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The Master List of Liveforuming:

I think I'm gonna go on hiatus for my Yotsuba& Let'sRead. I've got a lot on my table now, and no one seems to be reading it...
Not actually back.
Chilling with my niece
@The above five (or so) posters: A PM is a more reliable way to tell me these things.

I hereby announce I am going to liveblog seasons 1 and 2 of Metalocalypse.
 29 Tzetze, Sat, 15th Aug '09 11:44:50 AM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
 30 Golem, Sat, 15th Aug '09 5:41:09 PM from New York
\m/ ('.') \m/
Charlatan! Let me in on that shit!
"They wanted to play 'memes' with the Old School. Now there are tears." - Fast Eddie
 31 Tzetze, Sat, 15th Aug '09 5:42:32 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Oh yeah, you're supposed to PM colin rather than just posting here, you know.

edited 15th Aug '09 5:42:40 PM by Tzetze

 32 Pseudonym, Tue, 18th Aug '09 4:07:21 PM from The Keebler Tree
I like it here.
I wanted to Liveblog Titus, but I've just watched the entire series.

Do it anyway? y/n
<(-_-<)(>-_-)> "FUSION HA"

Did you receive my P Ms? I've stop updating the Dungeon Crawl liveblog.

Chilling with my niece
Yes, I just entirely forgot to update. Sorry.

All praise to Colin for listing Golem and I's liveblog in CAPSLOCK.
 36 Sneeb, Sat, 22nd Aug '09 8:13:16 PM from poo world (aka tvtropes)
super sugoi kawaii neko desuas
I have made an attempt to liveblog Wolf And Spice here. Index this at your leisure, you writers of the livebloggings.

[Edit: request sent via PM. Appologies for the error.]

edited 13th May '13 9:04:03 PM by Sneeb

an heroic gesture would do the world good
 37 Tzetze, Sat, 22nd Aug '09 8:14:49 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
 38 Tzetze, Sun, 30th Aug '09 11:13:05 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
I'm doing a liveblog of Illuminatus!!, as you can see. I already PM'd colin.

edited 30th Aug '09 11:13:14 PM by Tzetze

 39 Yon Troper, Tue, 1st Sep '09 1:53:44 AM from [DATA EXPUNGED]
Dropout w/ bong in hand
I've started an Inheritance Cycle liveblog here. Request was sent via PM. With the series getting so much snark, I was wondering why somebody else wasn't doing one...
Insert vaguely inspirational quote here.
 40 Guest Of Dishonour, Sat, 5th Sep '09 3:44:43 PM from The Coolest Drivers High
Real Horrorshow
^Maybe because it's gotten so much snark there's nothing really left to say about it?

Not that I'm defending the damn thing.
Cu braţele armate, cu focul vostru-n vine, "Viaţă-n libertate ori moarte" strigă toţi.
Doing a Pokemon Yellow liveblog here. (I already PM'd colin.)

Should be fun. smile

edited 7th Sep '09 12:28:32 PM by intuition

"I like them to talk nonsense. That's man's one privilege over all creation. Through error you come to truth! You never reach any truth without making fourteen mistakes- and very likely a hundred and fourteen." - Razumikhin, Crime and Punishment
Chilling with my niece
I've discovered an error in my record keeping with the stats. The numbers may no longer reflect reality. Its late now, and I have other thing I need to do, so it may be awhile before I can check everything. Sorry.

 44 Moogi, Sun, 20th Sep '09 7:36:30 AM from everywhy
A Mediocre Khan
I started a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier liveblog, but nobody's posted in it yet. I'll get the next update up later, but if no one posts after that, I'm abandoning the project. I don't want to work on a liveblog that nobody reads.
 45 Blackmoon, Sun, 20th Sep '09 10:05:55 PM from the Blind Eternities Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
Your Worth is 50 Yen!
Whee doin' a Jedi Academy liveblog thingamadoo.
 46 AFGNCAAP, Thu, 24th Sep '09 2:35:24 AM from Great Underground Empire
Not axe crazy I swear
Dune. David Lynch. Extended edition.

Watch me go "WHA—he doesn't look like that!" over and over again—it's not like you'll be able to follow the plot. I'll be starting in a few days, at most. Probably sooner.

edited 24th Sep '09 2:41:25 AM by AFGNCAAP

My Liveblogenning of Outlaw Star will start as soon as the first DVD gets here, hopefully tomorrow.

EDIT: Also colin, both of the L Bs I have abandoned, Yotsuba& and Deathstyle are still listed as ongoing in the list.

edited 29th Sep '09 7:13:11 PM by DireSloth

Not actually back.
 48 AFGNCAAP, Thu, 1st Oct '09 12:32:03 AM from Great Underground Empire
Not axe crazy I swear
As soon as my current liveblog ends, it's official: next up is Tezuka super-crossover Undersea Super Train: Marine Express. Disco theme song. That is all.
 49 AFGNCAAP, Sun, 4th Oct '09 10:21:26 PM from Great Underground Empire
Not axe crazy I swear
Alternately...there's a small chance that I could get a hold of a So Bad, It's Good educational film on the French Revolution. If I can, it's that.
So many abandoned ones! x.x

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