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The Master List of Liveforuming:

Chilling with my niece
Here is the Master Liveforum List of who’s doing what, and what their status is, as of October 21, 2010 at 5:39 P.M. GMT

Note: If you are starting a new live forum (a link to the new thread would be very helpful), completed you’re current liveforum, resumed an abandoned/hiatus liveforum, or want to put your current liveforum on hiatus, PM me, so I can update the list.

Note2: After a year of trying to keep up with all liveblogs, I am just going to track the ones that are PM’d to me, or updated in this thread. Also not doing stats anymore.

edited 21st Oct '10 9:39:41 AM by colin

I believe this should be pinned.
Responsible adult
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 4 Janitor, Sun, 28th Jun '09 11:05:48 PM from Berne, Switzerland
chemistry dork
That's done. The threads will be moved in as a mod happens across them.
Dump the networks!
 5 Bobby G, Mon, 29th Jun '09 5:09:17 AM from the Silvery Tay
Chilling with my niece

Janitor, the threads are all linked to in the OP.

Chilling with my niece
EDIT: Double post.

edited 29th Jun '09 9:15:41 AM by colin

 8 Tangent 128, Mon, 29th Jun '09 9:43:47 AM from Virginia Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
Moved. I think.
Conversation is a contact sport.
Chilling with my niece
It is moved. I checked, and all the links still work.

Chilling with my niece
Is there any way to have the forum display Japanese script?

 11 Tzetze, Wed, 1st Jul '09 9:33:02 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy


Yep, looks okay.

edited 1st Jul '09 9:33:53 PM by Tzetze

Chilling with my niece
It doesn't look okay to me.

 13 Tzetze, Wed, 1st Jul '09 9:45:09 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Have you got the right fonts?
Chilling with my niece
That's probably it. How do I get them? I have Internet Explorer.

 15 Tzetze, Fri, 3rd Jul '09 12:39:26 PM from a converted church in Venice, Italy
Well, I'm not sure, but try Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages -> Supplemental Language Support, and check the box for "Install files for East Asian languages". It's either from the install disk or online, I don't remember. I think that IE will pick it up automagically once the fonts are installed.
Chilling with my niece
That did it. Thank you.

 17 Haven, Tue, 7th Jul '09 1:27:22 AM from Radiance
Planescape Hijack

This post was thumped by the Eldritch Flyswatter of Horror
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 18 Golem, Wed, 22nd Jul '09 4:15:37 PM from New York
\m/ ('.') \m/
Add me up on this bitch.
"They wanted to play 'memes' with the Old School. Now there are tears." - Fast Eddie
I'm doing The Long Halloween, and some Deadpool eventually.

My liveforum is no longer ongoing, just so everyone knows.
Chilling with my niece
I'm going to, starting August 1, 2009, check all the liveforums that I marked as ongoing. If a ongoing thread hasn't had an update in the past month, and the creator hasn't said that they're taking a break or are finished, I'm calling that liveforum abandoned. I will also check abandoned/hiatus liveforums for new activity.

 22 Komodin, Tue, 4th Aug '09 10:37:26 PM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Sonic Wiki Curator
I apologize for not updating the liveblogging for Sonic Unleashed in a while.

My old Xbox 360 RROD'd on me, and I'm still waiting for my new one. As soon as I get it (in a couple weeks, perhaps), I'll go right back to the liveblogging. I'm also planning on liveblogging Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic CD & Metroid: Zero Mission within the next few weeks.
 23 Golem, Sat, 8th Aug '09 4:59:08 PM from New York
\m/ ('.') \m/
Mine, by necessity, can only be updated once a month. Because an issue only comes out once a month. So, exempt me please Colin.
"They wanted to play 'memes' with the Old School. Now there are tears." - Fast Eddie
By request of Dire Sloth, I'm now doing a "lulzblog". I think the full title of the book is The Seduction Of Our Children: Protecting Kids From Satanism, New Age, and The Occult. Published in 1991.

 25 Haven, Mon, 10th Aug '09 8:54:55 AM from Radiance
Planescape Hijack
Oh, yeah, the white chamber one is done. Finished up a few days ago, it went pretty quickly.
Productivity is for people without internet connections. -Count Dorku
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