanted to grab the contents of the chests. Unfortunately, I couldn't get them open using normal methods. I had to bounce light around with mirrors to get them to open!

ROGER: Aww, this low gravity makes exercising too easy! Next time, let's hit up Jupiter. 2.36 Gs! Now that would be a workout!

ROOK: My rewards for doing this: a set of masks, a torch, a cup, and the idol! Something to boost agents' skills, the torch for the Fire Pedestal, the cup to hold water in, and something to bribe Skullfinder with! I set to the last activity quickly. He made fun of me, thinking I got a raw deal, but that's his loss. A chest on a block scored me some Smarts-boosting tunes. I also found an agent's outfit inside a sarcophagus. But the major thing I would be looking for was in a stone chest. I repaired its lock mechanism and pulled out... a horn! I left the temple and went back to the pump to repair it. After that, I had Roxie analyze it.

ROXIE: It's...it's beautiful!! This water is completely pure! Rook, you have to bring me some!!!

ROOK: I got down, and headed off to the left in the direction of a gigantic tree. I stopped at its roots and snagged a statue, and a voodoo doll. Then I formed stairs from blocks to get up a cliff. I figured the last call for the mission would be coming in soon, so I hung around at the base.

DJ CANDY: Alright! Your team is back on Earth, and the concert is all set up. Can't wait to go check it out myself. Candypaluna will sound great in the vacuum of space!

ROOK: And there it was. I went back to HQ to see Jenny.

JENNY: I heard DJ Candy's Candypluna was a success! And without any prior astronaut experience, to boot. I must admit, I'm somewhat impressed.

(Rewards: a DJ booth and the "Music That Moves You" mission! So, here are the new missions!)

  • Blade of Destiny

STAR: The Blade of Destiny has been stolen from my village. I suspect a rival ninja clan, but I need help tracking them down and recovering the blade.

5 stars. 15 minutes. Athletic/Charismatic. New object and recruit.

  • Music That Moves You

DJ CANDY: I'm trying a new genre: beats that attack the listener's brain and directly stimulate their dance cortex. You can't not dance to this music! Just need a few people to test it on—I mean, party with!

3 stars. 15 minutes. Paranormal/Smarts. New Outfits and Trophy.

  • Tobor's Destiny

TOBOR: Greetings, human. Help please. I've been working for Dr. F for a while now, but feel I must have been built for some greater purpose. Right? Get back to me, will ya?

4 stars. Smarts/Charismatic. 20 minutes. New Outfits and Object.

  • Writer's Block

GOTH BOY: Rook, the tedium of my job is destroying my soul. Normally I can just channel my despair into beautiful and haunting poetry, but lately I'm coming up blank. I need someone to help me get past this block before my brain explodes!

4 stars. 20 minutes. Smarts/Paranormal. New Outfits and Object.

I'd probably send Violet on this mission, but if told to do otherwise, well, that's how it'll go.

  • Missions
    • Blade of Destiny: *****; A/C; Object, Recruit (NEW!)
    • The Bushido Code: ***; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • Episode X: **; S/P; Object, Trophy
    • Equipment Recovery: **; A/S; Outfits, Mission
    • The Extremest Case: ****; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • F, Robot: ***; S/C; Outfits, Mission
    • Failing Forest: ***; N/P; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • The Finest Blade: ***; N/S; Outfits, Mission
    • Gonk Need Food, Badly: ****; N/A; Object, Recruit
    • H 4 XXOR 3 D!: ****; S/C; Object, Recruit
    • High School Yearbook: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Justice for Justice: *****; A/C; Outfits, Trophy
    • Legendary Cheese: *; A/N; Outfits, Trophy
    • Magical Assistant: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Missing Bugs: **; N/A; Objects
    • Music That Moves You: ***; P/S; Outfits, Trophy (NEW!)
    • Ol' Gabby's Mine: **; S/N; Objects
    • The Prominence: ***; P/S; Outfits
    • Reagent Run: **; P/N; Outfits, Recruit
    • Red Buddy: ***; P/A; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Roadie Despair: *; C/S; Objects, Recruit
    • The Sadness Parade: **; C/P; Outfits
    • Sewer Search: ***; S/N; Object, Trophy
    • Snack Thief: ***; S/C; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Suckers Sabotage!; *****; C/P; Outfits, Trophy
    • Surf's Up!: ***; A/C; Outfits
    • Tainted Broth: ***; P/N; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • Tobor's Destiny: ****; S/C; Outfits, Object (NEW!)
    • Writer's Block: ****; S/P; Outfits, Object (NEW!)
    • Yeti Begins: **; P/N; Objects, Paint

  • Recruits and Recruitables
    • Beebee: N,A,3C
    • Carl: 3P,N,S
    • Elmira: P,N,3S
    • Gordon: 5S
    • Leaf: 3N,2C
    • Ms. Nicole: 4C,S
    • Nova: 2P,N,2S
    • Pinky: P,4C
    • Preston: A,3C,S
    • Renée: 3N,2C
    • Roger: 5A
    • Agent Rosalyn: 2P,3S
    • Travis: 3C,2S
    • Trevor: 5C
    • Agent Vic: 3P,C,S
    • Violet: 3P,N,S
    • Wolfah: 3N,2A
    • Zoe: 4P,S

Next time: Trees and Temples... the last act before the story stalls for a while!

That's right! The end of the story draws nigh, so I hope to have dispatch missions — hopefully four — going on in the meantime so I can get that much closer to the actual end! You've got until I get through:

  1. another day of Viva Piñata
  2. another chapter of ''Yotsuba&!
  3. another episode of Azumanga Daioh
  4. another section of Eternal Sonata
  5. another episode of Garfield and Friends
  6. another episode of Ichigo Mashimaro
  7. another episode of Lucky Star
  8. and another episode of The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

...to advise me! That's plenty of time... right?

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
56 WillyFourEyes28th Jul 2010 03:49:24 AM from the Tomb of the Unknown Troper
Me and my Fat Chocobo
I'll take "The Finest Blade" for 800, Alex.
57 Nyperold13th Oct 2010 03:05:17 PM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
ROOK: I hired Reneé again and put her on a floor with Pinky and Beebee. I made up for their lack of Smarts and minimal Nature with items, including a stereo system that played "Nerdy Chicks Rule". I then sent the three on a mission to help Watanabe make... The Finest Blade. I then headed back to the temple jungle to review what I had done. I had three of the items, but hadn't activated any pedestals yet. I headed back in the direction of the tree and ascended the makeshift stairs. I crossed some boughs to get to another part, then balanced my way up a branch to another bough.

CHEF WATANABE: Rook, your agents have arrived at my restaurant and are ready to get started. They seem to know their sushi, as well — they absolutely demolished the maki I prepared for them.

ROOK: More vines and boughs led me to a nature soundtrack more potent in its Nature-giving properties than "Sparkling Snow".

BEEBEE: I'm always trying to get Prezzie-wezzie to take me out to sushi. He just calls it "overpaying for raw fish".

ROOK: Shows what he knows; fish and other seafood, while common in sushi, are not necessarily even part of it. Anyway, more jumping around revealed a chest with paints.

CHEF WATANABE: Rook, your agents are unsure where to direct their search for the finest of blades. Should they investigate the old ways, folding steel into a laminated blade, or turn to the modern techniques, using high-carbon steel?

ROOK: I decided to have them try newer techniques, and went back to tree-climbing.

ROOK: Wow, I'm so high in the air! This tree is huge! What's up here?

ROOK: I found myself in the presence of a few lemurs. One looked like he might be the one for the job.

????????: Chitter-chitter!

ROOK: You must be Magellan. You're adorable; what a little cootiekin! Please help me.

MAGELLAN: Chitter. Chitter chitter!

ROOK: Thanks friend. I need you and your medallion to activate the Earth Pedestal. Can you help me, Magellan? ... HEY! WAKE UP!

ROOK: The three lemurs, including Magellan, scampered down. I followed.

CHEF WATANABE: Ah, thank you, Rook. Your agents are most enthusiastic about this approach. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical, but I am now convinced that it can produce a fine blade.

ROOK: Back in front of the temple, I talked to Evelyn.

ROOK: That man in front of the shrine is named Skullfinder.

EVELYN: Not the infamous explorer, Sir Vincent Skullfinder?!

ROOK: That's him. You've heard of him?

EVELYN: He claims credit for every archaeological find that makes the news—even if he had nothing to do with their discovery!

ROOK: So he's only interested in fortune and glory, huh? I know the type. Anyway, I found the torch!

EVELYN: Great! I'll take it to the pedestal!

ROOK: Great. I recrossed the bridge to find Buddy.

ROOK: Buddy, do you know how to play the horn?

BUDDY: Do I ever! I used to play horn in a marching band. That's where I learned to salute!

ROOK: Great. Then I need you to help. Can you take this horn and play it on that pedestal?

ROOK: I gave it to him.

BUDDY: I'd love to! Here I go!

ROOK: You don't actually have to play it until I get over there. Buddy? ...Oh, dear.

ROOK: I then talked to Lyndsay.

ROOK: I need your help! Lyndsay, can you hold this cup and stand on that pedestal? And don't spill it!

LYNDSAY: You got it, Rook!

ROOK: Back at the pedestals, I started activating them: Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water. Upon doing so, a large ramp ascended to the door of the temple! I guess even the ancient peoples had handicap-accessibility in mind.

And you got aztec clothing and new dispatch missions!

ROOK: Once inside the temple grotto, we looked around... and found a man in dirtied explorer gear.

ROOK: Excuse me...

The dude looked around, then looked at nothing and spoke.

????: Oh, Mr. TV repairman, I'm so glad you arrived.

ROOK: He arm-hugged the air.

????: Now, let me show you to the- what the...who stole all the squirrels? They were almost ripe!

ROOK: More squirrels?

????: I've got to get to the periscope right away. The crabs must have infiltrated the temple using stealth submarines!

ROOK: He started pushing on air.

ROOK: (ahem)

????: Intruders?! I am King Mike, guardian of this temple, and you'll never have the treasure!!

ROOK: Treasure? Do you mean the Crown—

MIKE: Oh, you're just a figment of my imagination. That's nice. But you'll still never get my treasure! Bwah hah!!

ROOK: He ran off.

BUDDY: What the...? Who was that old guy?!

ROOK: I think he's got the crown! You guys keep searching around here — I'm going after him!

Oh, by the way, the ramp's gone. Looks like you're going to have to see this thing through to get out!

ROOK: So I can't even start any new dispatch missions until this is over. Fantastic.

PINKY: I don't eat much sushi, but I guess I have a few favorite kinds of fish... like bluefin tuna and bluenose bass!

ROOK: Big surprise there. Anyway, I checked out a hole it the floor. Examining some skulls got me some wall decs in the form of planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto—

Dwarf planet, anyway...

ROOK: Hush, you. And finally, Saturn. I left the hole, exited the room, and found myself in the Fire Room. Fire Room is right: lots of lava and flame jets. Hmm, no sign of that "Mike" guy, though... He must have escaped through that door up there... that guy's nimble!! I used some blocks to make steps. Farther along, I found my way barred by a flame jet. I found another light/receiver puzzle... okay, in this case, "puzzle" is perhaps a little strong. All I did was move a block out of the way. Whatever. It worked.

CHEF WATANABE: Hmph. The first sample blades your agents have provided aren't suitable for spreading rice, let alone slicing fish. Sometimes I wonder if I should just give in and open a fish 'n chips shop...

ROOK: My next trick was to get by a flame jet that had no lights or receivers to turn it off! There were, however, blocks in a hole in the floor, so I moved enough out of the way to make it through. Another puzzle was more complicated: I moved the mirror out of the way to allow me access to the left side...

RENE: ''Oh, ick, Rook. It's not that I'm snobbish about sushi, it's just... well... some fish are cute! You should've seen this one koi I met the other day...

ROOK: ...then went there and moved a light to hit the receiver, thus deactivating another flame, then moved the mirror to hit the left receiver, allowing me to use the right fork. I bypassed a pair of torches and climbed onto a ledge with a chest containing a lemur outfit and a spacesuit! I went back and passed between the torches, and found another puzzle with four receivers.

CHEF WATANABE: You've done it! This beautiful knife cuts maki, nigiri, and sashimi with the greatest of ease. My restaurant is saved! Domo arigato, Rook! I will never be able to repay this kindness.

ROOK: I tried one of the receivers. No good; it didn't deactivate the first jet. Neither did the second one I tried. The third one, however, deactivated both jets, allowing me to pass! I made for the door. It led into the Wind Room.

The music reminds me of Metroid Prime 2...

ROOK: Oh man. I guess I'll have to climb up there to track down that strange man...

ROOK: I would have to negotiate many platforms and vines. Yikes! A...bottomless pit?! I didn't know there were real bottomless pits!!

Don't worry, you won't actually fall into it.

ROOK: Good to know. I climbed a ladder and balanced my way across some platforms. I eventually came to a structure that had two chests and a ladder on it. I opened the chests for an alien sculpture, a carnivorous plant, a sarcophagus, and a Magellan figurine, then used the ladder to get to another vine for balancing on. When I finally got to the end of it, I found myself having to jump across platforms. At least a fall is merely a setback. More balancing, more jumping.

From my perspective, at least, the last jumps are easiest because they're not diagonal jumps.

ROOK: I don't know what that means, but if it makes it easier for you, it makes it easier for me. I climbed another ladder, then balanced across another long vine. The wind seemed more determined than before. When I got to the end, I opened a chest for a figurine of our elusive friend. I balanced back, and read the sign at the end.

Leap of Faith

ROOK: Am I supposed to jump from here? Only one— YIKES!


ROOK: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!! Oof! Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still!

Well? That was part of the main path!

ROOK: I wasn't ready!

Okay, sorry about that. Anyway, you don't have to worry about me making you fall like that again.

ROOK: ...Really?

Really. The end of the active part of the story is nigh. I'll take you around to the various places you can get to by train and see what people are saying, but after that, you'll be hanging out at HQ, dealing with dispatch missions.

ROOK: After all this, that'll be enough. Anyway, I examined the door and found it locked. I picked it and entered the Water Room, where Mike was. The Water Room wasn't nearly as big and complicated as the others. It was really more like a small cavern. There were some coconut trees — no coconuts on them, though — near some rocks, beyond which was a waterfall. There were some alcoves and ledges, and a suspicious area of stones in the floor. There was even... a séance circle? Mike was hanging around a wheel-based mechanism of some sort. I checked the mechanism... no gears.

ROOK: Mike, I'm going to need your help finding what's hidden in this temple.

KING MIKE: Hello, my fake friend! You're here for the secret treasure, then?

ROOK: A secret treasure? Yes, that's exactly what I'm here for.

KING MIKE: I took all the gears from Mr. Wheelman over there. You can't get to the treasure without those!

ROOK: I contemplated snapping at him, but figured I'd be better off appealing nicely.

ROOK: King Mike, can't you please help me? I really need to get the wheel working.

KING MIKE: Hmm...maybe if you found me more friends! You're pretty great, but I could always use more! It's lonely here, you know...

ROOK: I knew I had made the right decision. However, I'd have to figure out what might work for friends. While Lyndsay, Buddy, and Evelyn were in the temple, since they hadn't come down here, too, I couldn't get to them. However, considering his behavior in the grotto, I figured I should find something. Indeed, in the two alcoves, I found one coconut each. They almost looked like they had faces; would they work on Mike?

ROOK: I found you some new friends, Mike!

KING MIKE: What? New friends?

ROOK: I gave him the coconuts. After looking them over...

MIKE: I ask you for friends and you bring me these?!

ROOK: Uh-oh.

ROOK: Well, I—

MIKE: They're more like family!

ROOK: He had a conversation with them.

MIKE: I don't know how to thank you enough, figment!

ROOK: Can I get the parts to that water wheel now?

MIKE: Oh, well, I don't know if Eloise would like that very much...

ROOK: Eloise...?

MIKE: I'd better ask Reynaldo instead.

ROOK: He apparently did.

MIKE: We've decided you can have the parts.

ROOK: We walked over to the wheel.

MIKE: What's that?! No, Eloise, don't lose your temper! We were just—

ROOK: I got the parts, and proceeded to repair "Mr. Wheelman". When I turned the wheel, a platform rose, allowing me to reach the ledges! On one side was a nice little grotto, but nothing more. On the other, however, was a promising-looking box! I picked the lock, and found... a rock?! What?!

ROOK: That's strange. There's no crown in here...just this small stone object.

MIKE: Bravo, figment! You have passed all of my tests! That object you hold in the key to the Nightmare Crown. It fits into the statue in the temple grotto!

ROOK: Ah, so the Nightmare Crown was back in the grotto all along?

MIKE: Well...yes, figment, But you wouldn't be interested in that because you're just imaginary...

ROOK: I must return to the grotto immediately!

MIKE: Okay. Games are over now, figment. I command you to return to my imagination. Even illusions should not disturb the crown. Please...

ROOK: Sorry, Mike. I know this is hard for you to understand, but I'm getting that crown.

ROOK: Back at the grotto... wait... how did I get there? The final stretch to the door out of the Wind Room only goes so far...

...A Wizard Did It?

ROOK: I guess. Anyway, I fit the stone into the statue, and it moved aside, revealing a pedestal with the crown on it!

MIKE: Careful, figment. There's nothing good that will ever come from possessing the Crown of Nightmares.

ROOK: I have to keep the crown safe. C'mon, Buddy, let's go tell Evelyn that we finally have it.

ROOK: I took the crown, and the pedestal descended.

MIKE: Did you say...Evelyn?

ROOK: Just then, she came in.

EVELYN: Rook! Are you in here? I thought I heard your voice from outside.

ROOK: I'm right here. Evelyn, We found it.

EVELYN: You got the crown?!

ROOK: Yes. We finally beat Morcubus.

Oh, you're not out of the jungle yet...

ROOK: ...That sounds foreboding. Anyway, I inserted the fortunite crystal into the Crown of Nightmares.

Always the wise thing to do with artifacts that are particularly powerful and dangerous when put together.

ROOK: Shush.

ROOK: Now, where can we put the crown so it's truly safe...?

I don't know, Gino's safe?

ROOK: You're not helping.

Not that it matters...

MIKE: Evie? Is that you?


MIKE: Evie? Little Evie? Is it really you?

EVELYN: What? Who are— Dad?! You're alive?

MIKE: Ha ha! It is you, Evie. Oh, look at you. This is the best hallucination I've had in years!

EVELYN: Dad, you're not hallucinating. This is real... and you're in danger!

ROOK: Morcubus is after the crown, Mike. We've managed to stay one step ahead of him so far, but Evelyn's right. We need to get the crown out of his reach.

ROOK: He started looking woozy at this point.

EVELYN: Dad...are you okay? ... Daddy?

MIKE: Oh, Evie...this is really happening? YOU'RE REAL!

ROOK: The two hugged. Awww.

MIKE: Evie, sweetie, it's been so long since I've seen real people. I...I got confused! I'm sorry...

EVELYN: Dad, I've missed you so much...

MIKE: Oh, Evie, I'm so, sorry. I was just trying to protect you from all of this.

ROOK: Mike, Evelyn, I don't want to interrupt, but we really do need to leave.

BUDDY: Lyndsay, do you need a ride back to our headquarters?

LYNDSAY: Are you kidding?! There's still so much to explore here! I'm going to stay until I've mapped out every room of this temple.

ROOK: Good luck, then, Lyndsay! Thanks for your help. Let's go, everyone.

ROOK: Back outside, however, who should we run into but...


MORCUBUS: Agent Rook. Perfect timing. Esma, collect my crown, please.

ROOK: I was forced to hand it over. Esma gave it to Morcubus, and he put it on his head.

MORCUBUS: How about that. A perfect fit! Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.

ROOK: What's this "again" business?

MORCUBUS: Um... the dog?

ROOK: That was Poppy. This is the first time I'm aware of that you've taken something from me.

MORCUBUS: Okay, well.. would you perhaps prefer "what was briefly yours is now mine"?

ROOK: Not particularly, but good job trimming the quote to make it accurate this time. Anyway, how did you find us, Morcubus?!

MORCUBUS: Oh, i got a little help from Evelyn Gray.

EVELYN: What?! That's not true!

MORCUBUS: Oh, my naive little girl...all those hours spent studying your father's journal...all those little clues you dug up...and you never found the tracking device we put in it!

ROOK: You don't mean—

MORCUBUS: Yes, we've been following you all along. I'll admit it, you were doing a better job tracking down the Nightmare Crown than we were! Finally, we decided it would be easier just to let '''you''' do the work. I mean, "MUBA"? I can't believe you guys fell for that one!''

ROOK: You weren't really trying to salvage the map? You wanted us to do it?

BRANDI: Please, do you really think Yuki knows how to drive a mini-sub? I'm amazed she didn't destroy the whole beach!

EVELYN: I'm such a fool! I've led Morcubus straight to the crown.

ROOK: There was no way we could have known, Evelyn. Don't be so hard on yourself.

MIKE: This isn't your fault, sweetheart. It's his! Morcubus! You cad! How dare you drag my daughter into this!

MORCUBUS: Oh my goodness. Michael?! Is that you? The years have not been kind, old friend.

MIKE: Give me the crown, Morcubus.

MORCUBUS: What is this, my birthday?! You've really been squatting in this disgusting temple all these years? You threw away a life with your family, only to see the crown wind up on my head?! (Evil Laugh) And it never would have happened if you weren't so determined to find the Nightmare Crown.

EVELYN: I never wanted the crown, I just wanted to find my father.

MORCUBUS: Well you can't have him either! I'm going to activate the crown, and there's nothing you can do about it!!!

ROOK: Esma and Brandi relocated themselves, and Morcubus started concentrating. A red glow came from his head, forming a swirling vortex.

MORCUBUS: Mwa ha ha ha!

EVELYN: Rook, Buddy, I shouldn't have dragged you into this. Forgive me.

ROOK: She made for Morcubus.

BUDDY: Evelyn! What are you doing?!

ROOK: She dove for him...



ROOK: ...knocking them both into the vortex. All that was left was the crown.


BUDDY: Where did she go?!

MIKE: She and Morcubus are now trapped in the Realm of Nightmares.

ROOK: I took the crown.

ROOK: How do we get her back?

MIKE: I don't think we can. Morcubus activated the crown; he's the only one who could open the portal again. And he's trapped on the other side.

ESMA: Morcubus is gone? Then the universe at last blongs to me, Queen Esma!

BRANDI: What shall we do, my queen?


ROOK: They fled. Good riddance.

MIKE: Evelyn... my little Evie...I only wanted to protect you, and look what happened. I should have been there for you.

BUDDY: Why'd she do that, pal?!

ROOK: I guess it was the only way to stop Morcubus, Buddy.

BUDDY: So what are we supposed to do?

MIKE: There's nothing we can do! She's gone! I should have destroyed that infernal crown years ago!

ROOK: He started crying.

ROOK: I'm not giving up on Evelyn yet. We don't know exactly how the Nightmare Crown works, but now that it's safe from Morcubus, we can take the time to study it. We still have a lot of agents to dispatch and a lot of people who need our help. If our guys keep their eyes open during their missions, maybe they can find something to help us.

BUDDY: Hey, yeah! Maybe!

ROOK: Mike, as long as there's even a tiny chance we can save Evelyn, we should look for it. I can't promise anything, but maybe someday we'll figure out a way to bring her home... if you can help us.

MIKE: You're right, Rook. I can't just sit around feeling sorry for myself. I'm with you, even if it takes the rest of my life.

BUDDY: Me too, pal!

ROOK: Alright, then. Let's get back to headquarters!

ROOK: We got in the jet and left the jungle behind. On the way back, I took the opportunity to do some stunt flying. I may have gotten carried away...

(As they fly, the credits roll. Scenes cut between the jet flying around and collages with pictures from throughout the story.)

BUDDY: Wow, that was some fancy flying, pal!

ROOK: ...as when I landed, Buddy was upside-down. Eheh... anyway, upon disembarking, Buddy was presented with a trophy of the horn he blew, and I got a replica of the Nightmare Crown. I also learned that Mike, Lyndsay, Skullfinder, and Magellan were are willing to be my agents. I checked in with Jenny...

JENNY: Wanatabe seemed pretty pleased with the fine blade the team brought him. He wants the team for an even tougher mission now.

ROOK: ...and she let me know I got some new haircuts. My new missions:

Penguin Style

MASTER ARAN: As you know, Sim Fu takes its inspiration from many animals. But there is one animal whose characteristic I haven't been able to incorporate into my arts: the penguin. Maybe you could spare a few students to help me develop this new style.

5 stars. 15 minutes. Athletic/Nature. New Object and New Recruit.

'Snake on the Loose!

LIBERTY: Oh no, oh no! I was carrying my pet snake Mr. Venom to his favorite picnic spot, but I must have left my backpack open because he's gone! Please help me find him!

4 stars. 15 minutes. Nature/Smarts. New Object and New Recruit.

Train Jimmy

CHEF WATANABE: My restaurant is successful and brings me much honor, but there is one problem: my son, Jimmy. His rolls are messy and his sashimi is sloppy! Help me turn my son ingto a sushi chef so I don't have to disown him!

4 stars. 15 minutes. Charismatic/Nature. New Objects and Trophy.

ROOK: Yeesh, what period are you living in? I know the "Father practically requires son to be in the same line of work" attitude is still alive in some Sims, but when the son isn't getting good at it, has no interest in it, or worse, has a health problem with it, let the guy find his own career path! Seriously...

Trouble With Truffles

IKARA: This is a disaster of epic proportions! A phyloxera epidemic has destroyed most of this year's truffle crop. How can we make new episodes of Hyperchef Battle 9000 without truffles? They are our most pretentious ingredient!

4 stars. 20 minutes. Nature/Smarts. New Object and New Mission.

ROOK: I checked the specs on my newly available.

LYNDSAY: There's always new lands to explore and adventures to find. I can be your personal guide through the wilderness! (Oh, but can I get directions there, please?)

1 Nature, 2 Athletic, 1 Charismatic, and 1 Smarts.

MAGELLAN: Chitter-chitter. Chit-chirp chirp, Chirp chitter chitter chit? Chitter. Chip chip chitter chirp chitter chitter chip chip chitter chirp. Squeak.

ROOK: "Magellan here. Ancient lemur wisdom, do- you -want on your-side? It-is-well. Recruit-me to whatever purpose I-may-be of-assistance to you." Signing-off noise.

1 Paranormal, 3 Natural, 1 Athletic.

MIKE: Alright, Rook, I'm here, Just as I promised. Anything I can do to help, you just say the word I am at your disposal.

1 Paranormal, 2 Athletic, 2 Smarts.

SKULLFINDER: ''I am a man of many talents: archaeologist, hero, adventurer. But there is no "special agent" on my resumé. Perhaps you and I can correct that little oversight, hmm?

2 Paranormal, 3 Smarts.

  • Missions
    • Blade of Destiny: *****; A/C; Object, Recruit
    • The Bushido Code: ***; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • Episode X: **; S/P; Object, Trophy
    • Equipment Recovery: **; A/S; Outfits, Mission
    • The Extremest Case: ****; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • F, Robot: ***; S/C; Outfits, Mission
    • Failing Forest: ***; N/P; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • Gonk Need Food, Badly: ****; N/A; Object, Recruit
    • H 4 XXOR 3 D!: ****; S/C; Object, Recruit
    • High School Yearbook: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Justice for Justice: *****; A/C; Outfits, Trophy
    • Legendary Cheese: *; A/N; Outfits, Trophy
    • Magical Assistant: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Missing Bugs: **; N/A; Objects
    • Music That Moves You: ***; P/S; Outfits, Trophy
    • Ol' Gabby's Mine: **; S/N; Objects
    • Penguin Style: *****; A/N; Object, Recruit (NEW!)
    • The Prominence: ***; P/S; Outfits
    • Reagent Run: **; P/N; Outfits, Recruit
    • Red Buddy: ***; P/A; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Roadie Despair: *; C/S; Objects, Recruit
    • The Sadness Parade: **; C/P; Outfits
    • Sewer Search: ***; S/N; Object, Trophy
    • Snack Thief: ***; S/C; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Snake on the Loose!: ****; N/S; Object, Recruit (NEW!)
    • Suckers Sabotage!; *****; C/P; Outfits, Trophy
    • Surf's Up!: ***; A/C; Outfits
    • Tainted Broth: ***; P/N; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • Tobor's Destiny: ****; S/C; Outfits, Object
    • Train Jimmy: ****; C/N; Objects, Trophy (NEW!)
    • Trouble With Truffles: ****; N/S; Object, Mission (NEW!)
    • Writer's Block: ****; S/P; Outfits, Object
    • Yeti Begins: **; P/N; Objects, Paint

  • Recruits and Recruitables
    • Beebee: N,A,3C
    • Carl: 3P,N,S
    • Elmira: P,N,3S
    • Gordon: 5S
    • Leaf: 3N,2C
    • Lyndsay: N,2A,C,S
    • Magellan: P,3N,A
    • Mike: P,2A,2S
    • Ms. Nicole: 4C,S
    • Nova: 2P,N,2S
    • Pinky: P,4C
    • Preston: A,3C,S
    • Renée: 3N,2C
    • Roger: 5A
    • Agent Rosalyn: 2P,3S
    • Skullfinder: 2P,3S
    • Travis: 3C,2S
    • Trevor: 5C
    • Agent Vic: 3P,C,S
    • Violet: 3P,N,S
    • Wolfah: 3N,2A
    • Zoe: 4P,S

(Okay, new plan. Between now and when I reach this point in the cycle again, I'll still accept mission suggestions. But if I don't have four missions suggested, I'll make up the difference with my own idea of who to send on what. This will repeat until only the final mission remains. While I'm waiting for texts from the next mission, though, I'll be exploring the world without Morcubus. Well, the rail-accessible parts. Trying to use my jet only shows the credits again.)

Next time: When Morcubus is away...
How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
58 EndarkCuli16th Oct 2010 10:58:57 PM from Ontario, Canada , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Welcome to Purgatory!
I must say, I rather enjoy reading this particular style. The combination of narrative styles is really quite interesting, and you handle it well. I request of you, please continue this excellence!

As for missions and volunteers, I'd like to suggest the following...

The Bushido Code: Preston, Roger, Beebee

The Sadness Parade: Violet, Trevor, Pinky

Writer's Block: Gordon, Agent Rosalyn, Elmira

Yeti Begins: Agent Vic, Carl, Leaf

EDIT: Changed 'Zoe' to 'Leaf' for the Yeti mission. I apologize if this disrupts anything currently in progress, but I realized that there was a little too much Paranormal and not enough Natural, and I didn't feel right leaving it unbalanced. Besides, Leaf's the more likeable of the two.

edited 20th Oct '10 8:33:10 PM by EndarkCuli

59 Nyperold5th Dec 2010 12:55:56 AM from The ''between''
I'll take this cupcake... AND EAT IT!
That's fine; I hadn't gotten to the point in the cycle where I play more of it.

Of course, at this late stage, I can probably assemble a team that's "all wrong" and make it up with objects.

ROOK: So, I fired some agents...

WOLFAH: Woof? Aroo...

TRAVIS: Just let me know if you need my help again, dude!

PROFESSOR NOVA: Oh, are we done? Let me know if there are any more conspiracies!

RENÊE: There were no pigs here at all!

ROOK: ...moved the ones I had around, and recruited others: Preston and Roger to go with Beebee, Violet...

VIOLET: Thank you, Rook. I look forward to helping out however I can.

ROOK: ...and Trevor...

TREVOR: Huzzah! I have arrived! Where is the complimentary continental breakfast?

ROOK: ...to go with Pinky, and Agent Vic...

AGENT VIC: Sweet digs, Special Agent Rook. Does this mean I'm a special agent now, too?

ROOK: ...and Carl...

CARL: Oh, hi guys. Hopefully this job works out better than my last...

ROOK: ...to go with Leaf. I rearrange their furniture, and sent them on their assignments. I changed, and went to Main Street to see how things were.

ROOK: Hey, Luis. What's the news?

LUIS: Morcu Corp shares have dropped 98% due to speculation that the CEO, Morcubus, was trapped in some kind of alternate dimension! Rook, you think there is any truth to that?

ROOK: You never can tell, Luis. News is a fickle friend.

ROOK: Hey, Poppy! What's new?

POPPY: Not much, Rook! I've been talking to Violet about opening a flower shop, but she says: "...An eeevil flower shop? She's so weird, huh?

ROOK: Hey, Gino! How's the pizza business?

GINO: It's great! People seem to order more pizza without the insidious Morcu Corp looking over their shoulders.

SAMURAI BOB: Rook, non-violence is the first virtue of swordless bushido. It takes more strength not to strike your enemy than to do so. Your friends are strong, and for this, I thank you for sending them to me as pupils.

ROOK: Hey, Dogwood! Eat anything good lately?

DOGWOOD: Yip... yip yip!!

ROOK: Wow, really? Gino must really like you. Well, don't eat too much — it's not good for dogs!

ROOK: Hey, Derek. Staying out of trouble?

DEREK: Huh? Oh yeah. I met this amazing girl at school — she's so cute! But she talks kinda funny. Her name's Makoto — heard of her?

POPPY: Wow! These agents you sent are all really great and fun'! I'm sure they'll find where my parade float went!

ROOK: That gave me pause. Did none of them look familiar? Like, I don't know, her sister?

ROOK: Hey Skip. What's new?

SKIP: I was just looking over the latest polling data! Poppy is rising in popularity!

ROOK: Your anti-Poppy campaign appears to be failing.

SKIP: Rook, people aren't fond of dirty politics?

ROOK: Surprising, isn't it?

ROOK: It seems his mudslinging only provided the soil for her to come out smelling like a rose — and she was pretty favorable to begin with! My only concern: as sweet as her personality is... does she even know how to run a city? It's not sim-ple.

PAUL: This is a pretty good team you sent, Rook! They've done their yeti research and seem like they really want to help me!

GOTH BOY: Well, this team you sent seems literate enough, but are their souls sufficiently dark enough to truly grasp the debilitating ennui of the fast-food service industry? We shall have to see...

ROOK: Hey, Rhonda! What's your motto for today?

RHONDA: Never change your motto more than you need to, that's what I always say!

BEEBEE: Samurai Bob says that love is a virtue of bushido. Well I've got that one down! Let's see...I love Preston, my bunnies, hot cocoa, pink shoes...

ROOK: Hey, Shirley. What's new?

SHIRLEY: I need your advice, Rook. Should I wear my hair up, or down?

ROOK: Hmmm... Well, what's the occasion?

SHIRLEY: I've got a big date tonight!

ROOK: Oh yeah, who with?

SHIRLEY: I'm not sure... but I'm pretty sure I'll find someone at Gino's!

ROOK: What's up, Patrick?

PATRICK: Hey, Sport! Nothin' much! Just thinking about marinated bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches.

POPPY: ''Rook! Your agents say a creepy cult stole my parade float to use in some scary dark ritual to 'scour the land'! That sounds bad!

ROOK: With that, I went to the Industrial District.

SAMURAI BOB: Respect — this is the fifth virtue of swordless bushido. To gain the respect of others, you must treat them with respect. Also...wear a really cool helmet.

ROOK: So, Gabby. How's the junkyard?

GABBY: Oh, you know, same as usual, fill o' junk. But it's a good kind of junk.

ROOK: I can't believe I'm asking this, since the boat is still right there, but... back in the water yet, Barney?

BARNEY: Forget about sailing the seas, it's all about sailing the air! I'm putting together an airship and forming my own flying team. I'll call it... Barney's League of Explorers!

ROOK: Alright, Cid, you do that...

ROOK: Hey, Esma. What are you up to?

ESMA: Now that Morcubus is defeated, I have no master. That means that Queen Esma is once again ruler of all! Hah hah hah!

ROOK: ...Riiiiiiight...

CARL: What's the point of finding out Paul's recent past? After a few hundred years, the days all just start to blend together.

ELMIRA: I wonder if this Goth Boy would be interested in helping me take care of the library... It's always good to hire someone whose spirit is already broken. Saves me the trouble.

ROOK: Ah, so that's why employers want you to have experience...

Eh, maybe. Or it's a side benefit.

PINKY: I don't like dark forests like this one...I can barely see the sky...

ROOK: Hey, Brandi. What are you to these days?

BRANDI: Looks like I'm out of a job, thanks to you pesky agents!

Hey, maybe she should work for you guys. You already have the perp of one mission working for you.

ROOK: Mmmmmaybe, but he was assigned to us as community service, remember? And she's pretty steamed. I'm not sure I want her working for us until she has a chance to cool off.

PRESTON: I once hired a samurai as my personal bodyguard. I kept tripping over his katana, though. Hey, but this Bob guy, he doesn't use a katana. Maybe I should hire him!

ROOK: ...Weren't we just talking about him? That's freaky...

ROOK: So, how's the club scene these days?

DJ CANDY: Couldn't be better! Just look at all my devoted fans!

ROOK: Hey Zack! What's next for you guys?

ZACK: Oh, you know. Now that the music's back, I'm just trying to enjoy the moment. Wooo!

ROOK: Hey, Sapphire! Got any plans?

SAPPHIRE: Omigosh, just to dance my face off! WHEEEEEEE!!!

I hope she doesn't succeed; it's such a cute face.

ROOK: So Makoto, what will you do next?

MAKOTO: I will resume my scholastic studies when the customary estivation season has ceased... ...because, as I have previously instructed you, I am a real high school girl.

TREVOR: A damsel in distress! Verily, I would leap into action to save yon damsel, like an action hero, were it not for my pedicure appointment!

SAMURAI BOB: Rook, it is now time to test my new pupils. You must decide which test they will take: The Test of Benevolence, or the Test of Courage? Choose, but choose wisely!

ROOK: I choose benevolence.

LEAF: ''Finally! A chance to explore beyond the forest! Unfortunately, elves and yetis don't run in the same circles very often.

ROOK: Hey, Grit! Here, boy!

GRIT: *woof* *woof* *woof*!

ROOK: He jumped into my arms!

ROOK: Awww, Grit! I guess you're starting to like me, huh, boy?

ROOK: I changed to the swimwear from before...

SAMURAI BOB: Benevolence — it is good to show kindness and charity to those in need, so your friends and I started a clothing drive. However, there is such a thing as too much charity. Please, Rook, tell your friends to take their shoes back. It brings tears to my eyes...the smell, that is.

ROOK: I can believe it, especially with Roger among them.

GOTH BOY: The concept of despair is lost on these people. This team you sent is too cheerful, and entrenched in the wordly, dogmatic, yet futile pursuit of happiness. What hope I had in finding my muse is fading...

POPPY: Oh no, Rook! The cultists are casting their final spell to destroy the forest!! Should I run away?!

ROOK: I told her to do so, then went to the boardwalk.

ROOK: I take it business isn't so hot?

GOTH BOY: Oh, it's plenty hot. That's the problem. Maybe I'll find some kind of ski resort where I can start a new Turkey-on-a-Fork franchise in the arctic air.

ROOK: How's business, Luke?

LUKE: Awww, it's been great, Rook! I got a new shipment of boards in, and folks have been flocking to the beach due to all the excitement. I guess people just aren't scared of giant metal shark submarines.

PAUL: The team has set off on a research extravaganza! They've filled my cave with history books and research notes.

ROGER: Whew, this bushido stuff is a real workout! Who knew that courage, honor, and duty weighed so much?

ROOK: Hey, Tim. Got any big stunts lined up?

TIM: ''Well, I did get a great deal on this giant metal shark. I'm thinking about having Chaz do some jumps over it on jet skis.

POPPY: OK!! I managed to get away...but I still hear that creepy chanting. I hope the agents are okay?

ROOK: Hey, Chaz. Done anything cool lately?

CHAZ: Of course. How about you?

ROOK: Well, I piloted a robot through a sunken ship, discovered an ancient temple, dodged deathtraps, and stopped a megalomaniac from taking over the world.

CHAZ: *yawn* 'kay. Let me know when you do something interesting.

ROOK: So, business is good, chef?

CHEF WATANABE: Business on the boardwark is great, thanks to you! I'm thinking about creating a new roll in your honor: The Rook Roll!

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...

ROOK: ... (Face Palm)

ROOK: Justice! How's business?

JUSTICE: Can't lie, Rook. It's been great. Seems like everyone wants to get temporary tattoos these days. Strangely enough, the most popular tattoo is the name Rook in comic book-style lettering.

ROOK: Hey, Taylor. Still mooning after Chaz?

TAYLOR: Chaz? That loser? No, Rook. You're the real hero around here.

VIOLET: Turning the forest into a glen of decay? That sounds wonderful...but nobody messes with my little sister. These guys are gonna go down.

ROOK: Awww!

ROOK: How's the water, Summer?

SUMMER: It's great! It's soooo warm... and much less radioactive than before!

SAMURAI BOB: Congratulations! Your friends made excellent pupils and have passed all the tests required to master swordless bushido. Thank you, Rook. It was an honor!

ROOK: One more mission down...

ROOK: So, Dr. F, you heard about how we stopped Morcubus?

DR. F: You did? That's fantastic! I'd love to get my hands on that crown! What kind of nightmares do you think robots have, anyway?

ROOK: Tobor! How's my favorite robot?

TOBOR: Don't try to cheer me up, Rook. You and I both know I'm the only robot you know.

ROOK: It seems he doesn't know about Makoto.

Ah, that would be my favorite robot. In MySims Agents, that is.

AGENT VIC: I asked Paul a bunch of questions, but that yeti can't remember anything! I wish we had a way to turn back time. Whoa! Do you think Paul could be a time traveller?

ROOK: Hey, Clara. How's Mr. Suckers?

CLARA: He hasn't been around as much since he decided to take up juggling.

GORDON: Well, friend, I can't decide whether to go with dactylic hexameter or iambic pentameter. While dactylic hexameter has a more classical feel to it, iambic pentameter will allow me to use the word "funicular" in a strategic spot on line 23!

..."Pertaining to, or worked by rope"?

ROOK: I guess. I'm just glad I don't have to solve that one for him.

POPPY: Yay! Your agents stopped the cultists' spells and got my parade float back! I guess the world is safe again!

ROOK: Another one down. I headed back to HQ to await word of success or failure from the other two.

PAUL: We've found something! There's evidence that I spent some time elsewhere before I found this cave. But was it near the oceans or the canyon?

ROOK: I took a wild guess and pointed him to the canyon. While I waited, I checked in with Jenny.

JENNY: Good job saving Poppy's parade float, Rook. I mean, I guess that's a good thing.

ROOK: I got three newsie hats, a black hat with ears, a baseball cap with a star on it, and a big 'fro.

JENNY: Wow — a team of honorary bushido warriors? Should we be bowing to them or something?

ROOK: I got a priceless... mang vase? Oh well, it looks nice.

Yeah. Of course it only has 1 Charismatic, so it might help a tiny bit in those situations, but...

ROOK: Ooh, a red ninja outfit... and a pink flamingo lawn ornament? Huh.

GOTH BOY: ''Rook, my new poem is almost finished, but I need a word that rhymes with "murky".

ROOK: ...Was he pulling my leg? I chose "quirky", since he was obviously trying to avoid "turkey".

PAUL: I'm fairly certain I've never been here. It's too dry for my skin. That means I was definitely at the ocean!

GOTH BOY: "I wander through a gloom both chilling and murky,

My silent companion, familiar, yet quirky."

Yes! Can you feel it, Rook? The funereal rhythm, the desolate anguish? It's inspirational!

PAUL: We found it! After some digging, we found out that I was a commercial fisherman for a while. I even starred in a made-for-TV movie! I'm off to rent it and see what my forgotten life was like.

JENNY: Hey, Rook! I guess the team was able to help Paul discover his yeti beginnings. Kind of like one of those cool 'origins' episodes on Starcruiser X.

ROOK: I got bacon and ham-themed paints out of the deal... which may explain the pig paints I found on the way to his cave. Also, a yeti snowcone machine, and a snowboard!

AGENT ROSALYN: ''Oh, I always carry a book of poetry around. This one time, for fun, I wrote one of my case reports as a 2,000 page epic poem. 2,000 pages of paperwork! The boys down at the bureau didn't appreciate it, though...

GOTH BOY: "I wander through a gloom both chilling and murky,

My silent companion, familiar, yet quirky."

Don't settle for burgers, or strands of beef jerky,

Come down to the boardwalk, eat sticks of roast turkey!"

It's perfect! I'm sure to win the Turkey-on-a-Fork™ slogan contest now! And with the prize money, I can finally move out of my mom's basement! Thanks, Rook.

JENNY: Eeek, writer's block, how scary! I'm glad the team was able to help Goth Boy. Maybe they can help me some day.

ROOK: I got a formal skull-themed outfit and a wide hat. Also, a séance circle, and a promotional figurine of Goth Boy.

  • Missions
    • Blade of Destiny: *****; A/C; Object, Recruit
    • Episode X: **; S/P; Object, Trophy
    • Equipment Recovery: **; A/S; Outfits, Mission
    • The Extremest Case: ****; A/C; Outfits, Object
    • F, Robot: ***; S/C; Outfits, Mission
    • Failing Forest: ***; N/P; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • Gonk Need Food, Badly: ****; N/A; Object, Recruit
    • H 4 XXOR 3 D!: ****; S/C; Object, Recruit
    • High School Yearbook: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Justice for Justice: *****; A/C; Outfits, Trophy
    • Legendary Cheese: *; A/N; Outfits, Trophy
    • Magical Assistant: ***; C/P; Object, Mission
    • Missing Bugs: **; N/A; Objects
    • Music That Moves You: ***; P/S; Outfits, Trophy
    • Ol' Gabby's Mine: **; S/N; Objects
    • Penguin Style: *****; A/N; Object, Recruit
    • The Prominence: ***; P/S; Outfits
    • Reagent Run: **; P/N; Outfits, Recruit
    • Red Buddy: ***; P/A; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Roadie Despair: *; C/S; Objects, Recruit
    • Sewer Search: ***; S/N; Object, Trophy
    • Snack Thief: ***; S/C; Outfits, Object, Trophy
    • Snake on the Loose!: ****; N/S; Object, Recruit
    • Suckers Sabotage!; *****; C/P; Outfits, Trophy
    • Surf's Up!: ***; A/C; Outfits
    • Tainted Broth: ***; P/N; Object, Paint, Recruit
    • Tobor's Destiny: ****; S/C; Outfits, Object
    • Train Jimmy: ****; C/N; Objects, Trophy
    • Trouble With Truffles: ****; N/S; Object, Mission

  • Recruits and Recruitables
    • Beebee: N,A,3C
    • Carl: 3P,N,S
    • Elmira: P,N,3S
    • Gordon: 5S
    • Leaf: 3N,2C
    • Lyndsay: N,2A,C,S
    • Magellan: P,3N,A
    • Mike: P,2A,2S
    • Ms. Nicole: 4C,S
    • Nova: 2P,N,2S
    • Pinky: P,4C
    • Preston: A,3C,S
    • Renée: 3N,2C
    • Roger: 5A
    • Agent Rosalyn: 2P,3S
    • Skullfinder: 2P,3S
    • Travis: 3C,2S
    • Trevor: 5C
    • Agent Vic: 3P,C,S
    • Violet: 3P,N,S
    • Wolfah: 3N,2A
    • Zoe: 4P,S

ROOK: ...Oh yeah, I guess we haven't helped you yet, have we?

JENNY: Indeed you haven't.

So! Does she get helped next update, or not? I mean, she'll get her help eventually, either way...

Another thing: If somebody gives a full set of four missions, don't be afraid to give me set of four different ones before I finish! I may do more than one set per update, especially as Rook has nothing to do now but deal with them! (Though if your choice of recruit is dependent on a particular mission being accomplished, I'll have to put it off if it's not. I'll probably make it, in any case.)

Next time: Rook stands around while handling dispatch missions!

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How — and when — do you tell a philosophy it's adopted? What do you do when it wants to meet its birth adherents?
60 WillyFourEyes5th Dec 2010 04:30:08 AM from the Tomb of the Unknown Troper
Me and my Fat Chocobo
I choose Surf's Up!, Roadie Despair, Reagent Run, and H4XXOR3D! I'll leave it to you to choose team members for those missions.
61 EndarkCuli5th Dec 2010 06:45:28 AM from Ontario, Canada , Relationship Status: In Spades with myself
Welcome to Purgatory!
It's alive? IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!!

...*cough*. Anyways, glad to see this get updated again, dood. You haven't lost your knack, and I hope to see more of your good work soon.

As for missions, after Willy's requests have been made, I'd like to get all those easy missions out of the way. Definitely do Legendary Cheese, and then perhaps Episode X, Equipment Recovery, and Ol' Gabby's Mine. Your choice on who goes on what.

edited 5th Dec '10 6:45:41 AM by EndarkCuli

62 WillyFourEyes5th Dec 2010 07:16:26 AM from the Tomb of the Unknown Troper
Me and my Fat Chocobo
I was thinking of doing that, but I figured doing only 1-star side missions would be boring, so I picked one each of 1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars and 4-stars. smile
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