Pilotwings, a video LP:

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Perfect for the beginning student. His gentle manners allow him to get the most out of timid beginners. Although he is quite young, do not be fooled; this skilled pilot is on of the school's hottest aviators.

Although somewhat of a flirt with her mail students, Shirley is strictly professional when it comes grading. Even when she is disappointed by a performance, she will offer encouragement to try to keep up one's spirits.

A mysterious man who speaks fluently in six languages. It is rumored that he formerly was an Air Force pilot.

He has the most experience of all of the instructors. His superior flight techniques are used for reviewing basics on out most difficult course. He looks tough, but some claim to have seen his tears.

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Oooh, thanks! I love L Ps that give information and readings from the manuals and what-not. It's not just watching a guy play, it's seeing as much of the gameplay experience as can be shared over the net.
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Fractally long
Fractally long
By the way, I'll be putting my Let's Play both here and on this Live Bloggination page.
Fractally long
I'm practicing the eighth lesson and hot damn, it's hard! Haven't yet passed it without the Rocketbelt bonus, though I've come within ten points a few times. I don't want to cheese the LP video by squeezing the bonus for 150+ points, so I guess I'll just have to practice.
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