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76 TotemicHero3rd Dec 2010 04:56:50 PM from the next level
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Here we go, a short jaunt back into the world of Enroth!

Chapter 23: Island Hopping and Dungeon Delving

Well, we're back in Bootleg Bay. (I keep wanting to call it Booty Bay. Damn you World of Warcraft!)

Anyway, it's Water Walking time. We start out from the unnamed town in the south, and head north to an island. This island has two temples. Neither temple is the Temple of Tsanta we want. Lovely. One is the Temple of the Sun (we will visit here later) and the other is another semi-friendly Baa Temple.

This island also has more cannibals, with a few lizardy lizardmen to boot. A combination of Sparks, Ring of Fire, and Ice Bolt spells take care of the cannibals, and then we pump the lizards full of arrowheads. Hey, they want to do the same to us, so fair's fair.

Next, we cast Water Walking again, and head west-northwest to another island. This island's inhabitants are much more friendly - except for those inside the largest building on this isle. Yep, it's the Temple of Tsanta, our next dungeon (and one of my favorite dungeons in the game).

Of course, we have to rest. Luckily, this island has a tavern (not run by goblins), so we can rest as much as we need. We will make good use of this. Now, to the Temple!

The first room of the temple is quite simple. A pair of staircases lead up and around to a double door. We head up and open it. It opens to another room, where the local cannibals, who have claimed this temples as there own, have three people waiting. They die fast.

A corridor to our right branches off, so we follow it. It leads to another tiny branch-off corridor and another room. This room has more of the natives, but they have pets. However, they seem to be tired of having scaly friends with two legs, so now they have scaly friends with no legs! The giant snakes of Abandoned Temple of Baa fame are back, folks.

Some spell work later, we finish off this crowd. Now to check out that side passage. It has two open doorways leading to rooms, but we can't tell what is in the rooms...or can we? Ring of Fire can!

However, my spell points are exhausted, so I head out of the dungeon and rest at the tavern.

Back to work. We head back to the small corridor and throw out a few more Ring of Fire tricks. That cleans them up nicely. The rooms appear to be storage rooms, but are empty and...wait, is that a secret door?

Yes, it is! They were hiding roughly 1500 gold in a secret closet in the far room. These cannibals, they be tricky. Better keep my eyes open.

Now back to the big room. This room has an interesting feature - the Floor of Doom (TM). The Floor of Doom (TM) randomly does damage whenever you walk over it. If you are lucky, it won't damage you at all. If unlucky, it will hurt. Most of the time, it only hits you once, so it isn't usually that bad.

As for what lies beyond the Floor of Doom (TM)...we're about to find out.
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77 TriggerLoaded4th Dec 2010 11:38:39 AM from Canada, eh? , Relationship Status: Healthy, deeply-felt respect for this here Shotgun
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The Floor Of Doom(TM)? So they've given up on things like electric floors, traps every 5 feet, spikes, and acid, and just go straight to "Walking on the floor deals damage."
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Okay, as you may or may not know, this corner of the forum is getting shut down and a new Live Bloginations format is being introduced. So, I've already moved all of my major posts to over here. I couldn't really move any of your comments, but feel free to use the new comment system to post away.

Also, no new updates this week (due to a certain game getting a new expansion pack), but I'll be back next week with more craziness. See you guys in the new Live Bloginations!

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